My name is Robert Jacobs, I am a purchaseing agent for a company out of Davenport Iowa. My job is to travel south to different ports and purchase different products from various companies along the river trade route, and bring my goods back to The Dawson Ltd. Co. In Davenport. We dealt in Spices from exotic places, the Orient, Coffees, Tea, Tobacco, Milinery goods and cotton for making cloth.

It was 1870, and I was beginning to worry about traveling the river since the war between the states had just finished and there was still some hostilities in the southern states towards us northerners.

I had just arrived at the Docks to board the Natchez Riverboat, and as I was coming out of my cabin when I saw Milo.

Milo was a handsome looking young lad, but rather sad, anc poor looking. I noticed he had a rather dingy looking shirt on, His trousers were sorta loose fitting and had ropes used as suspenders, and he wore a rather worn out pair of shoes with no socks. He almost looked like he had been a slave, but he was a white boy. I really felt for him.

He was working for Captain Aaron Phelps, the captain of the riverboat and I guessed that he had not been paying Milo very well at all, I was soon to find out for myself.

I had gone into town and had a nice meal at a local eatery and was walking back to spend the evening on the boat in my room, when I saw Milo setting on some sacks of grain there on the docks, I smiled and watched as he ate an apple he had taken from a customers barrel setting on the dock. I figured it was probably the only thing he had to eat all day from the looks of things.

I decided to just get to know him since we would be sharing the Riverboat on the trip.

'How are you, My name is Robert Jacobs,' I said to Milo, he just looked around like I was talking to someone else and then realized I was speaking to him, He said, 'Hello Sir, My name is Milo.' I said, 'Im glad to meet you Milo, I have seen you working here on the Riverboat, have you done this sort of work long?'

'Oh,Yes Sir I have been doing it since I was about twelve years old,' he replied. I looked at him and said, 'Milo, don't you have a family?'

'my fathers dead, and I don't know where my Mother is. 'He replied, I said, 'so you've been on your own since then?'

'Wow, and I thought I have had it rough all these years,' I replied.

Milo looked nervous, like he had done something wrong. He said, 'Im sorry Sir, but I was hungry and I saw these apples and just had to, its the first thing I've eaten all day.' I said, 'Milo, I don't care about the apples, dont' your boss see to it that you have meals?'

'He just gives me a place to stay here on this boat if I do work for him and the other things, I sleep in the cargo hole,' I couldn't believe my ears, I really had this sad feeling for Milo.

'What all do you have to do for the Captain?' I asked.

' Well I help load the Boat with all the cargo, and then I have to clean the decks and clean the eating gally, and some other private things.'

I couldn't help but notice that Milo was really built nicely: thick muscular arms, strong from loading heavy cargo, strong features, I would have guessed he was of Scandinavian, or Swedish decent, sorta blonde hair sticking out from under his cap, deep blue eyes, and very handsome.

I was really getting turned looking at Milo, but I wouldn't let it out that I liked men, not there, not the way most people at that time felt about homosexuals.

I just said, 'Well Milo, anytime you want a friend or just someone to talk to, Im in room #48, second level.' He smiled and said, 'I just might take you up on that, It would be nice to have a real friend for a change.'

Well I went on to my room, I guess it was about eleven o'clock that night when I heard Milo and the Captain, walk by my bedroom window, I heard something, like, 'Why, Captain, why now? I was asleep,' 'Your my servant, and you'll do it when I say, boy' the captain replied.

I slowly tiptoed out of my cabin room, and followed them into the lower cargo room, the door was open, I stayed back and hid behind some of the grain bags, I could get a good shot at what was going on. Milo, had come to some bales of cotton, and the Captain reached out and grabbed Milo by the back of his neck, and pushed Milo over the bales face down, Milo grunted a sorta sad sound. Captain Phelps, shoved his face downwards 'Keep your mouth shut and don't make a sound you little whore.'

I watched as the Captain grabbed the little suspender like ropes that held up Milo's trousers, and slid them down and pulled Milo's trousers down to his ankles, Milo resisted but the Captain had the upper hand, Milo just layed forward and grabbed a handfull of cotton bale, and just layed there and the Captain dropped his trousers, and pulled out a huge cock, it looked like it was ten inches long, 'You like this thick cock, don't you, you little bitch, I watched as the captain stuffed Milos ass with that enormous cock. 'yeah Milo, thats it, take it like the little whore you are.'

I watch as the Captain all but raped this beautifull looking young man. That captain was almost brutal, I was gay, but It would have made me almost want to kill someone who treated me like that. Milo was grunting each time I saw the Captain bury that huge cock to the balls into his rectum, he was almost about to cry from the pain, I could see the anguish on his face. Finally after about ten minutes of the Captains anal assult on Milo's rectum, the Captain let out a loud Grunt and growl and shoved that huge, horse sized cock, to the hilt in Milos ass, and filled him with his cum. Milo almost screamed out.

I stayed hidden in the shawdows as the Captain left Milo there standing with his trousers down around his ankles and just looking like a battered puppy.

When Milo turned around I could see in the Lantern light just how gorgeous his body was, I would love to have sex with him, to show him just how it felt to be made love to, to let him know how another man could appreciate his beautiful body. I wanted to treat him like the human being he was, not an animal.

I saw his beautiful hairless lightly skinned chest as he started buttoning his shirt back up, and his rippled abdomen muscles, and then I notice his gorgeous cock and balls, I wanted to just run over and pet him and show him love, and wrap him up into my arms of saftey.

I waited untill he left and went over to his sleeping area: which consisted of some burlap bags stacked up and one blanket to cover up with. and a few of his belongings in a little bag there on the floor.

After that night I became more aware of wanting to do something to help Milo. I started putting a plan into motion.

Milo was setting on the edge of the ships loading area when we pulled into the loading docks at Lacledes landing in St. Louis, Mo.

I just said, 'Milo, when your done with your loading chores, come to my cabin.' 'he said sure, Mr. Jacobs.'

It was about an hour later, we had docked, and the ship was picking up supplies for the remainder of their journey to Chicago.

I was setting at the table in my cabin when Milo knocked on my door. I said, 'come on in,' Milo walked in, still wearing those same grungy clothes. I looked up at him and asked Him, 'Milo, are you happy with your job here on the boat?' he looked a little startled and said, 'It's all I know, Ive been on this boad so long.' 'Would yo like a change? you know, try something different for a change?' He said, 'I guess so.' I said, 'Good, set down and I want to tell you something.'

Milo set down on the edge of the bed and I began to explain my plan to him, I wanted to hire him for a real salary and he would be given a place to live and a real paying job.

I saw him Smiling for the first time.

Well that night after all my cargo had been unloaded onto the dock, I took my things, and Milo got his very few belongings an we left the Riverboat. I got us train tickets for the remainder of the journey, Milo was so excited, he had hardly been off the boat since he was about fourteen, he was required to stay for the Captians personal services.

Well we got to the train and Milo never even said good bye or good riddens to the Captain.

We finall got to Hannibal, Mo on the train, and we got off and decided to get a hotel room.

We got a hotel room and Then I took Milo to a General Merchantile to purchase him some new clothes and shoes. He was so happy and grateful he hugged me there in the store.

We went to a local Eatery, very nice place and Milo had a really nice meal for the first time in his life, He didn't know how to act. It was the beginning of a new life for him.

I was beginning to see some happiness come into his face and life.

That night we got ready for bed, and Milo said, Mr.Jacobs, I dont' know how to act or what to say to you for all your kindness, I said, 'Thank you, is a good start.'

He lowered his head and said, 'Thank you sir.'

I said,'Milo, your welcome, now lets hit the sack.'

We crawled into the bed, sharing since there was only one large bed in the room. Milo reached over and said, ' Mr. Jacobs, can I put my arms around you?' I said, 'Sure Milo.' and he reached over across my body with his right arm and started rubbing my chest, It felt so awesome. I hadn't had anyone touch me like that in years, guys touching just wasn't done then, only in certain circumstances, like this one.

I noticed that Milo was getting a little antsy with his movements and his hand was gently going lower on my body, and I was getting aroused, I really wanted to have sex with him, but I didn't want it to be like it was with the Captain, I didn't want Milo to be hurt any more from it.

Milo just kept up his massagging my chest and slowly worked his way down to almost my croth, his fingers were swirling the hair just below my naval and right above my underwear, by now my cock was standing at a full, thick, hard seven inches. I want him to keep it up so frigging bad. Milo just raised up and sorta leaned over on my body and said, 'Mr. Jacobs, can I show you my appreciation for what you have done for me?' I said, 'Sure Milo, not really knowing just exactly what he meant.

Milo leaned up and startled me by starting to kiss me on the lips, I felt a shocking feeling going all over my body, My cock was stiffing to a very hard stiffness, I had never felt such arousal before, Milo started rubbing my nipples with his fingers and rubbing my chest again, I was taking flight, I was like a bird on the wind, and I was slowly flying higher and higher, as the most awesome sensual feeling I had ever felt took over my body.

I was just almost slathering his face with my tongue, and licking his gorgeous lifs, he was breathing very heavy, and so was I, God I couldn't believe it could be like this.

I was mentally gone at that moment when Milo leaned over and slid his hand down my stomach and right under the band beneath my under garment, and he layed his warm hand right on top of my throbbing love member, I thought I would explode, he was kissing me and now this, how much more could I stand. Milo Had learned to service his master well and I was recieving the benefits of it.

Milo wrapped his hot fleshy hand around my memeber and started stroking and swirling it up and down the length of my hot cock, sliding my foreskin completely back off he head with each stroke, I was in ecstasy. I was really loving what he was doing, when it came to my attention, I noticed he was doing it all, I leaned over slightly and reached down to feel his underwear, damn, there was a huge wet spot in them, and his cock was at least nine inches long, very thick and very hard. I slipped my hand into his trousers and started sliding his foreskin back and forth and he just gasped and said, 'Oh Jesus,' Mr. Jacobs, no one has ever done that to me before,' I said, 'What?' He said, 'No one has done that to me before, I have always done it to them and then have to do that to myself if I felt like it,' I said, 'thats not right Milo, Sex it between two people and should be enjoyed by both.'

He just smiled and started wimpering while I took him to the stars. We had played with each others cock about twenty minutes and then I said, 'Milo, I love your touch, but I want more, He said,'you want to fuck my ass?' I said, 'No Milo, not now, maybe some other time.' He said, 'then what?'

I pulled off his underwear completely and just stared at his gorgeous cock and balls, I was in heaven, God his body was awesome.

I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth and he let out a little yelp, and started holding to my head, and he said, 'Oh Shit Mr. Jacobs, Oh Shit.' he was so sexually excited that it took him all of three minutes to fill my mouth with his awesome tasting youthful cum, I hadn't had that exquisit feeling and taste in my mouth for ages it seemed. Milo just held my head down as far as it would go and grunted as I swallowed his complete load. and as I licked up the last remnants of his cum, I smiled as I watched his stomach jerk each time my tongue licked his gorgeous cockhead. He finally said, 'Oh Shit, stop Mr. Jacobs, your driving me nuts.'

When he had finished his climax completely he said, 'Mr. Jacobs, no one has ever made me to feel like this before, I think I love you.'

I just smiled, because I know that in the heat of the momement love is an easy word to spread around, but for some reason I knew Milo meant it.

I just layed there for a moment just looking at beautiful Milo, and then he started rubbing my cock again, I realized I was so content with haveing pleased Milo, I hadn't shot a load yet, my cock was still throbbing hard.

Milo took some spit and started lubricating my cock and his spit coupled with my pre-cum had my cock so slick and wet it felt like I had poured some oil on it or something.

I noticed as Milo was stroking my very slick cock up and down, then he straddled my body and just let my hard cock sink into his asshole, and he grunted, but his time it was from his pleasure, not his pain, I started fucking up into his ass and he smiled and leaned over and started kissing me passionately as he pumped my cock with his manhole, I was in love with this kid.

Milo knew how to work the muscles in his ass too, He had me about to pull the bed down, I was grabbing the pillows and I was being fucked by a master, even as young as he was, he had the experience of a much older man, and I was recieving its benefits.

Milo's ass muscles was like a milking machine, and I was getting ready to unload into his intestines when I heard him start to grunt, and moan, and say, 'Oh Fuck,' that was a word I had not heard him use before, but I knew he was really enjoying what was happening, He started getting more agressive as he slid down to the hilt on my cock, and then he let out a big groan and his cock started eurpting all over my chest.

This action sent me over the top, and I started blasting what seemed to be the biggest shot of cum I had ever shot to that point in my life.

Milo just wilted over on top of me, and layed there recouperating from this experience. after

about ten minutes of laying on top of me, he crawled off and layed down beside as herubbed fingers thru the cum puddles laying on my chest.

Milo looked into my eyes with those gorgeous deep blue eyes and said, 'thats the first time I ever to cum while being fucked, Its never happened like that before, it was a wonderful feeling.' It had only been pain before.

I smiled at Milo and said, 'Thats because no one has ever made love to you, they just fucked you.'

He said, 'I love it Robert, thank you so much.'

Milo and I stayed together from that point on, he was my best employee, as well as my lover, and only he and I ever knew the truth about our relationship.



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