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Once I had told Marc that I had sucked couch off twice while he viewed the hidden video of our romp last night, he quickly accepted the dinner invitation.  

Coach greets us in the kitchen, still wet from the shower with his towel loosely wrapped around his waist. No matter how many times I see this man’s body and powerful muscles, I still stare and rape his muscles with my eyes. We have been together now for 7 years, and he still takes my breath away.  Daily.

“So Marc” coach starts in after giving me a soft kiss and clapping his big paw across Marcs hot ass, “I hear you and my boi Jake had quite the hot time last night” he grabs Marc around the neck flexing his giant bicep in a mock headlock.

“Uhm.” Marc looks my direction. I wink at him. “I guess we did” he confesses.

“Well? Did you learn anything” he teases playfully.

Marc’s blank stare shows his confusion and not sure where the conversation is headed.

Coach drops his towel, flashing his huge dick. “Like how to suck a dick”!

Marc nods, his eyes soak in every inch of the massive cock swinging between coach’s powerful legs. His eyes literally bug out before nodding yes and involuntarily licking his lips.

“Go ahead” coach places Marc’s hand on his massive cock as it is swelling half way to his full length. “It doesn’t bite”

Standing in the kitchen is it hot as hell to watch Marc take in the sight of coach, nude horny in all of his prime glory for the first time. Of course it is obvious around the gym that coach is built like a brick shit house, he never wears a shirt, and his gym shorts are barely legal to wear in public they are so tight. But to witness his body nude up close and personal is a real treat for any man with appreciation for the male anatomy. Even those of us blessed with years of hard earned muscles, there is something special about the way it looks on a man old enough to be grandad to most of us who work out there.  Added to his confidence and the way he carries himself with well-earned pride. Never cocky nor arrogant, but he is well aware that he is a prime specimen of muscle daddy.

Witnessing the pure ecstasy of Marc worshiping coach and soaking up his maleness is quite the site. Marc’s hands are roaming over every inch as if reading his muscles in braille to memorize. Of course coach is right at home being the object of desire, and wallows in the feeling of being worshipped by a hot young man as Marc.

“How about we head out back by the pool” Coach breaks the silence. “Do you have any plans for this evening?” he asks.

“I do now”! Marc’s response was quick dripping with lust.

I head to head to grab us a beer, and by the time I meet them out by the pool, coach has kicked back in his favorite chair. One leg propped up on the patio table, the other foot stretched out in front of him, legs spread wide and Marc nude on his knees with a mouth full of big coach cock. Already slurping and giving that big cock a solid work out.

I set one bottle on the table and hand coach his beer, he takes a pull off of the frosty bottle and then upturns the remaining suds allowing the ice cold beer to run between his pecs, rippling over his rock hard abs and splashing across Marc’s mouth working on his big dick. The beer does not slow Marc down, in fact he kicks it into overdrive licking and slurping all the foamy beer off of coach, sucking his abs and pecs clean licking the heavy cock and nursing the remaining beer off of his nuts.

“That’s it boy, clean it all up” coach praises him.  He looks over my way, “the kid can suck a dick son.” And he winks at me, rubbing Marc’s head.

I step out of my gym shorts and enjoy my ice cold beer and hot show the two of them are putting on. I sit on the edge of the table and enjoy the vision of my man getting serviced by what has to be one of the best looking men to ever grace the door of our gym. I admit, I did not like Marc – with a “C” at first, but come on. It was pure jealousy, nothing else.

I hear the rumblings and low growls coming deep from coach’s throat and chest, His breath intensifies and both hands slowly work up to his own nipples. He is getting close. I step over behind his chair to take over rubbing his pecs and tweaking each perfect nub for him while he enjoys what must be one expert blow job.

His head rolls back, eyes closed, his arms raised behind his head and biceps peaking up into huge mounds of corded muscles.  I sure hope Marc is ready, this load is going to be a big one.

The roar always starts near his core and works up his torso through his lungs until the most primal growl escapes his lips at the same time volumes of cum eject out the end of his jerking cock. Every vein and muscle from his perfect toes all the way up to his neck explodes and contracts while he shoots copious amounts of cum from his large nuts.  Watching this man cum is as erotic for me as getting off myself, which is how hot I find this man.  And with Marc sucking every drop of seed, I am not the least bit jealous, quite the opposite, I am actually turned on as much as the both of them.

When Marc finally pulls off of his prize he has a sly shit eating grin on his face. We both ask what’s up. He looks down between his knees on the pool deck and we see a huge pile of spent cum. Marc had been so turned on while sucking coach off, he shot off hands free. Now that my friends is one hell of a blow job, he lets us know.

“What would you like baby” coach asks when he finally comes down from his cum induced high. Popping his biceps up and making them dance for me, hands still laced behind his head, legs spread wide, rock hard dick laying across his abs.  He knows what I want, but he makes me say it.

“Let me ride that cep please.” I lay his arm to his side, step over the flexed bicep and drop my nuts onto the huge peak and start jacking off. The feel of all that powerful muscle flexing on my balls sets my juices on fire every time and he knows it. 

As if the three of us have done this 100 times, Marc steps up and brings his perfect ceps and rubs the flexed peak against my face. Although his are not the size of coaches, they are perfection. Rock hard, ripped, cut shredded guns. As soon as I lick the peak, coach flexes hard racking my nuts and I lose it.

Cum flies clear over coach’s head landing with a splat we all hear on the deck. Marc grabs the back of my head with his free hand and mashes my face harder into his flexed gun to coach’s approval.

“Fuck yea son. Feed our boy that hot bicep”

Coach opens his mouth and turns towards my shooting cock to catch the last three or four blasts erupting out of my dick. I aim and he laps it all up.

The remainder of the evening we horseplay in the pool, splash around, rassle and act like overgrown boys having fun.  A few blow jobs when the urge or cock arises. All in all a great evening of fun and new friendship.

I take coaches final load after we shower and head off to the master bedroom. Marc intently watches me make love to his cock while he jacks off to our display of sex.  After I polish off one final round from his worn out nuts, coach grabs us both, one on each side and pulls us tight into three way kiss.  He lays our heads on his pecs, me on his right and Marc on his left.

Coach hugs us both tight. The feel of his powerful arms around me always feels secure and safe for me. No place else on earth I want to be as I nestle into his pit, use his pecs for a pillow and the feel of his large biceps around my body.

“I could get used to this”.  Coach mumbles as we drift off to sleep.


“Yea. Me too.”  I smile to myself.



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