The story is for adults only. Please practice safe sex.

The story begins the first week of graduate school when Colin and Carl meet. Colin, age 23, and Carl, age 24, are assigned to the graduate resident hall and are soon elected president and vice-president respectfully of the university graduate student association.

Colin and Carl through their duties as officers of the association become good friends. They usually have dinner together at the center's cafeteria. They are assigned private dorm rooms as a bonus for serving as president and VP.

Carl is a very handsome 5'10"; 150 pounds; dark complexion with a muscle hard slim body; brown eyes; light brown fuzz on his chest, stomach, abs and legs; dark brown well-trimmed hair; and of Italian ancestry. Carl is a red blooded heterosexual playboy who has had many women lovers during his undergraduate days.

Colin is a handsome 5'11" guy; 160 pounds; light complexion with a rock hard body; red hair; red fuzz on his chest, stomach, and legs. He is of Irish decent. In fact, he was born in Ireland. His parents migrated to the U.S. when Colin was 5 years-of-age. Colin came out to his family during his senior year of high school.

During their first week as grad student body officers, Carl and Colin shared their sexual history and life styles. The differences in sexual orientation had no negative effective on their growing friendship. They both played on the college's intramural soccer and basketball teams.

When they showered in the locker room after the games, Colin managed to sneak a peak at Carl's gorgeous body and his monstrous 9-inch cock while avoiding a complete hard-on. Colin has a 7.5-inch cock.

Colin would always feel a stirring in his loin during the shower but keep the fact a secret. He would go back to his dorm room, jack-off, fuck his fleshjack and fantasize that the fleshjack was Carl's asshole.

This constant horny desire for Carl's body led Colin to purchase a book discussing clever ways to seduce a Gay man. Colin was intrigued by a chapter titled: How to Seduce a Straight Playboy and Turn Him into A Flaming Gay Lover". Colin read that chapter over and over until he designed a plan of operation. Colin needed to make his move before Carl found a new girl friend or friends.

The goal to seduce Carl at first seems a mission impossible. Carl was totally into women's breasts and pussy.

Here is the story from the words and account by Colin.

On a Saturday evening, I invite Carl to dinner, a movie and later to an Irish pub for drinks. I give the bar tender a big tip to serve us his very strongest beer. After several pitchers of beer and feeling no pain, I approach the subject of sex with Carl. I cautiously ask: "Carl, as you are a real ladies man and you have had no sex since you got here, what are you doing about sex?"

In his drunken condition and with an eagerness to talk, Carl moves close and puts his arm around my shoulder and says: "Buddy, you know I have a huge testosterone level and an uncontrollable libido. I do not mind telling you that I masturbate at least twice a day. This subject is making me so very horny. I have got to relieve my cum filled balls. I cannot wait any longer. Lets go over to my dorm room. Now you understand, I will under no circumstance fool around with you. I am 100 per cent straight but I do not want to leave you here by yourself. After I dump this cream pie, we can come back to the pub if you wish."

I am overjoyed and say: "Carl lets go and I understand the situation." We walk to the campus and to Carl's room.

My had is swimming with how can I proceed with my plan for this devout straight playboy. As we enter Carl's room, we are both wearing a large bulge in our pants. I must move fast before Carl ejaculates and losses any interest in sex for the night. I bravely ask: "Carl, I certainly am not suggesting any Gay thing but have you ever compared your cock head, cock length and girth size to another guys tools? I just think that is a curious thing to do"

I am very surprised when Carl responds: "You know, Colin I have never done that. But I will admit that I have often thought how I stack up against other guy's sizes. And to simply compare our manhood sizes is not a Gay thing. Is it? Oh hell, lets do it. I want to know if i am as big a stud as I think I am."

We take off our shoes so we can remove our pants and briefs. This is making me really hot. I see beads of precum on both our cock heads. I ask Carl to get an measuring tape so we can learn our true manhood stats.

Carl begins measuring from my cock head to the base of my cock. He is now very focused. As he takes my rock hard cock in his hands, I can see his hands tremble as he begins measuring how long is my cock. I am swelling just a little more. I also see Carl's balls bobbing up and down.

Carl finishes, smiles and says: "Well Colin, the best I can tell you are 7.5 inches in length or maybe 8" as it seems your cock expanded during the measurement. Now lets get your girth size." Carl has to hold my cock shaft in his hand as he makes the measurement. He decides to measure the girth twice to make sure he gets the correct stat. He reports: Colin, your girth size is about 4inches." Then he tells me that my sac and balls are about average.

I then take the tape and tell Carl that he is going to win in each category but we still need to know his sizes. He responds: "Colin, I am eager to learn my exact size." I am now so horny as I have his permission to take hold of his cock. I begin to run the tape from his cock head down his hard shaft. He surprises me as he starts removing his shirt and says: "Colin, it sure is getting hot in here. I think I had too much beer." I respond: "Carl, I am sure that is what is making you hot." I do not want to drive him away.

I finish measuring him and report that his cock is actually 9.5 inches in length. He is overjoyed to hear that news. Then he says, "are you sure? Maybe we should measure it one more time." Happily, I grab his cock with a harder grip this time and repeat the measurement. The result are the same. He smiles and says: "Oh, I am so happy and proud to learn how huge my cock is for the girls."

I now measure his girth and report that it is 5" which is very thick. Again he is beaming with pride. Finally, I assure him that he has unusually large balls.

I move close to Carl and say: "Carl, I certainly know you are not Gay but it is not a Gay thing for guys to jerk-off at the same time. During my senior year in high school, we horny guys were always having circle jerk-offs and I was the only Gay guy in the group. Why don't we sit down on the bed, lube our cocks and jack-off at the same time." Carl says: "you are right that is not a Gay thing. We are individually getting our rocks off and I need the relief bad."

We lube up and begin whacking our boners while we play with our erect nipples and hot balls. Carl begins moaning and says: "Colin, this is the first time I have jacked-off in front of another guy. It is fine as it is not a Gay act."

Now it is time for me to make my next move with this horny and light-headed beer driven straight friend. I ask: "Carl, have you ever tasted either your cum or another man's cum?" Carl says: "Colin, I often eat my own cum and I really like the taste but I have never tasted another man's semen. Would that not be a Gay thing?"

I quickly make my next move and say: "Carl, no that is not a Gay thing. Guys often sample another man's semen so you can experience how your cum may be more sweat or more salty than other guys. It is a good thing to know how your cum compares with other samples."

Again I am pleased with Carl's curious thinking when he goes for my logic. "Colin, you have a good point. How do I compare in taste and fiber? I see that is not a Gay thing but good knowledge. Lets do it."

I rub my fingers across my precum cock head that is dangling with a stream of cum and place my wet fingers in Carl's mouth and feed him his first cum from another man. He smiles and gives me encouragement when he says: "Ooh! mmmmm! I like your cum because it is much sweater than mine. It really taste great.

I prod Carl to put his precum on his fingers and feed my mouth. When he puts his fingers in my mouth, I close my mouth and suck on his fingers. I notice a rise in his hard cock. This is getting to him. I say: "Carl, although your semen taste different, I love the salty taste and the thickness." This please him. I again assure him that this is only a lesson in the varying degree of cum flavors just like the different ice cream flavors. It is a good thing to know. He is relieved and satisfied that this is not a Gay thing.

I have Carl in a weakened position. He is beginning to learn more about another stud's body and juices. Now for the big move. I ask Carl: "Have you ever bought a dildo and fucked you own ass to see how it feels?" He answers: "No Colin, but I have often thought about it and some of my straight guy buddies have bought dildos and had their girl friends fuck their ass with a dildo. I am curious as to how it would feel."

"Carl, I have an 8" dildo in my room. Do you want to try it. You have already said some of your straight buddies have done it." He is now really wanting to full fill this fantasy so he says: "Thanks, Colin. Lets do it so I can tell my buddies and have one of my future girl friends fuck me with a dildo if I like it."

We dress and go to my room. I get out the dildo and a bottle of lube. Carl undresses again as I do also. I have him lay down on his back on my bed and I say: "Carl, you can insert the dildo or let me. It is easier for me to reach your asshole. Now that is not Gay.

Carl agrees: "Colin, I am going to let you insert the dildo because it is not your cock and thus not a Gay thing." I say: "Carl, since it is a big dildo, let me lube your ass or the dildo will really hurt." He agrees. He is on his back on my bed. He pulls his legs up against his chest and I begin putting lots of lube on the entrance to his ass. I place one finger to the entrance of his ass and tell him that he needs some of the lube inside. Without any warning, I plunge a finger deep into his ass, find his prostrate and begin wildly massaging this G-Spot.

He has never had his prostrate massaged. He goes into orbit with pleasure with panting and moaning for me not to stop. Carl pleads: "Colin, this is the greatest erotic feeling I have ever had. What are you doing to make me feel so good?" I inform him: "Carl, baby, I am arousing you by playing with and massaging your G-Spot. Isn't it great?" Carl is now lifting his ass up to my finger, throwing his legs all across the bed, leaking precum and sweating like mad.

I say: "Carl, I have to tell you that the greatest massaging of your G-Spot can not be done by a woman but only a man." He ask: "What do you mean?" I now have Carl where I want him. He is about to become a positive gay slut.

I suggest: "Carl, let me show you what I mean and why I am totally Gay. The only method to reach complete sexual ecstasy for a man is to have another man's hot throbbing cock enter your man pussy and use his blood filled rock hard cock to drive deep into your ass, reach your prostrate and massage your G-Spot with his huge cock. You see, an experienced Gay man plunges into your ass, moves his cock up to your G-Spot and drives his cock over and over across and into your prostrate while fucking you."

I continue: "The use of the finger is not nearly as effective or erotic as the dick thou you loved my finger message. The only way you are ever going to experience the mind-blowing volcano eruption is for you to be fucked with a hot cock with some one like me. There is no way to experience the ultimate orgasm. I am sorry but that is the truth. Buddy, if there was another way, I would tell you. Sorry about that."

Carl is now convinced and hooked on the idea. Lust and desire for the ultimate climax has over taken him. I take my finger out of his beautiful ass, put the dildo aside and kiss his thick sexy lips and say: "Carl, baby, it is up to you if you are going to ever experience this ecstasy and ultimate orgasm. There is no other way. You will have to be fucked by a man's cock over and over if you want this ultimate high. The decision is yours."

Without any hesitation and filled with lust from the finger message, he pleads with me: "Colin, darling, I cannot live without that erotic fucking experience to my G-Spot. I give up. Baby, forget the dildo. Please put that beautiful cock of yours up my eager ass and find that prostrate. Drive that hot cock up my ass. Please FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! until I have that ultimate experience. I am yours tonight and tomorrow and the day after that. I want your cock so bad. Hit my G-Spot, please. I surrender. Play with my erect nipples, jerk my cock and fuck me."

I inform Carl that the perfect fuck to the G-Spot is bareback. He says yes. I take him into the bathroom, douche his ass with clean distilled water and return him to the bed. He is breathing hard with excitement.

For Carl's first Gay fuck, I put him on his back, put two pillows under his ass and lower back, raise his legs up to his chest,lube his ass, kiss his ass entrance and his cock, fondle his balls, and suck his cock. Carl cries: "Oh, Colin, that feels great but please fuck me and get to my G-Spot. I need you cock now.

I place my raging hot leaking cock at the entrance to his opening ass and I begin to slide easily into his eager lubed slick ass. Carl pushes his hips and ass up to meet my plunging cock that is soon all the way into his hot ass. I immediately locate his prostrate with my rock hard cock and begin to rub my cock across and into his hot prostrate. I pound away at the G-Spot as I want Carl to have this ultimate orgasm and also convince him that I am his new found fuck-buddy.

Carl has lost all control as he is screaming, panting and moaning with pleasurable lust. He mutters to me: "Ooh! mmmmm! Oh yaa, oh fuck yaa. I think I am going to die from total pleasure. I had no idea that sex could be this erotic. FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! Please devour my ass. I want you to FUCK me all night. Can you last all night? I never want another woman. I want you to FUCK me ever night. I want to be your bitch."

WOW! Carl is now a true bottom and my Gay lover.

I feel Carl's ass muscles clap down on my tense cock. I feel my cock head swell, the veins in my shaft are pulsating and I feel the eruption coming from my cum filled balls up through the piss slit. I shoot load after load of my seed into this first time studs beautiful virgin ass.

At the same moment, Carl shoots burst after burst of his cream on his abs, stomach and chest. He indicates that this is the biggest cum load he has ever shot.

I take my cock out, put it up to Carl's mouth and he swallows the still dangling stream of cum off my cock and down his throat. I reach down and suck gobs of my cum as it seeps out of his ass. I share this cum meal with my new lover.

I lay on top of Carl's wet body with our still semi-hard cocks as we kiss. Then Carl says to me: "Colin, I will be eternally grateful to you for introducing me to the gay life style and the most erotic experience I could ever have. I am proud to say I am gay and I love you. Will you fuck me ever night. I want only you. I am through being a playboy. Only your cock can give me this unbelievable sex."

I have total victory as Carl is now my fuck-buddy. He is a man's man and especially mine. Carl has the strongest sex drive and libido I have ever seen. What a great break for me as I too am always horny and need daily sex. We are like to dogs in heat. We will have to rent a house so we can make loud noises during sex. The resident hall is no place for such wild sexy noises.

Our intramural games and daily sex will keep us in great physical condition. How lucky I got tonight.

I hold Carl in my arms and say: "Carl, Baby, I am so happy for us and I will make love to you every day and work that G-Spot for you. I promise. We will find many positions to get to your G-Spot and make you crazy with desire."

Carl has a huge smile, kisses me deeply and says: "Just think if I had not met you and you had not been methodical in pursuing sex with me, I would have gone through life not experiencing the ultimate sex. THANK YOU BABY!"



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