PT1 I sit at the edge of my bed burning with desire waiting for him i could hear the shower curtains roll back swiftly i know he must have been in a hurry for his regular meal so i dim the roomlight lying on the bed in baggy brief waiting in hunger burning with desire , he walked in then take a sit at my bedside having on a silky fruit of the loom boxers ' hey you ok ,he wisper quietly so no one would hear from next room, yes i replied, he started to kissed me passionatly gliding his hand down my calvin kline massaging my meatstick with his thum rubbing the head of it , i pull from his lips reaching down to his bulging hoody sucking that nine inches cock , listening to his moan sounds gives me more desire to deepthroat him to his last but he then wisper in my ears telling me to turn over i obeyed he fingerd me with his favourite lubricating oil till i feel something much bigger than his finger i realized it was his massive stalk piercing through my tight flesh meanwhile as i bend over he pounded me raginly ?


Fadrian keymo

[email protected]


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