I felt the pain and wanted to scream my head off, but I couldn't, I couldn't do anything except burn. It felt like poison in my veins, I could feel it move in me, burning me. It felt like being burnt alive and I would have thought that I was being burned alive if it wasn't for him. I could fell his hand holding mine, his hands were warmer than I remember, something I never gave much thought to. I wanted to tighten my grip on his hand... but I couldn't.

I could hear him speak to someone, different voices, unfamiliar voices, more than one person's. But there was one voice among them that I would always remember. I figured that the more I distract myself, the less pain I would feel. All I could see was darkness, true pain and I could feel a fire burn inside me and I didn't even know what the hell was happening!!! I was counting the seconds, minutes, hours of agony, anything that would distract me from the pain. I tried to move my fingers hoping for a different result, but to my shock they moved, again I tried and again I could move my fingers. At once I felt him at my side again, he whispered, 'Mark love, can you hear me??'. I wanted to say yes but I couldn't do that just yet. About another hour passed, by now I could feel the burning reduce and then... it was gone.

I opened my eyes... slowly, like a new born child, it felt like I opened them for the first time, I could see the celing of some place that I had never been to before. But I could see ever detail, in the stone slabs, the tiny curves, cracks.



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