Chapter 8 - Trash

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He sat on the couch and I was kneeling. I approached that fragrant part of his body, enjoyed the scent of his not too dirty feet now, he had committed sacrilege the day before, and started to enjoy the taste again, now that I would not get away from them quickly. The wonderful smell of his left foot made me learn to lick it thoroughly. I started with the sole and was licking also his instep, really savoring the smell and taste. Then I licked each of his toes, one by one, or the dirt between his toes, it there had been any. But I saw one dirty nail: his middle toe. I scratched and ate it. I liked it too. Ten minutes and I went to his right foot. I had something to tell him.

-Well, my darling, feet are not my fragrant garden, but I want to lick both slowly. And I have to do justice to them. They will be called my paradise now. Either ass or pits will be my absolute paradise, and the third part of them in my ranking is my fragrant garden. So now you know that I want to enjoy all three parts with no haste, savoring each spot of your perfumed body.

I continued with his right foot, enjoying every inch, every toe, every shade of smell. Just as perfumed as his left foot had been. He saw me enjoying my paradise, moaning and jacking off, even when I knew I would not cum with them today, but I would like to cum with them soon and so I told him. But after ten minutes of enjoying both his feet, I stopped, waiting for him to tell me the next perfumed part of his body I should lick.

-It will be ass party now.

He lay then on his stomach on the couch so I could enjoy seeing his hot naked ass. I sat beside him and started to whack off madly as I saw it. I had to talk to it.

-You beautiful shitter ass, only you can do what not all asses can: give pleasure when shitting. You gave me pleasure when shitting yesterday, and I am sure you have given pleasure to many pig men before, leaving the product of your bowels in their mouths –I started to grope it tenderly-. You will not shit now, but I’ll drive you crazy, I promise –and soon I was with my nose inside starting to smell that gloriously scented garden. I sniffed again and started to lick.

-I love this taste, my darling, whether it is or not my absolute paradise. But remember it is at least my fragrant garden. I will keep on tasting you and you can be sure I will take you to g-spot. I am your husband and you will have that pleasure whenever you ask me. Before I fuck it tonight, I have to take you to g-spot, no matter how long it takes me.

And I was licking it trying to reach his prostate. But I could improve the taste and stuck my fingers inside in search of some shit. I sniffed my fingers and ate and now the taste was better when I tasted a somewhat shitted ass. He told me he could take less than half an hour.

-Whenever your balls burst with pleasure, my darling. I can be hours inside this perfumed garden. Enjoy my tongue.

He told me then that I had already been a quarter of an hour licking his ass and he wanted me to tell him.

-This is my fragrant garden, my darling. So my absolute paradise is your pits and I will cum with them and you will give me an hour’s pleasure.

-I’m so glad to know I was right and left my armpits to be the last part.

-Yes, my dear, but do not think now of your armpits. I will have enough time later and I will cum with them twice today. Now let your balls burst with pleasure and think only of your very ass, my fragrant garden.

He told me I was giving him so much pleasure, as I was licking up to his prostate and from time to time getting out more shit so it had a more shitted flavor that he might cum in twenty minutes. I asked him to enjoy as long as he could hold his cum, but finally he told me he was cumming and asked me to take my mouth off his ass and have a look at his face.

Never had I seen him cuter than in that moment. He was radiant, bright, luminous, all the pores of his skin were having pleasure, and he cummed a greater amount. Of course I told him that cum of g-spot would be for me. I ate it and then he told me.

-Now you can go with your absolute paradise, as you called them. It’s pits party now.

I touched the hair of his left armpit. It was a sweated sensation. Even some drops of sweat were running down them. It was the only part of his body he had not washed recently. I started to be in heaven just before approaching my nose to his left armpit, but my nose touched finally his hair. It was the smell of absolute paradise. I started to lick, and never stopped wanking madly. He said he was glad to see my pleasure. He noticed I was in heaven and said those armpits of his would be mine whenever I wanted. I said thank you and added I did not want him to change his rule of hygiene, at least in that spot. He told me I love you once and again. I said, I’m your partner, my dear, and soon will be your husband. I couldn’t believe half an hour has passed. I went to his right pit, with which I knew I would cum but I mentally said to his left armpit I had a debt and tomorrow I would cum with it. But knowing I would cum with his right pit, I accelerated my masturbation. It was pleasure, sensation of living your liberty for the first time, to know finally who I really was, paradise, an oasis of all my senses weakened, it was heaven. He told me that the hour had come and added I could be more time and I said I would be more time later in the southern kitchen, remember, with a pear or an apple perfumed by your pits. I prepared to cum again, the cum I enjoyed most. And finally it was on the floor. I said I was sorry but I had to eat that cum too, the first one for me with his absolute paradise. Then after cumming and eating I had to say.

-I want to be your complete toilet. I have enjoyed a lot your mansmells, but you can be piggie, pig or piggiest. And you start to know that your husband is not only piggie. I have to know the taste of everything and decide what I want often or not. So, let the party continue. You will always be my toilet, but I am the toilet now. In case you still have doubts, you will first have a little snack of all my delicacies but puke now. So, you can start licking both my armpits now.

I raised my arms and he was a long time sniffing and licking. Then I said.

-Now you can go to my balls and my cock. Please be a good while for I will piss in your mouth again.

He tasted my balls then. It all had started with my balls and he started to suck me. I didn’t want him to blow me now and I managed to piss him quickly.

-Now lick a while both my feet, please.

Of course he was a longer while in his paradise now. I knew how he loved that smell and only dreamt one day they could be dirtier and more perfumed. Then I took the dildo out for the first time and said.

-Ass party for you now. You can lick my shitted arse; I will fart and shit you a new little snack.

But he started licking the shit in the dildo. He never got tired of my shit. Then he enjoyed again having his tongue inside my little ass, I farted three times, now sure that he liked them and shat him a small turd now. I knew there would be shit enough for dinner.

-Now it is the time of throat party. Would you also like me to cough and sneeze?

-Everything, my love.

So I coughed once and sneezed twice. Seeing the snot from my throat made me horny, and he was eating it with pleasure. Then I spat gob in his mouth and cleared my throat at last and discharged phlegm again.

-It is a continuous transfer from my stomach to your stomach and next the other way round. Tonight you will have my shit and your own puke in what I puke, the next time I have to shit, I will shit some puke. But now I will blow my left nostril in your mouth.

I did and he had one of his biggest moments of pleasure.

-It is different to have little snacks of snot from time to time than to have a nose blowing its product in my mouth. Delicious, my love.

-You will have to wait for puke but you can be sure I will puke you a little snack at least before dinner. Now, my darling, my boyfriend, my partner, my husband, it is your turn to use me.

-Ok, then I will start peeing your mouth again, which I know you like.

And I drank some more kidney juice. Delicious again.

-Now, my love, begins second ass party. I hope you enjoy.

And he lay on his stomach again; I sat on the couch and started wanking. I said to that wonder of nature, his ass.

-Hello again, you beautiful shitter ass. Why did you suppose I called you shitter ass earlier? I knew very well I would be here again –I started to grope it- and eat your shit. Do not worry, you shitter arse. I have already tasted what you produce and loved it. Now, I will eat a greater amount, that’s all –I stuck my nose inside and sniffed-. I want to eat some more of your wonderful shit –I began to lick-. Sweet shitted flavor.

I was madly licking his crack but he stopped me and said.

-Remember, my love, you don’t have to take me to g-spot now. You will see tonight that the pleasure of g-spot cannot be lived twice the same day.

-That will depend – I never stopped licking- on how fast you fart and shit.

Then he farted in my mouth for the first time. Of course I told him I wanted more for I loved the smell of his farts and it was great to swallow then now. Well, it would be the only substance that would not reach my stomach but they could perfume his dinner tonight, so I asked him to fart many more times. Then the moment came at last when I was least expecting it. His first turd already touched my nose. Finally I was going to eat shit shat in my mouth. I noticed it and began touching his first turd with my lips. Then it was a bit bigger and I began to lick it as if it were a second cock he had. Now I was used to giving blowjobs, and I was eager to blow this new brownish cock of his. I did not hesitate and chew it inside his ass, and then swallowed it and told him I wanted more, as I continued to lick his tasty shitted ass, and begged for more farts so the ass party was more complete. He loved that I was speaking inside his ass, that beautiful sounding board. I waited for his second turd knowing very well I should not swallow this one and had to keep it in my mouth and leave his ass with his shit inside it with mouth shut. I was obedient and left his ass with his shit in my mouth as he told me he would go to the southeastern toilet. I waited for him, enjoying his turd in my mouth but eager to see my shitted tongue, lips and teeth. He had come back, approached the mirror to my mouth and told me I could now open my mouth. It was wonderful. I got shit everywhere, loved to see my own teeth stained with shit as a signal that I was a shiteater now, as I wanted to be. The turd was clearly visible in my mouth now. I enjoyed seeing him watching I was having so much fun with his shit, I took it slowly from cheek to cheek, was for more than a minute with his shit for him to see dancing in my mouth, and I finally started to chew, slowly and tenderly, with a big smile in my lips, and finally swallowed it, dirtying my stomach a bit more and I pointed to my dick so he could see I could even achieve the first of his optional cums.

-That milk from my cock is for you, my darling. I want to ask you something. Can you calculate half of your stomach now? –I inserted the dildo in my ass again.

-You only want to eat half, I knew.

-I want to eat it all, but not all your shit now. I want you to shit me one more turd at least, I want you to give me one more little snack at Trash, but now I know what my dinner will be. I want to have shit for dinner; I will be eating your shit and saying oink as you are eating mine. So I want it all, I will eat today all the shit you have in your stomach, but now only one more turd, so you have enough shit to feed me later.

-Good, my love. One more turd then. You can return to my ass now.

-Don’t forget to fart.

I tasted again his shitted arse. Fortunately some more farts I could taste now. A couple of minutes later came his last turd to eat now. Of course I ate it again, left his ass and belched. I was satisfied.

-Are you sure you want to taste it all?

-My dear, you have fucked me, you have shat in my mouth, do not be afraid, I want to taste every delicacy. Please do not forget to cough or sneeze.

He coughed and sneezed before. There was also snot in his throat. My mouth was wide open to continue the throat party. Then he spat in my mouth. I smiled; he cleared his throat and gave me phlegm. I said.

-You are so cute when spitting. I was looking at your face right now and didn’t see the substance. Please, my darling, give me gob and phlegm again. I want to see it.

I loved seeing what he was feeding me. It was brown and had a shit flavour. I love since then the combination of phlegm and shit. He was spitting in my mouth equally gobs and phlegm for two more minutes. Now it was the time for him to blow his nose in my mouth. I would be his handkerchief now.

-It will be only my left nostril now, and if you like it, you will have the right one at Trash.

A wonderful sound was heard then when me with open mouth he blew half his nose inside. I even wiped his left nostril clean with my tongue. I had to tell him.

-I have an outstanding debt with your snot now. I want to cum with it. It is delicious. One day I will pick up your gelatin little by little, as I am jerking.

-Good, prepared for pig kiss now?

-Of course, my husband.

He kissed me then tenderly and so in love I almost cried. Thinking about love I wasn’t thinking of puke now, despite the fact that I was the complete toilet. I was surprised it was so delicious. It might have some rice and cod shit and of course fried egg, hamburger and shit.

-My darling, this substance is absolutely delicious. Now I want to see it. But please be a good while puking now. Your complete toilet which is me now desires more. And tell me the last time you will puke. I am sure I can cum with it.

He was puking for five minutes and was reassured because I was jerking off all the time. I saw the substance, yellow today. I could not believe that puke could be so delicious. I liked it more than shit. Finally, and I was sorry for that, he told me it was the last time he would vomit, in case I wanted to cum. I did and said.

-This milk is for me. But I want to say some things now. First, I wanna see Trash in the same conditions as you, want to see the piggiest movie you have in the piggiest conditions possible. Two human toilets will be watching that film. Then at dinner, I want piss to accompany my meal which of course will be shit. I want your snot as an appetizer and your delicious puke as a dessert. But I hope you are sure of what I am gonna say now. I want always to live the same way you are going to live your life, I also want to be your complete toilet for life.

-It’s a pity then that you have met me.

-My darling, sooner or later with a girl I would have discovered I was a masochist. I could have got horny with someone against my sexual orientation. Someone might have suggested he or she wanted to shit in my mouth, for instance, and because I am a masochist, I could have said yes. So, my love, I could have been a toilet because I was a masochist if I hadn’t met you. With you it is different. I want to be your toilet because I am piggiest. I like it more this way. I have made many discoveries this weekend but I think the main one has been discovering how wonderful it can be to be a toilet for life. And you are a wonderful man to understand me and give me pleasure using me just as I use you. So believe me, my darling, when we see Trash, we will equally be two human toilets watching other human toilets and having fun with each other. We will have pig dinner tonight and if we like it, we could have pig dinner once a month. Fuck people who say we are not sane. I want, and you want, to live as your husband and your toilet.

-I believe you, my darling, so be it.

-There is another thing I have to tell you. I don’t know if you can see it. If I am always pissing you, shitting you or puking you and you do the same to me, our delicacies will never leave our bodies. It will be a constant recycling. So we could get really fat and ill. I think both of us should piss in a conventional toilet at least twice a day. And before going to bed, we should shit and puke to empty our stomachs. We could wipe each other’s asses.

-It will be that way, my love. You are wise enough and we will live as a couple and as a toilet for each other, always playing with delicacies.

-I want to go to Pleasuredome with you. But I will never have a master. I want to convince you to kick my balls or whip me sometimes so I never need a master. We could cheat each other with other men; I will never cheat you with a woman for, as I said before, if I ever desire a woman again, I got you, you are my girl and my wife. But in Pleasuredome with you I could drink piss, or eat snot or gob. I will only eat your shit and your puke.

-This way we can live even a healthier life. I will eat shit every day, but only from you, and only your puke. And I will kick your balls once a month if you also kick my balls once a month. I love it too. Ok, my love, can I blow you at last?

-Yes, my darling. I know how you desire it. Now you can.

-Remember: I don’t want to know, don’t tell me when you are going to cum in my mouth. Surprise me. And needless to say I am also your urinal for life. If you have to pee, do it during the blowjob.

-Yes, my love. You can start now.

He was a long while licking my balls now. What joy it was to have my husband’s tongue pleasing me. Then he went slowly up my cock, his tongue remained a while licking my glans and finally he swallowed my entire dick. It was heaven to be blown by a man. I started to pee in his mouth at once. He moaned and said nothing and I kept on peeing for three minutes cause I was pissing little by little. It was as if I had never been blown before. He was an expert. I hoped I had given him so much pleasure before. Due to his continuous moans I could see he was so happy to blow me at last and I was again the happiest man on Earth noticing his bright face. It was so good that I noticed I could not hold it any longer and of course saying nothing I cummed finally in his mouth.

-Heaven, my love, at last you cum in my mouth. This is wonderful. And I have a lot of bottom pleasures yet to live. Your whole body will have pleasure, I promise.

-Yours on the floor will be for me and of course, I know, my dear. But now it is my time to blow you again.

I started again as if it were the first time. I loved him so much that his meat, his smell, his taste was always new. Of course I was jerking myself off again. I wanted it to be short because I had more things to tell him before we went to the southern kitchen. I learnt from the blowjob he had just given me how to make it absolutely perfect. I must have improved my skill because he cummed soon in my mouth again and I cummed again on the floor.

-You will eat mine on the floor. But I have again something important to tell you. The first time I will utter your name it will have a surprise after your name. So, listen to me, Matt, my love, and yes, I call you my love –he started to cry- because I have finally fallen in love with you with my heart. I don’t know exactly when it happened but I was aware of it the moment I saw your face at g-spot. You were entranced in that moment and never before had I seen you so cute. You were brilliant, luminous, all your body feeling pleasure in that large cum, the greatest amount of semen I have seen from you so far. Something came to me then and I couldn’t continue to be insensitive. My heart was reached. Now I am not only your complete toilet for life. Now I am your husband and the man who loves you, my love.

-You loved me a lot this morning, but oh, Cayron, my love, I am so happy now. I don’t know what to say.

-We will always be happy, Matt, my love. Let us kiss before going to the kitchen.

We had an eternal kiss now. My mouth had every delicacy from him but he didn’t care just I have never minded to kiss him with his mouth full of my delicacies. We knew we would always live now as two human toilets always in love with each other.

We went tenderly embraced to the southern kitchen, kissing all the time. Now inside, I sat down and waited for my husband to make both our coffees, he heated the milk and I am sure he was also preparing the third ingredient: his kidney juice, to have later coffee and milk and piss. We talked for a while romantically knowing that we were a couple now. Coffee was ready. He poured one third, another third of milk and then pissed in my coffee. Of course he finished pissing in my mouth. Then it was my turn to piss his coffee too and then his mouth. We tasted our coffees. It was not a delicious taste, but it was so good to drink that mixture. Then without a word, he jumped to my feet and started licking my left foot. Heaven came to me again. He licked happily while we created both our rankings. I was the first to speak as he was licking me.

-I will tell you now, my love, but first let me assure you again I am your complete toilet for life and want to live the way you want to live. Well I start –but moaned a lot of times feeling the pleasure he was giving me in my left foot-. First it is your armpits, my absolute paradise; second it is your feet, my paradise; third your kidney juice; fourth your snot and fifth your delicious puke; these are my five favorite delicacies, shall I go on?

-Go on, my love.

-Well, sixth is the smell and taste of your wonderful dick; seventh your delicious shit; eighth is the smell and taste of your arse, shitted or not, my fragrant garden; ninth the smell and taste of your balls; tenth the milk from your cock; eleventh is your phlegm and your sneeze; twelfth your farts, and thirteenth your cough and gobs; but I want your farts and gob every day; I love them.

Then, as he finished licking my left foot, he created his ranking, sometimes drinking coffee and milk and piss, sometimes licking, and sometimes talking.

-Cayron, my love. My ranking is just the same as yours, just inverting the two first delicacies, but let me tell you my five favorite ones: first, your feet, my absolute paradise; second your pits, my paradise; third your piss; fourth your snot and fifth your puke, though I have not tasted it yet, but I know I love puke and it comes from your stomach. Then the rest of my ranking is exactly the same as yours.

-We will have to leave room for dirty nails in our rankings one day. And if we separate cough, sneeze, gob and phlegm, one day we could create a ranking with sixteen delicacies.

He was eager and happy with my right foot now. We talked romantically as the couple we already were. I did not want that half hour to end. I could see he was entranced with my perfume. Now it was his time to enjoy his bottom pleasures and have fun in his absolute paradise. He licked it as thoroughly as I had licked both his feet before. It was the first time in my life I had a tongue in my feet and the sensation was wonderful. But finally the hour was complete. I told him and he cummed saying he would now have a second opportunity with the fruit and after today all his lifetime. We finished our coffees and milk and piss, and I told him that milk from his cock with his paradise would be his to eat.

Now he was first to go to the fridge and take out a piece of fruit he hid on his back. Then I did the same and hid it too. Next, we both showed which fruit we had chosen. We both had chosen an apple. Maybe he had the same idea I had had: an apple would be a greater amount of food to enjoy the smell and taste of our perfumed parts of our bodies. I was first to rub the apple a lot in both feet. He enjoyed watching me doing that and then trampling the apple so my smell could be well perceived. Then he did the same in his armpits, leaving in the apple some of his hair. Wonderful. After a long time we gave each other our respective perfumed fruit and sat down to eat them. It was a reflexive masturbation now, with wide smiles and love kisses from time to time. It was the time to cum again and we both stained the floor with our milks. Now we would both eat our milks. I told him not to suck me now. And we both went tenderly, kissing all the time to the dining room to have more fun with Trash.

The couch had a sheet now so we could both sit quietly with shitted asses. I took out the dildo now so that my shitted arse was accessible for him all the time. He played the video. There were two guys who met on the street; one was possibly getting out of a gay bar. And soon they were both in a house and already stark naked so I could not see the wonderful moment of boys taking their clothes off. I liked both and told Matt which one I preferred.

-Bad luck, my love. The one you prefer is Peter. He does not appear in the last scene.

-I also like Paul, my love. It’s the same.

He grabbed my cock; I grabbed his and we started to play with each other. We were farting all the movie and both our mouths were wide open and we spat constantly. Thus, with farts and gobs we would see the entire movie. Soon I stood up and pissed in his mouth again. Peter and Paul had started to shit. Matt stood up and approached me his shitted arse. I was licking as he was farting and of course I took some time because I awaited a new little snack of shit. I was shat a small turd now, tasty. I approached him my right pit then; he was sitting on my right. He enjoyed the taste and I approached him one of my feet to smell and taste again, third opportunity in the same day. Then he decided to blow my cock for a while and knowing I did not want to cum, he left it and stood up and it was him who cummed in my mouth now. Then he pissed. Now I stood up and let him have fun with my shitted ass, he was licking and I was farting and of course shat him a little snack again. Now we both had shit in our stomachs to continue watching the rest of the movie. We were not embarrassed to use each other now. The more delicacies we ate, the more we wanted. We were two pigs in a pigsty, proud to be two human toilets watching other human toilets having fun. I loved to see naked man. I had only seen Matt naked since I had known I was gay. I stood up and cummed in Matt’s mouth. I blew my right nostril then in his mouth and next it was him to do the same. We knew very well our noses would be full again for dinner. We coughed and sneezed often, and all the time we continued spitting. He stood up and shat me one more little snack. I blew Matt’s cock a while now, just in time, for Peter and Paul had finished having fun with each other and now it was time to meet my namesake Cayron. He was even piggier than Peter had been! I loved his attitude. There was also shit in the last scene, but Paul and Cayron started to puke and to eat puke. That was the signal I was awaiting to puke at last in Matt’s mouth. As in all first times I was a little nervous but Matt knew how to calm me down and congratulated me for the taste of all my delicacies, saying that my puke had a wonderful flavor with all ingredients for there was everything in my stomach now and my puke had all the colours of the rainbow. I kissed him ardently and then he puked me one more little snack. I knew I wanted to see one porn movie a day with him and in this condition, for we were two proud human toilets now and needed a moment of the day to fulfill our pig selves with everything at the same time. He cummed again in my mouth and pissed again. I pissed his stomach one more time. I was awaiting the cockroach and the word Ende to cum together again for the last time in Trash. There the cockroach came and next the word Ende. We cummed this time on the floor so we could both cum together. I squatted and ate his. He squatted and ate mine. It was early yet to have dinner. He asked me if I wanted to see Trash again or a different movie. I said I wanted to see Trash again, reciprocally wanking but in a calmer way now, saying that now we would only stand up to piss and we were not going to cum. I reminded him I still had to cum six more times in his final fireworks in our bed. I knew I would be able but had to let my cock have some rest. So he played Trash again. It was wonderful to see now a porn movie with my husband just jerking off reciprocally. I enjoyed Peter, Paul and Cayron again. When the film ended we did not cum. I inserted the dildo again in my man’s cunt. It was half past eight. Now the time had come to have our first pig dinner together.


Daniel Berasaluce


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