Chapter 6 – Schedule for Sunday.

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-My Cayron, do you still want me to piss and cum in your mouth?

-Yes, my dear friend, Sir.

-So, we should make a deal. I’ll cum and piss more than once in your mouth if you often piss and cum on the floor.

-Then I will start now, Sir. I have to piss.

And I stained the living room floor again. Of course he sniffed and licked some of my piss.

-I want to keep calling you sir until tomorrow. I am your friend but the word sir seems to have been invented for you. You know how to drive a man crazy, how to be always sweet, how to praise him to the skies, how to recognize a man’s pleasures and take him to heaven, never dominating, always suggesting. The word sir should be in the dictionary with your name for everyone to see and know.

-I don’t know what to say, my love, thank you very much. Can I go on?


-I want you to start a new masturbatory pleasure. I will feel it too. To start a new masturbation the right moment after you have cummed. So tonight in the living room I want you to cum at least twice. And to piss at least once more. I am sure I will piss more than once and cum at least twice. I’ll be as easy with you as I desire you are with me. I will simply say: Cayron, open your mouth please. And I will approach my cock to your mouth and cum or piss. And after this delicious reciprocal masturbation in which I have so much to tell you that it can last for two hours…

-Better if I’m jacking you off for two hours, Sir, enjoy my hand on your cock as long as you are having pleasure, and please take all the time in the world to tell me. No need to hurry.

-First I want to ask you how you have liked your first twenty-four hours nudist experience.

-I will have no clothes on till Monday morning, Sir. You can be sure of that. I like being naked. I desire to be like this all my life whenever I am with you. And I prefer you have no clothes on either.

-Then the moment we have both cummed at least twice, we will say goodbye for today. You may be a while again in the stairs landing, then you will go to your bedroom, you may desire to look at yourself again in the mirror, or even jack off seeing that hot naked man, yourself, or you may desire to be masturbating in bed. Go to the toilet first to piss if you must and wipe your ass again –of course he had a little snack, but now he would not be the only one. I had a little snack of shit again. I would brush my teeth but I wanted to have the taste of shit in my mouth as long as I could-. Then you will jerk off in bed again, tonight for two hours. Look at your watch when you have started, suppose it is again 12:04. You will be whacking off for two hours tonight but you will cum at 1:04 and at 2:04 the definitive milk from the cock on your chest and…

-Sir –I broke in-, what would you want me to think about as I am whacking off?

-Free subject for two hours. You can equally choose images from today or choose the ones you like most for tomorrow. Imagine yourself shitting in my mouth, for instance. I will go to your room but you will be comfortably masturbating for two hours, cum, go to the toilet, always look your piss for me, and please have some sleep. I want you wide awake tomorrow, when I will be your toilet. Hope you have not changed your mind.

-I will never regret any decision I have taken with you, Sir. Tomorrow you will taste all my delicacies, you can be sure.

-Well, then in the morning you will wake up again with a hard on, you will piss with a hard on, and you will look for the lipstick again. You can erase your first humiliation or leave it, it’s up to you, and you can paint a second humiliation on your chest saying “my name is littledick”.

-Sir, I don’t want littledick to be my name.

-Have I offended you?

-Not at all, Sir. You know I want you to call me littledick for life, just the same as you call me my sweetest thing. I only say I don’t want it to be my name but I would like it to be my surname and you know I am half Spanish and I already have two surnames, but now I would have three. I want my full name to be, but just for you, Cayron Littledick Graham León, which you know means lion. And imagine you call me to approach you, you can say “come here, Cayron”, or “come here, littledick”, or even “come here, Graham” or “come here, León”

-Or “Come here, my little lion”

-My little lion, too, Sir. I love it.

-Then my name just for you, but all my life, will be Matt Littledick Valance Carballo. Do you know my name now?

-Yes, Sir, your name is M-A-T-T (I spelled his name) Littledick Valance Carballo.

-Good, you can call me M-A-T-T, I dream to hear my name correctly pronounced tomorrow, but so far I love M-A-T-T. Please call me that often. Cayron, do you realize now we even share one surname? We could be brothers.

-I’m your friend and brother, M-A-T-T, my friend.

-We are, Cayron, my love and friend. Then you will go again to the northern kitchen as you know I would like you to be: stark naked, with a hard on and one or two humiliations painted. It will be similar but not completely. You can make both our coffees again and the sound of coffee coming out will be the sign for you to begin again. You will jerk off as you are having your breakfast, but now you will cum anywhere in the kitchen. As I know you know the cardinal points, remember where your semen is and tell me later. You can tell me it is under the fridge, close to the southeastern cupboard, anywhere. I will tell you later why I want to know. Then you may come to my bedroom again with my coffee, but you must know I can take breakfast to your room any day, I dream with it, I could drink your kidney juice or blow you, as you did this morning.

-You can bring me coffee to my room the day after tomorrow, if you want.

-Thank you. Now breakfast in my room will be very similar. You can leave the tray again on the bedside table, pull down my sheets, get horny with my unwashed naked body, tell me some sweet things, and when I finish coffee, you can have kidney juice again and blow me, jerking off all the time and cumming on my bedroom floor. Now there will be two cums from you to choose. You can tell me I will drink neither, or only one, or both. If you decide only one, tell me which one; if you decide I can drink both, tell me in which order. I can go to the northern kitchen with you to drink it and then return to my room to drink the other. In case I can drink your cum in the kitchen I would like to go down the stairs holding your hand and…

But I had to stop him. I was moved

-Sir, you will come down to the kitchen holding my hand, whether to drink my cum or with any excuse, but I would love to come down the stairs hand in hand with you, and we will, you can be sure.

-Good, Cayron, my love, we will both be all day cumming, and except your two first milks from your cock, you will say all day who will drink any cum of ours falling on the floor. You can drink yours, you can drink mine, I can drink yours and I can drink mine, but either of us, the one you choose, has to drink all our milks. If you do not want to drink, no problem, I will drink yours and mine. Where was I?

-I was giving a new blowjob to your wonderful dick at breakfast, Sir, and we both had cummed.

-And no restrictions after tomorrow to have fun with my cock the way you like it and any time you wish. Well, you have drunk my kidney juice again. So, please Cayron, open your mouth – I did and he pissed in my mouth. I drank all his kidney juice and praised it later telling him I loved this sweeter taste but piss would be always nice to drink, any hour of the day-. Well, then, after you leave my bedroom we would both go down the stairs again and I will wait for you wanking on the couch, for you will go to your bedroom again and look for some slippers which have still the perfume of your feet. Choose the most scented ones you have, and then take the left one and get a whiff of it as if it was me smelling it, then lick it inside for me, as if I were tasting your perfume; next get the right slipper and sniff for your pleasure; you can also enjoy the perfume of your feet, and then lick it to for your pleasure; next take them in your mouth as if you were a good doggie, and come down the stairs with them in your mouth, and barking if you want. Then approach me and…

-Sir, I will give no future answer, but that picture of myself coming down the stairs, with slippers on my mouth and saying woof as a doggie, I will never forget; it is a hot picture to wank over.

-I’m glad you like it. Then be a moment next to me on the couch and approach them to me. I wanna smell both and taste both. And now I want you to have a new masturbatory pleasure alone, in the country. You will put on your slippers now so you can go to the country and never stain your feet. You will be stark naked except for your feet. But if you want to be stark naked without your shoes too, you may find those two rocks very close to each other, sit on one, take off your slippers and lay your feet on the other.

-I know where those two rocks are.

-But maybe you have shat in my mouth by then, because there are things I will not tell you and you can shit in my mouth any moment you wish, and I wish you spent all day with an unwiped ass after you have shat. You know nobody comes here, but being outside stark naked, with a hard on, one or two humiliations painted, unwashed and maybe with shitted arse, imagine the danger. I don’t want the police to come and take you.

-Sir, nobody will come, but suppose the police came for me. I know you are not my master, but I would tell them I have a master who has ordered me to go outside in those conditions and jerk off somewhere. They can reprimand me, but I do not think I will go to prison for that. So, continue.

-Well, then breathe the air caressing your naked body, feel the pleasure to be naked outside, choose a place to jerk off and do it for an hour. Look at your watch the minute you begin and then sixty more minutes of pleasure and then cum on the ground and return home. The moment you enter, take off your slippers and come to the couch with me, where we will reciprocally jack off again. You can tell me your experiences in the country. Imagine a doggie, I mean a different doggie from you, approaches you and likes your perfume too. You can tell me. By the way, on the couch you will see now a condom and a dildo.

-Sounds very good, Sir, go on.

-We will both be reciprocally wanking till we cum, and then, Cayron, can you do both lunch and dinner tomorrow?

-Of course, Sir.

-But after tomorrow I will do every dinner this week and every lunch next week. It can be like this forever. You one week lunch and I dinner, and the next week you will make dinner and I will make lunch, and so on. But Cayron, I want my lunch tomorrow to be cooked by your hands and dinner by your stomach.

-Sir, now you tell me but you can be sure you will eat tomorrow anything you order.

-For lunch I want just this, fried egg and a hamburger. You can do the same for you and eat in the kitchen or come and eat with me, as you prefer. I want to eat little lunch because after lunch might start what I call fireworks for you and you may desire to do nothing, something or everything.

-Fireworks for me. It sounds really good. But, Sir, It won’t be nothing. At least I will blow you, drink your kidney juice and eat your snot, remember.

-Can I tell you now what I want for dinner?

-Please, Sir.

-Tomorrow night I want to have your piss, your shit, your snot and your puke for dinner.

We never stopped jacking each other off now, we stroked our respective balls, groped all over, sniffed and licked everything, we were farting once and again to make all the schedule perfumed. We had little snacks from ass or nose.

-I want dinner in the southern kitchen. Well, we will get in; I will be sitting awaiting my dinner. By the way, I haven’t thought of anything to eat for you. Eat pizza or anything you like and watch the pig I am saying oink continuously eating what your stomach has prepared for me. I am sure you are able to eat with the smell of your own shit or puke.

-Sir, I want you to be fulfilled and show me the pig you are, cause you know I like it and like you. Do everything you want. Hope you like the taste of everything at dinner.

-I will, you can be sure. It is your stomach, bladder or nose which produce such a delicious meal. Well, I will start. Get one of the longest glasses and piss in. When you have finished filling the glass, you may have more to piss. Tell me the amount I should drink and piss the amount I have emptied and so we will be till you have pissed all. Then get a small plate and blow your nose there. I want your snot as an appetizer and piss accompanying the delicious shit dinner I would have. Then I want to see how you shit my dinner. Get a deep bowl and shit my dinner there. Then get another deep bowl and puke in it and put it on the table before I start dining. I want the smell of my dessert to accompany my whole meal. So, imagine me, eating your shit for dinner, drinking your piss, sometimes having a snack of your snot and then, puke for dessert. I am sure you will be both respectful and aroused.

-You can be sure of my respect and arousal, Sir. Then fried egg and a hamburger for lunch and piss, shit, snot and puke for dinner. I hope you enjoy both.

-I think I was talking about lunch and fireworks before, wasn’t I?

-You were, Sir.

-Well, now, bring me lunch and if you want you can see me eating lunch as you are on the floor on all fours, with your arse to me. You know I prefer you with a masculine aspect but feminization with you might be funny and that can be a perfect moment. I don’t know for instance what the hell macho man means or why the hell some gay people talk about their asses as being their cunts. Gay men are no women and have biologically no cunt. But you can be on the floor with your ass to me on all fours as I eat lunch as effeminate as you want to be, talking of your macho man being in front of you and even with your fingers in your shitted cunt, trying to convince me to fuck you. If I am well convinced I promise when I finish lunch, I will have a condom on my dick and let my dick deep in your arse, to the hilt. But, Cayron, I am not gonna rape you. You may desire it beforehand and then want my cock out of your arse, cause you cannot stand the pain or something. If you ask me to take it out, I will instantly.

-You were fucked for the first time one day, Sir, and stood the pain. I am masochistic and might even enjoy it. And in that moment, after I have been a doggie, I can be girlie.

-Well, suppose I finally fuck you. I will be groping you all over, kissing you, caressing you, but not jacking you off so far. If I finally pop your cherry and you happen to like it, tell me and I will jack you off. And then whenever you want you may cum, before me, because between your cum and my cum, which would be in the condom, but inside your ass, you can tell me either of these two things, or both. You can tell me for instance that you want to be fucked for twenty-four hours.

-Sir, your dick is wonderful, but twenty-four hours?

-I can put a plug in your ass when I cum, I mean the dildo, and you may have it for twenty-four hours and take it out sometimes to fart in my mouth, to shit me a little snack, to shit my dinner… and you can fuck yourself with it or ask me to fuck you with it.

I cummed for the first time and of course started a new masturbation at once. All my muscles were on fire and I thought I could cum again soon. But soon I started a second masturbation.

-And there is another thing you can say. Maybe you’d like to tell me that you want to lick every part of my body. It won’t be my cock now, you might have sucked me at breakfast and I will give you more opportunities to blow me. It will be, in alphabetical order, my ass, my feet and my pits. So I go back to breakfast now. If you blow me, you can have fun smelling my ass, my feet and my pits then and you can choose one of those three smells to cum, but do not tell me which. Then now, if you said you would like to try, I will choose an order and tell you to first lick my.., then my… and then my… But of course you can also tell me you will lick only one part or you can say I will lick this and this, but not that. So imagine I say after I have cummed on the condom inside your hot little ass and you on the floor some time before, I might tell you first to lick my arse. You will have the first ass party. I will lie on the couch and you can jack off watching my ass, then, whenever you want, you can touch it, you do it perfectly well, and whenever you want, you may put your tongue inside my arse and get a whiff. If you like it, get a second whiff, then you may lick me once, and if you like it, you can go on…

-Sir, let me remind you I have already had my tongue and nose inside your ass when it was shitted and I loved both the smell and the taste. I will not tell you if I will do it. But it is not impossible.

-Ok. If you want, you can make me a black kiss and even take me to g-spot. I will try to cum in about half an hour.

-If I want to take you to g-spot, please leave your balls burst with pleasure. I don’t care how long it takes you, but if I have made my mind to take you to g-spot, I will take you or else I won’t even begin.

-Well, suppose then that you are rimming me. Then after a quarter of an hour you can tell me this is or this isn’t the spot I have chosen to cum. If it is, I will let you rim me as long as you desire. Then in this alphabetical order, I will tell you to lick both my feet. I don’t want to tell you how it should be done; I am sure you will discover it yourself. Then after you have licked my left foot, you can go to the right one and tell me if my feet are the spot you have chosen to cum or not. Then nothing to say of my pits. Enjoy the armpit hair, sniff as much as you want, lick and then after some minutes, go to my right pit and tell me if you want to cum with it, though in this imaginary example I will know, for if it is the third spot I tell you to lick you may have cummed with my arse of feet and if you haven’t it will be now with my pits. I am sure of your dick now. Imagine you have chosen my ass and cummed with it, and then if you want you can continue with my feet and pits. So now you have made me a coat of saliva, even if it has only been one part, you can tell me this: I wanna be your complete toilet.

-Sounds perfect, Sir.

-Good, but please be very sure. You can taste now anything you want or I could only feed you kidney juice and snot.

-I will be sure whatever I do or I don’t do, Sir. Don’t worry.

-Then, first I would piss in your mouth again, which I know you like. By the way, Cayron, open your mouth again, please –it was so good to drink piss when he was talking about piss. I was never tired of the taste of his kidney juice-. Next, there might come a second ass party. I will lie on the couch again. You can masturbate, grope my ass, sniff and lick, but not to take me to g-spot now remember. The moment you least expect it, I will fart in your mouth. Tell me then if you like it and want me to continue farting in your mouth or not. I will shit in your mouth when you are not expecting it. If you like the taste, my first turd is for you to eat inside my very arse. Suck it as you suck my cock and any moment you choose chew my shit and swallow it. If you want more, I will shit a second turd in your mouth, but this turd is not to eat then. Keep it in your mouth and don’t swallow it. Take your mouth off my ass, and sit on the couch with mouth shut. I will go to the southeastern toilet to bring a mirror. It will be now the shitted teeth party. I will approach the mirror to your mouth, and then you can open your mouth. I will see your shitted teeth and my shit in your mouth and you may see your teeth and my shit on the mirror. Now you can chew and swallow and if you really like it, you can have an optional cum.

-I will not stop cumming, I see.

-You won’t if you don’t like. Cum many times, your wonderful dick is able. But there will also be some optional moments. You can choose to cum, if your balls are calm, or if you see you are too tired then do not cum. It’s up to you or to the power of your beautiful balls. Then you may tell me if you want to eat more shit. I think I can feed you more, and then return to my ass to continue to eat some more shit. Once I have shat everything, tell me again if you want to continue and taste everything and I will spit in your mouth, equally gobs and phlegm for a couple of minutes and next I will blow my nose in your mouth. One or two nostrils, as you prefer. But of course you can also tell me you want to be my toilet for this and this but not for that. Well, if you still want to taste everything, I can make a pig kiss.

-Pig kiss?

-I will kiss your mouth and then vomit for the first time. You may ask me to stop or to continue. If it is the latter, I will go on, sometimes kissing you, sometimes not so you can see the substance, and you may have another optional cum.

-Oh my god.

-That’s the first moment I choose to give you a blow job. Then please do not tell me when you are going to cum. I want your milk when I least expect it. And please enjoy your blowjob, tell me if I can do it better or you like it that way. Then you can give me a new blowjob and when I cum in your mouth you will come on the floor and say who must drink it. Open your mouth, Cayron please –and I tasted again his cum in my mouth and I cummed on the floor too. It was a good moment.

-Sir, according to your schedule, I have cummed three consecutive times. The optional cum with your vomits, then in your mouth as you are blowing me, and last on the floor as I am blowing you. I hope I can but they might be too many, Sir.

-Well, only in my mouth it is compulsory. You decide the optional cum with shit, the optional cum with puke or the one when you are blowing me.

-Ok, Sir. I want to cum many times, but I don’t know if I will be able. Go on.

-We will go then to the southern kitchen. That’s the last moment I choose, if you have not done it before, for you to call me Matt.

-I promise, Sir. It won’t be later.

-Then sit comfortably and wait for me to make a coffee for both. Tomorrow you are to do breakfast, lunch and that delicious dinner with your stomach. It will not always be like this, but please let me at least prepare coffee for you.

-Of course, Sir.

-As you are having your coffee, I will be licking your feet for an hour, half an hour each. And as I am doing, you can create a ranking of your five favourite delicacies if you have tasted five.

-Sir, do you consider mansmells delicacies?


-Then I remind you I have already smelled and tasted your dick, your balls, your arse, your pits and your feet. I have tasted the milk from your cock, your kidney juice, your shit, your snot, I have smelled your farts. I only have to taste your gob, your phlegm and your puke or things as your dirty nails, cough or sneeze now.

-Good, then you can tell me your five favourite ones and order the rest in a ranking as I will do. After an hour licking your feet, if you ask me, I will blow you again, and then we will go to the dining-room to have pleasure in all rooms. I want to see a porn movie with you, the one I consider the piggest movie I have in the piggest conditions with you. It is a Dutch scat movie called Trash. There are only three actors. Let’s call Peter and Paul to the two first dudes. You can tell me the one you like most and I will tell you then if you have been lucky for Paul repeats in the last scene with an older man I will call Cayron.

-Thank you, Sir.

-You know I don’t care about age and he is a real pig. I would do everything with him as I would do everything with you, and that’s why I called him Cayron. There is no snot in the movie but you can see Peter and Paul trying, and they also try to puke, but there is finally puke in the last scene.

-Do not tell me the whole movie, Sir, please.

-No, sorry, I will only say that since it is Dutch, you will see the word Ende when it finishes, not The End. You will see a cockroach walking on the floor and then Ende. And I hope you cum at Ende, or as many times you want earlier.

-You only think of cums, Sir.

-I know. Well, in the morning when you are jerking off in the country I will have taken Trash to the dining-room and a sheet where we can sit with shitted asses and not stain the couch. I will play it and we will start to jack off reciprocally. I know I can cum more than once. And I want you piggier with me in that moment than ever. You will cum in my mouth; you can approach your dick to my mouth at least once during the movie and I will suck or sniff you, ok, not to make you cum if you don’t want. You can approach your ass and I will lick it, or your feet or your pits, I wanna be all the time licking your mansmells. You can piss in my mouth at least once. When I see you standing up and approaching me your cock it will mean you are going to piss or cum. Fart at least once in my presence and at least once fart in my mouth. You can shit in my mouth a little snack if you see there is enough shit for dinner, so if I see you approaching your ass it will mean that you want me to lick your ass, to fart or to shit. My mouth will be open all the time, so you can spit whenever you want but I hope you do many times; you can blow me at least one of your nostrils, in my mouth, of course. You have a great cold and there will be snot enough for dinner. Your stomach, your nose, they can all be full again. And of course I want you to puke at least once during the movie. And you must tell me what you want; at least you may desire mansmells, cum, kidney juice or snot. At the word Ende we will cum again, and then it might be early yet for dinner. We can see the same movie again, or I can bring down a new one, tell me what you prefer and we can be again in the same conditions or just watching the film, as you prefer. And then dinner time at last. You will give me what I have asked for dinner and sit there eating what you like seeing the pig man sitting opposite showing himself as the pig he is, and saying oink. And then I am afraid to tell you, there will be final fireworks with six more cums each. But final fireworks can be in the kitchen or in my bed, which might be our bed tomorrow night. So, finally I will utter my sweet desire. Cayron, my sweetest thing, you know I love you, and it is inevitable, if you want me to say my every desire, to say this: Cayron, my love, I would like to be your boyfriend.

I had never been so moved before. I could see he was crying and almost wanting to apologize for having said that. I was crying too and I had to say.

-I cannot call you sir now. You will be my dearest friend or my best friend only. Good, M-A-T-T, nothing is impossible. In this moment of my life I may desire to live with a girl or with a boy. So, I might possibly desire to have a boyfriend.

-Yes, Cayron, but think twice about it. I do not want you to be my boyfriend tomorrow not to be my boyfriend the day after tomorrow. Tonight, as you are wanking in your bed, think, if you like, that if you desire, this will be the last time you jerk off in that bed or sleep in there alone. You can also come to our bed tomorrow not being my boyfriend. Or you could at least have a nap there sometimes and leave your scent.

-My dearest friend, I promise that at least I will have a nap there from time to time to leave my scent.

-You don’t have to give me an answer tomorrow. Think twice, please, I love you and we can have sex whenever you want and you can continue to live here as a friend and live the way you like most. You know that in this house you can always be naked, as unwashed as you desire, jacking off everywhere, having sex with me when you want, etc.

-I know, my best friend, thank you. I will piss again –I did and next he stood up again and pissed in my mouth. Then I cummed on the floor-. Tell me about those final fireworks.

-They can be in the kitchen or in our bed. Now almost all will be bottom pleasures for me and top for you. First I will blow you again; you cum in my mouth, I will cum on the floor or in our sheets; next, if you want, you can have a bottom pleasure and blow me again, now I will cum in your mouth, you will come on the floor. Then I will lick your feet again, a shorter time, but you must have so much pleasure that you will cum again, and when you cum I will cum. Then, I will lick your pits at last and we will both cum again; then at last I will lick your ass and take you to g-spot, no matter how long it takes me, I may be hours if necessary licking your ass. When your balls burst with pleasure, I will cum too. And finally you will fuck me with a condom, always fuck with a condom, please, and never bareback and you will cum in the condom and I will cum again. But if you have chosen to sleep with me, my boyfriend or not, we will go to the toilet first to brush our teeth and wipe our asses. I want to wipe you and you can wipe me if you want or I will wipe my arse myself. Well, Cayron. Have I forgotten anything?

-Only your piggest desire, Sir.

-I know, Cayron. I will tell you now, cause I know you are the man to hear the piggest thing I have said in my life.

I don’t know if I was prepared to hear him, but it was the piggest thing I had heard so far.

-Cayron, my love, I have sometimes fantasized to live my whole life as a toilet, and I would like to be your complete toilet for life.

I was so moved that I could hardly talk now. I couldn’t find any words, but I had to speak, even in sobs, and had to do it now.

-M-A-T-T, first let me tell you that I like you a lot just as you are. And you think I am the man to hear such a thing, and I am the man to hear it. Do not ever hide me any secret. I really like that pig man sitting next to me. But before starting to cry, it is my fucking will to tell you now, no need to wait until tomorrow, you want to live as a toilet and M-A-T-T, my friend, I don’t even want to say you will be my complete toilet for life, but rather you are my complete toilet for life. I accept you. Now I want you to explain to me exactly what you mean with every detail possible. But you can be sure I will never regret this decision, my best friend. I will continue to live here and you will be my complete toilet for life. I want all your pig dreams to come true and it can be possible with me. But if you are my complete toilet for life, I am your…?


-I don’t like the word use, my friend. I want to please you

-Neither do I. But I think there is no better word. And I want you to use me once and again. Maybe we can say pleasing friend for instance, but a friend who uses me once and again. I want to eat your every turd, drink every drop from your piss for life, every day, but I will explain now.

-I want to know exactly how you want to live, and everything that is in my hand, you will have.

-Well, sex first. I want you to fuck me every day at least once a day. If I happen to have some clothes on, you can pull down my pants and let your cock into my ass, no need to say a single word beforehand. I want to blow you at least once a day, jack you off at least once a day, so I want you to cum at least three times a day, fucking me, allowing myself to jack you off, to blow you. We can be watching a movie and you can tell me: Matt, give me a blowjob right now. Of course I will lick your ass any moment you wish and if you don’t have enough pleasure, you can tell me to take you to g-spot. You can consider me your sexual object, no wrong place, no wrong moment; have sexual pleasure for life, at least three times a day. I know you won’t like sexual object, but you have accepted me as your complete toilet for life and sex is also included. That’s the way I wanna live. You can approach me feet or pits any time you like in whatever hygienic condition, or I could lick your nipples, arms, legs, back, ears, anything.

-I want to know how you wanna live first, my dearest friend. And do not have any doubts: I want to give you pleasure all your life and be your friend for life.

-Thank you, my love. You don’t know how happy you have made me a while ago. But I will tell you every detail. I think I have said all about mansmells. You decide your own hygiene…

-I will work for the Baileys or find another job. I have to go to the shower, but I needn’t do it every day. But when I have a month’s holiday, I will not have showers all the month if you like. But I want to know the smell you prefer: it can be two days unwashed, or a week, two weeks, three weeks, a month. You can control my hygiene, my best friend, and I will always smell the way it is more pleasant to you.

-Good, and as for piss… Of course all this is for the moments you are home with me. If you are working and need to go to the toilet, please go, I do not want your bladder or bowels to suffer. Well, you can piss anywhere in the house with absolute liberty. There are only two places where I would like you not to piss or anything, but you can do what you like: my body, unless you want me to have a shower, and my or our sheets, unless you want me to change my or our sheets. But of course you can do anything in my or our room, in any room, on the stairs, etc, and of course in my mouth. Remember now my stomach is your toilet. For piss and everything you can leave little snacks all through the house. You can tell me for instance one day: I have pissed in the seventh step of the landing, I have blown my nose on the southern kitchen, I have shat on Carla’s room floor. And you must tell me: Matt, go and eat it. Let everything from you always end up in my stomach. Or you can use an ordinary toilet, but then please don’t flush. I might have been eating your shit in any toilet, or putting my hand in the toilet bottom and getting your pee and drinking it. And of course I want you to piss in my mouth at least three times a day. But I want to drink every drop of the piss you produce for life.

-I am starting to know what to be the user of my complete toilet for life will be like. Go on, M-A-T-T, I have said no to nothing and I won’t say no.

-Good. Now I will speak about farts. Always fart in my presence, no wrong times or places. Fart in every one of the rest of my meals for life. If you want to come to bed with me, fart there; farts won’t stain the sheets. And fart in my mouth often. My mouth will always be ready for your gob, phlegm, cough or sneeze, and if it is not open, simply say: Matt, open your mouth, and you can spit in there even if you want to spit two hundred times a day. In this house you need no handkerchief. You can take one to go to the Baileys or anywhere else. But here I am your handkerchief. Whenever you have a cold, leave little snacks of snot anywhere and tell me where they are so I can always eat it, and of course my stomach, via my mouth, is your handkerchief for life. About shit…

-M-A-T-T, I can piss blood, or shit blood; blood can be on my snot, on my puke…

-In that case, first I will eat and then tell you. I can drink your blood piss and then I will tell you: Cayron, you are pissing blood. Then you can see if you piss blood more days, you can have a small wound on your cock for instance, and later I will drink it again.

-But you can make me temporal restrictions, my best friend, or delicacies restriction. I mean you can tell me you don’t wanna eat more shit, or no more shit for a year, and you can eat the other delicacies or even shit again after a time.

-I can make temporal restrictions if that way you feel calmer, but I cannot imagine myself one day saying that I don’t wanna eat more of your shit or anything. But ok, so be it. We will speak of shit now. I repeat you can shit anywhere in this house. But every day I want to eat your shit shat in my mouth, every turd, constipation or diarrhea, all flavors, wanna live eating your shit for life. And the same about puke. Leave your vomits anywhere, and puke often in my mouth, I like it so much that I will beg you to puke in my stomach at least once a day. Now you know what being your complete toilet for life means.

-Tomorrow, M-A-T-T, my best friend, you will taste everything. You only have to wait for me to open the bottles of all my delicacies. My dearest friend, if I do it now it may seem I am taking pleasure at you, but if I don’t do it you might think I have doubts about my own decisions, so please, M-A-T-T, open your mouth.

I didn’t hesitate and I spat in his mouse. His face showed gratitude, so I cleared my throat so he had time to know what I would feed him and spat phlegm now.

-This is all for tonight, my friend. Hope you enjoyed it. M-A-T-T, I need to cum now. I want to say goodbye and be two hours in my bedroom wanking and thinking everything twice. In a single day I have learnt that you love me and that you are my complete toilet for life. And I have to be sure that tomorrow you can live one of the happiest days of your life.

And then I cummed. And later pissed on the floor again. He cummed then. I stood up and said goodbye for tonight. Sunday would be the beginning of my new life, and of his life, I promised myself that I would make him happy.


Daniel Berasaluce

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