Chapter 5

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He was coming up the stairs with me with a wild smile and his cock was really hard. I wanted us both to soon be in my bedroom and hoped it was another palace of pleasure for him. Finally we arrived, and he timidly asked.

-Cayron, would you let me swim awhile in your sheets? All your man scent is there.

-Sir, my room is your room. Swim in my sheets every time you want. I’ll be close to you.

And he jumped joyfully into my sheets and started to get a whiff. It was so hot to see him swimming in my man scent.

-Here you cummed last night. I can smell your dick now.

And as I was so close, he sniffed my little dick now. I keep on saying my little dick, but it was never little with this man.

-Here is the smell of your ass.

He kept on searching every bit of my smell, swimming freely on my bed. I loved to see him like that. He soon located the smell of my pits. And a couple of minutes later I saw him swimming in search of the scent of my feet. He was moved and was sniffing for a minute, but suddenly I saw he was crying.

-Is anything the matter with you, Sir?

-Cayron, my sweetest thing. We can stop this madness at once and even put on our clothes.

-What’s the matter, Sir? Why are you crying? Don’t you like my smell?

-Of course I love your smell. It’s not that. I’m afraid to tell you but I will. I have no doubts now. My Cayron, I have fallen in love with you.

I was moved and had a sudden response then. I sat on my bed and hugged him. Then I sweetly kissed his lips for a minute. He wanted to stop the kiss, but I continued. I had to speak.

-Sir, this littledick Cayron will not leave this house now. You can always count on my friendship and the man you love will always be with you. I will call you my dear friend, Sir now but tomorrow you won’t hear me say Sir.

-Cayron! –He was moved now-. This could happen as I am enjoying so many bottom pleasures with the hottest and most tender man on Earth.

-What is bottom, Sir?

-They usually say top and bottom when they wanna talk about fucking. Top is the one who prefers to fuck and bottom the one who prefers being fucked. But I am versatile and I love both just the same. I also use top and bottom for other things. For instance, the shitter will be top and the man who is shitted will be bottom.

-Sir, my dear friend, I have loved you calling me my Cayron and I will be your Cayron. Tonight I want you to make me another schedule and you have to forgive me cause I will utter my fucking will. I have been too slow but tomorrow I’ll be faster. I will not give future answers for my bottom pleasures but you have to express all your wishes, each one of them, my dear friend. Do not forget to mention, for example, that you would like to shit in my mouth. You have done that to many men and you have to tell me. I would like to fall in love with you now, but you have to forgive me, it is my fucking will to tell you right now, no need to be thinking that until tomorrow, that you will have every single bottom pleasure with me, Sir. But even tonight you will be allowed to jack me off, Sir, my dear friend, not on pig dinner, which of course we will have, but later, on your schedule for Sunday, Sir.

-I love you, my Cayron. What the fuck do people understand as romanticism? Sooner or later somebody will mention a dinner with candles. I don’t like them. For me romanticism has to do with comprehension and acceptance. And you understand and accept me, even being the pig I am. The simple fact that you don’t want to have a shower to please me is romantic for me. You won’t have a shower tomorrow, will you?

-I will have a shower on Monday morning to go to the Baileys’. No sooner. I will have no clothes on until then either.

-Thank you, Cayron. I hope you allow me now to call you my love. I have fallen in love with the right man. And your smell will be with me forever. I even like mixing something romantic with something dirty. I will wait until tomorrow, but I want to know, will you fuck me tomorrow?

-Call me as you prefer, Sir, and of course you can say my love. And as for fucking, first I thought that this little dick of mine would give you no pleasure. But next I was sure that it is precisely this little dick that you want in your ass. So, yes, my friend, I will fuck you tomorrow.

-Maybe you know that we men have our g-spot in the prostate gland. I could be hours rimming you so you know the greatest pleasure a man can have. Rimming the ass is called a black kiss or anillingus. If you want me to express my every desire, I will tell you.

-You can rim my ass tomorrow, Sir.

-And blow you?

-As many times you wish, Sir.

-I would like to lick your pits and do the same to your feet for an hour.

-Yes, my dear friend. All the time you are enjoying them.

-Oh, my God. I cannot wait till tomorrow. It will be the best day of my life. And what about the piggest things?

-Ask, Sir.

-Will you shit in my mouth tomorrow?

-I will.

-And piss?

-Yes, my dear friend, Sir. What else?

-I want you to fart in my mouth, spit in my mouth, blow your nose in my mouth and puke in my mouth.

-All my delicacies will be in your mouth tomorrow, I promise. I hope you like the taste of everything.

-Don’t worry about the taste of it all. It’s yours and it will be delicious. I’ve never been disgusted with anything so far and I have spent ten years eating piggie things. And as you wish I tell you all my desires, I will tell you as well something I call the sweet desire. And as you get shocked at nothing, I will also tell you the piggest thing I have said in my life. I have fantasized about it many times but never said it because I never thought I could find a man to tell. But you are the man to tell such a thing.

-You move me, my dear friend, Sir. If you think I am the right man to tell such a thing, then I promise I will hear you with respect.

-Yes, Cayron, but it is very pig. You needn’t answer yes. I am sure you will respect me but you don’t have to do it.

-Is it about my delicacies?

-It is.

-I don’t have the slightest idea what it may be.

-Wait until tonight and you will hear the piggest man on Earth telling you. I repeat again you are the right man to fall in love with.

-Thank you, Sir. Tomorrow I will call you by your name, I promise.

-Thank you, Cayron. That will be the best. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

-And I hope you don’t cry again and be sure of how much I like you. In me you will have a friend for life. Now, Sir, do you still want to see me shitting?

-Of course.

-Come to my toilet then.

We went in and I immediately sat on my toilet. He was watching me.

-I love to see you squatting there. I’ll jerk off the moment your shit reaches the water.

But I started to piss. He was not shy and approached his hand to my dick so it was full of piss and then he licked it. I already had a hard on but it was harder that moment.

-I always fart a lot before shitting.

-Good, fart many times. You know I love your farts.

-I am still wondering what your piggest thing will be.

-Wait for the night. It is so pig that even when you think you know me it will surprise you. But you are the man to hear me. I’m so sure of your respect, my sweetest thing, as I will be sure of it if a bring dogshit for dinner or you see me eating your diarrhea.

I was still somewhat afraid to shit, but I knew I had to start sooner or later, so I concentrated and the first turd was already visible.

-I love it, Cayron. At last I can see the first turd coming from your hot ass. O how well it smells, I love the smell of this bathroom right now as you are perfuming it. Wonderful colour and shape. Hope you have many more.

-I think four or five more –I was saying as my first turd reached the water and he started to jerk off. I loved to look at his shining face now, really aroused-. Since you like my shit, remember that after today you will be invited to see me shit every day. I will tell you where and when.

I had no constipation and the shit came out of my ass easily. At every turd he took a deep breath to keep the smell better and jerked off strongly. I think I was shitting for five minutes but my last turd was coming out. I told him and he said oink.

-Good, your shit is wonderful, my Cayron. Now, please stand up and let me see it.

And he was suddenly moved and called me to see.

-I don’t know if you’ll see what I see. But your mess in the toilet has the shape of a heart.

-Surely, my dear friend. My bowels had to express somehow how much I like you.

He started to cry but finally managed to say.

-Cayron, now please turn. I wanna see the mess in your ass,

I turned.

-Eat as much as you want, Sir.

He had his first little snack that day.

-The first one I had today had to be from your shitted arse. Now I can be all day eating and you’ll have to go to bed again with a dirty ass.

-I loved having to wipe my ass yesterday night, Sir, for I knew the pleasure it had given you.

He had then a second little snack. I saw again my shit on his fingers and how he sniffed it previously and then ate it and enjoyed.

-Now I will lick some of your shit inside your cool little ass.

And he was like that for half a minute. His tongue stirred every point of my arse and I started to imagine what the pleasure of g-spot will be. Then he finally took his tongue out and I could see it full of my shit. So hot!

-Now I will cum on your shit.

In those moments his face was entranced. His whole sweated body, not only his cock, was enjoying. And finally what after years of fun I can say I would like to see in porn movies when a man is cumming, not the ejaculation, all men cum alike, but his face. If a man is handsome, he is twice as handsome in that moment.

-Now you can wipe your ass.

And I started. Of course I presented to him the first piece of shitted toilet paper. He chose the most shitted place and bit it. I even liked to see him eating paper. Finally, relieved because he had cummed but still desiring to eat some more of my shit, he put his fingers in my poop and had his last little snack. Now, as I had never washed my ass before, I didn’t do it that day but prepared myself to commit sacrilege. I had a stool which I approached to the bidet. I was going to wash my feet. I approached him my left foot and he was a good while sniffing and licking. How easy it was for me to take him to heaven. I knew tomorrow he could enjoy them for an hour and as many times he wished. It was soon washed and I approached him also my right foot. He enjoyed too and then, completed sacrilege, I stood up.

-Thank you, my Cayron. Now if you have not looked before, you will look now. Come to my bedroom so you can see my secret closet.

It was now unlocked but the door was closed. He opened it for me to see and I immediately saw six dildos of all sizes, colours and shapes. I asked him if they would still smell of shit, but he said he washed them prior to take them back to the closet. Then I saw that he had very explicit video cases. He had about two hundred movies there and all of them were scat movies, with guys shitting, puking, pissing… in some other guys’ mouths or bodies. I had the desire to see all his porn movies with him. Then I saw his erotic stories. He was searching for a couple of minutes. He knew well which one he would choose for him and which one for me. I asked for one which talked of mansmells. He gave me “the petrol station”; he chose “surprised by my next door neighbour”. We took both stories and went down to the living room and started a new reflexive masturbation.

Then always farting we started to jerk off and we stopped our stories sometimes to touch each other, to kiss and so on. My story was about a man working at a petrol station who one day meets a customer who seems unwashed for months, has a big erection at his smell and his workmates tell him some things about him. He was married to a man, but now he lives on his own and always stinks –his workmates said stink-. Then he waits for him every day till he comes and wants to know more of him and gets really obsessed with the man, looks for him everywhere till one day he sees him in a restroom and they are so hot, they start to jack each other off and so everything begins. He also told me something of his story, though he hardly read, he was only attentive to me and sometimes surprised me saying “I love you”, and then I stopped and kissed his mouth. His story was about Fred, who was a toilet for women, and one day he brings four women to his house to use him as toilet, though they always used his body for everything and never his mouth. Then one of them opens the door and in comes his neighbour next door, Roger, who soon takes off all his clothes and watches the show. Fred has fears of being raped, but Roger starts to talk to him, and asks him if he’s ever eaten any excrements (here they were not called delicacies) and Fred answers that only his own. Then Roger tells him that then he, Fred, has only tasted man’s excrements and offers to piss in his mouth. Fred says yes, Sir, please. He loves it. Then Roger says he would shit in his mouth too, but for that Fred would have to suck his cock. Fred does and later, to cut the story short, he tastes everything that comes from his neighbour, accepts to get fucked humiliated before four women and then he starts to be Roger’s slave. Matt told me all this but his story was my sweaty naked body and never stopped to grope me. I managed to read my story, thank God it was short for I wanted to look at him, not at the pages. And then we mentioned the exact moment to cum and we cummed at the same time now.

Then he said he was going to shit and asked me if I wanted to see him. I asked where and he told me that today it was going to be in his bedroom toilet in case I would also like to swim in his sheets. Of course I wanted to and taking the stories back to his closet, we went up the stairs and soon reached his bedroom. As I had his permission I immediately jumped into his bed and was a long while sniffing his entire garden of good smells. I could perceive them all but the smell of his ass. I remembered he washed his ass every day so I asked him to approach me and sniffed his crack instead. I enjoyed locating the perfume of his dick, continued swimming in the point his smelly feet had been and was a long while enjoying the scent of his pits. I called him to me to sniff the part of his body I was sniffing on his sheets. Then I said I had enough for now and he said we could go to his bedroom toilet and told me I could enter his room every time I wanted to, and swim there, jerk off, or any other thing.

It was a wonderful sight to see him there sitting on his toilet. I had noticed too that his shower was very dirty and it was obvious he didn’t often use it and I also liked that. I had not mopped it that morning on purpose. Then I saw he was pissing.

-I hadn’t seen you pissing yet, Sir. I had your kidney juice in my mouth this morning but I was busy swallowing it and couldn’t see it. I love to see you. I will also approach my hand to your penis as you are pissing.

I did and told him.

-Now the taste is sweeter. Do not forget, my dear friend, Sir, I still want you to piss in my mouth again tonight.

As I was saying this, he was already farting. I loved the smell. I knew that without him it would be difficult for me to find other men who farted before me and I said this to him.

He was shy to start shitting too, but finally his first turd was visible. I loved the smell of it and the smell the bathroom was getting. I enjoyed the sight and asked him to continue. I needed to see and smell all his turds and told him I wanted to see him shit every day. Once the first turd reached the water I started to jerk off so he was sure I was enjoying everything, and then I asked him to stand up. I saw his mess on the toilet and said.

-Look here, my dear friend –I equally called him Sir or my dear friend now, or both-, your shit also has the shape of a heart.

-Surely in everything I do now, my love for you must be seen, even when shitting.

-Now, my friend, show me your shitted ass, please.

He turned then and I loved that messy picture. Then I dared to do what I was dying to do. I took a little snack and was sniffing it playfully. He looked at me terrified but I said.

-Sir, last night, when you tasted little snacks from my ass, I had the desire to do the same, but I knew you would not let me. But later when you told me I could come and see you shit, I thought it would be the right moment to do it. The smell of your shit invites me to eat - It was said and done. I ate it and it had an unexpected but wonderful flavor.

-Now I finally know what shit tastes like. Your stomach is a wonderful cook.

I had a second little snack. I was starting to love the shit world.

-Cayron, listen to me now, so you forget forever the word bitch. You know you could have my money just feeding me your shit and everything. You had no need to taste it. And your cock cannot be harder now. It is obvious you like it, so saying something different would mean being unfair with you. And I won’t do that. Welcome to the world of shit, and do whatever thing now you have pleasure in.

-Never forget, my friend, in case you are shy to tell me some things tonight in your schedule that I have already eaten some of your shit. And I want to continue to be a shit-eater. Now I will lick your ass.

I was for more than a minute. It was delicious and pleasant to be pigging before him. I said oink. Then I had a little snack from his mess in the toilet and next I was wanking till I cummed on it and then said.

-Sir, you can wipe your ass now, but I would love to be the one who wipes your arse, my friend.

-Oh, hell, Cayron. I didn’t do it, but now I have the desire to wipe your ass. You are thinking of things I have never done. Never wiped a man’s ass yet. But of course you can.

I tenderly wiped his ass now trying to stain my hand with more shit so I had more shit to eat. I had not had enough. I also tried shitted toilet paper for the first time. A wonderful experience. Now he looked at me reassured and happy. Then he proceeded to wash his ass in the bidet. It was the first time in my life I saw somebody doing that and I also liked that show and now felt like washing my own arse too. Then he started sacrilege. Of course I sniffed and licked both his feet before and I said goodbye to that wonderful smell and taste. He heard me.

-Tomorrow they will have smell and taste again, my love. Cayron, how many times have you cummed today?

I started doing calculations.

-I think it has been five times, Sir. In your bedroom this morning, then in mine, at pig lunch, reading the erotic story and right now here on your shit. Five times and four different places but I am sure there will be many others tonight.

- I have finished now. Come down with me and as I am cooking your rice and cod fish, you can wait for me wanking on the couch or seeing me as I work naked in the kitchen.

-I’d rather call it now rice and cod shit, my friend.

He laughed.

-Oh what a pervert you are.

He went to the kitchen and I waited awhile on the couch, of course jacking off. Then I went to the northern kitchen door. I liked to see him preparing our dinner stark naked but with an apron. Of course I told him I was wanking at the sight of his cool ass and that it was wonderful to see a naked man working. Then I continued my masturbation in the living-room, waiting for him until some minutes later I was enjoying again his full frontal nudity, carrying our dinner, bread and everything. I didn’t stop masturbating in that moment so he could see me. Finally he sat next to me. I grasped his cock at once and he remembered he could jack me off later, not now, and didn’t do it. I had both cocks playing now. Then I was first to taste the meal. I immediately had to say.

-Sir, I am glad I tasted what you cook with your stomach first. But believe what you cook with your hands is delicious too. You are a great cook too. This rice and cod fish is as good as mine. I love it. Now taste your meal.

He did and then we had a second mouthful and we started a new concert of farts. I knew well that from now on I would love to eat always with farts. Then I asked him to be first to tell me his experience with my shit.

-I will overlook the fact that I fell in love with you swimming in your sheets. I will always remember the place. Or maybe it was before, but there I was first aware of my love for you. Then, what can I say? The memory of you sitting stark naked on the toilet will be always on my mind. Then that wonderful moment when I saw you pissing again and you were good enough to let me approach my hand to your dick and taste it. The wonderful smell of your farts; I will never get tired of those smelly trumpets. And what to say of the moment I saw your turds? Such a good smell your shit has! Such a good smell there was in the bathroom. I would like to see you shitting every day, smell the product of your bowels, and after today I want also to be the one who wipes your ass. Then the wonderful taste of your shit. I’ve tasted so many, Cayron, but none was that delicious, not only because it comes from the stomach of the man I love, but believe your bowels produce a really tasty shit. And you were so good allowing me to taste as much shit as I wanted to. Licking your shitted ass was super, eating a little snack from the toilet, cumming on your shit, I would like to do it every day, even eating your shitted toilet paper. I want to eat even more tomorrow if it is full with your shit. All together it was a wonderful experience I want to repeat. But tell me your experience now.

We never stopped farting. I knew that after today I would like to have that aroma in every one of my meals.

-It was a new experience I want to repeat to swim in your smelly sheets. Then everything aroused me. I knew very well, thought I didn’t tell you, that I wanted to taste your shit. It was more obvious for me the moment I saw you sitting on your toilet and saw you pissing for the first time. I said to myself “come on, Cayron, be a real pig now, for that is your desire.” So I tasted your kidney juice again. And I remind you I want you to pee in my mouth again tonight. The scented smell of your farts. It is wonderful you keep on farting as I tell you. And then I was finally in that wonderful world of shit. I wanna eat some shit every day, especially if it is yours. Once I have tasted it, I don’t want to stop so please don’t be shy tonight in your schedule. Love to see your shit, to smell it, to taste it, to cum on it, to wipe your ass, and it is good to know I can have that shit party every day, as you can be sure you can see me shitting as much as you want. But, my friend, Sir, time is short, we still have enough dinner, but I want to talk of the other things.

-Good, choose a topic.

-I want to talk about everything but soap and deodorant.

-You’re so funny. My God, I will never end discovering you. So ask.

-Mansmells first. When did you discover you liked the way a man smelled?

-I was one day having a beer on the terrace of a bar, and close to me sat a guy whose pits and feet smelled so much. He could well be a week unwashed. I was thirteen. I had just discovered I could cum a couple of days before. But smelling him I knew at once I was gay, and had a strong urge to go home and masturbate. Since that day I know I prefer an unwashed man rather than any other aesthetic consideration. I also love the smell of cock and balls, but I hate that which is called cockcheese. Sometimes I even like the smell of the arse, if it has not been a long time unwashed, like yours. I like almost all things, but not earwax, bad breath, but I like seeing unbrushed teeth and I never say bad breath if it is a guy who has just eaten shit for instance. I don’t like tears, dirty nails or navel fluff.

-I think I can be pigger than you in that. I would like to taste tears and dirty nails. It is a pity you don’t have dirty nails now.

-How is it possible that you make me desire things I have never desired before? Now I also want to eat the dirt of your fingernails

-Good, my friend. I will let you know when they are dirty. Now, more delicacies. I already know I love the milk from your cock. It is delicious. And I want to drink your kidney juice tonight. I repeat in case you forget –he laughed- and it is so good to see a man when peeing. And what can I add about the smell of farts. I’d like to have all my meals perfumed with them now.

I was the first to have a little snack from his ass now; he did the same later and we were like that all the time we were dining.

-You can always fart in my presence, Cayron. There are never wrong moments for that, after today please fart whenever you want and if I am close to you to smell them, much better.

-We have little rice and cod shit now, so I will introduce the other delicacies in our meal now. What do you think about gob?

-I also like the sound when you are clearing your throat, and the taste of phlegm, which usually comes with some snot from the throat then. It is a delicacy I want to have many times but it often disappoints me, because it usually has no flavor. But I remembered a dude in whose mouth I shat and then he spat in my mouth and now it was delicious with the taste of shit in it. I also like a dude coughing or sneezing in my mouth.

-Before I ask you about the taste of snot, you must allow me a little snack –and I took my hand to his nostril then. Soon I had to say-. Gelatin from your nostrils, my friend. Wonderful taste. Now you can be sure I want you to blow your nose in my mouth tomorrow. At least that. Don’t forget.

-I will forget nothing. Ok, your mouth can be my handkerchief tomorrow.

-So, again a stupid question, Sir. I suppose you will tell me that puke tastes like puke.

-That’s my answer but I can tell you something. When tasting puke you know you are tasting digestion, a stomach. And you can guess what the guy has eaten. There are still pieces of food in it, and it still has the colour, shape and taste of the meal he must have eaten. It is wonderful to hear him puking, to hear the spasms of his mouth muscles, to sense that dirt beforehand knowing that it will end in your stomach. And then to puke him back and have a continuous transfer mouth to mouth.

-Dinner is over, Sir. I will have a second little snack from your nostril, fart and I will cum.

The combination was perfect. Soon my cum was again on the floor. And after mine his milk from the cock was also on the floor. He stood up and went to the kitchen to do the washing up. I awaited that wonderful naked and scented man to return and sit beside me so we could now have a proper reciprocal masturbation. He soon came back and without a single word he sat on my right, grasped my cock and started to jack me off. Now you can, Sir. My dick has no restriction for your pleasure now. How wonderful it was to me masturbated by a man. Now as I was also madly jacking him off, and groping his fantastic naked body, I was eager to hear his schedule for Sunday.


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