Chapter 7 – I even love you with my shit.

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So I could make him happy for life, I had to go to my room now and wank for two hours and think. So I said goodnight, kissed his mouth and stood up. I stopped again at the stairs landing, I was a while with my back nudity for him to see and masturbate with and soon I turned. I said, as I started to jerk off and he was doing the same:

-Never will I forget this evening or regret any decision I have taken. Never will I forget the hot man I can see opposite playing with his cock. I’m a new man and so you will be with me, always happy, I promise. After tomorrow you deserve to live the happiest days of your life so I say goodbye now, my best friend. I must think a lot, with all my brains, also the brain we men have in our dicks. See you tomorrow, M-A-T-T.

I walked naked to my room and didn’t stop long at the mirror looking at myself. Soon I would masturbate over my reflection. I entered my toilet. I had to piss, wipe my ass and then I had also to brush my teeth. I looked at them in the mirror. They were still full of shit. After all this cleaning I was again naked in my bed and started to jerk off. I had two hours now. I looked at the watch. It was 12:16 this time. I would cum at 1:16 and again at 2:16. I had many things to think about.

I started thinking of the things I would have to do to him. I hoped he liked the taste of all my delicacies, but I would feed him. I had to. I had accepted him as my complete toilet for life and I would be a constant feeder. But I started to imagine myself in those situations, being bottom. Could I do anything? Well, I had already tasted shit and thought I would be capable of eating it tomorrow shat in my mouth. I had not tasted puke so far but I tried to remember the taste of my own puke when I had vomited and thought I could eat that too. And I so desired to be fucked. I had been eager to be fucked for two nights and tomorrow it would be possible. No matter how much it hurt. “Tomorrow you’ll pop my cherry, Sir”. I was a masochist. It is true that my masochistic side had no importance now when there were two more important sides: my gay side and my pig side. All the other things I was sure I could do them. It is briefly told but it was 1.16 and I cummed. He entered when I was cumming.

-First cum, my friend. Now I have one more hour of pleasure. But please come here.

He was next to me and we touched and licked each other for a couple of minutes. I said:

-Could you cum here again, please? You’re the hottest man I’ve ever seen. I like you and would never change anything in you.

I convinced him and he cummed in my room again.

-I’ll leave you now, my love, so you can have more pleasure and can get some sleep tonight.

I kissed him goodnight and he left. I was beginning the second masturbation. First I had to learn to wank after cumming and not being in danger to cum soon again. Suddenly some ideas occurred to me of what to tell him next morning in his room. He has to be calm enough to begin the day. And suddenly I thought so many things that it would take more than an hour to tell him all. But the more I wanked the more confident I was that I wished to tell him all that because I was sure of everything. I would even think of dirty things to tell him that he had not mentioned. And of course romantic things. I will take care that you live the happiest day of your life and the beginning of many happy days. Thinking so many things gave me confidence that I really desired them too. Wait for tomorrow at breakfast. No, all the things I have to tell him I would tell him little by little. A lot of things in his room, and the rest, when he was calm and happy I could tell him on the couch. Finally 2:16. It was time to cum definitively.

That night I was exhausted and sleep was easy. I don’t even remember having to go and piss. I was soon asleep and have no memories of what I dreamt. The alarm clock rang and found me again with a boner. I went to the toilet and pissed. Then I looked for the lipstick. Now I had to write “my surname is littledick”. I was hot again at each letter. It would be hot to spend the day with two humiliations painted. Of course I was not going to erase the former. I’d have two, and I’d go to the country to masturbate with a boner, stark naked, unwashed, with two humiliations on my body and with a shitted ass by then. I said to myself: “leave your room now, you littledick.”

I enjoyed again my naked stroll down the stairs to the northern kitchen. As I wanted today to be perfect for him, I was very careful with the coffee I would prepare him. You’re gonna give him dinner cooking with your stomach so breakfast and lunch are with your hands and he has to like them too. Coffee at last was coming out. But I poured my coffee first and then I started to play with my cock. I had chosen the place where I would cum. But I cummed soon and then kept on drinking my coffee, for I wanted my bladder to be full for the moment I was in his bedroom. After five minutes of very slow coffee I knew my bladder was filling and I got the tray and went up the stairs again stark naked to his room.

He was waiting for me and smiled.

-“Good morning, Sir.”

-“Good morning, littledick.”

-“Good morning, littledick.” –I added

-“Good morning, Cayron.”

This was the dialogue we had rehearsed. But I had something more to say.

-“Good morning, M-A-T-T, my friend”

And I put coffee on his bedside table and pulled down his sheets. I was moved again. I started to grope him and lick him, even his cock. I expected it. He had “my name is Matt Littledick Valance Carballo” on his chest. I cried again, couldn’t help it.

-I expected it but I cannot help but feeling moved again. Well, my friend. I want you to start one of the happiest days of your life. But I have many things to tell you. First I want to ask how long you can hold your bladder, because if you see you cannot hold it any longer, I will take my mouth to your cock and drink it, so you are calmer.

-Do not worry about my bladder. I can hold it for half an hour. I want to listen to you.

-Well, first let me tell you – I said-, that we had rehearsed a dialogue and that’s why I called you sir again, but it will be the last time I will call you sir, I promise. I will utter your name when we go to the southern kitchen but now you will only be M-A-T-T, my friend. But you must remember I have been your servant for ten years, first your gardener, then your cook and now your only servant. It will be difficult for me to forget the word sir forever, but please first let me be the one who sees I have made a mistake. Imagine I say “I love your kidney juice, Sir”. If I see I have made a mistake I will immediately say “I mean I love your kidney juice, my friend.” But imagine I don’t see my mistake. You are my best friend now; do not allow me to call you sir more times, so please say something like this: “Cayron, you have made a mistake. Could you please repeat it correctly pronounced?”

-Ok, Cayron, my love. I am glad you don’t call me sir anymore.

-It is also a pleasure for me to tell you that of course I have jerked off and cummed in the northern kitchen but soon, because I wanted my bladder to be full. My cum is waiting for you in the northwestern leg of the table. I don’t know if you prefer I tell you later but I will say it now. Soon I will cum in your room. And you will drink both. First this one and next we will go down to the kitchen hand in hand and you can drink my first cum. And we will be all day cumming, both of us, and I will share drinking milks from our cocks with you. I will tell you who must drink each one as you asked me to. I have also a very important question to ask you, M-A-T-T.

-Ask anything.

-I want to know what opinion you have of yourself for wanting to be a toilet.

-I don’t know if this answer is the one you expect, but I will tell you nevertheless. I am proud of myself. Sometimes I have met men on the internet and they asked me to shit in their mouths, for instance, and they told me things like this: do it, please. I feel shame about myself and I am garbage. I don’t like the word shame when we are talking of human toilets and I don’t want to pay a psychologist for them, so I diplomatically refused to know them and I don’t use them as toilets. You can eat shit or not, but I think that if you like eating shit there is no reason why you cannot feel pride. I knew when I was very young that I was pig enough, and I feel proud. I will always feel proud when you use me.

-That’s the answer I wanted to hear. I am gonna use you today many times and did not want you to feel ashamed of what you do. This way it will be easier for me to be your user. I have not regretted the decision to have you as my complete toilet for life, my friend. And I will piss in your mouth later. But first I want you to carefully listen to what I am going to say. I won’t tell you what I might do or not today, but you can believe I am very sure of this. I was whacking off for two hours yesterday night and I know. I want to be, my friend, your urinal for life.

-I think you are sure, Cayron. And you will be. But please do not go further. You don’t have to be as pig as I am.

-M-A-T-T, every time either of us has to piss today it will be in each other’s mouths and after today always, if we are together. But I want to make your cock absolutely free. I do not know if you have ever pissed somebody as he was blowing you.

-I have never pissed anybody in a blowjob.

-You can now, in this blowjob I will give you now and in any other blowjob I will give you. I’m your urinal for life. When I finally have your cock in my mouth, it will be to blow you and you will piss whenever you want. You can piss before the blowjob, during the blowjob, after you have cummed, in that case you only have to say: “Cayron, don’t take your mouth off my dick yet”, and you can quietly continue to piss the rest of your delicious kidney juice. It can be before and during; before and after; during and after; before, during and after; I don’t know if there are any other combinations. So, remember, my friend, whenever you want. You can feel like pissing when you hear I am going to blow you and tell me nothing. In my mouth as I am blowing you is a perfect moment. And of course I also want a glass of your piss to accompany any dinner I have.

-Then I accept you as my urinal for life, my love. Do not worry about my bladder. I do not want to miss that experience of peeing during a blowjob and I can hold it for half an hour. Keep on talking.

-I will piss in your mouth now, but of course the first time I am a little nervous about what you might think of the taste.

-Cayron, how long can your hold your bladder?

-A quarter of an hour, my friend.

-Then I will tell you something so you are calm. There is a gay leather bar in the city called Pleasuredome. There may be more in the country but I don’t know. People go there dressed in leather, rubber, and uniforms: you may find cops, firemen or sailors there. But you are also let in stark naked as I prefer to enter. I go there once a month and I am the bar’s bitch and the bar’s toilet. In Pleasuredome you can find a bathtub, which is not against the wall, but in the middle of one room. People who go there know very well that the bathtub is for pigs who go in there and want to be pissed. The bathtub is near the urinals and unfortunately many prefer to piss there. But I am well-known. If the bathtub happens to have nobody in, I go inside and I am pissed all over for hours. The bar has no showers and after some hours all my body is pissed so I devote half an hour to wash myself thoroughly, so once a month I might possibly smell cleaner when I return home than hours before when I left. I go once a month and I am at least pissed on my body seventy times and in my mouth, thirty times, so calculate, I drink piss thirty times a month only in Pleasuredome, and I have been going to that bar for five years, so they can well be two thousand times that I have drunk piss. People also spit on my naked body or in my mouth which is open all the time. If somebody wants me to fuck him, I do, or if somebody wants to fuck me. I blow anyone; lick their asses, feet or pits, I do anything they want. Once there came a guy and farted in my open mouth; once there came a guy and blew his nose in my open mouth. And even once a guy shat in my mouth there. But, though it is clearly a pleasure for the shitter and the shitted one, me now, we can stop the arousal of anybody in the bar who is close and can see us, so we usually go to the toilet. They ask me if I want to be shat, of course I answer yes, and I remind them they can also puke in my mouth and seventy times out of a hundred I enter a toilet to be shat, I am also puked. I mean, Cayron, I may have drunk now, not only in that bar, kidney juice more than 2000 times, and I have liked all. I remember a guy who once pissed blood in my mouth. I said nothing and drank. He wanted to piss me again that very night but my mouth was shut on purpose. He pissed on my chest and soon he saw he was pissing blood. I told him not to worry, it might be a little wound on his cock, and probably it was that because that very guy has pissed in my mouth some more times later. So, Cayron, I have always enjoyed piss, and I will enjoy yours more because it is yours. Are you calm now?

-Much calmer. I think I want to go to Pleasuredome with you and even get into the bathtub. But ok, my friend. Open your mouth now.

He did and I let my cock in his mouth and started to pee. First a little stream, then when I saw he drank my kidney juice happily I pissed him all. I cannot describe his pleasure the first time I was using him. I will always use you, my friend, I thought, so you can always be happy. When I finished I asked if his bladder was ok. He said it was and I said.

-Now we will be all day pissing in each other’s mouth. But there is more, I am also gonna shit in your mouth a little snack. I feel there is a lot of shit for dinner. I hope you don’t object to a big amount.

-The more shit there is the better. Oh, you are making me so happy. I did not expect you to shit me at breakfast. But I repeat you once again, Cayron, there are no wrong moments. Please shit me now. I will spend this day with my mouth full of shit and won’t brush my teeth.

-And my ass will be unwiped all day. Now, please, my friend, open your mouth.

I approached my ass to his mouth and he started to lick my hole. I farted and seeing he moaned with pleasure, farted three times more. Later, despite it was so unusual to shit in somebody’s mouth I managed to shit him a little snack.

-Delicious, Cayron. Now I expect you keep on shitting my stomach all day and every day.

-I’m glad you like the taste of my shit today.

-Do not worry about the taste of your delicacies tomorrow or any other day. I will eat them all, try any taste and they will be forever delicious, since they are yours. Please never be worried about the taste or shy to use me.

-I have been thinking of some pigs things that you didn’t mention and perhaps you want to try, I even want to try new pig things.

-Oh, my God. It is so good to know you were thinking a lot yesterday night as you wanked in your bed. Tell me.

-First, M-A-T-T, when we go to the southern kitchen and I am saying your name correctly pronounced I want you to make me coffee and milk and piss, one third of the cup will be coffee, a second third will be milk, and a third of piss. You can piss the rest of your kidney juice in my mouth.

-I see you enjoy being a pig, Cayron. I have never tasted coffee and milk and piss. Ok, but I must drink it too.

-Good, my friend. Maybe you will like to have a shower now. But first I have to tell you I will give you no answer of what I am going to do or not today, but believe I want everything for another day: so one day, my friend, you will shit in my mouth; one day you will puke in my mouth; one day you will fuck me.

-Good, Cayron, but take your time; it needn’t be today.

-Yes, M-A-T-T, my friend. But I suggest we can also do this. Imagine one day at 9 a.m. we decide to shit in each other’s bodies and spread the shit and we can be all day like this even when we are having lunch until the hour we decide to have a shower, for example 9 p.m. Then we will both enter the bathtub and have a shower together. I will wash you tenderly and you can wash me all over.

-Oh, my God. With you I even desire to have a shower now.

-And any other moment you decide you will have a shower with me we can fill our bodies with puke, with piss, snot… I have to say one more thing. Of course when I blow you later, I will have fun smelling your ass, your feet and your pits. But there is a part of your body which of course, and I want you to know now, I am going to lick. I call it my fragrant garden.

-I’m glad I have a fragrant garden in my body, but please I don’t want to know. I guessed it was a part of my body but now I am not very sure. You seem to like all parts.

-I like all parts and I won’t tell you now if I will lick only my fragrant garden, two or three parts. Listen to me now. Think of the best smells for others, not for you and me, like deodorant, eau de cologne, a rose, a large perfumed garden… well, they all lack something. They don’t have the smell of arousal. But your fragrant garden is perfumed and makes me horny. And I will be an hour sniffing and licking it or them. But I will cum with it or them twice. When we go to the southern kitchen, after you have enjoyed my feet for an hour, you will open the fridge and get either a pear or an apple. It must be either of this because I want you to rub something on that part of your body, and imagine a banana, it would break in pieces. So you would rub a piece of fruit over your ass, your feet or your pits, so that it has your aroma, and I will eat it later with your taste on it, I will jerk myself off and cum again.

-Oh, my God. I desire you do the same with my fragrant garden, which you know very well it is your feet. Please trample the fruit, so they have the perfume of your feet, and I will wank again and cum again. We could both be eating our perfumed fruit together. Have you got more pig things to tell me?

-No, my friend, but I have more things to tell you, and believe me I am very sure of everything I am going to say now. What about your bladder?

-I want to piss in your mouth when my hot urinal for life is blowing me. Don’t worry, and please go on.

-Well, M-A-T-T, before Friday I had no idea I was gay or bisexual but I am sure now I like men. So I have not had a man in my life before. I can live many years now and be with many men, but no matter how long I live; it is impossible I ever find a man I like more than you; he can’t be cuter, sexier, sweeter or even piggier, which is something I like now a lot. So, it is very clear for me now to say that you are the man of my life, my friend.

He was crying now, but I didn’t care. I knew he was crying with emotion and I loved to see him so happy.

-This is the most wonderful breakfast of my life. Cayron, please, please, be very sure of everything. It needn’t be today and I always want to be the man of your life. Of course, my love, you are the man of my life.

-I have more things to say. In this moment of my life my stupid heart has not fallen in love with you yet but…

-Cayron, please. Say whatever you want, but don’t say stupid heart. You have the most beautiful heart in the world. It hurts me to hear you say that.

-Well, never again will I say stupid heart, you can be sure. I don’t love you with my heart yet, but I want to. Oh, if these things were chosen by the brain. I would be deep in love with you now. So I prefer to say it in a different way, and as I know you like to hear something romantic and something dirty at the same time, I will say it thus: in this moment of my life, I love you with my brain, love you with my cock and balls, love you with my ass, love you with my pits, love you with my feet, in this moment of my life I even love you with my shit –in that moment he broke down and started to weep. He knew I loved him now and I was happy. I could not start this day simply using him. He had to feel reassured before-. The shit you have just eaten, my friend, was in love with you.

-Cayron, my love, you are the most wonderful boy on Earth. Nobody can love me more than you if he loved me with his heart. Never forget how much you love me. You have taken me to heaven at breakfast. But “I even love you with my shit” is the sentence of my life. If it weren’t because I could have visits coming to my or our bedroom, I would paint a picture with those words and hang it over the bed. But I will paint it just the same and it will be in our secret closet with the words “I even love you with my shit” in there so I can see it every day and know how much you love me. It is impossible to be happier now. Fuck my bladder. I like to know you love me so much and every time you use me all your delicacies will be in love with me. I have no words for you now. I do not want to be in love with another guy the rest of my life, only with you.

-Good, my friend. One more thing. As I don’t love you with my heart yet, but give me time and I am sure I will, I cannot call you my love because I do not want to confuse you. I will call you my love when I finally love you with my heart, as I desire. But I want to call you something sweet after now, and the rest of the day and any other day you will be my darling.

-So good, Cayron, my love, my darling, the man of my life, my sweetest thing and so many more names I could give you. You wanted me to be calm and I am calm now. Today will be the first happiest day of my life now. With the taste of your wonderful shit in my mouth I ask you, have you got anything to say yet?

-No, my darling. But I will kiss your mouth first before I finally blow you and your bladder is calm now.

-I got shit in my mouth, remember.

-Yes, my darling, it is my shit, and you are sure now how much I love you, so let us kiss now.

I loved the taste of his mouth now with my shit. We were passionately kissing for a couple of minutes. It was a good love kiss.

-I’ll blow you now. You can piss whenever you want. I won’t talk so you don’t spill your pee and stain the sheets, but you can talk instead.

I soon had his delicious cock in my mouth again. Of course a hot stream of kidney juice fell in my mouth at once. His suffering bladder was relieved now, but I knew I had made him calm and happy and now his bladder could burst in my mouth. I said nothing as I blew him and drank. How I loved to know that today I could blow him more times, and no restrictions now for me to his wonderful dick. After half a minute of constant piss, he flooded me little by little but continuously. I didn’t want his stream to stop. I said nothing. I had to learn to shut up whenever I was drinking his kidney juice, but he did the talking.

-Cayron, my dear. You have made me the happiest man on Earth at breakfast. I will always love you and take care of your happiness. You can enjoy being a masochist with me and being gay. You can be as pig or not as pig as you want every day. I will not piss after cumming in this first blowjob that you are my urinal for life. You can talk if you want.

-I’m afraid I can only repeat myself. How I like your cock and the fact that now I know that it will be always for me to suck whenever I want. And I love drinking your every piss: your first morning kidney juice and all. I like all varieties of taste.

But finally he cummed in my mouth in five minutes. I of course cummed on the floor and invited him to get out of bed and drink it. It would be the first time he would taste the milk from my cock. I saw how happy he was as he squatted on the floor, took out his tongue and finally tasted it.

-Delicious too. I have tasted many things from you now, my love. Spit and phlegm last night and now piss, farts, shit and cum. I wish I could taste them every day after today.

-You will, my darling. Now let me hold your hand and let’s go down to the kitchen. There is another delicacy from me waiting for you to taste.

We sweetly came down the stairs, hand in hand. I approached his naked skin to mine so he could feel my warmth. We resembled a couple in that moment. We reached the northern kitchen at last, and knowing where he would find it, he saw my cum at once. Now he lied on the floor and drank it slowly, savoring it. It could have a more rotten taste now, but he enjoyed it just as much. I kissed him again when he stood up and assured him he would have my every delicacy after now. Then we went hand in hand to the living room couch. He would wait for me there. Now I had to go up to my bedroom and find smelly slippers. I knew I had some pairs there. I would choose the ones who had a stronger perfume of my feet. I looked under the bed. They were four pairs. I smelled them all and chose a grey pair. I got the left slipper and got a good whiff for him and thought: “You’ll like this smell. My feet are here.” But I stopped, sat on the bed and sniffed my own feet. Well, they are perfumed enough for you now. Then I returned to the left slipper and licked it inside. “You’ll love this taste, I know.” Then it was my own private party. I sniffed the right slipper and thought I would jerk over the smell of my own feet one day. I also loved them. I licked it many times later, enjoying my own flavour. Then I soon became a good doggie. I was looking forward to that moment. I put both slippers in my mouth and even tried to bark in my own room. It was difficult but not impossible. I said woof many times and then, with slippers still in my mouth, I left my room, and already on top of the stairs he could see me and wanked madly. I went down slowly saying woof as best I could but many times. It was a magnificent parade being a doggie coming down the stairs to take my slippers to my darling to smell and taste. I approached him both my slippers and he sniffed them both and tasted both a good while. Then I said I wanted to fart to leave him some more of my smell while I was wanking in the country. He opened his mouth and I farted twice. Then, his mouth still opened, I spat. I kissed him and put on my slippers again and was ready to go out to the country to masturbate.

It was glorious to feel the air on my naked unwashed body, with two humiliations painted any one could read, with a clear boner and shitted arse. It was an absolute sensation of freedom, an anticipation of the pleasure I would always have with him. I was sure he was the man of my life. I knew where I wanted to go: those two rocks close together. It was half a kilometer away. I enjoyed the still hot air and walking naked with a boner. I was eager to find them and begin, but soon I was there. I sat on the western rock, on my right, took off my slippers and lay my feet on the other. It was 11.31. I would masturbate till 12.31. I enjoyed my masturbation quietly for half an hour, calm to know that nobody was coming, but after half an hour I heard a noise similar to that of an animal approaching. It was a small black doggie. A different doggie, and you also foresaw it, my darling. He approached me and seemed to like my scent. “Please, be a good doggie”, I thought, “smell as much as you want but don’t lick me. I don’t want to have dog saliva hiding my own smell that he likes so much. He sniffed my pits, my feet and my cock and as if he was looking forward he approached his nose to my shitted ass and was a long while sniffing. He seemed to love that smell. As if he had been reminded of one of his favourite smells, he moved away and I saw him starting to shit. I madly jacked off in that moment; enjoying the sight of a dog shitting while I was comfortably wanking and watching. “Either of us has seen a dog shitting, my darling, I will tell you where the dogshit is and you can bring it for dinner.” When the dog finished shitting, it was almost the hour to cum. I was a while now thinking of dogshit for dinner and at the exact minute I cummed. None of us will drink this cum, I thought, I don’t want you to stain your tongue with earth. And I returned home. I was looking forward to say many things to him now on the couch. Once I entered the house, I took off my slippers and walked barefoot to him. I asked him if he had to pee, he said yes, and I opened my mouth. I could see his cum on the floor. I was glad he had had some fun in my absence. I also saw a dildo and a box of condoms on the couch. He would tell me later that he had also brought Trash to the dining-room and some sheets so I could comfortably sit there with shitted arse. I enjoyed his sweet kidney juice again and of course then I also pissed in his mouth. Once I had learnt to do it I was no longer shy or worried. I knew now he liked the taste of my piss. I sat, grabbed his cock, he grabbed mine and we started a new reciprocal masturbation.

-My darling, I have many things to tell you now. –I said, jacking him off, groping him and kissing him-, first when we cum, I will drink mine and you will drink your cum, but the cum from you I see now on the floor will be for me too. So, I will have two for my hungry stomach. It is a pleasure for me to tell you I have really enjoyed masturbating in the country, but you are a seer again. A doggie approached me and sniffed me all over, and when he smelled my shit, he started to shit. He started to shit! Now, my darling, either of us has seen a dog shitting and if you want you can also bring it for dinner. I will show you where it is.

-Tonight, my love, I only want to taste your delicacies. It will be more rotten tomorrow, but it will have a good flavor nevertheless. I will bring that dogshit for dinner tomorrow.

-Good, my darling, but I also want to taste it. Maybe I don’t like it and will eat no more. But if I happen to like it, you will have to share its turds, they are two, with me.

-Ok, my love. I know I cannot tell you not to eat it now. Taste it and then you will tell me but I’m glad to know my dinner for tomorrow is awaiting me.

-Good, and now listen to me, my darling. I do not want you to spend all day today not knowing what I might tell you and you must know now. Of course I will go into our bed with you tonight, and every day. We will share our sheets now and both our bodies will be together and we can kiss, embrace and have sex being both always totally nude. We will always sleep together now and I do not want you to change our sheets. They have a wonderful smell and soon my scent will be in them too. So, I am absolutely sure of this. I won’t say I will, but I am your boyfriend now. I couldn’t tell you so many sweet things at breakfast and not be your boyfriend now.

-Oh, my love, I guessed you could tell me something like this, but I was afraid that you still wouldn’t want to come to bed with me.

-And we will have our final fireworks there. You know I still don’t love you with my heart but I don’t need that to know I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I will even ask you something you did not mention. My darling, I want to marry you.

-Oh, my god. Of course I want to marry you, my love.

We kissed then for a couple of minutes, passionately.

-We both have the same double nationality. We could spend a month in Spain and get married there. But please, plane, hotel, everything, all expenses shared. I know you believe me now and don’t think I am a bitch but I don’t want you to ever have any doubts. So, ok, we will marry soon and if something happens to you, this house can be for me. I can also die before you. I don’t need to save money now to buy a house. But I will have money enough if we ever divorce. So, please, if you want to make me happy, you must do this. I don’t want any money from you. So I am always calm, you must bequeath your money to an NGO and don’t cheat me. I must see your will.

-I will, my love. You are no bitch and you must always be reassured that I do not think wrong of you. I will have to think of an NGO now to bequeath my money, but I am perfectly sure how clean your heart is. Oh, my love, soon we will be a married couple and oh how happy we will be.

-So, you can call me now my boyfriend or my husband. And so can I call you. We are gay and we will never use words like straight or faggot. But we can enjoy, both of us, being gay. I have more things to tell you but the rest will depend on whether you consider that we both have a clear feminine side and can have fun talking about each other as girls or women sometimes.

-I love feminization with you.

-So you must understand that not only do we have an enormous dick in our minds, but also enormous cunts. We can have fun licking our respective cunts and we can also be lesbians. Why not have it all, if we can?

-Good, we will be lesbians too.

-And you are both my boyfriend and my girlfriend. If ever I have the temptation again to be with a girl, you will be my girl. And I am both your woman and your man, and soon your husband and your wife. So you can have the pleasure of feeling heterosexual with me. And I can still be heterosexual with you. There will be no more girls in my life than you. Neither of us believes in fidelity so we can cheat each other, sometimes with the same man.

-Good –he answered as we wildly had a new reciprocal masturbation and groped, licked, sniffed and kissed.

-So, we like both women and men and we can be bisexual. But there is more. I am a man with a cunt in my mind; I am a woman with a dick. So you are, my darling. So we are both transsexual. We are everything.

-We are everything, my husband, my wife, my boyfriend, my girlfriend, my gay partner, my lesbian, my bisexual love, my heterosexual love, my transsexual love. We will never be less than all these things together.

-And now let us cum, my husband.

We did. He tasted his cum and I tasted his former cum and mine. My cum was also delicious. Then I asked him to open his mouth and I spat and farted again and told him I was going to prepare our lunch now.

I also made fried egg and a hamburger for me and ate it in the kitchen but I also had a little snack of my shit. I had not tasted it yet. Good, now I knew what he was eating was premium shit. I took his lunch to the living room, with a surprise and an empty glass.

-Here you are, my darling. I don’t know if with no wrong moments you mean this but…

And he saw his lunch then.

-Fried egg, hamburger and some shit. Wonderful lunch. And so it must be, my husband, with no wrong moments I meant that: whenever it is your fucking will, all day.

-And I will fill this empty glass with piss now to accompany your lunch and taste something of what you will taste at dinner.

He ate with fork and knife, even the snack of shit I had shat for him. He even dipped some shit in the egg yolk. I went immediately to the floor and placed myself on all fours, in a position that he could see my ass and I could see him eat. His cock was hard as stone now but I had to make it harder.

-My macho, you must hear me now –I said with an effeminate voice-, I love looking at the hot boy who will be my husband, and I am going to stick my fingers in my shitted pussy now, so you know I am your wife and this is the cunt I want you to fuck every day. Do you really think that I am going to bed with this sexy man and he is not going to fuck me? Of course you will and many times a day. I’m dying for you to thrust your dick in my pussy and make me feel your wife forever. I am glad to see you are now hard as stone. That’s my macho. And I am a masochist, remember, this is the only time I will enjoy the pain of it. So you’ll shove it to the hilt or I’m not your wife. My pussy is wet now awaiting your beautiful dick.

He had just finished his fried egg, hamburger and shit, licked his shitted finger and put on the condom and said.

-Ok, my wife. We’ll see now if it is possible. I want to pop your cherry. Let’s see if today is possible. But you tell me, my girlfriend. I love to see you so girlie.

Then he thrust his dick into my ass and penetrated me at last. It was painful and he was waiting for me to say if I wanted him to go on or stop.

-Go on, my darling. I love the psychological pleasure to feel your dick at last in my pussy. And I love this pain. Of course you will pop my cherry and you’ll cum in the condom inside my little ass.

Then he started an orgy of touching, caressing and licking, and kissed me all the time. He wasn’t jacking me off then but I had the pleasure of his touch and smell as he fucked me at last. Soon I had to say.

-Now it hurts less. It is almost a pity for me. I was enjoying the pain.

I continued to be effeminate but I could hardly talk because his mouth was always kissing me. But the glorious moment came when I told him that it didn’t hurt anymore and he began to jack me off.

-So good, my husband. Do not cum soon. It is such a great pleasure that I can’t control myself. Now I hope you fuck me every day. But I am going to cum, my darling. I got things to tell you, but please, please –my voice was completely effeminate now-, do not cum yet.

I cummed on the floor and he continued to fuck me hard. I said.

-This cum is for you to drink, and I will drink yours in the condom. But I have more things to say. It feels so good to have a cock fucking me that I want to be fucked for more than twenty-four hours. When you cum, you will insert the dildo. Now it is half past twelve. Tomorrow at half past twelve you will take it out just to fuck me with your very cock again. And listen to me carefully now. You don’t know yet the pleasure I had this morning it our room, sniffing all the perfumed parts of your body, knowing I would cum with my fragrant garden but knowing very well I would lick all your fragrant parts. So when you cum we will drink our milks from our cocks and you will tell me in what order you prefer your coat of saliva.

-Then I will cum now.

We kissed passionately again; he took off his condom and inserted my plug. I started to fuck myself with it at once and begged him to fuck me too, and later, saying nothing to me he squatted on the floor and drank my cum. I took his condom and said.

-You must understand how important this cum is for me. The very first time you cum inside my pussy. And it has my shit in it too –I licked it completely. All that mixture of tastes was perfect-. Wonderful. Never forget I am both your husband and your wife and keep on fucking me.

-Good, my love. Do you want to lick everything now?

-Of course I do.

-Then you will start licking my feet.


Daniel Berasaluce

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