My name is Kyle I'm 21 years old and I would like to tell you a story that happend to me a few years ago. I was a senior in highschool and played in the soccer team. I'm 5.8 and at the time I wasn't very big, more of a lean skinny type. I was living with my parents, they are in their 40's but they keep pretty social life. Once In a while they to go out with friends and like to throw the occasional party. This went down on one of those nights. My parents called a bunch of friends over for a barbecue party, it had been a while since they had thrown one so there was the usual showing arround of the son. 'Oh my god he looks so big' blablabla classic stuff. Once I got away I decided to go to sleep, it was getting late and I could see the alcohol going arround. It was summer time so I only wore a t-shirt and underwear to bed. I managed to ignore the noise coming from downstairs and eventually fall asleep. I slept soundly until I woke up with the felling of two strong hands touching my ass and i realised my underwear was gone. I froze I didn't know what to do, who it was or what was going on, but I could still hear the party going on downstairs. Suddenly I felt a warm wet tongue licking my asshole, someone was rimming my ass and getting a kick out of it. No one had ever done that to me but I was enjoying it, so I pretended I was still asleep. The hands were spreading my ass and the tongue was getting deep, I almost gasped of pleasure. The licking stopped and I could hear the sound of clothes being taken off. I felt another thing but this time it wasn't a tongue it was a cock. Before I could do anything it when straight in my hole. I opened my eyes and let out a mixed scream of pain and pleasure. A hand covered my mouth and laying down on top of me he whispered in my ear 'Don't you make a sound kid'. I could recognize the voice! It was my parents friend James. He was a tall good looking muscular man, a bit younger than my parents, about 40 years old. He keept talking as he got deeper in my ass. 'I've wanted your ass for a long time boy. And what a fine tight ass it is!'. I could not believe what was happening, this guy had been friends with my parents for years and he was married! His wife was downstairs, I was even to one who opened up the door when they got there. His cock was so thick and about 8 inches long, the pain was killing me but he didn't care. 'You are going to take my cock like a bitch! And you will like it.'. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Slowly the pain turned into pleasure and I just couldn't help but moan. 'Yeah you like that don't you? I knew you would. I knew deep down there was a slut boy just begging to be fucked'. He was drilling me deep and hard, almost taking out his cock before going in again. 'Yeah moan for daddy! You little bitch. Say you like my cock in your ass. Say it!' I could barely speak with him fucking me like that 'I like your cock in my ass'. He grabbed me by the shoulder and smacked my ass, fucking me even harder. 'Fuck yeah! You love my cock!' He kissed and licked my ears as he fucked me, and it felt so good. This guy was rapping me but I didn't care. He grabbed me by the hair and turned my head kissing me. 'Turn arround I want to look at you while I fuck your ass'. I obeyed his order and turned arround. The the dim light coming from the window allowed me to see him. This guy was a god! So fit! so handsome! He pulled my legs up and held down my arms, he gave me a long and wet tongue kiss and started fucking me again. 'Oh yeah, you're a pretty boy. All the girls must be after you. But they can't have you because you are my bitch now. Do you wanna be my bitch boy?' I moaned 'Yes! I want to be your bitch' He let go of my arms, granned my hair again and licked my face 'I'm going to fuck you all the time. Use you whenever I want. And nobody is going to know that you are my little bitch.' He turned me arround again this time in all fours and grabbed my waist strong, he fucked me hard and fast. I was going crazy with pleasure moaning, he was now grunting. 'Fuck yeah boy! You're the best piece of ass I've ever had. Oh my god!' He started strocking me. I was so horney and hard I came right away. 'Fuck! You really do love my cock! I'm going to cum soon too. You're going to have my cum all in your ass.' He fucked me for a good five more minutes until he finally came 'Oh fuck boy! I'm cumming! Fuck yeah! Ohh fuck!' I could feel the warm cum filling my ass as he went as deep as he could. 'Oh fuck boy that was even better than I thought. But this is not over yet. You're going to have a taste of your daddy's cum' He held my head and got his cock close to my lips. 'Lick my cum little bitch' I opened my mouth and tasted his sweet nectar, It was hard because of its size but I just wanted to suck him. 'Yeah boy lick it all. We don't want any of it to go to waste. Good boy'. After I licked his cum and face fucked me for a while he stopped. 'Daddy has got to go now before anyone notices, but don't you worrie there is plenty of cum where that came from.' He kissed me and left the room quickly. My ass was on fire but I didn't care that was the best fuck I'd ever had. And James was right there was plenty more cum where that one came from. He fucked me almost every day the summer before I went to college, and even though I get a lot of action in college I still call him up every time I come back home.



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