I guess as all boys from the country learn, that nothing is hidden from them very long.

I don't know how many times as a little boy I would throw rocks at the roosters as they mounted the hens, thinking that they were beating up on and hurting them.

I guess boys raised in the country all go through these learning phases, and of course watching the bulls mate, or the stallions mate with the mares well, that was like watching the Saturday night fights to us, nothing was out of the ordinary, that is, untill I learned what they were doing and why.

It seemed that my father was not one of those old fashioned men that thought you should shield the things of life from your kids.

I remember my little brother coming in and telling mom at the kitchen counter as she peeled potatoes, that he saw "Paint", our stallion work horse, shove this long pole thing in

"Star's" butt, Star was our Mare and Dad was breeding a couple of the mares on the farm.

My Mother just said they were mating and gave my "Father one of those If looks could kill" staresmy little brother was only five at that time.

It was about this same time that I began noticing that I was getting pubic hairs and hairs on my chest and legs, and I started having night dreams and would wake up with sperm in my undershorts, they called them "Wet Dreams" I called them awesome, they were usually accompanied with a sexy dream.

But the truth of the matter was that I was not having the normal kind of dreams that most young dudes my age have, Don't know why, it just happened that way.

I guess one of the reasons that it happened this way was that When I was about eleven, I was heading out to the barn to throw down some hay for the cows behind the barn, when I heard these voices. Mom and Dad had gone to town, which was about twenty miles away to get some things, and I was just doing my daily chores.

My older brother Freddy and his buddy from High School, Fred was about 17 or so and his buddy was about the same age.

Well I heard them making strange noises and I heard "spred you ass cheeks a little wider so I can get it in."

I snuck up closer to the wall of the tack room and I peeked in thru a crack in the wall.

Right straight in front of me was my older Brother and his best friend Keith, I was a little shocked at what I saw.

Keith was laying on some stacks of loading blankets and both Keith and My brother were naked, My brother had this huge hard-on and Keith was pulling his legs back up over his shoulder, I watched as My brother took some vaseline, which pop kept around on the shelf in the tack room for various things, and he slatherd a good amount on his hard cock, which was thick, shiny, he had pulled his foreskin back to get some vaseline on his cockhead, then he walked over to Keith got in close and I watched as Keith grunted and winced as Fred slid his big cock up Keith's butt hole. Then Fred did what the bulls and horses do that my Dad breeds he began to slide it in and out of Keiths butt hole.

Now for some reason I found this very exciting and I noticed that my pecker had gotten like a peice of flint-rock, hard, before I knew it, I had taken it out of my Bib overalls, and as I watched my Brother fuck Keiths ass, I started stroking my young cock, it felt so fantastic. To top that off when Fred got done I saw this white stuff dripping off the end of his pecker, Then Fred leaned down and took Keithes big pecker into his mouth, and sucked Keiths big pecker, I saw Keith shoot his white stuff, in my brothers mouth, and Fred with it still in his mouth, turned sidways and spit it out on the ground beside him. They got dressed after and took off, while I stayed hidden till they were gone,

After that afternoon I knew my pecker was for something else besides peeing thru. I began to rub on it a lot.

I guess I started producing this sperm, I was having these night dreams of sucking on someones dick and fucking them just like Keith and Fred had done, and I would experince wonderful feelings and shoot my sperm out into my briefs, it was a mess but I loved that feeling.

I guess I was about 17 and I opened up to Fred, who was then in his twenties, and told him that I had seen him and his buddy in the barn that day.

Fred said, "Yeah, well what did you think?" "Well I think I might like to try it sometime. It looked exciting." I said.

Fred just smiled and said, "You wanna try it now?" He said.

"Really, you mean right now, Here!" I said.

"Sure man, I always thought you had a sweet little ass, and I thought I might like to try tapping in on it's sweetness sometime."

I just said,"O.K., what would you like me to do?"

Fred just pulled me over to him and unbuckled my belt, I began to feel the excitement and arousal, My cock was swelling and it wasn't a little one anymore, Fred undid my pants and slid down my briefs and out sprung my cock, like a rock, "Damn Dude, you have really grown up, it's as big as paws and mine."

I felt pride and surprise, then the awesome feeling as Fred took my cock in his mouth and began sucking it, Damn man was I in heaven or what? I didn't know if it was right or wrong but I knew it was what I wanted right at that time.

Fred knew what to do and did it very well, It took me about three and a half minutes to start with that awesome feeling of knowing your about to blow, and I shot my cum into my brothers mouth and thought I could die now I have experienced heaven.

After Fred had drained my nuts dry for me and I noticed this time he took my cum and he swallowed, not spit it out like he did Keith's.

Fred then turned me around and spread my ass cheeks and began tongueing it like a mad dog goes after a t-bone steak, it felt fantastic.

It took me about four minutes to reload and I was standing there bent over with my brother's tongue in my asshole and loving ever little bit of it.

I was totally into this thing called

"rimming" When Fred stopped, "Now for my enjoyment, and you'll enjoy it too." he said.

Fred dropped his levi's and out popped his big pre-cum leaking boner, My asshole was sloppy wet from his eating it out and his pre-cum leaking like a faucet from his boner, made the perfect lubrication, and he slipped his cock balls deep into my inner parts in one slick thrust, I thought at first I'd scream but as Fred began to fuck me I knew I would be doing this a lot, I loved that feeling, and now I know why I dreamed those dreams. This was my life unfolding.

Well that's how I got started, then in college I went into the mens dormthat first day, and got a room , there was two guys to a room, I got there actually three days late, My room-mate was already there.

It was about nine in the evening when I found my Room and I opened the door, another shock, My new room mate was laying back on the bed with just a little night light, and nothing but his designer boxers on.

I had seen dudes in their underwear but this was just a tad different, he was sound asleep and his boxers were standing open and his huge cock, which looked to be at least 9-10 inches was standing straight upright harder than a steel pipe.

I layed my things on the bed and just stood there admiring this site, and getting turned on like mad by the minute.

I didn't know for sure what I should do, but one thing I know I couldn't take my eyes off his huge cock.

I walked over to his bed and as he lightly snored, I reached over, I just had to have a feel, wrapped my hand around it, it was awesome, it was so thick I couldn't reach my fingers arout it, it had a beautiful head, no foreskin just a scar where it had been removed as a baby, thick veiny, it was picture perfect, I gently leaned over and took the frist few inches of his hard cock in my mouth.

It felt so soft yet harder than rock, velvety and smooth, I felt his cock flex up tight in my mouth, and slowly began to gently suck his cock for him, knowing that at any minute he could come awake and knock my friggen head off.

I just knew that I had to maybe take the only chance I might have to enjoy its awesomeness.

I felt his body sorta straighten up and his leg splayed open a little more, and I realized he was enjoying this too.

I began to twist my free hand around and up and down his massive meat, as I took about the first four inches into my throat and suck like a vacuum, I was in my zone when I heard this young man, whimper a little, then grunt,his body began to jerk and move, I felt his hand pull my head down tight onto his cock and I tasted the awesome taste of his seed as his cock ejaculated it into my mouth, he must have stored it up for a month or so, it was one thick as fuck load and a whole lot of it.

After I swallowed he just layed there exhausted, having just expended all his energy.

"Holy fuck man, what an awesome introduction to my new room-mate, Hi, I'm Jason, Jason Neidner, Wow,You have one Hell of a way of making a new friend, that was the best blow-job I"ve ever had" he said.

"What other things are you skilled in?" he asked with a little giggle."

"Hey Jason, sorry man I just saw that awesome hardon sticking up and had to give it a try,' I said.

"Fuck man, don't be fucking sorry, I'm not, My EX girlfriend couldn't touch you in that department, actually she would'nt put her mouth on it."

"Are you gay then or Bi?" I asked

"After that, I'm not just too sure!" he said.

"Well anytime you need a good suck-job You've got it." I said.

"I was just thinking, how about getting your ass fucked, are you into that too? I love anal sex." he said.

I wiggled my ass at him and smiled, "What you see is what you get." I said with a smile.

"I know we're going to be great buddys and friends." he said. I leaned down and gave his now almost soft cock another lick and sucked it soft but full length into my mouth one more time.

"Thats mine for the year," I said, "Sounds good to me," Jason said. the rest of the year is wonderful Hot History.

Love you guys, enjoy... Ciao



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