Chapter 2 – Getting out of the pig closet.

This story is quite fictional and it is intended for real pigs. I hope you masturbate over it if you are pig enough.

I have two blogs where I have written, then translate into English, a long non-erotic novel: or It is for patient readers who love reading and are in no hurry. It’s about eight beggars who live together and about the beauty of live even in the hardest conditions. Any comments in English would be welcome, but please no erotic comments.

I couldn’t understand myself. I was feeling as if I was to be given the greatest of pleasures again. But I looked at him as he raised his foot. He was really concerned about my pleasure, worried that I could send him to hell if it was not pleasant for me now. But this time it was consensual. I wanted to take off his mind that the first kick had not been asked for. But now I begged him to. And I said to myself: come on, Cayron, cum again. He must see it so he is not worried. But finally the second kick reached my balls and it was again pleasure, absolute pleasure. He was nervous and asked;

-Are you not cumming, Cayron?

-I am, Sir. Please wait –my excited voice told him and shortly after there was a big white stain on my trousers. He calmed down and said nothing as I was cumming, so that I could enjoy that wonderful moment.

-Have you really enjoyed it, my sweetest thing?

-I really have, Sir. Oh, I thank you so much.

-I see you so aroused that I will make you another question. I will be too bold now. You can say of course I won’t, Sir.

-Sir, I want you to say whatever comes to your mind. I will not be angry at anything you are going to say. I am feeling so gay now that I will say this as an example. You may want to say that you wanna fuck my ass. Even if you say that, I won’t say no. I will have to think about it. I don’t feel straight at all now.

-Cayron, may I say something to you just about the language used by some people? Sorry to stop your arousal right now.

-You can, Sir.

-I am gay, but I have never used words such as faggot, sissy or queer. They seem like insults to me and I always say gay, homosexual or just homo. But I hate of all words the word straight, meaning a heterosexual man. Damn that word. It is really an unfortunate word for me. Does it not imply that they follow a straight line and we gays are twisted, crooked or deviated? Our language is very accurate in many words but I hate that word.

-Sir, I thank you for showing me your points of view, and in fact, I agree with everything you say. I mean then that I am not feeling heterosexual at all. So if you say you wanna fuck me, I won’t say no.

-Of course I won’t fuck you tonight. It is not that.

-Does it hurt too much?

-Well, imagine constipation, but instead of something coming out, something similar is getting in. And you have more or less five minutes of pain before your little ass is open. No way will I fuck you soon. You really have to be sure and desire it for me to do such thing to you. But if you feel like, you can fuck me instead. After tonight you can feel absolutely free with me. Whenever you want, you can ask me to masturbate you; to suck you or you can fuck me. You can surprise me with simply pulling down my trousers any time you want and letting your penis in. No need even to mention it beforehand.

-You didn’t want me to be your slave and now I can see I have too much liberty. Well, Sir. I will have to think about it because I think you desire it and nothing tonight has happened cannot be repeated. But what was it you wanted to say before, Sir? You were going to be bold, I remind you.

-Well, it is this: Cayron, would you like a third kick in your balls?

-Sir, please Sir, I would be delighted to get a third kick.

-Could you cum again?

-I’ve never cummed three times with the same person, Sir. But I would like to. If I am able, I will have a record with you.

-Good. But you must take into account that this will be the last kick in your balls, not only today, but tomorrow, any other time… If you still have masochist desires and want me to give you some of them, we could do something different, for example I could whip your ass, even with your trousers on.

-Do you have a whip, Sir?

-I have a belt; I have always whipped with it. Are you saying you would really like that?

-I would, Sir, and right now if you wish. Is that your bold question?

-No, well, I would like to kick your balls again, if you still desire it, but I want to kick your very balls, not your trousers.

-Yes, Sir. Shall I take them out?

-Ok, I will dare say it. I am gay, and you are the sexiest boy I have seen in my life. Well, you can say no, but I would like to see you stark naked.

-I would, Sir. But you will have a great disappointment.

-Why? Do you have a mole hiding half of your chest or something?

-I’m afraid my dick is very small, Sir.

-Oh, you little dick –he called me thus so sweetly that I loved him calling me by that name at once-. I am also a little dick, I must confess.

-You don’t look like one now, Sir.

-Neither do you. Your cock is almost visible to me now. It will soon reach your chest. Cayron. With this tiny cock, I have had a very intense sexual life. And I don’t make love to cocks, but to guys. If I happen to like a guy, then I like his cock; if I don’t like him, his cock is nothing to me. That simple. I have never felt frustrated. Have you?

-Sometimes, Sir. I was with a sexy woman and I saw her next day and wanted to repeat. But she told me: Cayron, hope you don’t worry, but you give me no pleasure with your small cock.

-Damn those women, who cannot see in the sexiest man in the world, you, anything else than a cock. And I am even seeing you have a second enormous cock here –and he rubbed my forehead.

-Sir, your mental cock is also enormous. And you are the one who most deserves to see me stark naked. I will not be shy. I want you to see everything.

-What are you wearing right now?

-Shirt, jeans, boxers, shoes and socks.

-Then I would like you to take off your clothes in this order: shirt, shoes, socks, and if you still desire, jeans and boxers. But a new question: would you let me grope you? We all have some erogenous points; I don’t know if you know them.

-No, Sir.

-Some points I could touch with your clothes on, like the ears. And if you take off your clothes, I would go on with points such as your nipples.

-It’s been a very hot day today, Sir. I was going to have a shower when I was in my bedroom.

-I can smell from here your pits and feet, and I would even like you don’t have a shower tomorrow either. So could I sniff you or even lick you, Cayron? I only want you to have pleasure. You are not a one night stand.

- Please have pleasure on my body, Sir. You can see, touch, sniff or lick as much as you like. Nobody deserves it more than you. I didn’t know I was attractive and I am finding myself attractive now at least for you.

-Never forget how attractive you are, Cayron. I have never seen someone so arousing and so aroused before. I hope you’re not angry at me tomorrow.

-Why would I, Sir? I could be angry at myself, but that will not happen either.

-You have to do what I call the coffee test. I mean, you must sleep, wake up and have a coffee and see how you find yourself.

-Fuck that coffee, Sir. I would be the same arousing and aroused Cayron, as you have named me, as I am today.

-You could at least feel pain in your balls and have no desire for sex then. You’ve cummed twice and if I kick you again hope you cum for the third time.

-I might have a pain in my balls, Sir. Nevertheless, I want to go on and be stark naked for you.

-Cayron, do you feel like pissing?

-Yes, Sir. Would you like me to go to the toilet first?

-Cayron, I would love to see you pissing. But I wonder if you could do it in a very unusual place.

-Where, Sir?

-Here, in the living room floor. I think you are going to answer no.

-I will piss here, Sir.

-So, my schedule is this. First I will make you discover your erogenous points. Then you can start to undress. If finally you wish to be stark naked then you will piss here on the floor, so your bladder is calm for my third and last kick in your balls. Hope you cum again. And then you can turn, and if you still desire it, I can whip you with my belt. I have three different intensities.

- I love your schedule, Sir. You can begin to grope me whenever you wish.

He started to give me pleasures then I had never been given by women. He began caressing both my ears, and hearing me moan, he licked them, even inside. He was doing it for a couple of minutes, and then he started with my nose. I wanted to stop him saying I had a cold and it was full of snot, but his response was to touch my nostrils, picking out some snot and then he ate it! He called it a little snack. I said nothing but was very excited, and then he tenderly caressed the contour of my lips. I couldn’t control myself and I had to kiss his mouth. We were kissing for half a minute. Then he asked me:

-Are you sure, Cayron? You don’t have to.

-I so desire it, Sir. Nobody has ever given me such pleasure and I want to kiss you. I want to do it over and over again if you allow me.

-You are the sweetest boy I’ve ever met. I thank you, Cayron.

-So you are, Sir – I said as he was gently starting to stroke my chin. Then he said I could start taking my clothes off if I wanted.

-Of course I will, Sir – I said, as I started to take off my shirt-. I want you to see some of my skin.

Then it became glorious. He immediately started to praise my naked chest. He stroked it and his hand was in slow motion up and down, up and down. My hair was standing on end. When I thought I could not get any more pleasure, he began to caress my nipples. He could feel I was in heaven, and he licked my nipples then. Nothing I had ever before experienced could compare with this new pleasure. Then he asked me to raise my arms and he said.

-I don’t like depilation. I love to see the armpit hair.

Then he started to enjoy what he was seeing, sniffed them for a while, licked them, and finally he kissed them. I loved to see him enjoying so much my man scent. Then I started to take off my shoes. He asked me if he could smell them. He did and even his tongue was inside my shoe. Then he sniffed my sock. Even took it into his mouth for a while. It was sweaty.

-I love the smell of sweat. But I love sweat itself. It is not the same thing. Hardly can I see sweat running down somebody’s feet. But yours are wet and sweaty now. I love it.

He was then a good while sniffing my feet. I knew how he loved that smell and allowed him. I was so glad I had not had a shower that day. Then he licked them. It was about three minutes, but I would let him be enjoying them any time he wished. He kissed them both again, and then he started to caress my package. My pleasure then was uncontrollable. The first time a man was touching me is indescribable. He could see my cock now, enormous; it was on my navel now. Who could have said I had a very little dick now. But he timidly asked if he could touch it and said that if at any time I felt uncomfortable, he would stop. Uncomfortable! I could never have believed I had such a huge cock. Never stopping his strokes on my cock, he sniffed my boxers then once I had taken off my jeans. They were not very clean. I preferred them thus, on his behalf. Then I had to say:

-To hell with my boxers –I took them off at once and I was finally stark naked before my discoverer, as I wished. Then he sniffed, licked and kissed my balls. I cannot find words to describe my pleasure in that moment. To say I was still in heaven is not enough. My cock was at its highest then and even I was surprised to see it thus.

-Would you like to see my ass now, Sir?

-I can wait. You could turn when I am going to whip you. Now, if you still want to please me, you can piss on the floor.

- It’s gonna be difficult for me, Sir. I have hardly pissed with a hard on, but I will try.

But soon I was staining the floor with a long stream of yellow liquid. I watched him as I was pissing and though I still did not know, he was then in pig’s heaven watching me. My bladder was full but I managed to finish. Then he squatted on the floor and started to smell the product from my bladder.

-You might feel disgusted now.

I was moved rather than disgusted, so I told him.

-Sir, I have pissed for your pleasure, so feel at ease to do anything you want. I am not disgusted. I am feeling tenderness for you at the moment. I will soon make you a question but I would like you first to give me that definitive third kick on my balls.

Seeing I was not disgusted, he even dared to lick and swallow my piss, telling me things like “this is the pig I am”. He drank my piss for two minutes, hope he liked the taste, and then he stopped saying he wanted to leave some of my piss there on the floor, accompanying us all night and then it would be his task, not mine, to clean the floor when he was going to bed.

The smell of my piss was still there when I ardently implored him the third kick as he had promised. Then he said he hoped I would enjoy it again and would cum. And less afraid than he had been before he kicked my balls a third and definitive time. Soon I saw I was going to cum. It was the first time he could see my semen, which reached a close point on the floor as my piss.

-It is so wonderful to see you cum, Cayron.

-Remember, Sir, you are now the person I have cummed more times with. I thank you so much. I eagerly wait for your belt now. But first I want to ask you something. May I?

- You can make me any question, you little dick. Do you like the name, Cayron? I don’t want to insult you.

-I love it, Sir. Please go on calling me you little dick.

-I will, if you give the name to me too.

-Ok, I see you need it too. Thank you, you little dick, Sir.

-Good. Be free and we can call each other little dick now. As many times you want, as far as you keep calling me that. Now make any questions.

-Do you still have any closet to come out from, Sir?

- I have many closets, Cayron. I am gay, I practice BDSM, and I have another closet. Please, feel at ease to say anything you want later. You are starting to know I am a pig. But it is not only mansmells or piss. There are many other things.

-Sir, I swear you will have my respect whatever you say, or else I would not have asked you. And I am sure whatever you do, you agree with someone you will do it and get some pleasure out of it.

-Cayron, for years I have had this triple golden rule: everything in sex is ok if it is done among adults, who consent and give one another pleasure.

-I like your point of view, Sir. I promise I will not be shocked.

-Good, I will tell you but I will stop if you feel uncomfortable. Cayron, I have eaten shit.

-Perfect, Sir –I was not disgusted at all-. Does it have a good flavor?

-I love to eat what a guy cooks with his stomach. But I have done more things.

-Sir, be honest now. You would like, wouldn’t you? To shit in my mouth…

-Cayron, you are the hottest guy I have ever been with. But I don’t have to do that to you. Oh, my sweetest thing. Now I do believe nothing can shock you. And as I see you are not shocked, I would rather say it the other way round. You can shit in my mouth whenever you wish. If you want to please me, you can surprise me for instance tomorrow at five in the afternoon saying, Sir (for I suppose you will not be calling me Matt then), I want to shit. Will you please open your mouth?

-I give you the same answer, Sir. I will have to think about it, but I don’t say no, and I am not shocked. You can go on. What else?

-I love farts, love eating spit, snot really turns me on, and I love what is called emetophilia.

-Pleasure about vomits?

-You are very intelligent. Somebody who likes that can get aroused puking or seeing somebody puke; you are turned on with the sound, the act of puking, the taste, the smell, the colour.

-Does it have many colours?

-It is generally white, yellow or red, but don’t be scared. It needn’t be blood. You may have eaten tomato spaghetti or something similar.

-So, you have eaten everything a man cooks with his bladder, throat, nose or stomach. Ok, Sir, I really like you. You are really brave.

-I am willing to live twenty years less, as far as I can always live being the pig I am. I call these things delicacies, and you know Cayron I would eat any delicacy that comes from you. But there are two things I have never tasted and I would eat too. Shall I tell you?

-Please, Sir.

-I still have two things missing in my pig curriculum, Cayron. I have eaten shit many times, but I have never tasted diarrhea.

-Sir, I would like you to complete your curriculum with me. I don’t know yet if I would do the other things, but if ever I have diarrhea, I will tell you, and if you want I will shit in your mouth then. I don’t care that you will probably puke. I want to help you complete your dreams.

He was really moved now and he could hardly talk.

-Oh, my sweetest thing. I don’t know what to say. Not only you don’t get shocked but you want to help me make my dreams come true. I look forward to eating your diarrhea now.

-What is the other thing, Sir?

-I have never tasted, but I want to, dogshit. Do not think I walk down the street sometimes, see dogshit and I get so aroused I think: oh, how good, dogshit, I will eat it. First I need to see the very dog taking a dump and next I want to see somebody looking at me as I am eating it as I am sure you will be looking at me, both respectful and aroused. It will be ok for me if it is you who see a dog taking a dump.

-Then, Sir, if either of us sees a dog shitting, you can bring the shit for dinner. You can eat it before me; I promise I will be looking at you both respectful and aroused.

-You are unique. Cayron, do you really desire to be flogged now?

-I really desire it, Sir. Please whip me.

-Turn round then.

-I will, sir. Hope you like my ass and get aroused at it.

And I turned and told him.

-Imagine your little dick to the hilt, please, Sir.

-It’s not fucking you what I desire now, but ok, I will imagine my little dick deep in your cool ass.

-I would even love you could see my little dick, Sir.

-That is impossible, Cayron. Imagine yourself one day naked on the stairs landing. You call me up so I can see it. I go up the stairs to see. The fact that I can watch your little dick will arouse you so much that you will get an instant hard on. It will be impossible. I could only see it by chance, the same way I desire you could see my little dick. But no hurry.

-Ok, Sir, please whip me now.

-First I would like you to follow this ritual which turns my slaves on so much. You can first gently kiss this belt that is gonna whip you and be thankful to it.

I was really turned on with the thought. I would have cummed if it weren’t that I had already cummed thrice. I fondly kissed the belt that was going to whip me and thanked it beforehand for the punishment it would give me. He heard me.

-Ok, Cayron, you sweetest thing. This is the lowest intensity.

I couldn’t believe myself. I was born again with this man. I felt his belt punishing my ass. So hot! But I said:

-Sir, you can continue but this is just a caress.

-Well, this is the medium intensity then.

And he whipped me harder. Now it was really painful, but I loved it, and I asked for more with medium intensity. Two or three more blows and he asked me if I really wanted to know his highest intensity. When I said “Oh, please, Sir, I want to know it”, he wanted to apologize beforehand if it was too painful. The belt finally reached my naked ass with its highest intensity. It was really painful but then I knew I was a real masochist and begged him to whip me every day if he wished mixing his three intensities. Then he sat next to me on the couch and said.

-I will make you another question now, and please feel free to answer. It is this: Cayron, I see you have the arousal of your life on this Friday night and so far you have cummed thrice. But I also have the arousal of my life and have not yet cummed. So, do you think it is fair?

-It isn’t, Sir. I want you to cum. That’s why I offered you my ass to fuck previously.

-It is not that. I want to be in the same conditions as you are now. And you may desire it, so Cayron, would you like to see me stark naked too beside you?

-I would love to, Sir.

-There are two possibilities: I can take all my clothes off or you might prefer to be the one who undresses me.

-I prefer the second option, Sir. And I want to ask if I can also grope, sniff and lick you.

-As long as you find pleasure on my body you can do as you please. There is no part of my naked body I won’t let you touch, sniff or lick.

-But what about cumming, Sir?

-Well, if you want you can jack me off.

-I would like to do something gay tonight, Sir.

-But you can stop if you don’t like it.

-I will make you cum, Sir, I won’t stop.

-I will cum nevertheless, wanking over you tonight.

-Good, Sir. But I want to physically make you cum.

-So it will be. You can start if you wish.

I started smelling his armpits again. There were some sweat stains in it and to this day all I need is something like that to get an instant hard on. I said:

-Never again will I understand sex without the sense of smell. Imagine a couple I see on the street. I will not look at the girl’s tits but at the boy’s body, and if he is unwashed my options are clearer. I will even try to be close to him and sniff him.

-That’s the way I choose men in gay bars. I don’t care about gym bodies or fat men, handsome or not, I try to be chosen by the one who has not washed for the longest time.

I started to repeat what he had done to me and touched his ears and licked them inside and out. I stopped to ask.

-This is my first time touching a man, Sir. Please tell me how you like it.

-I cannot remember having been touched better before, by such a sexy man who really desires my pleasure. Trust in yourself, Cayron, and go on if you wish.

I wanted to caress everything and tenderly groped his forehead, his cheeks, and I began with his nose. He guessed what I was about to do.

-Cayron, please, don’t. Not tonight at least. I am afraid of doing something to you now because you want to do the same. I also have a cold and my nose is full of snot, but no little snacks, please.

-I would Sir, but ok, so be it.

I stroked the contour of his lips and I kissed his mouth again. And then I felt I had something urgent to say.

-I am really aroused, Sir. But I am thinking that I want to get no money from you. You may soon believe I am a bitch. I think the Baileys need a gardener. I will see them on Monday. But if I work for other people, it would make no sense to keep living here.

-Cayron, you can continue to live here as a friend. Why couldn’t you? We would talk of everything you like, even about sex, or we can stop this madness and talk about the many things you enjoy talking about. I like them too and any conversation between us is nice. And as to being a bitch… first, am I to blame for being a millionaire? Fuck the combination of money and sex. I also deserve having sex with a hot guy as you. And as for being a whore, it is impossible to fake an erection. Your cock was hard smelling my ripe armpits, whenever you sniff me; you were hard when you saw me drinking your piss. Your cock can’t deny you love these things.

-But, Sir, can’t you see how easy it would be for me now to be a bitch? Of course I have liked everything you mentioned. But I could take advantage of the fact that I am starting to love those things to be a real bitch.

-But you are now one step further from being a bitch, Cayron. You certainly like these things. I am sure you even liked me talking about diarrhea. But the most important thing is that I believe you. It’s hard for me to think I have been living with you for ten years and I didn’t know the jewel I had at home.

I was calmed and he saw I could go on for he believed me. That was the hottest thing of the hottest day of my life. Fuck, I was no bitch and he believed me!

I started to undress him and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, groping his chest with desire. And then I don’t know where my enormous cock was now when I saw some of his naked skin. I enjoyed returning him the previous pleasure he had given me. I was slow at his erogenous points, touched slowly his entire chest, stroked his nipples and felt how he moaned. Then I licked them. They had a sweaty smell that drove me crazy. Then I raised his arms and took pleasure in his armpit hairs, I sniffed them slowly, first one armpit, then the other. Being in heaven, I sniffed and licked them in no hurry and finally I kissed both desiring to go on with his feet. I was a while sniffing his boots, he wore boots and I love them, they know how to keep a ripe smell of your feet. I sniffed both his socks, put them into my mouth and bit them. Then I had an orgy of pleasure licking both his feet and kissing them. I was a while touching his package, then I pulled down his trousers and finally I could see his beautiful dick. I sniffed it, and even put it inside my mouth.

-My dick is not very clean, Cayron.

-I have never had a cock in my mouth, Sir, dirty or clean. The smell and taste of your cock is wonderful.

Then I removed his briefs. I started to talk with his dick.

-Wait, you beautiful little dick, in a short while you will feel the pleasure to be jacked off by my hand. But first, Sir –I addressed him again-, I would like you to turn round. I want to see your ass.

Such a glorious ass. I started to caress it and by his moans I knew I was doing it all right. I even went so far as to sniff his crack and to push my tongue inside it. I also liked that smell.

-Do you even like that smell, Cayron? –he was worried and asked.

-Sir, remember that your crack is cleaner than mine. You have your rule of hygiene, and even with it, you are more hygienic than me in that point, Sir. I wipe my ass but don’t wash it.

Then I asked him to turn round again, and without a single word, I grabbed his cock and started to jack him off.

-I see you so aroused that as you are jacking me off, I will tell you a schedule for tonight here, for tonight in your bedroom later, and even for all day tomorrow.

-I cannot wait to hear you, Sir.

The naked night went on, the night of my first gay experience. The strong smell of sweat of both our bodies accompanied us while I jacked him off and he told me his schedule and I went on discovering myself.


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