Mike came into my basement apartment about ten after two. He was a little wobbly after drinking all night with his buddies but still managed to find his way around the back of the yard and down the small steps that led into my sweaty man cave below.

It was hot as a bitch out and my air conditioner was on the fritz and even though the old lady who I rent from upstairs promised to get me a new one, I enjoy the heat sometimes.

Especially tonight when I offered Mike to stop by after seeing him coming out of the gym while I was entering. We have talked for awhile, here and there around the area, and, in the gym, and I finally decided to put my cards on the table in a casual style and offer him a place to hang out after drinking with his friends.

It's been awhile since coming on to a young man and, even though I'm pushing 45, I sometimes still amaze myself with my smooth talk and cute twinkle in my eye that seems to lure them in.

I'm also beefy, but not muscular, with soft beard, nice lips, hairy chest and full ass. Got a big dick too, a tree trunk cock I guess you could say that pre-cums at the drop of a dime.

Sometimes while jacking off, I'll squirt the cum on my chest and run it down around my cock, bush, and into my ass making it nice and gooey.

Like I did tonight for Mike. Who I offered some beer and weed if he decided to stop by.

My basement was dark and muggy. Like a dungeon. The only light on was from the computer I was sitting in front of doing a live feed with two other men from Maryland.

Their name was Chuck and Carl. Two lovers that have been together for over ten years now. They wanted to watch me get off with someone so I told them to stick around in case Mike stops by.

I told them how fit and tall Mike was, and how his cock slumped around in his sweats at the gym. I told them he was around seventeen, cute, but a little nervous, especially whenever talking to me out in public.

I figured the boy knew I was gay by the way I would always smile at him and take peeks at his cock whenever I thought he wasn't looking.

One time he was in the locker room at the far corner and just stood there naked with a towel draped over his shoulder and texting.

It was fucking hot as hell. I must have cum three times that day thinking about him.

It was an amazing, beautiful cock. A big white sport's cock. The kind that once it finds its groove, it can fuck for hours. Not a romantic or passionate screw, but a fast hard one like a machine.

When Mike approached me from behind, I popped open the kid to a fresh bottle of Rush and took a hard sniff in my right nose.

I was soaked with my fat legs propped up on the table and my ass exposed to the heat. Pre-cum was covering my belly, hands, and my crack.

"What's up?"

He asked. His voice was quick and stern.

"Not much. Glad you came."

"What for?"

"Huh? Well, you know. Get you a little high, hang out. Just chill. Whatever you want Mike."

On the computer screen, the couple started stripping down at the foot of their bed as they watched the gorgeous boy in the shadows behind me.

"You got weed?"

"Yep. Here. It's all ready for you. Packed it in the pipe about ten minutes ago."

I gently picked the pipe up and handed it in the air overtop of me.

Soft hands took hold and his fingers brushed against mine.

As the boy took a hit behind me, I also took a hit of my pleasure and held it in for ten seconds before my face exploded and my eyes pop out of my head.

As I blew the thick cloud at the computer screen, I felt his bulge in his sweats rest against the back of my neck.

"Big Boy."

I mumbled with smoke still steaming out of my face, making my asshole juice open even more.

"You want this?"

Mike asked, clicking the lighter again overtop of me, which more felt like all around me.

"Yes. Please."

"Turn around then."

With hot pipe in my hand, I slowly swiveled the chair around to him as he took a hit of his weed and dropped down his pants.

A blast of boy crotch assaulted my face and up my nose. It smelt like locker room socks and salt and pee. It was incredible.

I took another hit of the pipe, held it hard, and slipped the yellow rush bottle under my nose and sniffed it even harder.

I opened my mouth with my eyelids fluttering and eyeballs glassy and dazed and waited for him to glide it in.

Finally, after leaning back and feeling his high, he brought the long soft cock into my mouth after lifting it up to my face.


I said, in intervals as I worked my way down.

"Mmm. Mmmm."

"Get it."

He told me.

When I gobbled my jaws down onto it, I felt a small patch of dry kid crotch mushroom around my mouth. It tasted salty and tart.

I wiggled my face away and leaned back, casually and with much practice, I tapped another piece of rock onto the pipe, took a hit, rested my hands on his tight legs and just started sucking.


"Big dick. Uh."

"Fuck! You're a hungry fucker!"

I dropped to my knees and sucked him hard, reaching up slowly and taking his hands down toward my soft nipples on my greasy and flabby chest.

He pinched them.

I squealed.

He pinched them again.

I squealed louder.

"Big tits."

He whispered then pinched them again almost making me drop the pipe which was held between my fingers like a cigarette.

He pinched me again, this time, twisting them gently.

I moaned like a dying dog and arched my ass outwards.

"Milk these fucking knobs"

He said, his hand on the back of my neck, feeding me down.

After a few more minutes of almost gagging on his cock, I stood up slowly and turned around.

"Fuck me."

I whispered.

"Please. Fuck me."

As I stuck another piece on my pipe, I turned to the computer screen to the couple, now standing naked in front of each other, jacking off and pinching each other's nipples, with their heads turned and watching us.

As I sucked in another blast, I felt Mike's wet fingers travel underneath my belly and lock onto my titties.

"Ooooh! Yeah!"

I gasped. Smoke steaming out of me, fogging up the screen and blazing around me.

Magic Cloud.

I thought.

Then, That's about when Mike slipped off his shoes, propped his right leg up beside me, took hold of my old ass and just slid it in.

"Oh God! F-fuck me!!"

"You got it."

He promised.

Then, he power pumped. Making all kinds of nasty grunts and soft moans.

After a few more minutes, I leaned up and wrapped my big hands on his thighs and guided him over to my bed with his cock never leaving my ass.

"Over here. To my bed."

I told him.

"God. Fuck me with that big dick on my bed. On my back."

He turned me around at the foot of my bed and his cock made a sucking sound as it flopped out of my ass and down between his legs. 

He pushed me back onto the bed, took off his shirt, took my waist and slid me down and cranked open my ass by my ankles.

"You gonna get it, boy?"

I whispered, touching his flat stomach in the dark, tracing my fingers along his grill.

"Huh? You gonna fuck me? Make me cum? Milk this cow?"

"You know it."

Mike promised.

"I like milking cows." '

And then he slipped back in his cock and just started milking.

I cried, I gasped, and I slapped his chest frantic, begging him to keep going even though it hurt like hell.

Then, the kid, lost his pace and jabbed his cock sideways up into me, causing a huge painful pocket of air.

I screamed as my cock gushed upwards, spurting thick globs onto his chest and arm.

"I'm cumming."

He warned me very quietly and focused.

"Here I cum."

"Inside me boy."

I directed, even though my ass was on fire.

He cried out in a fresh new girly voice as he shot his hot load up inside me in quick mean spurts.

My ass farted open with a flood of cum making him loose control and pushing his dick out of me.

He collapsed overtop of me panting hard and I took the back of his neck and gently put his face down into the sheet beside me as I cradled him, wrapping my arms around his wet back.

"It's okay boy. I...I got you."

Then, after a few more minutes of cradling him, Mike stood up, walked back to the computer and slipped on his sweats and flipped his shirt over his shoulder.

"Can I take some of this weed, man?"

He asked, looking down onto the table in the glow of the computer screen.

"Please. Take it all. It's for you."

"Thanks dude. Fuck. This room is hot as hell."

Then, he slipped on his shoes and shifted through the dark and back out the door leaving it open with the sound of grasshoppers filling the night.

After wiping my ass with the bed sheet, I stood up on shaky legs and walked over to the computer and leaned down to look at Chuck and Carl who were still standing up, jacking off.

"Damn. He was hot."

Said Chuck, shaking his head amazed.

"Wish you could of stayed by the computer longer."

"Sorry guys."

I then smell Mike's cum from my shithole and almost barfed from the rank odor.

"Eh. Gotta take a shower. See you guys later. When it's time to milk the cow."


man with Pipe


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