Chapter 3

It was a perfect end for that Friday night. I jacked him off with a will as I was eager to listen to his schedule. But he asked me:

-Cayron, will you let me jack you off too?

-You can touch my dick as much as you like, Sir. But please, I now have to assimilate many things about myself, and as a masochist I’d rather it was only my hand giving pleasure to you now. Let me be the first to do it. I promise that soon you will be allowed. But touch if you want.

-Would you like me then to stroke your balls? These wonderful balls of yours have experienced too much suffering tonight.

-I would not call it suffering, Sir. I would like you to understand me if I say that before tonight I was not aware of having balls, of the pleasure they can feel. Oh, Sir, stroke them.

And he started.

-Well, that’s something then. Thanks for jacking me off now. You look as if you had been born a natural gay man.

-My cock has been born tonight, Sir, thanks to you, and finally it’s your dick’s turn to feel pleasure.

-Cayron, you have a wonderful cock. You can put it to test as I do. I am perfectly able to cum more than ten times a day if I am really aroused. I think tonight I can cum fifteen times, if I wished. I do not want your balls to suffer. But try to cum a lot more times. I think that wonderful dick of yours will be able.

-I would like to, Sir.

-So, the schedule will begin, but I must tell you that I don’t want future answers. Of course you can utter your fucking will any moment. I only say I prefer not to know beforehand. You could answer questions about what is past now. For example, I could stop and ask you if you liked the whipping, being naked, talking about piggie things and so on.

-Then I would have to answer yes, yes and yes, Sir. But please, I beg you not to be shy and tell me your fucking will. I will try not to give future answers, Sir, but say anything that comes to your mind.

-Ok. In some moments I will be bold, but I know you won’t get shocked. You may not do it if you don’t like. Well, I’ll start. So, you will be jacking me off till I cum. I will tell you cause I don’t want to stain your hand with semen tonight. Not on your first gay night, at least. And I would desire you cummed again. I am sure you could cum without even touching your dick then.

-I want to cum again, Sir. That I can tell you. And ok, I will put my balls to test tonight, even if they hurt tomorrow. And I will wank in my room later as every night. Hope you don’t understand it as a future answer, but I have been doing that for ten years. I only tell you that tonight your image and only your image will be in my night masturbation.

-And in my night masturbation or masturbations will be your image. Ok, my sweetest thing. I was saying that I have cummed already and I hope you too. Then I want to begin again. I want you to see somebody wanking over you and your hot body. I would like you to lie on the couch and I will be watching you in this very armchair I am sitting right now. I want you to show me your wonderful little ass and wank as I watch it.

-If I did that, for I won’t give you any future answers Sir, I would like you to imagine all the pleasures this little ass can give you. You may even give me medium intensity whipping again. And I want you to imagine your cock in there fucking me, Sir.

-Ok, I will. But I want to ask you, could you fart in that moment? Believe me my arousal has never been stopped by a fart, and least will it be if it comes from you.

-I will, Sir. But you must also fart then or I will never fart again.

-Good. And there’ll be another thing too.

In that moment he sweetly, oh how sweet he was for everything, inserted his left forefinger in my ass for with his right hand he was stroking my balls. I thought he was gonna finger fuck me, and I was glad he had dared fuck me somehow. But he was stirring inside. I could feel he was looking for some shit. Then he took out his finger and I was a little frightened. It was stained with shit. He put it under his nostrils and sniffed it as if he smelled the most fragrant roses. He was like that for half a minute, and then he put the finger into his mouth and ate it!

-A little snack. I am glad I have already tasted your mansmell, your pee, your snot and your shit. Your stomach is a wonderful cook. I ask permission to do it over and over again.

-Sir, since you find pleasure in my shit, feel free to have as many little snacks as you please.

The smell of my shit started to surround us as he asked.

-Where was I?

-You were wanking over my back nudity.

-Then I want you to turn and see how I wank over your frontal nudity and all the wonderful things I could see. First of all, your face, you are so cute, Cayron, never forget that. Over your extraordinary balls and your enormous cock now. Over your chest; and even you could raise your arms so I can see your armpits again. And even the soles of your feet. And if you want, we could start another orgy of touching each other, sniffing, licking…

It is impossible to describe how our hands were never quiet. We were touching each other then thoroughly. He was even taking little snacks from my nostrils.

-And if you desire, you can cum again. If you want a little masochistic pleasure you could cum the moment you see the last drop of my semen on the floor.

-Ok, Sir, I will say nothing. Go on.

-Yes, Sir – he said then.

-Sir, I don’t want you to call me Sir.

-Are you angry?

-No, Sir, I thank you because I know you said that out of respect for me. But I would never want to be your master. I am masochistic, Sir. I am not sadistic.

-Ok, Cayron. I am testing which things give pleasure to you. I would be your slave. But ok, let’s not talk more about it. I was saying then we must separate for tonight. Cayron, have you ever been a nudist?

-Never, Sir.

-But would you like to try?

-Yes, Sir, I would.

-Have you got anything important in your trousers pockets right now?

-My mobile phone, my money and my keys are upstairs, Sir. In those trousers pockets I think there is only a handkerchief I have used for my cold these days. Let me see.

And indeed there was only a handkerchief full of snot in a pocket and nothing more. He was turned on immediately.

-I love watching the most private things of a hot man as you. Love to see where you have blown your nose.

I had a sudden impulse and told him.

-Then, Sir, this handkerchief is yours forever. I give it to you. Don’t worry. I’ve got plenty in my room.

-Oh, my sweetest thing, thank you.

He was watching, sniffing and licking my dirty handkerchief for some minutes then. I started getting used to see him in pig’s heaven. I loved that sight.

-I want you then to go stark naked to your room tonight and sleep like that; with the door of your room wide open. You may desire that I watch you stark naked in your bed as I go stark naked to mine. You know mine is southernmost. Yours is a little more to the north and I have to walk by it first. I want you to try the experience of being naked for 24 hours and tell me then how you like it. And tomorrow night at about 9 pm if you do it I will ask you how your first nudist experience has been. I will be all day totally nude too, unless you want me to get dressed.

-Sir, this is your house and I am not your servant anymore. You can walk through your house totally nude, of course.

-I would, but your balls may hurt and if you tell me, I will get dressed so you are not aroused.

-I will be aroused with your clothes on too, Sir. I’d rather you spend the day totally nude and if you have been unwashed for ten years please do not have a shower tomorrow either.

-Well, next I want you to go up the stairs totally nude and leave your clothes here. I will start to wank again as I see you and want you to imagine how I would feel with your smelly clothes here, the handkerchief with all your snot that you have given me, your piss on the floor… I will be in paradise. When you reach the landing, feel me wanking over you as I see your full back nudity. Then turn and you will see a savage man wildly wanking over your full frontal nudity. Next I want you to walk to your room enjoying the nude stroll as I want you to enjoy tomorrow the fact that you have no clothes on, you are not having a shower, you have a boner and can jerk off anywhere in the house. When you reach your bedroom I want you to leave the door open so I can see you stark naked and masturbating when I go to my room. If you wish, I can enter some minutes and touch you again. Next I will go to my room, and remember, Cayron that in the next room there might be a horny man wanking over you tonight just as you might be wanking over me. Once you have entered your room, as I know you have a large mirror in there, you can look at yourself, your frontal nudity; you can even start to enjoy the pleasure of wanking over your own self. Look at your face, see how cute you are, then look at your cock and balls, see how gloriously high your dick can be and never forget it. Look at your chest, your pits, and your feet. Don’t forget to turn a little so you can see your cool little ass. Enjoy yourself, as you have enjoyed me. Never forget what a gorgeous guy you are.

I was really touched.

-Thank you, Sir. I am born tonight with you. I will always be thankful to you for how you make me feel. My God, I am attractive now even with stinking feet, with snot, pissing… My cock is starting to live and so is my sexual life. Do you still think I will be an asshole and be angry at you after that damn coffee test?

-Hope not but who knows? Can I go on?


-Then you may need to go to the toilet. You will need to pee again, but please look at your piss and remember how I liked it. Then wipe your ass, I may have left it full of shit –and then he had a second little snack. Seeing I was not disgusted, he was a long while sniffing and eating-. Then flush so I don’t have the temptation to go into your room in the middle of the night and drink it. Then go to your bed, enjoy the sensation to sleep stark naked, the touch of the sheets under your naked body. Cayron, what is the longest time you have been jerking off?

-I do it every night, Sir, but I don’t remember having ever reached a quarter of an hour.

-Then I want you to discover the pleasure to wank for an hour. Your wonderful cock will be able, don’t worry. I do it for hours. In fact, if I see I won’t have at least a couple of hours ahead, it is not worthwhile for me to even start. And you can discover a new pleasure I also have: to cum by the clock. I mean this. The moment you are totally nude on your sheets, start to jack off, and then look at your watch. Suppose it is 12:04. Then you’ll see you are able to cum at exactly 1.04. It needn’t be in the exact second. You have sixty possible seconds to cum. And you’ll discover what a satisfaction it is to cum at the exact minute you have intended. But do this: divide the hour in two halves. It is easy. Calculate thirty minutes. Then be until 12:34 thinking about the past, from the moment of my first kick in your balls to things that now are future and then can be past, like standing naked in the stairs landing. Then from 12:34 to 1:04 think about the future, what I am going to tell you for tomorrow. Choose the pictures you like most. You can even think of impossible future, for example, think, if you like, that I will rape you.

-I will think about it, Sir. I will even imagine you shitting in my mouth. But I am sorry to say that you cannot rape me. I have been all night desiring you would fuck me. But if you felt a strong urge in your cock to do it, then I will tell you this: Sir, you have my consent, go on and fuck me. With consent, there may be no possible rape. You can do it when you like.

-You are very intelligent. I often hear people saying things like this in porn movies: “come on, do it, rape me”. I wonder then if they have any idea what the word rape means. If they are willing, there is no rape. But I’m glad to see you share my point of view.

-I do, Sir, go on.

-Well, then you would be jacking off for an hour divided into two halves. I will enter your room a while. At the appointed time you will cum. Do it on your chest and sleep all night with your cum on your body. Go again to the toilet if you must and then please have some sleep.

-In this moment I am perfectly able to imagine my favorite literary characters taking a dump, Sir.

-Think about stars then. You won’t probably imagine stars shitting.

-They only shit light.

I was enjoying the moment and I laughed.

-Oh how I love to see you thus: enjoying life and everything, my hot little dick.

-Thanks, my hot little dick, Sir. Well, I hope I can sleep tonight but I often have enough with two hours’ sleep.

-Then sleep so finally we can reach Saturday morning. Then if you really like remembering what has happened here tonight, you’ll wake up with a boner. You will go to the toilet again, piss again recalling my pleasure with your pee and flush. Then you can look for some lipstick. I know your room was formerly Sonia’s room and she probably forgot some lipstick there.

-Yes, Sir. Would you like me to paint my lips?

-It’s not that, but would you?

-I would, Sir.

-I prefer you have a masculine aspect. But I am thinking of something that drives my slaves crazy and I have not thought of masochist pleasures in this schedule. Anyway, you can have your own schedule and ask me to whip you for example if you still like that. No, it will be just gay pleasures or even pig pleasures if you want.

-I feel piggie tonight, Sir.

-You might feel piggie, but I know I am piggest. But no need to reach my level.

-What shall I do with the lipstick then, Sir?

-I want you to paint on your body a humiliation.

-Sounds good, Sir.

-You could paint it on your left thigh. It can be the words littledick, even in a single word. And you can feel excited with the L, the I, the double T, the L, the E, the D, the I, the C and the K. Then a second humiliation next to that. Start an arrow at the L and end it pointing at that enormous piece of meat you call your little dick.

-Sir, I would not give you future answers, but I will always have a hard on with that picture. I can imagine myself doing that.

-Then, leave your room and go to the northern kitchen (the house had two kitchens) like that: stark naked, with a hard on and possibly humiliated. Then enter the kitchen and prepare coffee. Cayron, do you use the same coffee pot for your coffee and mine?

-Yes, Sir.

-Good, I like thinking that coming down my throat is a similar substance to that which you have previously drunk. Feel the pleasure of being naked in the kitchen and you might even desire I came down suddenly and saw you. Well, prepare coffee, and when you hear the sound of coffee coming out, it will be the sign for you to get going, I mean I want you to start jacking off.

-Soon I begin, Sir.

-I want you to have coffee masturbating at the same time.

-And you thought I could be an asshole after coffee test… I see I will start before having any coffee.

-If you have come down to the kitchen stark naked, it will mean you are on fire again.

-Go on.

-I want you to enjoy that sensation of having a coffee and wanking, but I am sorry, I do not want you to cum then.

-Oh, Sir.

-I want you really aroused in case you want to do something of what comes next. I would like you to get the tray with my morning coffee, and come to my room that way, stark naked, with a hard on and possibly humiliated. Be careful on the stairs with my coffee. I don’t want you to stumble and fall and make my coffee again. Then come to my bedroom like that: naked and with a hard on. I will be waiting for you naked under my sheet. You can say: “Good morning, Sir” and I would answer “Good morning, littledick” only in case I saw you with the humiliation painted. I have slept totally nude since I was 15, did you know?

-Sometimes I though you did, Sir. But of course I said nothing. This was your house.

-I will be naked tomorrow morning too, with a sheet hiding my naked body. If you wish, put my coffee on the bedside table and as I am drinking it, you can pull down the sheet and see my naked body again. If you are aroused, you can touch me, sniff me, lick me… Everything but my cock then. As I finish my coffee you can tell me anything you like, especially all those sweet things you say or you could tell me if you will be naked all day and if you desire I grope you or more every time I see you. And remember any time you can fuck me, I can jack you off, blow you, you can pee in my mouth or shit, anything you want. Well, Cayron, I will be bold now.

-Please, Sir, I like when you are bold.

He told me as he stirred in my ass again in search of another little snack.

-The moment you feel I have finished my coffee, I want you to take mi penis into your mouth.

-It is good to know that if I desire tomorrow some things, I will be allowed to do them.

-Cayron, be careful now, for if you don’t take your mouth off my cock I will throw you then my kidney juice.

I couldn’t help it then.

-Sir, please, could you order my little dick to cum right now?

He did.

-Cum, you little dick.

My sperm was again on the floor. I could not believe it: I had cummed already four times. He wanted to know why.

-Cayron, what is it that has turned you on so much?

-Kidney juice, Sir. I love your language. For a moment I have pictured myself in a bar asking for a bottle of kidney juice instead of apple juice.

-I wish there were bars like that. But Cayron, I am glad you have cummed again, but do not be too fast. You have not tasted kidney juice so far. You might feel disgusted.

-Sir, I can make you any question, can’t I?

-You can.

-Sir, before the first time you tasted piss, you already wished to, didn’t you?

-Yes, Cayron. I say again that you are very intelligent. So in my schedule I was pissing in your mouth, right?

-You were there, Sir. And I was drinking your kidney juice.

-It is the first morning piss. It is often bitter and pigger, but my bladder will be full by then and ok you can taste it if you want, or you can taste just a bit and I will go finish in the toilet. But if you want to drink it all, you can, and then the moment you notice the last drop of my piss in your mouth you can give me a blowjob. If you really like it, you can start to masturbate again, this time to cum. I’d love to see you cumming in my room. And in that case, last drop of my… well, don’t cum now, I call it milk from the cock. You know my mother was Spanish as your mother and I have, as you have, a double nationality. In Spanish cum can be called “leche” (milk) and so I call it milk from the cock. I was saying that you can jerk off and when you feel my milk I would like you to cum on my bedroom floor. But Cayron, you can also say: “Sir, I will drink your kidney juice, but won’t blow you”, or “I will give you a blowjob, but I won’t drink your piss.” In that case, I will piss in the toilet, you can come with me if you want to see it and return to my bed in case you want to blow me, so Cayron, anything you want to taste or do, do it, but please be sure you may like to try. I don’t want to disgust you.

-You would never disgust me. I can guess those who like these things are hundreds.

-And in the case of piss, they can be thousands or millions.

-But they will also be millions those who do not like it. Right?

-Right, Cayron, what exactly do you mean?

-Sir, it would be very natural then I could feel disgust at your kidney juice, let me call it like that. But I can feel disgust at your pee, Sir; never would I feel any disgust at you. Can you see the difference, Sir?

-I can.

-So, you can keep talking about pissing in my mouth, Sir, or continue. I remind you had just cummed in my mouth and I had cummed on the floor.

-Well, you can be awhile more in my room, groping me or saying any of those sweet things you say. Then I want to stay in my room wanking alone, especially if your cum is on my bedroom floor. I want to do homage to the milk from your sexy cock. Then as you are not my servant anymore, I want all work to be shared by both of us. First I want us to spend the morning mopping all the floors of the house. Because I would like you to walk comfortably barefoot all day and I want your feet to be dirty, but of your own dirt, your own perfume (what others would call stink). So you can mop the floor of all the rooms in the first floor, and I will mop all the floors of the ground floor. The stairs will be my task.

-I think you have more to mop, Sir.

-I don’t know. You know there are twelve rooms on the first floor.

-Yes, Sir, but you will have the stairs, the dining room, the living room, the two kitchens and the two toilets there are downstairs.

-Well, that task will be mine. You can even watch me working naked as I mop the stairs. It can be a good show.

-I don’t want to miss that show, Sir.

-I will mop the stairs first so you may come down barefoot and not stain your feet of any dust. Then the way from the living room to the northern kitchen and then the kitchen, so you can first take your clothes upstairs and next cook my lunch. I will make dinner tomorrow. Later we will talk about this. And if you have given me permission once I have left my room after wanking, I will approach you wherever you are and touch you, etc. We both can be all day like this. So imagine the picture: both of us mopping naked and all day touching, delighted about being gay. Well, or bi.

-Do you think I am bisexual, Sir?

-Don’t have any hurry to find out.

-It’s the same to me now, Sir. All I know is that I am not heterosexual and it is a fact I like men. Maybe women too, but who cares?

-Well, after all morning has passed with us two enjoying the fact that we can do whatever pleases us both, you can make lunch. I would like to ask you for meat and tomato sauce. Can you make that for lunch?

-Of course, Sir.

-And what would you like for dinner? But please ask me for a lunch. Do not name things such as an omelette, a hamburger or a salad. What is your favourite lunch?

-Rice and cod fish, Sir.

-Now I remember I have seen you sometimes eating it in the kitchen. It is one of my specialities. But I want you also to sincerely give me your opinion as a cook, I mean as a cook with my hands now.

-I know you are also a good cook with your stomach, Sir, for you have given pleasure to many people, I am sure.

-Thanks, Cayron. Well, I do not know whether I should say this now, but I am confused with you and think that you may like it.

-Oh, hell, man, say your fucking will. Do you prefer me this easy with you so you understand once and for all you can say anything you want?

-Thanks, Cayron. It is true you are not my servant now and you can live here as long as you want as a friend. I am sorry. I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. But please always feel with me as easy as you did before. Well, in fact I was going to say I would desire a pig lunch.

-Explain that to me.

-Well, first, as you have made lunch you can take care of everything: you can lay the table, clear it later, wash the dishes, etc, as you can be sure I will do at dinner. We can comfortably sit both together in this very couch and we could be both jerking off in what I call a reflexive wanking.

-What’s that, sir?

-I have my own expressions, you see. Well a reflexive wanking means you jerk your cock and I jerk mine. Whereas a reciprocal wanking, as I would like but think you won’t allow me yet, would be me jacking you off and you jacking me off.

-I see, Sir. You were talking of pig lunch.

-We can both eat while we masturbate again. And then you and I taste the meal. The first time it would be to just taste your capacities as a cook. Maybe you were so aroused that you forgot some ingredient. Then the second time you see I take some food to my mouth, in that precise moment, I want you to fart. I would love you were farting all the meal. And ok, for I know what you are going to say: the second time you taste the meal I will fart too. And then you can tell me if you liked it, and if you answer yes, we can be all lunchtime wanking and farting.

-You’re so original, Sir. It’s a new experience: having lunch with farts all the time. I won’t give you any answer, but it could be funny.

-And there could be something else. We could be all lunch talking about shit. In case you want, you can think of any questions you would like to ask me about it.

-How fucking original you are, Sir. I love your style.

-Thanks, Cayron. And you can always do something else: you can invite me to see you shitting. You can tell me, Sir, I have to shit and I would like you to come and see me. First, do you shit every day? And when?

-Every day, Sir, and generally after lunch.

-You can shit anywhere. You could do it here, in the living room floor, or on the kitchen table, on the stairs, on Jessy’s room bed. Or you can choose a toilet. Then the moment we finish lunch, you can wash the dishes and go and take a dump somewhere and I could accompany you. In that case, you can shit as you have always shat, except it would be stark naked and with an audience. I will see you pissing and farting as much as you like. Then I want to see your shit, the colour and smell of it, the delicious smell I am sure the toilet you choose will have. I wanna see your turds.

-Of course, Sir.

And in that moment he had another little snack.

-Then I would love to have some little snacks. First I want to see what you have shat and it is there in the toilet waiting for me to see. I will cum on your shit. But I don’t want you to wipe your ass then. I would like you to stand up and let me see your cool little ass full of shit freshly shat. I would have a little snack from it and if you allow me I can even have my tongue inside your ass licking that delicious mess. Then I will have a little snack of the shit in the toilet and I can even oink. Next you can wipe your ass. But I would like you to present to me every piece of shitted toilet paper. And I would like to bite one.

-Sir, I’d rather see you eating shit than paper. Have you ever done it?

-Only with my own toilet paper a couple of times. But I have dildos in my secret closet. It will now forever be unlocked for you to see. I will have no secrets with you. There are dildos I often play with. I even fill them with shit from my ass and lick it later. There are some sex stories and I have a lot of videos and the video cases are very explicit. There are dudes shitting or even puking in a dude’s mouth. That’s why I never allowed any of my servants to touch my secret closet. But of course, you are my friend now and it will be always open for you. So, yes, I have tasted shitted toilet paper, but only mine. Don’t worry. I won’t get ill for that. Then after you have wiped your ass, if you have never before washed it previously, don’t do it tomorrow. No fear, I will love the smell of your cool little ass –and then so I could be calmed, he started to sniff my crack-. And then I am sorry to say I want you to commit sacrilege. I mean I want you to wash your feet.

-Why, Sir? If you don’t want me to have a shower.

-I want you to start anew with the lack of hygiene of your feet now the floors will be mopped. I also love watching a guy when he is washing his feet. As you are doing it, you can let me sniff them again and lick them. And after this sacrilege, I want you to come to my room and if you still haven’t looked at my secret closet, I want you to see it then. I will choose two erotic stories I have in my closet. You might prefer one that talks about mansmells. No need to read the piggest ones yet. We could both go down to the living room and have a reflexive masturbation then, though I am afraid to say I will be looking at your hot body rather than reading some stories I know by heart.

I hope I don’t forget to say that we were two volcanoes at the moment. We never stopped groping each other everywhere compulsively. I raised my arms so he could often smell my armpits, put my feet in his mouth to smell and lick. He did the same to me. We were two wild animals, never stopping our gay sensations. The only difference is that he took some little snacks from time to time from my ass or my nostrils, and I did not. He never stopped stroking my balls.

-And once we have both cummed, I will shit, and well, I will invite you in case you feel like watching a man taking a dump. I would choose a place and make you come with me and you can see me squatting somewhere, pissing, farting, and finally you can see my turds, look at the shape, colour and smell of my shit. Remember that different from porn movies, you might feel disgusted with the smell, but in that case, leave the bathroom, please.

-Sir, I was gonna ask you to let me see some of your porn movies, I really wish I could see a dude taking a dump. But I think I prefer to first see you shitting.

-Well, you can see me. And I will wipe and wash my ass and I will commit sacrilege too and wash my feet. I had to do it on Monday anyhow and I also want to start anew. If you ask me I will approach my bare stinking feet to you to sniff or lick.

-Good, Sir. But you’d better say perfume also for your mansmell. Do not say stink. I am horny with the way you smell.

-Well, no stink then. Thanks, my sweetest thing. Next, you can wait for me on the couch jacking off or whatever you prefer or you might prefer to come to the kitchen to see me preparing our dinner stark naked. Or maybe I should get, and so should you, an apron so nothing can spatter our naked bodies. Let me be the one now who takes care of everything, even the washing up. And then, if you had liked the first pig meal, we could have a second one. We would both be sitting close to each other, jacking off, we would taste the rice and cod fish, and the second time some food is in our mouths we could begin to fart and be like that the whole meal. But we would not talk of shit now. Or we can, we could mention what we have felt seeing each other shitting. But we could talk about the other things. You can choose the topic and ask me about mansmells, piss, farts, gob, snot or puke. Then when we have finished dinner, I would do the washing-up and return to the couch with you. And if you have liked your first experience tonight, you can jack me off again and seeing how you have liked everything and what you prefer, I could tell you another schedule for Sunday. Cayron, I have finished my schedule now.

-I was so horny hearing you, Sir. Be sure after tonight I wanna be gay and be sitting next to smelly men.

-Good, as long as you feel comfortable with yourself. Now Cayron, please get your hand off my cock. I am going to cum.

And finally I could see his sperm on the floor too. In that moment I pointed at my little dick so he could see I was cumming after the last drop of his milk from the cock was on the floor. And I had to say.

-Finally, Sir. Oh, I’m so glad I can see your cum at last. And I am proud I have physically achieved that. You’re wonderful, Sir. I could never again live such a night as this unless it is with you again.

-So, Cayron. Now you can start to answer me. Do you desire to see me wanking over your full back nudity?


Daniel Berasaluce

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