Chapter 9 – Complete toilets for life.

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We entered the southern kitchen hand in hand and kissing. Now we would have our first dinner as a couple and it would be a pig dinner to celebrate the fact that we both wanted to live as two human toilets for life. He wanted me to be first to prepare everything for him, but I told him I preferred to do it alternatively. I would be first to piss him his drink, but he should piss next, etc. We were searching for two long glasses, two small plates, and four deep bowls. I pissed one glass; it was full but I still had some pee, and told him he could drink one third of the glass. He did not hesitate and drank my piss as naturally as if he were drinking a glass of water. When he emptied a third of the glass, I pissed again. It was enough. There were no more drops in my bladder. Now it was his turn. He pissed more than me; I had to drink twice a full glass. He filled it completely and told me he had just the same amount to piss. Well, I was not in a bar asking for a bottle of kidney juice, but it was hot drinking a long glass of piss and emptying it, knowing he would piss again so I could have a drink accompanying my shit dinner.

He asked me then to blow my nose. I approached one of the small plates. I produced a big sound and blew him both my nostrils. The gelatin was rather yellow this time. He took one of his fingers inside and tasted a morsel. He said he would enjoy his appetizer. He could have a lot of little snacks as he was dining his shit. Then it was his turn. To see him and hear how my husband used his cold to feed me was wonderful. He said of course we would eat farting all the time. I also tasted his snot appetizer and said I would enjoy being his handkerchief now and every day. Now I had to shit. I hoped I had a good amount for him.

What a good aspect our dinner was having. We already had the drink and the appetizer. Now it was the time to shit the dinner. My husband had already seen me shitting, had felt my shit in his mouth and eaten it, but now he was watching me shitting his dinner. Finally it was two turds only, but still two more turds for his stomach, and they were long brown snakes he could devour. The smell of the food from my stomach was wonderful. He congratulated me and said I was a perfect cook, willing besides to feed him always what he ordered, and said he had enjoyed I had shat him four little snacks that day and there was still shit enough for dinner. I told him we should have this pig dinner often, I reminded him that tomorrow we would have a new pig dinner with dogshit but if it was little to eat, we could have puke for dessert too. Now he started to shit. I had a new boner seeing the smell and colour of the meal I would have that night. I said oink and farted. We were becoming two wild animals in their most degrading and dirty moment of their lives. I enjoyed all his crap and finally it was also two turds. The amount was similar but his was a lighter brown. I had since seen many colours in his crap and I like all tastes. The kitchen table had a wonderful smell but we still had to prepare our desserts.

Of course I was first to puke his dessert. I tried to arouse him with everything and I tried to do the sound of a rainstorm. Noticing my vomit coming out of my mouth made my dick a bit harder. I would say it would be normal yellow vomit but it was stained with brown of his previous shit I had eaten. We call it since delicacies vomit, different from natural vomit with no more ingredients. Now the mixture of smells was intoxicating. The southern kitchen was our pigsty with the best of all our delicacies. But he hadn’t puked my dessert yet. I had filled one of the deepest bowls. It was completely full. He could have, and he told me that, his favourite dessert that night and he asked me to give him that dessert very often. I agreed and asked him to please puke my dessert. I loved the sound. How he was emptying his guts and raining a wonderful brown dessert which smelled of dirt. My dinner bowl was just as filled with a delicious brown mixture to finish my dinner, and whose smell would accompany my shit dinner wonderfully.

We toasted with our piss glasses and drank a small amount before devouring our respective tasty shits. We had sat with shitted asses and perfumed our dinner more with our continuous farts. We had decided to eat with our fingers and we both coincided in breaking our first turd in two and starting to eat as two hungry wild animals. We never stopped saying oink and praising the live we had decided to live. It was our first pig dinner, but we had had many similar ones since. As we were dining, some ideas occurred to me of what I would call common sense. I told Matt.

-I think I cannot have the dildo for twenty-four consecutive hours. I shouldn’t go to the Baileys with it. I will sleep with it but I will take it out to have a shower tomorrow morning and as I don’t suppose I start work tomorrow, I’ll calculate the time I am with the Baileys. If it is two hours, I will return home and have the dildo for two more hours and I will ask you to take it out and fuck me with your very dick again.

-Good, my love. I love your common sense.

-Thanks, Matt. Well, when I come home I will take off my clothes again but if we live always naked, what should we do with visits?

-If we hear the bell, it will be me who will open the door, at least the whole October. I will put on my boxers and will open the door even with a hard on. If you hear the bell, go up the stairs, or if you hear it being in the kitchen, go up the spiral staircase. You will end in Pete’s room and you can go to your former bedroom or to ours and put on some clothes.

-You can open the door with your shorts and a hard on, Matt, but not with shitted ass. So I think when either of us takes a dump, he should wipe his ass immediately. And we should be with clothes on more frequently and take them off in hours we consider safe, when nobody will come. And as for leaving little snacks you and me anywhere in the house… well, imagine there suddenly comes somebody and there is a turd in the living room floor or in the stairs. I think we should leave each other’s little snacks of everything on the first floor, preferably in other rooms with the door shut, or in any of the twelve toilets upstairs. Now the house has sixteen toilets.


-Twelve upstairs, two downstairs and you and me, my love.

-Right, Cayron, my love.

We were then two rats in a sewer, worms in a landfill, cockroaches in an old filthy house, proud pigs living the joy to know that they would eat shit every day. I asked my husband for a little snack of my own shit and he asked me for another and we tenderly shared our poop. We drank piss all the time, went to the small plates to taste our appetizers from time to time. The turds were disappearing; our teeth were increasingly brown, and our lips, even our chins, with brown drool coming out of our mouths to them. We soon said goodbye to eating more shit that day, but looked forward to our dessert now. We emptied our snot appetizers and drank all the piss that was left in our glasses. Dinner had been superb. Now it was the time for dessert.

-Let’s take all the time in the world, Matt. I have enjoyed the smell of my dessert throughout the meal and now it is time to taste it.

I was even capable of feeling the taste of hamburger, the taste of shit in his puke, I thought I could even taste piss and snot, and it was so perfumed that I even wanted to imagine the smell of his feet, pits and farts there.

He was talking to me with every possible detail of all the times he had eaten puke. Once a guy puked on his pizza.

-Well, my love. You have reached my level now. I swear I have never been with a guy before who was so pig.

-This is only the beginning, Matt. I can get even piggier and I know it is possible with you, and who the hell must tell us what is sane or not in our sexual life? We love each other, we have our own rules and the rest of our lives will be what we decide, cause we agree and we are harming nobody –and remembering his triple golden rule, I repeated it-. Everything is ok cause we are adults who consent and give each other pleasure.

We had finished. Matt offered to do the washing up. I allowed him. And finally he said.

-We should go to the southwestern toilet now. We have not been there yet and we should wash our hands, wipe our asses, brush our teeth, everything before going to bed for the first time together.

We went there but of course kissed each other again with both our mouths full of every delicacy. That was a real pig kiss. Finally we entered the southwestern toilet and we both went straight to the washbasin to clean our hands, dirty with shit then. Then I suggested we should both piss, shit and puke in the conventional toilet now. But he said he would only piss, because he wanted to sleep tonight with his stomach completely dirty with all my delicacies in there. He would shit and puke in the morning, not in my mouth but in the conventional toilet. I told him I wanted to go to our bed for the first time with dirty stomach too. So we pissed at the same time and then I sat on the toilet and Matt wiped my ass. He was having much fun with that, and of course when my ass was clean, I wiped Matt’s ass again. We always do the same since. We never wipe our asses but let the other do it. Then we brushed our teeth looking at each other in the mirror, seeing the brown and yellow in our teeth, lips and tongue. We don’t have a personal toothbrush but we share them, enjoying to brush my teeth with the same toothbrush Matt has previously used. I put the dildo into my ass again. We were clean enough now, though sweaty, and we went up the stairs hand in hand, happy to go for the first time together to our bedroom. When we were next to my former room, Matt told me not to change those sheets and suggested we should sleep some days in that bed too.

Once we were there, I couldn’t help but cry when I noticed the perceptible smell of his sheets. Matt would always be there even if he was not at home. He said to me.

-Cayron, my love, welcome to your bed. Now please be the one who chooses on what side of the bed you want to sleep.

-It is just the same to me, Matt, my love. But if I must be the one who chooses, I will sleep on the right, as I have always slept so far, north from you.

-Good, my love, now please be the first to get in.

I went in so moved to know that his skin would be in contact with mine now. He soon entered and the symphony of smells increased. “I want to sleep all my life in Matt’s smell”, I thought. I felt the heat of his skin touching mine; I sensed his sweat, his blood, his nerves, his breathing. We were a while cozy in a big embrace, kissing passionately: at last we shared the sheets. I did not want this beginning of our lives in common to finish, but suddenly without a single word, he started to blow me again.

It was the first movement of the final fireworks. Now each of us had to cum six more times. Matt was giving me his second blowjob, still moved that he could now have my cock whenever he wanted. My husband’s tongue on my dick wriggled to work my pleasure again. “My tongue has to be your bitch, always working for your pleasure, my dear”. He suggested I could fart all the time of fireworks, and that way they could properly be called fireworks, with explosions of sound and smell. I farted once and again. My gas was so close to his mouth and nose that this way he enjoyed more giving me a blowjob. Finally, though I had already learned to last a longer time, I had to cum in his mouth. He cummed on our sheets. First cums. Soon our sheets would be a swimming-pool of milk. I said I had to piss and he asked me to piss in his mouth. He would always be careful not to stain the sheets with my piss. I peed and then asked him to do the same. He did. We were all night cumming and pissing.

Now it was my turn to suck his dick again. My fourth blowjob. I desired it just as I had desired the previous three. I also learned to writhe in my husband’s dick but licked his glans with my tongue in such a way that he told me please don’t do that or else I will cum at once. I did not forget to lick his beautiful balls for a while and then I returned slowly up his dick to his glans, I was there for a minute and last I swallowed it complete again. I liked playing with it. This was our first nuptial night and I had to do it perfectly. This would be my only chance to be bottom now and I really enjoyed it having his gas also in my mouth and nose. I think I was driving him crazy; he moaned just as frequently as he farted. I had the rest of my life to learn to give my husband perfect blowjobs, but he said I would have little to learn. He couldn’t remember a better blowjob. I did no talk for I knew that sometimes I would be rained little streams of piss. I drank and continued blowing and said nothing. Of course he cummed in my mouth with a big cry of pleasure and I cummed on our sheets and he asked me not to take my mouth off his cock yet and he pissed me a little. I pissed him again. When we finished, he told me we could go to the third act of fireworks.

Matt started worshipping my feet again. This time it would be new that I would cum too and I started preparing myself to cum with a tongue on my feet. His tongue was always a snake crawling on my feet hills. All my muscles were on fire. I wanted some sweat to run down them and he told me my feet were wet with sweat now. He was a short time in my left foot and he went to my right one telling me I should really enjoy it now, for there would come a time when he would say: now, let us cum. And we both had to achieve that goal again. He finally found some dirt in my right little toe and ate it too. He and I continued farting and the moment came when he finally said “now, let us cum” and we both stained our sheet again with both our milks. Then for the third time we pissed in each other’s mouths.

-At last, my love, I can have a party at your armpits.

He told me they were sweated enough and I could see some sweat on them making them wetter. His tongue on my pits now was going to last a long while. He started also at my left pit, and was as much as five minutes there reminding me that spot was his paradise and he had not had time yet to worship that altar. When he started with my right pit, I began preparing my balls for a fourth cum. I could not remember how many times I had cummed today but I thought when I cummed three more times, they would be twenty. Unbelievable! We have called each other little dick for years, never forgetting that it is our first surname, but we have always laughed and thought that many would envy our dicks and balls. He was in my right pit as if he had gone to an excursion to the country and wanted to know the smell of each flower or tree he found. Well, he learned very well the smell of every inch of my pits sweat, of each armpit hair. Finally I noticed he would burst with pleasure and me too and he said again “now, let us cum”. We filled our sheets again with our cums. I forgot to say that in these fireworks I had told him each of us would drink every own milk. Then we pissed each other again, of course, and he started with the fifth act of the fireworks.

I had enjoyed my ass when I had been fucked; I had thought in that moment I had discovered the pleasure of your ass for sex. But now it was the pleasure of each single spot in my body. Every muscle stretched; all the pores of my skin were dancing, all my sweat was flowing in a river or joy; I was not feeling only with my ass; I was feeling with everything as his tongue was working inside. He asked me for farts from time to time, as many as I was able, and said he had never taken anybody to g-spot with farts and it was so wonderful he wanted many more. I was no longer shy with my complete toilet for life, since I knew I was his complete toilet for life too and we both had chosen to live this way. So I farted many times as his saliva continued to drive me crazy. I agreed with him that this was the greatest pleasure a man can have. Of course he was licking up to my prostate and when I had wiped my ass, there was still some shit in it, and he ate some shit while he continued to eat my soul with his saliva. I moaned and I suppose I was talking all the time. He said he would take me to g-spot every day if I asked him to, but I agreed with him that this was such a great pleasure that you cannot feel it every day. I said we could take each other to g-spot once a month but we could practice black kiss every day. Since that night my husband’s ass is also one of my rooms, just as his cock, his balls, his feet and his pits, my absolute paradise. And he has many rooms in my body too; dirty and sweated whenever I can have them thus. His tongue continued his travel in my ass and I started to fill that my balls were loaded again for next cum, and started to feel that this would be my best cum. Since then I don’t know if I prefer cumming with g-spot or licking his pits. They are different pleasures and so far they are tied pleasures. Finally I was 35 minutes but my balls could not hold it any longer, and I told him I was going to cum in case he wanted to look at my face. I came and I saw he came while he said.

-It is true, my love, you’re a very cute man but now you are a statue of beauty. Touch your cock now, please and you will feel as if you had a second dick.

I felt as if I had never before touched my dick in my life. It was a symphony of pleasures, all nerves harmonizing in joy. Of course he ate his cum, I ate mine and we pissed again in each other’s mouths. I put the dildo again. Now with my second cock I have to give him the only thing he missed: to be fucked by his husband.

To give my husband the only pleasure he still didn’t know was wonderful. My dick moved in his ass as if dancing and at the same time singing a song of joy, seeing how he moaned. I couldn’t help but think I preferred men’s asses to pussies. I had enjoyed women but I knew very well that to have a man every day showing his pleasure whenever I fucked him was preferable. And I knew he would be my girl if I ever wanted any again. But that first night he was not feminine as he was fucked. I liked his masculine moans, his masculine smell, and his sweat running down all the time. Of course I had a condom and I didn’t take long to cum inside his arse. He ate my cum in the condom and I ate his cum on our sheets. Fireworks were complete. I had cummed twenty times that day and I asked him to have a more peaceful life in the future and cum “only” five times a day or so. Now we had to prepare to sleep together. He said he would make breakfast next morning, would bring it to our room and he would blow me. I agreed.

We spent an hour talking of our life in common, kissing, touching, repeating once and again we wanted to live as toilets, but saying tender things. We were hard again but we didn’t care now. After twenty times, I said oh God, I don’t wanna cum more times. His mouth was so long in my mouth that it was impossible to try and get some sleep. But we needed this first night that we were a couple and constantly caressing, we were two happy guys that had met bliss that weekend, that mad weekend. Neither of us felt like sleeping but like prolonging carnal knowledge. I think we were two hours like this and finally decided to try and sleep and we did at about 3. It was difficult to fall asleep because neither wanted to stop touching. But at least we finally achieved five hours’ sleep. Of course I slept with the dildo inside me.

The alarm clock rang at eight in the morning. We kissed each other first and I said.

-I want to always wake up with you, my love, for the rest of my life; sense and smell your skin, kiss your mouth and feel you.

-That’s also my desire, Cayron, my love. Do you feel like pissing?

-I do. You want my first morning kidney juice?

-Of course.

I pissed him again and I knew that day I would be pissing him all day. Then he asked me if I desired to drink; I answered of course I wanted his first morning kidney juice and drank from the tap, his wonderful dick. He then went out and down the stairs to prepare our coffees. I waited for him jacking off but not to cum, for twenty minutes. He returned to our bedroom, put coffee on the bedside table and, we hadn’t slept with any sheets so he didn’t have to pull them down, without a single word, started to blow me passionately. If only I could start every day blowing him or having him blow me. I would blow him when I came back home. He nodded but did not say a single word knowing I was going to piss him too. This time it was only during the blowjob and short because I had already pissed. Then, never warning him beforehand, I cummed the milk from my cock in his mouth. We drank our coffees then and I asked him please not to be the one who said today who should drink each cum. He said it would be him today and tomorrow we both should say. We went to our bedroom toilet. We both shat and puked in the conventional toilet and then Matt looked at all that mess and said.

-My love, both our shits and both our pukes are there. I have to get a little snack of all that mixture of delicacies.

The goal was to empty our stomachs once a day, but I had to take a little snack from that mess too. Absolutely pervert and delicious. The more we tasted our delicacies, the more we knew we would want them always in our stomachs. Then I took the dildo out and left it in the toilet in case he wanted to smell or lick it.

I didn’t want to but I needed a shower. I told Matt I would only have showers now on Monday mornings and when I was on holidays, only once a month or the time he decided. I started to get used to see my husband there looking at me and jacking off as I was washing. He said he wanted to cum and praised every single spot of my naked body. I had to wash off my scent and he said he was sorry for that but happy to have my smelly clothes at home so as not to ever lose my aroma but added I would also smell wonderfully when clean. Then as I was washing my feet, he could not hold it any longer and cummed. Now I had to put some clothes on. I had been stark naked since Friday night. I knew it would only be for a few hours now and my husband told me I was so cute even with some clothes on.

Finally at half past nine I left to go to the Baileys. It was very close. In fact I was in their house till half past twelve. They wanted to check my skills and made me do everything but I was finally hired. I would start on Tuesday and would have to work from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. but today I could return home. It was wonderful to be back home and find your husband there, naked and waiting for me. We pissed each other first after kissing and then I asked him if he had left any little snacks for me. He said he had blown his nose in Ellie’s room floor, spat on the kitchen table; pissed on my former room toilet, shat a little in the sixth step of the stair and had left a little snack of puke on the spiral staircase. It was funny to look for all these treasures and start dirtying my stomach with his delicacies. Then I said it would be difficult to leave little snacks for him now for he would see me leaving them and would know where they were and what delicacy it would be. But he told me.

-Leave those things for later. Now I suggest putting some clothes on and going together to the place where you saw a doggie shitting yesterday. I have a lunch box here ready to collect those two turds you told me about and bring home tonight’s dinner.

We put on some clothes and got out. The air seemed to smell of dogshit or maybe it was that we wanted it so much. We were soon there, Matt saw it and picked it up and took our dinner into the lunch box. We returned knowing we had ordered delicious dinner to a wonderful restaurant.

That day of course we shat and puked in each other’s mouths again. Matt suggested that tomorrow we should eat no delicacy all day so at night our puke could have the taste of natural puke, with no more ingredients. I agreed, but that would be tomorrow. Today we could go on enjoying our toilet life. I am glad every day when it is shit time and puke time. I blew him and after three hours with the dildo again he took it out and fucked me again with his dick. Then, when he cummed, it was strange to feel my ass with no dick inside. I fucked him too, of course; then I licked his feet and finally I could cum with his left pit.

Every afternoon we saw a porn movie together reciprocally jerking off. Today he chose a hot one too, but I am not going to describe every porn movie I have seen with him. And finally it was time for our fabulous dogshit dinner and puke for dessert.

We puked first. We liked the fact of eating standard meals in the bowls we had used to puke our dessert. We left that cream to turn us on all the time with its wonderful smell. Then he opened his lunch box. The two turds of dogshit were very similar, and he gave me the one closest to me, also sitting north, and he got the other turd. It is impossible to say I liked that taste. I certainly preferred Matt’s shit. I would not recommend its flavour to everyone but it was so hot and pervert to eat it. We both smiled and said oink a lot of times, and of course we were jacking off and farting. I have not eaten any other guy’s shit but Matt’s but I have also tasted horse shit. I like it more. We enjoyed our second pig dinner much and then we went to our dessert. It was always a party to eat Matt’s puke. We were completely satisfied when we finished dinner and dessert and, knowing each other very well now, smiled at the same time as the signal to cum together.

We continued like this in October and November. We had decided to spend Christmas’ time in Spain and get married. We spent a month in Barcelona, all costs shared. We chose December 22 for our wedding. No guests, just him and me. We had not washed our pits and feet for the occasion and I wonder what the civil registrar could be thinking but we wanted to have a scented wedding night. He bequeathed his money to an Ngo in Central America which builds houses for people in need.

We have been married for nine years now. Matt is 41 and I am 40. We have cheated each other very often. The first time I cheated my husband I was shy to tell him, but of course he smiled and congratulated me and asked me to tell him every detail. He said he had not cheated me yet; he wanted me to be first. But he cheated me a month later and I was also glad that now it had become a reality what we had chosen. I have never been with a girl again. I also have my wife. We don’t often have feminization, but we have dressed in girl’s clothes many times, always at the same time. And our voice becomes effeminate often when we are fucked. We have sex with many men and lick their asses, pits or feet, blow them, fuck with them and accept piss, gob, snot and farts, but not shit and puke. We are never someone else’s toilet but just mutual toilets.

Matt explained to me the meaning of switch in bdsm. It is one who has both roles, master and slave, depending on the man they meet. Matt had also a masochist side, and we play with each other. I am not his master but I whip him once a month just as he whips me. We kick each other’s balls five times a year. He says he can kick my balls now because I also kick his balls. So, I’ve never had any master. We hardly paint humiliations now on our bodies, only humiliations which are true, like painting “shiteater” on our bodies. Our first surname is Littledick but we don’t often use it. We are both proud of our cocks and balls and we don’t feel like humiliating that wonderful part of our bodies which gives the other so much pleasure. Only if we are ill, we “only” cum three times a day, but our average is at least five times a day.

We see a porn movie together every day or often read erotic stories, and we still have time for our usual conversations about gardening, stars or non-erotic literature. We don’t spend the whole day totally nude, but every day we have a moment to be naked, apart from going to bed, which we always do stark naked. We fart in every meal and we can equally speak of stars in them as of shit. It is pleasant to talk about delicacies when we are eating. Matt’s rule of hygiene is still the same, for I implore him not to change it. I am often unwashed on holidays but in normal days, I go to the shower only on Mondays. He prefers my smell of one month unwashed.

We often leave each other’s little snacks anywhere in the house, preferably on the first floor, and on safe hours also on the ground floor. Visits have never surprised us with shitted asses or with little snacks of delicacies anywhere, but we both have often opened the door in shorts and with a boner. We share the secret closet and of course there is a painting there where you can read “I even love you with my shit” and two others with “I love you, Cayron” and “I love you, Matt”. All our friends know Matt and I are a married couple, but none knows we are each other’s complete toilet for life. They have no need to know. We go to Pleasuredome very often and share the bathtub, share piss, smelly feet and so on. We have met many unwashed men on the internet and cheat each other with them, and often we are both together. None of these men knows our reality of complete toilets for life.

We have spent all these years sharing our delicacies. We have sometimes had temporary restrictions, because sometimes we have shat blood, for instance, but we have not had so far any delicacies restriction. We have never been ill apart from some cold from time to time and we are always recycling. Some days we decide to swallow nothing so tomorrow we could enjoy the taste of natural vomits. We have tasted each other’s diarrhea many times and we both say the same. The taste may be somewhat disgusting but it is hot to know that we are toilets and we must swallow whatever delicacy our bodies produce. As far as we live we will always love each other and as far as we have health we will always be each other’s complete toilet for life. He is a perfect match for me and I am a perfect match for him. We are so happy together. We discovered ourselves one mad weekend nine years ago. And it all started with a kick in my balls.


Daniel Berasaluce

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