Am not sure, how much u guys know about India, but just to add on, Nudity and Gay sex are strictly no no for us. And we Indians are now famous for breaking the rules.

Mid 2004 I started my Graduation at a city, 3 hrs far from my hometown and was staying near to the college. One fine day, on my way back home, met one of our family relative (far one though) and she insisted me to visit their place. There was nothing much to do at home, so I agreed and followed her. She was quite old, around 55 years and was carrying a couple of bags with vegetables and all. So I took a few of them and she started praising me, "I have seen you last when you were only 13 years old. n Now you are 18, but your cute face has not change." we reached her home n met the rest of the family, her hubby and their old child-my cousin bro. He was 5 years elder than me n was doing his masters from a nearby college. We became friends easily and soon started chatting about girls and porns. After few days, his room at the ground floor of their house, became a evening meeting point for me. He  was 5.7 tall, fair, lean and sexy. There was some festival at their place and I was invited for that. After we finished our lunch we (me n bro) came to his room and he suggested we should start watching some porn. It was a straight gang bang one and both of us were erect in no time. he was in boxer n sleeveless tee, so it was quite visible for him. I was in jeans. Suddenly "whats ur situation"- i just heard this sentence and felt his hand on my dick. Before I could react, he put his hand inside my jeans n underwear. I was shocked, but at the same time, that was the 1st time, anyone has touched my cock. "plz remove ur hand, this is not good", somehow I told him. "There is nothing wrong, rather lets njoy", he replied and pulled down his boxers. Now he was naked, with his 5.5 inch long uncut cock swinging in front of me. N with that effect, before I could realized, I was naked with my erect 6.5 inch long, uncut, erect n thick cock. to make me feel more, he started sucking mine. 1st time ever, my cock was inside someone's mouth...... (to be continued)




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