School was starting back up and I was excited to see Mr. Reece again. My parent returned home early from their cruise so I only got to see Mr. Reece once. I was finishing up in the bathroom when the doorbell rang. I left the bathroom and answered the door. It was my best friend Chris. 'Ha! Chris,' I said as Chris enter the house, 'I'm almost done, just let me get my shirt on.' I headed for my room and grabbed and shirt and Chris and I left for school. As we walked into the school and there was a sight that say: Class Schedule pick-up in the office. Chris and I got our class schedules and head off to class. I was so glad that I had Mr. Reece's English class and by 7th hour I was excited to go. I arrived at Mr. Reece's room early, since we both had sixth hour off. 'Ha! Mr. Reece,' I said as I closed the door. 'Ha! Josh,' Mr. Reece said with a smile, 'How have you been?' Before I answer I went up to Mr. Reece and gave his kiss. 'I just so glad to see you. My parents had to come home early from their cruise,' I said. 'So is that why you haven't called me?' Mr. Reece asked as he went to the door. 'Ya, I wanted to get together and have a repeat'' I said a Mr. Reece locked the door and pulled down the mini-window shad, 'What are you doing?' Mr. Reece walked over to me and started to undo my pants.

'What are you doing?' I asked again. ' A Repeat of what happened that night,' Mr. Reece answered with a smile. 'You wanted to do that here?' I said with shock as Mr. Reece pulled out my cock, got on his knees, and started sucking on it. I forgot what I was going to say as I enjoyed the feeling of have my cock sucked. After 10 minutes of Mr. Reece sucking my cock I knew that in a minute I was going to explode. Before it happened I hear and S.O.S. knock at the door. Mr. Reece stopped sucking my cock and headed for the door. 'No need to put you cock, away its just Mr. Robinson,' Mr. Reece said as he opens the door. Mr. Robinson came into the room and Mr. Reece locked the door be hide him. I was standing there with my cock hanging out of my pants. 'You're 18?' Mr. Robinson asked. 'Ya!' I said as Mr. Robinson got on his knees, and started sucking my cock. Since my cock was about to explode before Mr. Robinson got here it took only second for that feeling to come back. 'Mr. Robinson, I'm going to cum,' I yelled as my cock explodes huge ropes of think and creamy cum into Mr. Robinson's mouth. Mr. Robinson swallowed my cum and then sucked my cock some more to make sure that he got every last drop. Mr. Robinson got up off his knees and kissed me. 'After school your ass is mine,' Mr. Robinson left as the bell to end sixth period rang. I quickly shoved my cock back into my pants and sat down at a desk.

Seventh period seemed to take forever, but as the final bell rang I was excited for what would come. I stayed be hided and 5 minutes late Mr. Robinson walked in. 'You ready for this boy,' Mr. Robinson said with a grin, 'Well, if you're not'then to bad.' Mr. Robinson came over to me and started to undo my pants. 'Don't you think it would be better to do this at someone's house,' Mr. Reece interrupted. Mr. Robinson redid my pants, 'I agree Joey, but whose house?' Mr. Robinson and Mr. Reece stared at each other. 'We can do it my place, my parents will not be house until around 9 tonight,' I said. 'Great! We'll follow you there,' Mr. Robinson said as we left Mr. Reece's room.

Mr. Robinson and Mr. Reece fallowed me to my house and went we arrived we headed straight for my bedroom. Once we were in my bedroom all three of use started strip. 'Lets double fuck this boy,' Mr. Reece whispered into Mr. Robinson's ear and then got onto the bed on his back. I got onto the bed and climbed over to Mr. Reece and began sitting on his cock, facing away from him. 'Okay,' Mr. Robinson said. 'Ohhhh! It feels so good to have your cock back in my asshole,' I said with pleasure. Once I had Mr. Reece's cock all the way up my asshole I laid on him. Mr. Robinson got onto the bed and can over to Mr. Reece and I. ' You're about to get double fucked,' Mr. Robinson said as he pushed his cock into my asshole. 'Ahhhhhhhh!' I screamed in pained. Once both of their cocks were in my asshole they started to slowly fuck me. My pain quickly turned to pleasure. The feeling of the two cocks in my asshole and the thought of it made me so horny and caused my cock to explode without me even toughing it. My stomach and chest was covered with my thick and creamy cum. 'I'm about to blow!' Mr. Reece said. 'I'm about to blow as well,' Mr. Robinson said. I wasn't long until I felt my asshole fill with their thick and creamy cum. Mr. Robinson pulled out of my ass, and cum started to slowly leak out. 'I don't think so,' Mr. Robinson said as he shoved his cock back in my asshole. 'Ohhhhhhhh!' I moaned with pleasure. Mr. Robinson leaned over and the two of us started to make out. Mr. Reece reacted between us and started stroking my cock.

After about an 2 hour the three of use cleaned up the cum that didn't get absorb by my intestines and got dressed. I kissed them both good-bye and they left. After they were gone I went into the kitchen and made myself something to eat. After finishing my sandwich I went into the living room and watched TV until my parents were home. I kept having sex with both Mr. Reece and Mr. Robinson and every once in awhile we would have hardcore three-way sex. We would always drink each other's cum and fill each other's assholes with cum. When I was 22 years old, Mr. Reece was 32 (Joey), and Mr. Robinson was 35 (Alex) we each gave each other promises rings and stayed together for the rest of our lives.



Jeph Lyons

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