In a flash the beast was pinned to a tree with an arrow in it's head.It was Peter, one of the royal vampire guard.One of the other werewolves lunged towards him and in a lightening fast move he slashed it in half with his sword.Following Peter were the rest of the guard who killed the rest of the werewolves that did not flee.

But just as we thought we could breath one of the werewolves attacked Mark and almost killed him,the claws cut Mark in a number of places.My body filled with rage that I no more had control of,I grabbed it by the neck and crushed it's head.But not before one of it's claws cut into my skin,the only thing that can hurt a vampire.Living the life of a human had weakened me,so the slash had the same effect on me that it would have on a human,I felt the world spin as I fell to the ground and then,darkness........

I woke up in my room,at the palace where my family lived,where I lived.Before I could move,Elizabeth or Lisa as we called her hugged me.'I'mm so glad to see you Ben',she said and 'yeah me too was all I could say,because Marks dying body was on the spare bed in front of me.I rushed to him in one quick second.'He doesn't have much time left'Lisa said from behind,'not if I can help him'I said trying to think of a way to help him.'There is only one way,you know that,don't you and that means ending his human life','I know'I replied.Tears began to roll down my eyes,I would never want to do this to anyone,specially not Mark.'Hurry,he almost gone'Lisa cautioned.And I did what she said,I held his head in my hands,tilted it exposing his neck and bit.His blood was the most the beautiful thing I ever tasted.'You love him,stop Ben,your killing him'Lisa said trying to stop me and all our times together flashed in my mind and I eased my jaws and pulled out of his neck.I thought I killed him,I wanted to die too.But Lisa said'He's not dead,the transformation is beginning.

I remembered when I was changed,the pain,the burning.I felt horrible thinking that Mark had to go through all that pain and didn't even choose this,he didn't even know anything about this life.His body turned pale as the venom drained his blood and attacked his heart.I could hear the last times his heart would ever beat.He was like that,wincing in pain and burning for another three days.I stayed by him at all times never leaving his side.



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