I sat there on the ground, cold, alone, and breathless. I could feel blood pouring out of me, from my face and my ass. He was merciless to me. I could still feel the extreme pressure and pain from this man inside me. I had never been so scared in my life, and he left me for dead as far as he knew. I don't know how, but I was able to make it out of the alley where the incident occurred and out onto the street corner. I leaned up against the corner, and when my head hit the wall, I blacked out.

I awoke to someone rubbing my arms, trying to wake me.

When my eyes opened I saw the most beautiful piercing blue eyes I had ever seen Then I saw the face around them, the smooth, perfect, pale skin, with the pearl colored hair. He was perfect.

I had almost no energy at this point, so the only words I could muster were "he...raped....me" before I passed out again.

The next time I wake up, I am in a hospital bed, with beeping all around me.

I realized that there was a hand lain over mine, but I didn't see who it was until my eyes adjusted.

When I could finally see, again I was in the presence of the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

"I am so happy to finally see you awake" he said in the most serene voice.

"by the way my name is Cloud, I found you on the street corner last night."

I was barely able to make the words "I..am....Micah"

"I hate that I had to meet you this way Micah. I am so sorry this happened to you."

"how are you feeling?"

"thank... you... first...need...water" I replied, with a parched throat.

"oh, ok, here you go" he said, tipping the cup to my dry, cracked lips.

"much better, thank you, but, why are you here with me? Don't you have your own life? I questioned.

"yes, but I have already told them I would be here, and I feel like I need to be with you after what happened. Even though I don't know you, I feel a connection to you."

I was speechless. Never had anyone say something like this. I was the one always pushed around at school, I had never dated anyone, and I never had any friends.

My name is micah Thompson, I live in New Orleans, LA. I just turned 18 last week. I am a senior in high school. I am 5'4, and 120 pounds. I am very skinny, with slightly tanned skin, and jet black hair. Im not the best looking person, most people think of me as innocent. If you ask people I know from school they would call me the "faggot twig" or worse.

I guess because of the shocked expression on my face, cloud continued "I hope that's not weird, because it looks like I scared you."

"no, no, its ok, it just shocked me, no one has ever said anything like that to me."

Cloud then tried to lean in for a hug and just sat perfectly still and starting crying. It was too much for me. I didn't realize how much last night had affected me. I couldn't even come into contact with anyone now.

When he realized I was crying he back away "whats wrong?" he asked.

Once the tears subsided, I replied

"I guess I'm too scarred from last night to touch you."

"oh im so sorry, I didn't think about that" he said sincerely.

"its not your fault" I said.

"so where is your family or friends?" he asked

" I have no friends, and my parents don't even live in the state." I said.

"oh, im sorry again" he said.

"im ued to it by now, I've never really had friends, and the past 2 years, I have gone to school here, while my parents live in Detroit."

"so what is your story?" I asked.

"well, my name is Cloud Cortes, I am 18, I am originally from Madrid, but my dad was transferred to New Orleans for his job last week, so I just moved here. I have 2 sisters, Carmen, and Claudia. Claudia is my twin."

Before I could reply, the doctor walked in. "ahh, great to see that you are awake Mr. Thompson. How are you feeling?"

"well, im still in a lot of pain, and I have lots of bruises that are hurting,"

"well we will get you some pain for that, and could Mr. Thompson and I have some privacy for a moment?" he asked, looking at Cloud.

I chimed in "he is fine doctor, whatever you say, he can hear."

"ok, fine by me. first off, your tests came back, and you did not contract any diseases from the person who did this. Also, the semen we found in you came back with a DNA match in the polices' system, so they are trying to find the man who did this."

"also, you are going to make a full recovery, and since you had no previous sexual activity to the rape, your recovery on your backside may take a little longer, but you should be perfectly fine to leave here by the end of the day."

"thanks so much doc." I said, before he walked out

"so were you ok hearing all that?" I asked cloud.

"I am fine with it, thank you for letting me be here."

"no problem."

"sooo I have to bring this up, the doctor said you had no sexual activity prior to the rape, what does he mean?: cloud asked.

"well he means I am a virgin, which I have never done anything with anyone...well, until now" I said

"im so sorry micah, I wish I could've stopped him from doing that, I feel like I owe you."

"cloud, you don't owe me anything, you saved my life."

"anyone would have done that micah."

"not in this city they wouldn't have. They would've just thought I was another bum on the street."

"well im glad I didn't see that in you." He smiled at me I blushed like a little girl "so is this the connection you felt?"

"yes it is"

"micah, can I try to hug you now?"

"yea, you can."

When I felt his touch this time, my whole world lit up, it felt like something popped, all my pain went away. All thoughts of the rape were gone, it was all replaced by this beautiful specimen who is wrapped around me.

He let go of and looked me straight in the eyes, our noses touching together. I couldn't help myself. I leaned in closer and pushed my lips against his. Again, fireworks. It felt like my life had just been flipped upside down.



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