Jhon, my friend had gone to Bogota for the long weekend leaving me alone in the house. He had told his brother that I would be alone, so sure enough I got a call Saturday morning from Diego asking me if it was alright for him and a few friends to stop over and watch the soccer game on our big flat screen. I said ¨No problem.¨I asked who was coming and he said his brother Chucho and two other friends from work

   When they arrived, Diego said the game was going to start and asked if they could go up stairs to the den. I said go ahead staying down to put the beers away in the fridge they had brought with them.

 Costeño who I knew asked to use the bathroom  near the kitchen where I was busy. He went inside,leaving the door wide open. I didn´t think anything about it until I heard him stop pissing and  he didn´t leave the bathroom i glanced toward the bathroom wondering why  and he just stood there  saw him fondling his cock. Costeño caught me looking, knowing I was watching him. I could just see the head of his cock and some shaft partially covered by his hands. Icould tellit was growing in size  as he turned toward me so I could get a better look. His nine uncut cock was visible as he reached down and  lifted up his big balls I guess showing me his balls were full of alot of cum. He made a gesture using his thumb and index finger, stroking them together. telling me if I wanted what was in the balls he was hefting up with his hand I had to offer him a few pesos. I took out a fifty peso bill.

   When he saw the fifty, he motioned to come inside the small bathroom real quick. As I sat down on the toilet, he closed the door locking it at the same time. I could smell his musky,sweaty crotch as he lowered his jeans to the floor. He took out a joint and lit up and told me to go to work. I asked him what about the other guys upstairs  he said¨ Ïf they knew I was getting my cock sucked they ´d probably want the same. I took the shaft of his cock in my hands and peeled back the thick foreskin exposing its moist cockhead slimy with precum from his self fondling before. I brought my lips to his stiff cock and heard him moan as I swallowed half his thick  cock. He pulled the tee shirt he was wearing up over his shoulders wanting to make sure he had a good view of himself getting his cock sucked off. After swallowing his hard shaft a few times, I couldn´t take my eyes off is huge balls. I needed to taste them, and imagine just how much cum they had within. I brought my mouth off his member and went below inhaling his maculine odor which drove me wild. He continued to drag on the joint as I licked his heavy balls making him sway back and forth with pleasure.

   I heard someone coming down the stairs since the barhroom was underneath them. It was Diego getting a beer from the fridge. He asked Costeño if he was coming to watch the game. Costeño replied he was almost on his way to come up. Diego asked where I was and said I was busy and couldn´t talk right now since his mouth was full. Diego laughed and went back upstairs.

 Costeño said to suck his balls one at a time. I didn´t need any egging since I immediately took the left ball inside my mouth, swirling my tongue on this huge orb savoring all the sweat and saltiness it possessed. I went to the right one and giving it the same treatment.

   Five minutes had passed I I said that we had to hurry up since the guys upstairs would get suspicious he glanced down and said nothing bringing his dripping cock to my mouth. After he entered my mouth he said he hadn´t shot his load in a week so be ready for alot of cream. This made me hungrier for his cum as I started to bob my head back and forth milking his shaft. As I was sucking him him reached down my back reaching for my ass and started to finger my damp hole asking whether I wanted to eat his load or take it in my ass. I said I wanted his cum to eat that he could fuck me next time. Costeño said to get ready that he was almost there. I increased the vigor of my sucking watching his balls respond. I could feel a difference in the hardest of his cock almost straining as he began to buck his hips forcing his cock into my mouth. I heard him grunt and shout that he was going to nut. There was a knock at the door and it was Diego who had stayed  downstairs near the door I guess enjoying what was happening inside between Costeño and I. Costeño asked me whether to let him watch me eat his cum. I said no problem getting off on the fact Diego had been listening outside all the time. I continued to suck his swollen rod as he opened the door wide. I glanced at Diego with Costeño´s half buried cock between my lips.  I had gotten on my knees  making myself ready and swallowed him to his swollen balls. When my lips touched his balls he became silent except for a series of grunts. I could feel his semen shooting down my throat. I withdrew his member til his huge cockhead was depositing his cum directly  on my tongue wanting to taste his thick cream. I felt him shudder with the last spurt as Diego brought his hand to Costeño ´s cock and milked  the rest of his friend´s  cum out making sure I received it all. It was all over within ten minutes as he pulled up his briefs and jeans and after I handed the fifty. Diego and Costeño went upstairs while I stayed in the bathroom to clean up since there was cum on the floor. I was still savoring his cream when there was knock on the door. I said wait a minute and was surprised by it opening suddenly with Chucho slipping inside. He was already in the midst of dropping his drawers along with his briefs, standing in front of me with his huge black stiff cock. He said he wanted the same treatment. I said what treatment he laughed and said Diego had told him I had sucked off Costeño. When I looked at his ten inch uncut black cock I didn´t have the will to refuse even  if I wanted to. He brought his cock to my lips and I felt his cockhead spread them as he entered my willing mouth. I could taste small spurts of precum from his cock each time he withdrew and entered my mouth. He was thrusting his cock into my mouth and making me swallow him to his hairy balls with an animalistic verve. I knew Chucho was straight but I could tell my mouth was just a convenient hole for his big cock to be used. I wanted to take my time with his cock since I had never had the chance to suck his cock before. I had sucked off Diego many times, when he needed extra money. They both had similar cocks, thick and long, even though in cock size Diego beat his brother by three inches. and I knew by the way he was fucking my mouth it wouldn´t be long. Sure enough with a few more thrusts he filling my mouth with his fresh ball juice. He was a fast cummer like Diego, even their cum was alike. Chucho after making his deposit asked for a fifty like I had given Costeño.  I could see the someone waiting outside, slipping in after him receiving a pat from Chucho on his back and quickly closing the door behind him. It was the other friend of the brothers and Costeño  who had entered. He stood in front of me as I undid his belt buckle and snap and lowered his zipper. i peeled his pants down along with his briefs exposing a huge thick uncut cock starting to get erect. It got stiff real fast as I started to massage his shaft with my warm mouth. I could still taste Chucho´s thick cum not having time to swallow it all. Their friend stood still waiting me to do all the work. After working his cock real good I went to his balls, dangling below tasting the sweat and salt that I had learned to love. He started to jack his cock as I was servicing his balls when all of a sudden he turned around wanting his asshole serviced..When my tongue touched his rosebud and entered he started to push his ass into my slurping lips. I continued to chow down on his ass as he jerked his cock off only turning around to search out my mouth just in time to receive his load. It was over so quickly that after the last spurt of cum from his cock he quickly pulled up his jeans and stroked his index finger and thumb, I pulled out another fifty  handing it to him.

   I knew then as he opened the door that this had been planned ny Diego who was standing outside to enter. He asked the friend how he liked it and said he ate his ass so good it made him come quickly. Diego said he had to try that some time and laughed. Diego entered leaving the door fully open. I could see Chucho, Costeño, and the third guy sitting on the couch . They were going to be the audience to me sucking Diego´s thirteen inch cock. I brought my wallet out and handed Diego his fifty and watched as he stripped off his jeans and briefs. He finished by removing his shirt. He was totally naked now ready to get serviced. He said he liked getting a blow job from me but this time he wanted to fuck my ass. He brought his member to my mouth and let the audience see how I could swallow his huge dick with ease. He said to take it easy since he didn´t want to nut so quickly. I asked whether he had a rubber and he handed one to me taken from his wallet.. I tore open the foil wrapper and snapped off the elastic ring which I stretched to put around his balls. At times his crotch was clean shaven but this time he was covered in a fury black nubby hair which turned me on to no end. I looked at the three sitting on the couch already surprised they had taken out their hard cocks. After withdrawing his spit covered cock he told me to turn around and bend over. I did as he asked exposing my hard cock that was aching for relief after sucking off three cocks. I felt Diego edge his hips closer to my ass as I felt his huge cockhead exert pressure on my rosebud. It gave way with a pop and hurt like hell as he started to fuck me like a bitch in heat. Even with the the elastic band around his balls I knew by the way he was breathing his wasn´t going to last long in my almost virgin ass. He told his brother and his friends that I had a real tight ass that he would make it ready for their cocks. His cock was hitting my prostate each time he withdrew and entered. His cock was so big that I felt my balls swell and shoot my load splattering against the china of the toilet. I felt his cock swell and was glad he was going to come inside my now tortured asshloe. With one final thrust I felt his seed filling me, only after the spasms from his cock subsided, did he remove his huge spent cock. I sat back on the cum covered toilet to regain my composure only to have him bring the his softening cock to my lips to taste my ass and his cum still dribbling from his cock. He milked out all the cum from his black tube,

   After he finished he motioned to Costeño to fuck my cum filled ass, then Chucho, then the third guy. After that Costeño, Chucho, and the other guy left. I went upstairs to clean up and as I opened the bathroom door after showering Diego was ready for a quick blowjob. He laid on the bed and raised his legs,exposing his furry rosebud for my tongue to service. and said he waited me to eat his ass like I had done to his friend. I ate his ass to the point of him saying quick suck his cock if I wanted his load. I quickly sucked his cock until his boiling cum was filling my mouth. 

   He told me next time his brother was away they would come and get the same treatment. I said anytime since to me there was no better sex than servicing straight cocks. It had cost me two hundred pesos just under a hundred American dollars. It was well worth the money and a bargain.  




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