Masquerade - the conclusion.

To recap, our shy hero Troy is a quiet but dedicated police detective who is invited to a masquerade party by his two new friends, Rick and Kevin. The three find themselves alone after the party at Rick's place. All three are in their nylon Green Lantern costumes. Troy is sporting a hardon, tenting his costume before an amused Rick and Kevin. Let's join the horney trio!

Rick and Kevin look at each other with amused grins.

"I think our Troy had just joined the club!" said Kevin.

Rick seemed to look concerned and ran out of the room shouting that he'd be right back.

"What the ....?" I asked Kevin, who simply shrugged his shoulders and looked to where Rick ran off to until he turned to me with a grin.

In walks a triumphant Rick wearing only a pair of black briefs with the police department logo patch smack in the middle of his crotch, holding what looked like a police emergency first aid kit.

"What in the world are you up to?" I asked.

"Well," began Rick, "I see trauma and swelling down there!" He had a sly grin he shared with me and Kevin.

"Hold still," chimed in Kevin, I'm sure the officer will help you out."

Rick rummaged through his bag and pulled out a pair of bandage scissors. He leaned toward me with a grin and started to cut through my costume at the knees.

"Hey, this was expensive, Rick. Now I can't use it again!" I said.

"Bullshit Troy, look at that precum stain!"

I looked down a bit embarrassed as I saw the widening stain. "Fuck!" I muttered.

"Only if you're lucky boy," offered Kevin with the dirtiest grin I had ever seen

I gulped and could only imagine what path I had embarked on tonight. Definitely getting myself a social life for sure.

By the time I looked down, my Green Lantern outfit was now a shorty.

Rick admired his work and put his open palm on my crotch, which still sported a tent. He rubbed ever so slowly and gently and decided that the "Patient" (ME!) was still swollen with trauma. The room spun at his grope.

Kevin broke out into a giggle. "But can he still save Metropolis, Officer Rick?" he asked.

"Shit Kevin, this ain't Superman! Superman saves Metropolis! This is the Green Lantern who still needs saving!"

With the scissors still in his hands he moved north and started to work at my shoulders. With the speed of a horney madman, he cut off my sleeves, leaving the top of the costume looking like it was topped with a tank top shirt, exposing my muscular shoulders.

"Very nice officer Rick - and impressive too Troy, but golly, can he still save Gotham City?"

"Kevin, what the fuck, this ain't no fucking Batman! And the legs are still too long cause I still see swelling," added Rick, as he felt me up again.

In minutes, he had trimmed the legs to the length of boxer briefs. I looked down and got horney just seeing how sexy my shrinking costume had become.

"I don't like it," announced Kevin, who grabbed another pair of scissors from Rick's first aid kit.

"Hey," protested Rick as Kevin disappeared behind me. Rick went on trimming the top of my costume into a true wife beater style as I could hear grunting and the tearing of fabric behind me. As I suddenly felt a tug at the fabric at the back of my neck, a balled-up piece of green nylon fabric suddenly flew over my head from behind me.

Rick looked up and around me as a wide grin broke out on his face.

"Very nice Kev," said Rick.

I began to hear scissors cutting as the pressure released from the back of my costume and my back suddenly felt a light breeze. The cutting went lower as I suddenly felt the touch of cold metal at the base of my spine.

I panicked as I realized I was being cut out of my costume. When the fabric fell at a heap at my feet I felt something warm and wet at my ass cheeks. I was now standing totally naked! Kevin began to lick and kiss my ass. Rick suddenly got on his knees.

My head drifted and I barely heard Rick muttering something about relieving the swelling another way. I was soon being rimmed for the first time in my life by my new buddy Kevin. Meanwhile Rick, my other new buddy, was busy giving me what had to be the best blow job ever. Certainly better then any of my former girlfriends. I was certainly the cream center of a sandwich cookie - and I loved the attention!

My knees began to buckle as I held on to Rick's shoulders and shuddered as he continued to suck me off. My body spasmed as I shot load after load down Rick's throat - which he hungrily accepted.

As I calmed and returned back to normal, I felt Kevin's face up against my ear. He then whispered "now about that fuck, wanna give it a try?"

"I suppose," I answered. They both broke out into a laugh like a couple of naughty school boys. They led me to the bedroom and Rick removed his sexy police briefs. His impressive erection revealed he was clearly having as good a time Kevin and me.

I found my self on my back on the bed, legs up and spread as Kevin applied some lube to his pulsing hard cock. Rick positioned himself near my head, offering his cock for me to try. As I began a tentative sucking, he positioned himself to givbe me full access. Hesitant at first, I enjoyed the lightly salty taste of his skin as I felt it harden in my mouth, really turning me on. Occasionally, I licked and sucked his fuzzy balls.

Kevin had moved into his assigned position as I felt his cock head butt up against my asshole. He went slow, letting my body adjust to his slow and gentle thrusts. Soon I was caught up with Rick's sweet cock in my mouth and didn't realize that Kevin had worked himself all the way inside me, slowly pumping. The pressure was short and turning into a mellow glow, as my prostate felt more and more of the pressure from Kevin's awesome cock.

Again, my head was spinning from the overload of these awesome feelings. I could feel my cock dripping furiously from all this attention, even though I had just cum a short while ago. I focused on the cock in my mouth as I felt it stiffen even more. I was surprised how much I could take as I heard Rick begin to moan louder and louder. His body quaked and shuddered as his sweet cream flooded into my mouth. I swallowed furiously, taking him like a real trooper. His shaking slowed and his shrinking cock fell out of my mouth. He rolled over me to lay down next to me shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip as I heard Kevin bellow like a bear and I felt his cream fill my ass. The pressure of his cumming actually sent my own cock into another orgasm, spurting a decent amount of cum on my belly. My fast gasp was met with a sigh of relief from Kevin who crashed onto the bed next to me as well.

We three laid side by side as our breathing returned to normal. Our bodies shiny from the sweat we had worked up. Our wet sticky cocks laying quietly - for the moment.

"Well guys, I admit it was a rockin' fun party!" I offered.

"Well said Peter Parker!" added Kevin.

"Kevin, I bet you have a uterus down there somewhere. We have to buy you some testicles. That's Spiderman, you wacky fucker" said Rick.

"A wacky fucker indeed," I added. We all broke out laughing and eventually, we fell asleep together.

Fin! Hope you all enjoyed! Happy Holidays guys!



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