"C'mon, man! It will be the whole day!"

"I can't, Jeff. I have to work."

A frown crossed Jeff's face. "Can't you call in sick or something? Take a personal day?"

"No, Jeff. If I don't work, I don't get paid."

We'd gone over this again and again. It had been two months since Jeff first fucked me and we'd gotten together a few more times since then. But Jeff and his boyfriend were leaving on Saturday for a ten day vacation, and he wanted me to take Friday off and come spend the day with him. His boyfriend couldn't get off and had to work that day, while Jeff would be at home packing. He kept telling me he couldn't handle us not meeting for that long and wanted to spend some extra time together before he left.

"C'mon, Javier, we'd have so much fun! We can work out in my gym. We haven't done that in a while. Maybe watch some TV. You can even cook for us! You keep telling me you'll cook me something."

I laughed and said, "Jeff, I wish I could, but I can't give up a day's pay to do that."

Jeff paused, a sly smile coming over his face. "What if I paid you for the day?"

"Paid me?"

"Yeah! What if you called in sick and I paid you what you'd make. I'd love to do that, just to spend the time with you."

I was silent as I thought about his offer. I admit it would have been nice to spend some extra time with Jeff. And frankly, I could have taken a paid day from work, but I didn't want to waste my personal days. However, when he offered to pay me to be with him, my ego got the better of me.

I shrugged and said, "Well . . . yeah . . . it would be nice to work out together again. We haven't done that in a while. And I could make us some Arepas. You'd like that."

"What's Arepas?"

Now it was my turn to give him a sly grin. "You'll just have to wait and see, amigo. You can't always have everything you want when you want it!"

Little did I know how that comment would come back to haunt me.

On Friday, Jeff picked me up from the mall about 10 AM. It was already a hot day and I had dressed in a pair of basketball shorts and an Under Armour fitted t-shirt. Jeff's eyes widened when he saw me.

"Whoa, you look hot, Javier! Your chest is so perfect!"

I grinned and said, "Thanks. It's a Torres family trait . . . hot bodies . . ." and winked. Jeff just laughed and we talked about our usual shit as he drove. After we got to his house, we went upstairs to his gym.

Jeff's home gym was impressive. It had a treadmill, bench press, abs machine, incline bench, smith machine, barbells, dumbbells, Pilates balls, and yoga mats. One wall was covered in mirrors, so you could watch yourself work out. As we began our routines, we worked hard and didn't say much. It felt just like the old days, working on our chest and triceps, Jeff pushing me to achieve more.

After 30 minutes of tough work, I was drenched in sweat. Jeff started teasing me as I leaned over the bench and did tricep kickbacks.

"What have you got on under your shorts, Javier? Your ass looks soooo hot today."

I kept concentrating on slowly raising and lowering the dumbbell. "Just my underwear, Jeff."

"You don't have on a jockstrap?"

"No Jeff, I'm not wearing a jockstrap." I looked at the mirror and could see the disappointment on his face. "Why?"

A slight smirk appeared on Jeff's lips. "I just thought how hot it would be to fuck you in a jockstrap."

I didn't say anything and kept pumping the weight. Jeff watched me a moment and then said, "You know Javier, I've given you supplements, gloves, and a lot of other gym stuff to use. But I've never seen you in a jockstrap . . . could I buy you one?"

"I don't like them, Jeff. I'm fine with underwear. You can get me a pair of those, if you want."

"I want to see you in a jockstrap. Would you mind wearing one?"

I stopped pumping and looked at Jeff. "Now?" Jeff nodded.

I started pumping the weight again and didn't say anything. Jeff came up next to me and whimpered, "Pleaseeeeee . . ."

I finished my set and stood up. "You're crazy! That's what you want?" Jeff smiled and looked at me with pleading eyes. "What, you want to fuck me right here wearing a JOCKSTRAP?!!"

"That would be so fucking HOT, Javier!"

I started laughing and said, "What, you want me to wear one of yours?"

Jeff was almost out the door of the gym before I finished my question. "Wait, I'll be right back." As he disappeared, I shook my head. I was seeing more and more of Jeff's "animal" side and it made me sorta wonder about him sometimes.

He was back in the gym in less than a minute. "Here, put this on." He handed me a jock . . . it was clean, white, and looked like it had just come from the laundry. I shook my head, pulled off my shorts and underwear, and put it on. As I pulled it up, it was obvious it was a little small for me. I knew Jeff and I were about the same size and was surprised he'd wear such a tight jock. It was a little uncomfortable and I looked at Jeff.

"This is a little small, man. It's awful tight. How can you stand wearing it?"

Jeff burst out laughing. I was surprised and wondered why my question was so funny. Finally, Jeff calmed down and said, "I don't. It's not mine. It's my boyfriend's."

It took a minute for me to register the fact that I was wearing Jeff's boyfriend's jockstrap. "SHIT!! You're serious? No way, maaaan . . ." and I started to take it off.

Before I could get my hands on the sides to pull it down, Jeff came over and hugged me, kissing me deeply. I started kissing him back a little, still rather pissed that he'd given me his boyfriend's jock. As we hugged, I could feel his hands run down to my ass and grab it. "God, I love your ass," he breathed softly in my ear.

As Jeff continued kissing me, he pulled my t-shirt off and started taking off his clothes. It was rather funny, as he was trying to kiss me and fumbling with his shirt and pants at the same time. He finally got them both off and started hugging me harder, running his hands all over my back and ass. I was trying to hug him back, but Jeff was so aggressive, it was hard for me to move. I just there, in nothing but his boyfriends too fucking tight jock, and let him paw my body.

As Jeff started groping my body harder, I could feel him trying to move me backwards. After a few feet, the back of my knees ran into the incline bench. Jeff was kissing me hard, his lips crushing my mouth.

"Lie back," he whispered between kisses. Obviously, the workout was over.

I sat down on the bench and slowly lay back. Jeff started kissing on my neck, chest, and anywhere else his lips could land on my body. A sexual hunger started going through my body and I yearned for Jeff to suck my cock. I was moaning and writhing as the lust welled up in me.

Jeff was sucking my nipples and licking my chest. "I wanna fuck you baby. Right here . . . right now . . . in your fucking hot jock . . ." I groaned more as Jeff kept sucking my nipples and squeezing my biceps. "Hold on a sec . . . let me get something . . ."

Jeff got up and went into the bathroom, while I started stroking my chest. Within seconds, he was back with a condom and started squirting lube on my asshole. I heard a wrapper tear, the sound of a condom being rolled on, and felt the blunt end of Jeff's cock prod my asshole. A second later, Jeff pushed his entire shaft in my hole, up to the hilt. I gasped suddenly as his thick cock opened up my ass in one stroke.

There was no waiting, no letting my ass get used to his cock, no delay. Jeff started fucking me with hard, deep strokes, grunting as his crotch bounced off my ass. I was looking at him as he fucked me and saw him lean towards me. I thought he was going to kiss me again, but no . . . he started licking my chest. He was actually licking the sweat from my workout off my chest! The harder he fucked, the more he licked my chest, my armpits . . . anywhere his tongue could find a drop.

Minutes later, he stopped fucking and stood up. "Come here." He had fucked me so hard I struggled a little to stand up. Jeff quickly lay down on the bench, on his back. "Sit down on my cock. I want you to ride me."

Obediently, I moved my muscle ass over him and started to lower myself down on his dick. As I descended, he pulled my tight ass cheeks apart and I felt his cock slide deep in my bowels. He had never gone this deep in my ass before and it felt great! Jeff was kissing and nibbling my neck and I groaned with pleasure. I could feel the familiar pressure starting, which told me I was only seconds away from shooting my load. I tried to tell Jeff I was about to cum, but it was too late. I could feel wads of scum shoot into the jock and flood my crotch.

Jeff started slamming harder into me as he felt me climax. As the waves of pleasure subsided and my ejaculation ebbed, Jeff pushed me up and off his dick.

"Go over there and lay on the ball . . . on your stomach."

I moved slowly over to one of the Pilates ball with Jeff right behind me. As I lay down, Jeff quickly moved my legs apart and murmured, "Your ass looks so fucking hot and tight in that jock!" I felt him pull the straps out and let them go, popping my butt. "Yeahhhhh . . . it's so wet and hot and tight in that jock . . . fucking awesome!"

I felt Jeff's cock slide into my asshole again as he lay on my back. His strokes were short and fast, as if he was a dog in heat. It was less than a minute when I heard his groans start and he started slamming into my ass faster. Moments later, he screamed in my ear and, even though he had a condom on, I could feel his cock expand as he came inside me, slamming my ass over and over. Slowly . . . ever so slowly . . . Jeff's orgasm declined and he lay still on my back.

Time stood still as we recovered from the heavy round of fucking. Jeff finally got off my back and sat on his knees. I slowly lifted myself off the ball and lay on my back, eyes closed, my jockstrap filled with a gooey mass of sperm. We were both quiet, breathing heavily. I heard Jeff pull the condom off his cock.

After a few moments, Jeff said, "Man, your ass was so tight, look how much it made me cum." I opened my eyes and a good part of the condom was filled with cum. He tipped the condom over and let it drip on my chest, rubbing it around with his fingers. As he rubbed the cum on my chest, I felt his hands reach down and pull the jock off. It was so full of spooge, he had a hard time getting it off. As it came down my legs, Jeff leaned down and started sucking my limp cock. It was so worn out by the heated sex, it wouldn't get hard.

A few minutes later, he stopped and stretched out beside me. I was so punch drunk from the fucking he gave me, I couldn't move. Jeff leaned over, kissed me lightly on the cheek and said, "Javier, that was so fucking good. Baby, your ass was made for fucking! Ab-so-lute-ly MADE for fucking!"

I was silent but tried to smile. I don't know if it came off or not, but I heard Jeff laugh and kiss me again on the cheek. Then he stood up and said, "C'mon man . . . time for showering . . ."

Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw his arm outstretched. I reached out, grabbed it, and he helped pull me up, stumbling a little as I got on my feet.

"Whoaaa, man! Take it easy! The day ain't half over yet. Let's get a shower and then have some lunch."

I nodded and walked with him to the bathroom, hoping that lunch would not be as strenuous as our workout proved to be.

I was soon to find out that my hopes were misplaced.


"Man, I'm starved," Jeff said. "I'm ready for some good Venezuelan food!"

I looked at Jeff and smiled. I was really hungry too, as I hadn't eaten much for breakfast that morning. Of course, had I known what kind of "workout" I was going to have, I'm sure I would have eaten more. We both wore only our shorts, as Jeff told me my shirt and underwear would be too sweaty from the workout.

Jeff had a nicely stocked kitchen and helped me find the utensils I needed to make Arepas. It's a Venezuelan dish. They're flat, round corn patties, filled with meat and different kind of fillings, like cheese, tomatoes, and other stuff. They're pretty simple to make and it wouldn't create a mess in his kitchen to make them.

I was so hungry that, before I started cooking, I knew I had to eat something. I made a fruit salad and Jeff poured both of us a glass of wine. I was thirsty from our sweaty sex and drank the glass of wine quickly. That probably wasn't the smartest thing to do because I'm not a big drinker and alcohol hits me pretty hard. With a practically empty stomach, it really hit me this time and I could tell I was buzzed. When I get drunk, I get very relaxed and happy and this time was no different. We continued talking and I was definitely feeling "good".

As we ate and talked, Jeff poured me another glass of wine. I really didn't need it but was feeling so good, I decided what the hell, and took it. In a few minutes, my head was spinning and things seemed to slow down for me. It was getting harder to understand what Jeff was saying, so I just smiled and nodded as the talked.

After we finished the salad and wine, I started trying to make the arepas, showing Jeff how easy they were to prepare. At least, I tried to show him, but I was definitely feeling the booze by now and my movements were somewhat slow and unfocused. Jeff was standing behind me as I prepared the food, watching what I was doing. At least I thought that was what he was doing.

As I continued preparing the arepas, I felt Jeff's hands on my shoulders. He started rubbing them up and down my shoulders and arms. It felt good and I stood there and let him rub me. A minute later, he started kissing my back, his hands moving to my sides. I sighed and said, "That feels nice."

"YOU feel nice, Javier." I smiled and closed my eyes, and let him continue.

Moments later, his hands moved to my chest and he started rubbing my pecs. I moaned softly as I felt his fingers pinch and tweak my nipples. Even though it felt good, I needed to finish making the arepas so we could eat lunch. I pulled forward and began cutting open the dough, so I could put the filling in.

Suddenly, I felt Jeff pull me back against him, his arms holding me tighter. He continued kissing my neck and back and his hands were much rougher on my chest. The aggressiveness of his move surprised me but it took a moment to register in my alcohol infused brain.

"Jeff, stop man. I'm trying to fix lunch."

Jeff didn't say anything and his hands kept moving, rubbing my abs and moving towards my crotch. I struggled a little, but I was so buzzed and he had me so close to him, it was hard to move around.

"Dude, stop! Let me finish." I pulled forward again and this time he let me go.

I didn't say anything and kept making the arepas. The entire time I was doing that, Jeff kept kissing my back and neck, fondling my chest and trying to put his hands in my shorts. I kept pushing his hands away but it got awfully hard trying to prepare food and stop him at the same time. Finally, Jeff reached in my shorts and started stroking my cock.

I started putting the filling in the arepas and by the time I'd finished with that, both his hands were in my shorts and my cock was hard. Jeff started running his finger in my ass crack and kept kissing me. It felt good but I just wanted to eat and relax. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore and with great effort, turned to face him.

"Jeff, I . . ."

That's all I said before he leaned down and locked his mouth on my nipples, sucking and biting the tips. Both pleasure and pain shot through my chest and I groaned. I opened my eyes and saw red marks around my nipples as Jeff continued to maul them. As the same time, his hands were firmly on my ass cheeks and I could feel them go down my legs as he lowered my shorts. When my shorts hit the floor, he stood up and whispered in my ear.

"Stay right there . . . don't move . . ."

Jeff walked over to one of the drawers, opened it, and pulled out a tablecloth. At first, I thought he was going to put it on the table so we could set the food on it. Instead, he walked over to the island counter where you prepare food, opened the cloth, and placed it on top. I was horny and buzzed and just stood there watching him.

"Come here, Javier."

I grinned slightly. "Why?"

"Just come here." I stood there a moment smirking and then walked over to the island.

When I reached the island, Jeff lifted me up and sat me on top of it. I was still buzzing and didn't realize at first what he was planning. As I sat there, he got that evil grin on his face and said, "Lie down."

I shook my head. "No, dude. Let's just eat."

Jeff started stroking my cock. "C'mon, man . . . this'll be fun."

My cock got hard quick and Jeff started sucking my nipples again. I flinched and said, "Whoa, dude, easy! They're still sore."

As those familiar feelings of pleasure ran through me, I closed my eyes and let Jeff make me feel good. He pushed back on my chest and I leaned back until I was laying flat on the counter, my cock hard and wet from his stroking.

"Yeahhhh, Javier . . . let that juice flow, man . . ."

After a few minutes of stroking, Jeff lifted my legs up and pushed my knees back to my chest. He leaned down and started licking my asshole. Fuck, it felt good. I reached down with my hands and pulled his face further into my ass.

"You like that, man? You like that Venezuelan asshole? Yeahhh, that's it. Get your tongue in there, man."

I kept my eyes closed and just enjoyed the sensation of his hard tongue in my hole. I was tired and my ass was worn out from his earlier fucking, so it was real sensitive. Suddenly, Jeff stuck two fingers in my hole, twisting and turning. I looked up and could see his cock was rock hard. As he pulled his fingers out, I knew he was ready to put his cock in my ass again.

Jeff dropped his shorts, put my legs on his shoulders and lined his hard cock up with my hole. I could feel the hard, fat end of his cock pushing against my ass. It took me a few seconds to realize that Jeff wasn't wearing a condom. Drunk though I was, I tried to pull my ass away from his cock.

"No, Jeff, wait a minute . . . don't fuck me bare . . ."

Jeff grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him. "C'mon Javier . . . let me fuck your hot ass . . ." I could feel his cock touching my hole.

"NOOO, man . . . wear a condom . . ." I looked into Jeff's eyes and what I saw there made me a little nervous. Jeff pulled my ass to the edge of the counter and held my wrists.

"Dude, my cock is goin in your latin ass just like this! I gotta feel that hot hole on my dick! I've wanted that for a long time. Now's the time . . ."

Before I could move, Jeff thrust forward. I felt my hole open up and his cock slid deep inside. He didn't even pause and started fucking me with long, deep strokes. It happened so fast, I was shocked. He was actually doing it! He was fucking my ass bare!

As his pumping got harder, my mind was a swirl of emotion. Who the fuck did he think he was, fucking me bare like that? I mean I told him not to and he did it anyway. I'd always enjoyed our earlier sex. But he'd never done anything that I hadn't agreed to before.

"Jeff, STOP! I TOLD you! I don't fuck without a condom! C'mon, get one on and we can do it."

Jeff smiled at me and said, "Come on, just a little more . . ." and continued to pound my ass. I wanted him to stop but was so worn out and wasted from the wine that I just lay there and let him finish.

After ten minutes of pure deep fucking, Jeff pulled out. I lay there on the counter and heard Jeff say, "Come on, let's over there." He helped me sit up and then pulled me off of the counter. There was a rug in the dining area and Jeff pointed over to it. "C'mon, Javier, get down on the rug."

Wearily, I shook my head. "No, man. Let's just stop now and eat."

Jeff put his arm around me and started pulling me towards the rug. I started pulling back and we wrestled around as he pulled me closer to it.

"Dude, stop! I'm tired!"

"Just a little more, man! C'mon, you'll like it!" As we got closer to the rug, Jeff started pushing down on me and said, "Get down on your hands and knees." I pushed back as we struggled but I was no match for him in my fucked up state. He finally managed to get me down on my hands and knees. Even though he kept pushing on my back, I would go down no further.

Jeff surprised me by sitting down on my butt and yelling, "Whooo-eeeeee! I always wanted a pony!" I guess he thought I was going to crawl around like a horse, but I was still so shocked from his bare fucking, my mind wasn't all there. When I didn't move, Jeff shifted his body and lay down on my back, shifting his entire weight onto me. I couldn't support his body and I slid down until I was on my forearms and knees. A few moments later, I felt him get off my back, pull my legs apart, and plunge his cock back in my ass.

Jeff liked fucking me doggy style but it hurt like hell being fucked on my knees. As my strength ebbed, my body slid down so I was lying flat on my stomach. As I went down, Jeff kept his cock in my ass, trying to fuck me without stopping. After a minute or two of awkward fucking, he pulled out, pulled me back up on my knees and started fucking me again. He was bent over my back, slobbering all over me, and pounding my ass hard as he fucked.

All the alcohol, struggling, and fucking took its toll on me. As Jeff continued to fuck, I could feel myself start to pass out. Slowly, my body began to slide down to the floor. Jeff felt me going down and pulled me back up. My eyes popped open and I struggled to stay awake as he pummeled my ass. After another minute, I started going out again and my body sliding down. Jeff caught me once more and through my drunken fog I heard his voice.

"JAVIER! Wake up, man. I want you to feel this. Your body is so fuckin hot and I've wanted to pump my cum in your ass for sooooo long! I want you to FEEEEL me do it . . . C'mon, wake up . . ."

Wasted though I was, I used my last bit of strength to struggle to my knees. Suddenly, Jeff's fucking got faster and I knew he was about to come. After a final hard slap of his cock in my ass, Jeff screamed and started shooting his wad.

I felt a warm stream flowing into my ass. It kept coming and coming, as if Jeff was literally breeding my hole. I shuddered as I remembered that he wasn't wearing a condom. Jeff's fuck stroke kept pounding my ass until his climax subsided. The exhaustion overtook me and I slid to the floor.

I don't know how long I was out but it couldn't have been too long. When I woke up, Jeff was still naked, sitting next to me. I could feel a little glob of cum dribble from my hole. Jeff leaned over and said, "Hold on, let me get you cleaned up." Slowly, I turned over while he got some wet paper towels from the kitchen and started wiping my ass.

"HEY MAN, SLOW DOWN!! It stings!" I yelped. Jeff grinned and was more careful as he wiped my ass. Even though he cleaned me up, I could still feel his cum inside of me.

"Shit man," I muttered weakly. "I can still feel your gunk up my ass."

Jeff laughed and said, "You know, my mother always wanted me to marry a latin girl and get her pregnant so that she could have mixed grandchildren. She didn't know though that I liked guys." I thought it was a stupid thing to say at the moment but kept silent. Jeff continued and said, "Well, today I can say that I managed to do what she asked. My white genes are inside of a latin body now. It's just too bad for her that they're in the body of a hot latin stud!" I looked at him without saying a word and just shook my head.

Jeff tossed me my shorts and I slowly put them back on. He had already pulled his shorts on and when I finished, he put his arm out to help me.

I pulled back from him and said, "I'm okay, Jeff. I'm a man, I'm not broken."

We went back into the kitchen and I sat down at the table. Jeff picked up the plate of arepas and said, "Let me warm these up. They're probably cold by now." I nodded and began looking out the kitchen window, thinking about what had just happened.

A few minutes later, Jeff set the warmed up arepas on the table, poured a glass of juice, and handed it to me.

I looked at Jeff and nodded my head again. "Thanks."

Jeff kept looking at me and, as I sipped the juice, said, "Javier . . . you okay?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Yeah . . . I guess so."

"You wanna talk?"

Slowly, I looked at Jeff and said, "What's there to talk about? Let's just eat and watch the movies . . . okay?"

Jeff nodded his agreement and flashed me an evil smile. I saw his eyes rake my body and he said, "Sure. You definitely need more energy for today . . . right?"

I gave Jeff a weak smile. "Whatever, man. Let's just eat, watch some shows, and relax. I don't think I can do much more than that."

Little did I know that Jeff's agenda for me that day did include more. Much more. And it was to have devastating results.

End Part 4


Javier Torres

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