Chapter 4 – Kidney juice

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As long as he found pleasure about my ass, which he repeatedly said it was hot, it would be his to have pleasure with. So, I quickly lied on my stomach and showed him. I still had not seen him jacking off and I could not see him now, but I sensed the sound of his cock having pleasure. I was a new man with him and wanted the night never to end.

-Cayron, do you really desire a second whipping? –he asked endlessly wanking.

-Sir, please Sir, whip me again.

-All right. It will only be a couple of blows now. I don’t want you to sleep tonight with red ass.

And he used his belt again. This time I forgot to kiss it beforehand to be thankful to it for the punishment. It was incredible how I liked that pain. I had cummed five times but one day, maybe tomorrow; I would need to cum with the whipping. But my cock was exhausted. Anyway, I was in love with his belt now. Finally it was three blows, medium intensity.

-I don’t want to fuck you tonight. But I will imagine my cock deep in your ass. Any man would desire to fuck that hot hole of yours.

- I know you won’t do it tonight, Sir. But please fuck me soon. I’m gay enough now to desire it.

-I don’t want to hurt you.

- Sir, remember I am a masochist. I might even like the pain of your dick popping my cherry.

- Maybe soon, my sweetest thing.

-And you can be sure I want your dick to be the first in my ass.

-Good, you don’t know, but I am enjoying fucking your ass right now.

-After today, Sir, please imagine you are fucking me every time you wank.

-Enough, Cayron. I want to smell your farts right now.

-Ok, Sir. Hope you like it.

I farted instantly. It was really loud and smelly. But it was a perfect night for the sense of smell and I even was horny with the smell of my own fart. I saw he had liked it.

-You can fart now as many times you please, Cayron. You could be all night farting.

-If you want me to, I can be like this all night, Sir. But you have to fart too or else I won’t repeat.

And he farted when I was not expecting it. I loved the smell. Anything that would have been unbelievable any other day was natural tonight, so I farted again and asked him to please be farting all night.

-Now I will have two more little snacks, if you allow me.

-Sir, you can eat from my bowels as much as you want.

And he had as many as three more little snacks. Our mansmells, farts, the smell of my own shit. Night of smells. I liked them all.

-Are you satisfied now, Sir? I want to turn.

-You can.

It was glorious to see how he wanked. It was the first thing I saw when I turned. He wildly stroked his dick now and knew he was looking at my cock, enormous now, as homage to him who had made it so high. But I had something to say.

-Sit next to me on the couch, Sir –I said affectionately-. I want to start now a proper reflexive masturbation and want you close to me, you hot guy, so I can touch you and sniff you continuously.

He was moved and could not talk but he soon was next to me, caressed my dick, then my balls again and finally he was able to speak.

-Thanks, my sweetest thing. O how I would love to see you tomorrow as you are now.

-You will, Sir. I’ll not be an asshole with you. You have discovered me. And after tonight I will always be gay and a pig. Masochist too, but that now has no importance.

We started a real bacchanal of touching, licking and sniffing again. It was the first time also he saw me jerking off. Now I would always want to jerk off in his presence. We were thus for ten minutes, two gay men who wanted to enjoy each other. We were mad, furiously wanking then. We farted once and again knowing well that after tonight farts would be a part of our daily pleasure.

-Cayron, do you still desire cumming after me?

-Yes, Sir.

-I dream one day I can be second to cum. But be it as you wish. I’m cumming now. I cannot hold it anymore.

He cummed. I was waiting for the last drop of his semen on the floor and then I had another load. Now it was six times. Unbelievable!

-Sir, I don’t know how to thank you –I said almost crying-. You’re the hottest man on Earth. I will never again have a little dick, except for you, o how I desire you could see it, and you have made me feel so attractive. But I have not praised you enough yet. Everything in you makes me horny. You are so cute. You have such a sexy body. And I would like you to always smell as you smell today. I didn’t know I had a sense of smell for sex and without it now I could never be horny. Please go on unwashed as long as you want. And I thank you so much…

-Cayron, stop, please. I know you feel gratitude right now and it is impossible for me to utter my satisfaction at your satisfaction. Never forget any more nobody can be hotter than you. I think after today I will always cum thinking about you. I can wank over a hot guy I see in porn movies, of course, or a hot guy I happen to see on the street, but when the time comes to cum, it would be useless unless I think of you.

-Thank you, Sir -I was starting to cry right now- oh, how I like you.

-Now we must say goodbye for tonight.

-I don’t want to say goodbye to you or to this wonderful night, Sir.

-I know. Neither do I. But you must also have the pleasure to get aroused at your own self. I will miss you too, but you will still be downstairs with me. I can smell your clothes, your handkerchief, your pee on the floor; my hand is full of your shit and you can take upstairs the memory of my naked body and my scent.

-And your words, Sir.

-Cayron, will you go upstairs stark naked?

-I will, Sir. I can’t imagine myself wanting to get dressed in twenty-four hours. So, goodnight, Sir.

I didn’t forget to kiss his mouth again. And I slowly started to go up the stairs. His wonderful cock was again working, seeing my naked stroll. It’s fifteen steps to the landing, where I stopped. I knew well he was wanking over my full back nudity right now. I was like that for a couple of minutes and then turned. I could hear him praising every single bit of my full frontal nudity right now. It was so hot to see him wanking again. I could never get tired of that sight. “Now your cock must enjoy, Sir.”I thought. “Do not stop cumming tonight, please. You deserve it”. And I had something to do and tell him, so I instantly took my hand to my dick again and started to wank for him to see. Then I shouted.

-This is to you, Sir, as a sign of moved arousal. This is the man I am now thanks to you. I look forward to morning now to see and smell you again. Thanks, you hot man –I said, madly jerking off-. I could be an hour here now saying sweet things to you. But I will say goodbye to you now, Sir. Now cum as many times your wonderful dick is able to cum tonight. It is your turn for pleasure. Goodbye, Sir.

Impossible to describe how I enjoyed my first nudist experience, walking naked to my room. There was a northern corridor with six rooms on the right. I turned left, or southwards, three rooms on the west, three rooms on the east. My room was next to his, the second on the right, facing west. His was the southernmost. He had to walk opposite mine first to go to his room. I entered at once. I was shocked when I saw a hot naked man there in the mirror, and couldn’t believe it was me. I wanted to piss, but it would be later. I went to the mirror. I didn’t want to practice narcissism that very night. My cock was exhausted and I still had an hour ahead for my seventh masturbatory pleasure that night. So I didn’t start, but enjoyed looking at that sexy naked man, myself, for a good while. I had never considered myself cute before tonight but now I knew all of us are cute. We only need to find somebody who sees us thus and I had found it. So as you think I am cute, Sir, I am cutest, at least for you. I couldn’t wait to look at my dick. I had a completely different dick. It was born today. And I remembered him say I had a second one in my mind. “So you have, Sir.” I looked at my balls. Pleasure has started with you, I told them. I couldn’t believe they were loaded again. I didn’t forget my chest. I raised my arms and saw my armpit hair. I sniffed them. Nobody had ever before sniffed my pits or feet, but they were going to be a part of my sexual life after today. As I could, I sniffed my ripe feet too, and I remembered his pleasure with them. It was difficult to look at my ass, but I finally managed to see it. I had never used my ass for sex, but now I saw I had a wonderful little ass and desired him having pleasure with it frequently. “This ass is for you, Sir”, I thought. But after being convinced that I had a sexy body, I wanted all my body to be his.

After this short moment of narcissism, I had to go to the toilet. I couldn’t believe I was having pleasure in a toilet, but the simple fact that it was hard for me to piss with such a huge erection now made me horny. Of course I looked at my pee as if it were him looking at it and enjoying my kidney juice again. I tasted some of my piss and I knew now that I would be able to drink his tomorrow morning. Then I sat at the toilet. I had much to wipe. I remembered this piggie man having little snacks and I went mad with arousal again. I needed to soon be wanking again in my bed as if it were the first time I was going to wank in my life. Well, it would be the first time jerking off with the image of a man.

I was finally on my bed feeling for the first time the touch of sheets under my naked body. I started to jerk. I had so many pictures in my mind that I didn’t know where to begin. But I looked at the watch. It was a miracle! How this mere chance turned me on. It was exactly 12:04. Well 12:04 and 22 seconds to be exact. You are clairvoyant, Sir. Now I know the moment I should change the past masturbation into the future masturbation: at 12:34 and at 1:04 I would cum. I started remembering his man scent but soon I knew that if I started at this point I would be unable to be wanking for an hour, for I would soon cum again. So, I started at the beginning. His first kick in my balls, the discovery of a new world of pleasure. Then the second kick and the third, already with my clothes off. How he had convinced me to be stark naked before him and how I desired I had no clothes on for him to see everything of my nude body. How it was the first time in my life I had undressed with no fear of not being attractive. But I took longer in the pig things. How he had enjoyed my piss on the floor. How he dared show me the pig he was and how easy it was for me to tell him one day I would shit my diarrhea in his mouth. I remembered his satisfaction with my snot, how he had enjoyed the fact that I had given him my dirty handkerchief, he had enjoyed my mansmells, the smell of my farts, and mainly the little snacks he often had of my bowels and how he loved the smell of my shit. I was some minutes remembering his hot naked body, his wonderful scent, his courage telling me how pig he was and going pigger every minute with me. I was half an hour in heaven remembering all this. It was 12:34. Now I could wank about the future.

Kidney juice came to my mind first, but I would leave that image to cum. I was slowly imagining all his scenes and considering myself capable of doing everything. “Come on, you little dick”, I said to myself, “you will be able to do everything tomorrow”. I knew I could be giving my first blowjob next morning and I was on fire imagining his dick in my mouth. I wanted to do it. I remembered his cock had already been inside my mouth and I had loved his smell and taste. Tomorrow it will be minutes inside my mouth. I should care to give a good blowjob. And I knew I was able of at least trying the piggest things. They turned me on. At least in my imagination I was perfectly able to do everything and I even desired to taste his shit. Eating with farts and talking about shit. How fucking original. I was thinking of questions to ask him at lunch when I saw he was coming into my room.

-Come in, Sir –I told him because he was shy even to enter my room, though he could perfectly see I was naked and wanking.

-Good night, Cayron.

-You can touch me, Sir. And I want to touch you.

We started a mutual groping then. And a bit of mutual sniffing again. But I had to tell him.

-Sir, you are a seer. I started at exactly 12:04. I am in the future masturbation now.

-Good. I hope you like some of the future pictures.

-I like them all.

-Did you look at yourself in the mirror?

-I did, Sir. And indeed I saw a hot body, but I preferred to imagine you looking at me.

-One day you must wank over yourself. But now I will leave you so can enjoy alone your masturbation.

And he left. But I could well imagine him now in his room having masturbatory pleasure thinking of me as I was doing the same in my room thinking of him.

I still had ten minutes and started to imagine impossible future or likely futures. I knew he would never rape me, but I even desired he came to my room in the middle of the night and surprised me with his dick in my ass, popping my cherry. And I started to imagine some other things I knew would not come tomorrow, but would be possible soon. And I saw him shitting in my mouth and this thought curiously made me on fire and I saw myself eating shit and enjoying it. I do not know how pig I can be, but I want to try everything. Only one minute now. Think of kidney juice, you little dick, and cum. It was an erotic picture of myself cumming at 1:04 and 42 seconds.

I went to the toilet again and pissed with a hard on. Then I returned to bed and tried to sleep. I did not think of literature or stars but the choice to think about gardening was no good. I saw myself one day working for the Baileys and I thought I could have some workmates with me. As I was trying to get some sleep, I imagined them unwashed and having an instant hard on before them. If that happened, what could I do? But it was impossible not to think of smelly gardeners. I had to go to the toilet and piss several times, but I think it was at about 4 that I was finally asleep. Three hours was enough and I don’t remember what I dreamt but it could well be about smelly men pissing.

The alarm clock rang. I started soon to have erotic pictures in my mind and got an instant hard on. Was it all a dream? I had to be sure, because I intended to enter his room stark naked. What if nothing were true? But I couldn’t forget the smell of his naked skin and I remembered he came into my room and we touched. I could not have dreamt that. And I was naked in bed and the door was open. Never could I have gone to bed like that if it weren’t all real. So, with my hard on I went to the toilet and pissed again. Now I would always see him there whenever I pissed. I wanted to go to my bathroom cupboard. I knew Sonia had forgotten some lipstick there. I was on fire and the day was starting. I found it and started carefully painting my left thigh. You were right, Sir. I am horny at every letter. Trembling with arousal I started painting the arrow. I had calculated room for every one of the ten letters of Littledick. And the arrow was there pointing at that part of my body and humiliating me. I could not believe I was so aroused. Now it was time to go down to the northern kitchen so the naked party of all day today could go on.

The naked stroll with a hard on moving freely through the house was such a glorious experience. I only desired Sir was there and saw me walking down the stairs, as he desired to see me: totally nude, with a boner and a humiliation painted. I finally reached the northern kitchen. I started to make his coffee as every morning. “Come on, Cayron. He also deserves a good coffee today. Wait to become aroused and think of nothing else.” Soon it was ready. I would taste it later when I was drinking my own coffee. I eagerly waited for the sound of coffee coming out now. It was a long wait. Hell, I desired to be having pleasure at my dick. But finally that noise came. I touched my dick first of all before pouring my coffee. Then when it was done I sat at the kitchen table. It was new to be having coffee and wanking at the same time. How good it was, Sir, that you have shown me new pleasures. The taste of coffee was all right. I was madly wanking cause I needed to be especially aroused for what would come next. But I didn’t take long. I soon stood up, without cumming, I was sure I would cum many times with this hot man, and I got the tray and I saw then the spiral staircase leading to the northern corridor upstairs, to old Pete’s former room. I saw I would be able to shit there one day.

I was anxious on the stairs. I didn’t want to lose balance and was so horny I hardly watched my steps, but finally I was upstairs. I almost ran to his room. Nevertheless I peeked at the open door of his room. He had never slept with open doors. He had a sheet on. I took courage and entered. He was wide awake watching me and smiled.

-Good morning, Sir.

And looking at my humiliation, he said.

-Good morning, littledick.

-Sir, I am the same arousing and aroused Cayron as I was last night. It is a pleasure to tell you I have no pain in my balls after seven ejaculations.

I put the tray on the bedside table and pulled down the sheets. I was then both surprised and moved. I saw he had littledick on his left thigh too. I started to cry.

-Cayron, I am also a little dick, remember. Could you think I was gonna humiliate you without being willing to humiliate myself too?

I started to grope his hot naked body at once out of real emotion. I loved this man. I added.

-Thank you, Sir. I will be naked all day. And of course you can be all day groping, licking, sniffing and doing piggie things to me.

He started to touch me.

-How I love to see you like that, how I love to touch and smell again the hottest man on Earth, and see you have no pain in your balls.

-Sir, I can ask you anything, can’t I?

-Dare to ask, my sweetest thing. Everything you want to know, I will tell you.

-Have you ever had a boyfriend and didn’t want the servants to know?

He answered but never stopped touching me.

-I have never had a boyfriend, Cayron. It would be very difficult for me, not because of the pig I am, but because I don’t believe in fidelity. I would cheat him, just the same as I would like him to cheat me. Imagine I have a boyfriend and he likes going to the cinema or having dinner with his workmates. For me it would be the same if he wants to fuck them. I consider sex a very different thing from love.

-I have never believed in fidelity myself, Sir. I think many people consider obvious what can be only a social standard.

I had more questions as he had his coffee and never stopped touching him. In that moment we were two mad men wildly groping everything. He gently stroked my now humiliated little dick and my balls sometimes.

-You don’t like feminization, do you?

-What is exactly what you want to ask me?

-As I was jacking off last night alone in my bedroom, I imagined myself dressed as a girl for you, but I didn’t know if you would like it. I think I have a feminine side.

-So do I, Cayron. And everything is ok if we have pleasure. I would always prefer a masculine aspect in you, but I would also like to see you dressed as a girl now, but only if I have girls’ clothes on me too at the same time. And you would be wonderful in a girl’s clothes and with an astounding erection.

We were having fun at that but finally I saw he had finished his coffee. That was the sign. I didn’t hesitate a moment. I took immediately his cock into my mouth. I loved the smell of his manhood. I was sure I would like to taste it for hours. He was worried and asked.

-Are you sure? You know what I am gonna do if you don’t take your mouth off my cock, don’t you?

-Sir, I won’t take my mouth off your cock. Do what you have to do.

-A little stream then. Taste it and you can stop if you want.

It was my first taste of his kidney juice. I loved it and he saw me enjoying it. He asked if I wanted more and with a gesture I told him I wanted to talk.

-Sir, I want you to empty your bladder in my stomach now. It tastes so good.

-Can you describe the taste?

-I will try, Sir. It is hot, salty, wet and very dirty. I love starting to be a pig. I feel like saying oink.

-I could not have described the taste better. It is salty, but bitterer than any other piss in the day. Shall I go on?

-I want to drink all the kidney juice you have, Sir.

His bladder was full and he was pissing for a couple of minutes. Now my sexual life was not only smells. In that precise moment I started to like flavors. I waited eagerly for the last drop of piss and then I started to suck. I was wanking all the time, not only because I wanted to do and wanted to leave on the floor my milk from the cock, but also because I loved the taste of his dirty dick and was swallowing as a madman. My first blowjob. Now I look back moved at that moment. I couldn’t help but say.

-Delicious, Sir, congratulations.

-I am so happy that you like this too. It is not necessary to remind you I would do the same to your wonderful dick.

-Sir, please, I know. But don’t think of my cock now. Think about my mouth in your cock. Am I giving you a good blowjob, Sir? Do you like it?

-It is perfect, Cayron.

-I will be my whole life giving now, I know. But, shut up, you little dick, give him pleasure now.

-Cayron, I miss no sense with you. I had enjoyed sight, touch, smell and taste with you. Also hearing, but now I am really enjoying my sense of hearing with you as I watch you madly jerking off. So, please go on talking.

-Thanks, Sir –I added as I went on tasting his meat. It lasted for ten minutes, ten wonderful minutes. I knew now I would desire to blow him every day. And finally he cummed in my mouth. I waited for his last drop and then pointed at my little dick and cummed on his bedroom floor as he desired.

-Have you enjoyed it, Cayron?

-Can I blow you more times today, Sir?

-That’s an answer. You can blow me every day if you like. But I want you to wait for twenty-four hours. If you really want, you can blow me then again. You can do it as many times you wish tomorrow, no restrictions, but remember any moment you wish you can put your dick into my mouth.

-Do I also have to wait twenty-four hours for your milk from the cock? Or four your kidney juice? I wanna know the difference.

-If you really ask me more times today, you will have my kidney juice again tonight.

-And your milk from the cock?

-Ok, my sweetest thing. You won’t suck me again today but you can jack me off as yesterday and the moment I feel like cumming I will ask you to open your mouth and you can drink it.

-I will mop my room now, Sir. I will start there. I will leave you alone now so you can comfortably wank as much as you want. I hope you are all day cumming, Sir. We can be all day having fun.

-Cayron, you can mop my room too, but please leave there both our milks from our cocks. The secret closet is open now. You can see it when you want.

I kissed his mouth again and left. O how wonderfully the day had started. I went to my room and started to mop. I was still in it when a quarter of an hour later, I saw him again, stark naked and coming with a strong urge to see me and touch me. I began to grope him all over. We were all day like that coming up and down the stairs to see each other again.

-Sir, I want to know if you have cummed this morning over my cum, and how many times you cummed yesterday.

-I have cummed right now over your cum but have not tasted it. Maybe because I would desire to taste your cum in my mouth first after a blowjob. And yes, I cummed last night one more time downstairs and three more times in my room. I was madly wanking over you till three o’ clock a.m. Then I had enough and got asleep as I have never before slept in my life, well satisfied. Do you have enough for now, you hot man?

-Almost, Sir. But let us go inside. I would also want you to cum in my room. After today I will always keep all doors open so you can enter whenever you want. Even the bathroom door, so you can see me always pissing or having a shower. You know I have to. I will work outside. Now come into my room and cum, Sir, as I enjoy again the pleasure of having two hands for your little dick and mine.

I was frantically taking care of both our cocks there inside my bedroom. We never stopped sniffing our sweated bodies and smells were taking us to heaven. He suddenly asked me.

-I feel like cumming. Cayron, can I please be second now?

-Ok, Sir. So my milk from the cock will fall first in my bedroom floor.

And soon it was there staining the floor. A couple of minutes later his cum was also in my room.

-Come here whenever you want and cum, Sir. My room is your room.

And he said he was gonna mop the stairs right now. In fact he had a bucket full of water and walked naked to the top of the stairs. I didn’t wanna miss that show. I approached him again and saw him working naked. I was so close that I sometimes touched his buttocks. Then he used to turn, touch me and smile. I could hardly return to my obligations, but I knew I had to or the house floors would not be mopped that day. I continued with the northern rooms.

Twenty minutes later I went down to pick up the clothes I was wearing last night and I saw him mopping the way from the living room to the kitchen. I sat on the couch, raised my left foot for him to sniff, and then, as I was no longer shy, raised his arm and sniffed his right pit. I took my clothes upstairs, and smiling came back downstairs. He had finished mopping the kitchen and I started with our meat and tomato juice. I put on an apron. I felt he was behind at the door enjoying the sight now of seeing me there cooking naked. Obviously he was jerking off. We spent all morning like that as two newborn adults who had just discovered the adventure of life. But in two hours all the floors were swept and mopped. Then I asked him to wait for me comfortably sitting in the couch. Lunch was ready and I brought everything necessary for us both.

-And now, Sir, I am happy to say we will have pig lunch.

-Good, my sweetest thing. Sit next to me and let us start a new reflexive masturbation.

Lunch was on the table now. It was a little hot yet. But he had the first taste of the meal.

-Perfect as usual, Cayron. Now it is your turn to taste it.

I knew then that however aroused I was, the meal fortunately had the usual flavor. “Maybe one day I will be a cook for you with my stomach, Sir. But I am glad to hear that I am still a good cook for you with my hands.” And then I was looking impatiently for his second snack and the exact moment food was in his mouth I farted with a big noise. Then I had to eat something and he didn’t hesitate either. His first fart came then with a glorious sound and smell.

-Good, Sir. Now lunch is perfectly perfumed, Sir. Let us go on farting all the meal. And now let us talk about shit, Sir.

-Ok, Cayron. You know you can ask me any question.

Curiously he was not having any little snacks then but he never stopped stroking my balls.

-I know this question will be stupid, Sir, but what does shit taste like?

-I expected that question, Cayron – a long, smelly fart now, to remind me we were talking about shit-. But it is impossible to answer. Let’s see. Can you tell me what a tomato tastes like?

-It tastes like a tomato, Sir.

-So, shit tastes like shit. You have to taste it to know. But I could tell you at least that a tomato has a sweet fresh taste, whereas shit has a bitter taste of something rot your stomach has been cooking. It somehow tastes like… well, garbage, putrid food. I love the taste.

-Have you often eaten shit?

-As often as an average of twenty times a year. I started at twenty-two and I am thirty-two now. So eleven times twenty is more or less two hundred and twenty times.

-Do you like it?

-I have chosen meat and tomato juice so you can imagine that this tomato sauce that is slipping now down the corners of my lips can be fancied as shit. I love to see my tongue, teeth and lips full with shit. I have never spread shit all over my body cause I would have to go to the shower then and you know I don’t like the shower. And the taste of shit never abandons you. If you want to taste it again you only have to belch and it comes back.

-I am really enjoying my meal, Sir. The smell of farts and shit surround us. It is a perfect perfume for meals. Sir, I cannot wait to tell you that I am gonna shit after lunch and I want you to come with me and see me.

-Wonderful, my sweetest thing.

-Sir, I want you to enjoy as much as you can. First, let me tell you that if you don’t like the smell of my shit, please leave the bathroom and…

-Where will you shit?

-This first time, it will be in my bedroom toilet, Sir, but if you happen to like the show, every day I will tell you when I have to shit and you can come and see me. I would be changing the toilet or the place and one day I could even shit here, in the living room floor. That’s why I wanted to tell you, Sir, that if you really like it, you can do anything and as many times as you wish. I’m not gonna shit for your pleasure and be shy later. So please you can have as many little snacks as you want. Even more than you mentioned last night. Feel free to eat that which my stomach has affectionately cooked for you.

Some more farts and we finished lunch. It had been a perfect pig meal. Now I knew I would always like eating with him like that. We both cummed again on the floor and I stood up and went to the kitchen to do the washing-up. He approached the kitchen door and remained there, waiting for me. I soon finished and called him to come up the stairs with me to my room. I am glad he was coming with me, glad he was cumming with me.


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