Matt and Cayron.

Chapter 1 – A kick in my balls.

It all started with a kick in my balls.

I had been working for Mr. Matthew Valance, usually known as Matt, for ten years. I was 31 now. He was just a year older than me. He had inherited some companies from his parents and he was a millionaire. I was his only servant now. He used to have many, but they all started to leave of their own free will. Mr. Valance used to say he had an unbearable personality but I liked him. We were almost friends and used to talk about literature, gardening or stars. I was a star fan. I had learnt about the constellations and cardinal points. I knew well how to be always oriented, and I had taught him to know always where he was by looking at the stars at night or at the sun during the day.

But I suddenly gave an angry answer to something he had just said; I don’t remember what, and his reaction surprised me. He was furious at me and suddenly kicked my balls. That was his response. He was sorry at once and tried to say I am sorry as I was feeling an unexpected sensation. It is hard to describe but it was pleasure coming all over me, and I suddenly noticed that I was cumming on my trousers. He noticed it too and asked me if I had cummed.

-I have, sir. Hope you don’t mind.

-Fuck, Cayron. It should be you who object to what I have just done. Feel free to cum whenever you like. I am used to these things and that’s why I did it. But I have never done anything that I have not been done before. Anyway, I should not have done it.

-Can I ask you a question, Sir?

-Anything you want.

-Are you gay, Sir?

-I am, Cayron. I suppose I have betrayed myself saying I have kicked balls sometimes. Maybe you feel upset now about it.

-Sir, I want to hug you. May I?

We embraced tenderly for some minutes.

-The effects of your kicking my balls have been first that I have cummed. And second, you could come out of the closet.

-One is never out of the closet. There are always people I like who know nothing about it. But I thank you. You have always been intelligent and tender –and he gave me then for the first time a name that I cherished-, thank you, you sweetest thing.

I loved that “you sweetest thing”. It started to be an exclusive name just for me. But he had something to add.

-Do not worry for having cummed with a man. You needn’t bother with the chance that you might be gay; maybe you are just a masochist. And a masochist can be aroused with someone against his sexual orientation.

-I’m a masochist, Sir –I acknowledged at once-, who else could cum because of a kick in his balls?

-You are very intelligent, Cayron. Hope you are always at ease with yourself. I want to ask something different: will you make dinner for me tonight? I can do everything myself. I have lived alone since I was 15. I had no need to work and I could afford having servants but I am perfectly able to cook and everything.

-Sir, you told me hours ago that you wanted a pizza for dinner. It is easy. I will re-heat it. And if I didn’t, you could understand it was a lack of respect. It will soon be done, Sir.

-Cayron, I would like you today to sit next to me and have dinner. You can prepare two pizzas and we can eat them together. We could talk about stars or whatever you prefer.

-It’s not stars that I would like to talk about tonight with you, Sir. I feel aroused at the moment.

-You have a hard on now. Do you mind?

-So you do, Sir. Of course I don’t mind. We could both have dinner with a hard on tonight. We can talk about something different from literature, gardening or stars. I’d rather you told me about sex. But I will make dinner now. I will eat with you. Soon I will be back.

I could not understand why I felt so hot, but as I was preparing the pizzas, some ideas occurred to me of what to tell him next, when we were eating. Discovering I was a masochist had made me on fire. I wanted to soon be sitting next to him. I was apparently straight or so I had always believed. But I needed to have him next to me.

Twenty minutes later I was back with him in the living-room. I had brought both pizzas in two trays and I sat comfortably by his side.

-I can see you still have a hard-on, Cayron. And you have already cummed.

-You’ve opened my jar of essences, Sir. I don’t know where this may lead me to, but I like what I am feeling right now. Feel at ease to talk about sex tonight, Sir. I wish to hear you.

I sat down and we both started to eat, as two good friends. He told me to call him by his name, if I wished.

-You can call me Matt, if you want.

-I could, Sir. But I think Sir now has even a masochist pleasure with the name.

-You can call me as you prefer. I only say you can call me Matt, and once you have named me thus, please never call me sir more times. But you can mention me the way it is more pleasant to you. Cayron, do you still think you are a masochist?

-I am sure I am, Sir.

-I have spent some years in BDSM, do you know what it means?

-I don’t, Sir.

-It is commonly known as sadomasochism. But it is not pain that turns me on. I have spent years being both a master and a slave. Frequently I like dominating and I have often had this role. But also the opposite as I previously want to experience in my flesh what I may do to somebody else and if I find it pleasant, I do it.

-It is common sense, Sir. I am sure you have enjoyed your sexual life and also those who have been with you.

-Thanks, Cayron.

-Sir, I would like to ask you, when we finish dining, something as a bitch, Sir, if you understand bitch in the good sense. I mean Sir that I am really turned on, hot, even feeling gay now, Sir. But never a bitch, Sir, in the wrong sense. I mean I want nothing from you, no money or gifts or something similar. Just in case you might think wrong of me, this year I ask you not even to raise my salary.

-Oh, what a bitch in the bad sense you are, Cayron. Of course I understand what you mean in the good sense. But I am surprised you said you were even feeling gay. Can that notion not hurt you a bit?

-Why would it hurt me, Sir? I may be bi. And I am glad of whatever thing I discover tonight. But I have also been thinking of something else, Sir. I don’t need it but I think it may be a necessity for you. So you can apologize, Sir. But I pray you are not too long and hope you know beforehand what my answer will be.

-I really need it, Cayron. You are very intelligent. So I will start. I am really sorry. I know it has been unexpectedly pleasant for you but I shouldn’t have done it. Such a sweet guy as you are. I am used to these things and I was mad at your answer. It was just an instinctive reaction. I would be really sorry if I lost your friendship now.

But I stopped him.

-Enough, Sir, I pray. You needn’t add anything. Of course you are forgiven, Sir. Do not think about it again.

-Thanks, my sweetest thing. I would like to ask you more questions: have you ever jerked off in this house? I hope my questions don’t bother you.

-I have, Sir. Indeed I am much of a wanker. I wank every night before going to bed, Sir. If I don’t, it is difficult for me to sleep. And if you don’t mind me saying so, I might wank about you tonight.

-You are brave, Cayron. I must confess I once saw your arse in the kitchen, of course with your trousers on, and I thought “what a sexy ass my Cayron has”. However I never thought of wanking about you.

-If you wish to do it, you can, Sir. Masturbation is private and you needn’t tell me what you think while you’re doing it. But if you think I deserve wanking about, you have my permission to do it, Sir, and to tell me later.

-You don’t get easily shocked.

-Nothing to be shocked about, Sir.

-Now I would like to make you another question and want you to be completely sincere. You can send me to hell, if you want.

-I don’t have any reason to send you to hell, Sir. Dare to ask anything.

-This is a personal question about me, Cayron. I want you to be quite sincere. What do you think of my smell?

-I will try to be sincere, Sir. Ok, let’s go. Well, sometimes I have brought your meals and maybe your armpits smelled a bit, did you mean that?

-More than a bit, Cayron. But I thank you, you are being honest. Well, I will confess you something now. My rule of hygiene is this. I have not had a shower for ten years.

I was disconcerted

-You don’t smell of ten years unwashed, Sir.

-No, because I wash. I will tell you now. But I must add I like mansmells so much that I sometimes go down the street, see a sexy boy and think how sexy he is, and suddenly I surprise myself wondering this: how do I know he is sexy if I don’t know how his feet smell?

-It is natural, Sir. You like men. You like the way they smell,

-Never heard of a woman who likes mansmells and it is not the usual thing about gay men, but it is true some of us are piggies and like it. I have met many dirty men on the internet. But I was telling you this. I wash my arse every day, because a dirty arse does not smell of sweat, but of rot shit. I love my cock and my balls once a week. My feet and legs every two week, and my armpits and all upper body once a month. Do you remember my rule of hygiene now?

-Yes, Sir –and I repeated- your arse every day, your cock and balls once a week, armpits once a month, and feet every two weeks. May I ask you why more frequently than armpits when you like the smell of feet so much?

-Cause it is disgusting for the others. I cheated my servants, now only you, opening the shower taps so you might hear water and thought I was having a shower, but I imagined you were all wondering how it was possible that I got out of the shower with the same smell I had previously. I do it when it is my turn to wash a part of my body according to my rules of hygiene. Now you know, Cayron.

-Sir, this is your house and you can do as you wish. You won’t believe me now if I tell you that I even have a hard on with the way you smell. But first I will clear the table and when I’m back, remember I still have to beg you something as a bitch in the good sense.

-No need to add “in the good sense” now, Cayron. I believe you.

When I came back from the kitchen, I saw both of us still had a boner. I said very close to him:

-Sir, I would like to ask you as a bitch, even on my knees…

-Cayron, please don’t. You may be a masochist, we can talk about it and you can plead. But not on your knees, please. You are not my slave and I don’t want you to be however aroused you may feel. I’d like you to be my friend, even when you are as hot as you are now. You may beg, but please standing close to me.

-Ok, Sir, I understand. So I plead you as the hottest of bitches, touching myself and discovering my desires, and so you forget forever that first casual kick in my balls, I want to ask you, Sir, would you please kick my balls again?

-I will if you really wish. But let me ask you, would you be able to cum again? I wish you did.

-Now I know that you won’t mind, I would do my best to cum again, Sir, please, please, give me that pleasure again. Kick my balls again, Sir.

He was willing to do it again and oh how I desired it. I was starting to discover myself, but so far I had only discovered I was a masochist. What else would I still have to discover with him, the man I secretly called my discoverer? I desired a second kick so much. He raised his right foot. I awaited a second rush of pleasure.


Daniel Berasaluce

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