I'll describe myself first. My name is Jack and I'm in my last year of secondary school, and my 18th birthday was a few weeks ago. I have short blond hair and I stand about 5'9. I keep in shape, but I don't have much muscle on me because I prefer running. And one other thing - I'm gay (but I've never been with anybody) and I have a crush on Drew, another boy in my year.

Standing at about 6'4, Drew is built like a god. He has silky brown hair and dreamy brown eyes. His tanned face is chiselled like I-don't-know-what and the rest of his body is gorgeous too (I've seen him changing after rugby several times). Apart from the rugby, he goes to the gym all the time (I sometimes follow him to cop a look!), giving him ripped abs and bulging arms and legs. 

One day after rugby practice, the coach called us two to stay behind to clear away the equipment. By the time we had finished, everyone had left the changing room, meaning we were alone. We got changed in order to take a shower, chatting amiably. As he whipped off his tight shorts, I couldn't help but sneak a look. He caught me.

"Oi Jack, you gay or something?" he said, jokingly.

I laughed awkwardly and muttered some denial before looking away. I hadn't dealt with the situation well, so I decided to get into the shower room quickly before he saw my stiffening cock and had further evidence. 

Once I was in the shower, I tried to relax and think of other things, but my mind kept returning to images of Drew naked before me, proudly displaying that huge cock which I had just seen fore the very first time as he was changing. My mental struggle to stop my erection becoming any more blatant was interrupted as I felt a pair of huge arms lock around me from behind. Drew's soothingly deep voice whispered into my ear:

"I know you're gay. I've seen the way you always look at me."

I gasped as Drew spun me around, pressing my back against the tiles on the wall. He pressed his mouth against mine, and kissed me. I opened up, allowing his tongue to explore the reaches of my mouth, while he cradled my head with his two large hands. As he did so, I reached down, and realised that he was naked. I ran my hands down, across his bulging pecs and sharply-defined six pack, until I felt a thick bush of hair.

Below that was his cock: his incredible, glorious, mind-blowing 8 inch cock. There was nothing that I wanted to do more at that moment in time that to blow him. I slowly began to jerk it off, making Drew break off the kiss for a moment and gasp slightly.

He smiled some more, and said: "Go ahead - suck it if you want", as if answering my dream.

I fell to my knees wordlessly, opened my lips into a wide O shape, such was the girth of Drew's dick. The fact that he currently had a semi made it easier for me to let the head just slip in, while Drew clasped my ears and slowly pushed me further onto his cock. I was about halfway when the cock reached the back of my throat and I couldn't take it any further. I resisted Drew's pushing at that point and started to rock back and forth on the first half of his dick, using my hands to massage the rest of his huge member.

He groaned slightly, and started to talk to me. "Yeah, you like that cock, don't you? I've known you were gay for ages. We can do this as much as you want from now on. Oh my God, that feels so good."

Spurred on my this thought, I was encouraged to try deep-throating - after all, I'd seen pornstars doing it, so how hard could it me. Suppressing my gag reflex, I slowly pushed his cock down my throat, aided by Drew once again pulling my head towards his crotch. Finally I had taken the whole thing, and I revelled silently in my achievement. My nose was right in his thick pubes and my cock got even harder (if that was possible) as I smelt the sweat that had accumulated there during the rugby practice.

Slowly I pulled off his cock, to take a breath if nothing else, and then took it in my mouth again. At this point, Drew came into his own - gripping my head like a vice, he started to face-fuck me and I loved the violence that accompanied it. Freed from having to use my hands, I took my 6-inch erect dick in my right hand and jerked off, while I played with his balls with my left. 

Grunting with the effort of using my throat like a pussy, Drew announced that he was getting close to cumming, only making me suck all the harder. He withdrew his cock until only the head remained in my mouth, and then it exploded. Spurt after spurt lashed the back of my mouth and I swallowed every time. I had never in my life came a similar volume to what was now spilling down my throat.

At the same time, I realised I was approaching the point of no return as well. I let go of my cock in order to hold onto Drew's firm ass as he came too, and as I did so, my dick gave one last spasm and erupted onto the floor. The almost electrical jolt of pleasure sent through my body only made the blowjob I was giving Drew more enjoyable as I gulped down one rope of cum after another. 

Finally the flood subsided, and I lovingly washed his dick with my mouth to ensure that no jizz had escaped me. Then I felt Drew's massive arms lift me from my armpits back to my feet and he kissed me again.

Staring into my soul with those piercing brown eyes, he broke off the kiss and said: "We're going to be doing this a lot from now on".



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