The story continues being told by Jared

After that hot night in the hospital when I gave into my 18-year-old high school athletic patient to suck each other's cock, I spent the next few weeks lusting after that young sexually aggressive blond's hot body, cock and ass. I spent several weeks replaying over and over in my mind about how that brash young jock had seduced me in the hospital that night  to give and receive hot blowjobs. I could hardily perform my duties recalling Caleb's request to visit my condo so we could suck cock and yea have me fuck his young tight bubble ass. I'd never been so consumed with lust and horny 24/7 to make fucking man sex with this young fresh jock. To relieve my constant horny condition, I increased my masturbation up to three times a day fantasying about our awesome blowjobs and how bad I desired to put my thick 8-inch dick up that young fresh pink ass. The best sex I'd ever had was when I used my horse cock to invade those young 18 or 19 -year-old fresh young asses, and especially those who were virgins until they met me. Man, Caleb, although not a virgin, was the perfect guy and it was even sexier as he wanted me and my cock so badly. The fact that Caleb was so brave, bold, aggressive, brash, confident, pushy, arrogant and such a dirty sexual talker had me desperate to fuck the hell out of that over-sexed jocks fresh man pussy.

It was an early Saturday evening just after dinner that my phone rang. I answered: "Hi, this is Jared. May I help you?"

I could not believe my ears when the guy on the other end said: "Hi Jared, you certainly can help me tonight. I'm horny as hell and I've dreamed of you almost ever night since I got out of the hospital wanting that big cock of yours up my young fresh tight pussy. You......."

I was so excited to hear hot throb Caleb's voice that I interrupted him: "Holy fuck, oh my god, it is you Caleb. Man, do you have any idea how pleased I am to hear your sexy voice and fuck yea you telling me you want my cock. I've been totally out of my mind and could hardly work wanting you so badly. Sorry buddy, I interrupted you. You were about to say?"

"Yea me too baby, I could hardly wait to get that damn cast off my foot and get in bed with you. Man, I'm so craving you right now. What are you doing tonight? I'm out of that cast. Can I come over?"

"Fuck hell yea Caleb, get over here right now and let me fuck the hell out of you and fuck you so hard that I fuck all that cum out of your cock and my cock as well. Give your parents some excuse and tell them you're going to spend the night with one of your buddies. There is no way we can catch up without an all night fuck session baby. Baby, I'm hard as stone right now. Shit, I'm about to come just thinking of having you in my bed in a few minutes as I devour your beautiful naked body."

"Oh my god Jared, my cock just got stiff as a diamond drill. I'll be there as soon as I can make up some story to my parents. Get naked and get ready for me."

I hung up the phone and rushed to get out of my clothes. I took a shower and put on my favorite sexy smelling cologne to make Caleb even more horny when he arrived. I groomed my hair, brushed my teeth, took a sweet mouth wash and put on my sexiest silk robe so I could surprise Caleb at the door.

I put on a very hot 2 hour long xxx adult porno gay video of  young guys and older men having wild sex. I knew the scene would really turn on Caleb as I would play it when he arrived while we had some wine. I poured a couple of glasses of my finest imported Italian wine. I lite several candles and sat in my favorite cushion chair waiting for the door bell. In about 30 minutes, I heard the door bell. As I opened the door, I dropped my silk robe revealing my naked body and very stiff cock standing at attention. I grabbed Caleb in a very tight embrace as he entered. I felt my hard cock locate his crotch and the hard cock inside his thin gym shorts. The two cocks began to rub against each other. We began to hump wildly as I used my foot to close the door.

The lust was so consuming for us that we fell into passionate kisses with our tongues battling for position. Within a few seconds our salvia had filled our mouths, poured out onto our chins and down on our chests. The sex marathon was under way.

As we gave each other sloppy kisses and we pounded our crotches together, I took my hands and ran them up and down his ass feeling him up that drove Caleb wild causing him to ram his tongue deep inside my mouth. He had the most erotic scent as he had taken a shower before he left home; yet, he had a light touch of perspiration as he had run the 1/2 mile to my condo. WOW, he smelt awesome. His fresh shower, cologne and small amount of perspiration was a great aphrodisiac for me. My primitive animal lust had taken over me.

I took hold of his athletic T-Shirt and pulled it over and off his head as I gazed at that smooth hairless tanned chest with the sexiest nipples. I took my lips and tongue and began wildly sucking those hardening nipples as if I were a bay sucking my mother's breast for milk. Caleb began to beg: "Oh fuck yea, oh my god, suck my nipples. You have discovered one of my favorite body parts to turn me on. Oh fuck yea, suck them hard."

As I drove Caleb into a state of pure lust, I took one hand and ran it inside those loose gym shorts, located his rock hard dick and began to stroke it hard as I continued to suck on his hard nipples. His piss slit began to leak drops of precum on my fingers. Caleb turned into a wild beast as he thrust his hips forward as I stroked his cock giving him an awesome job of masturbating him.

We put off that usual manly sexual aroma as we became covered in warm sweat as our bodies quivered, shivered and tingled from flesh on flesh. The lust became so intense that I pulled Caleb's throbbing cock out of those gym shorts, dropped to my knees and swallowed that young fresh rock hard cock. I began to suck that cock violently as I was desperate with thirst for a drink of his sticky milky cum.

In the meantime, my xxx video had come to a hot scene where a young 19-yer-old jock laid down on his back and started receiving a huge cock from a  50-year-old hunk of a man. When Caleb saw the older man fucking the hell out of that young pussy on the video, he became delirious with desire fro me to suck his cock harder. "He begged: "Oh Fuck yea, suck my cock and make me come. WOW, that older guy knows how to fuck ass."

Caleb bucked his hips forward driving his throbbing cock deeper into my throat. He began to use his hands on my head to push his cock deeper into my mouth as he verbally told me: "Fuck Jared, that is it. Yea, holy shit, suck my damn fucking cock. Fuck yea, fuck yea, blow that cock and make me come. Oh my god that feels so great. Don't stop until I give you my seed."

I feasted on that teen's vein pulsating cock as I smelt his crotch, tasted his awesome oozing precum, felt his blond pubic hair against my nose and felt his sexy hands on my head. My cock was also rock hard as I continued to service Caleb's gorgeous dick. I'd never sucked a cock harder causing Caleb to began whimpering, grunting and moaning as he was consumed with pure pleasure. I felt his man meat pulsating deep in my throat and the veins in his cock shaft seemed to enlarge as they pumped more and more blood through that hard dick.

I must have sucked that gorgeous cock for some ten minutes when I felt his cock head swell warning me that I was about to receive a huge load of his thick salty nectar similar to the big load he had given me at the hospital. Eager to receive that huge sticky load, I put my lips firmly stretched around his cock head and squeezed hard on his red hot balls. That set him off as he exploded with a gusher of cum flooding my mouth and throat. I swallowed as much as I could with the remaining cum running  out of my mouth, down on my chin and onto his gym shorts causing a big cum stain. I got up and kissed Caleb sharing his cum.

At that point we drank a glass of the fine wine still smelling  and tasting the Caleb's cum as we watched that older guy fuck that young hot jock in about five positions. I noticed that Caleb was getting really horny for my cock up his ass. The video was having the extra effect on Caleb that I had planned. We had a a couple more glasses of wine and as the video ended we were in a state of pure lust for me to fuck Caleb.

My craving to fuck his pink ass, his weeks' long desire to have my cock up his young pussy, the effect of the wine and the video over took both of us. I moved to his back and in a fret of pure lust and passion, I took hold of his cum stained gym shorts, ripped a big hole in them exposing his sexy ass, pushed his face and body up against the living room wall, spread his legs, took my arms and placed them around his chest and with one mighty hard thrust drove my rock hard huge cock deep into that young 18-year-old pussy. I began the most rough and violent fuck of any ass I'd ever fucked. Caleb stood there as I fucked him in that hot doggy style position for the longest time.

Caleb yelled and thrust his body back toward my cock as I fucked the hell out of that throbbing man pussy. After fucking that incredible soft wet ass fro some ten minutes, I threw Caleb down on the carpet on his stomach, got between his sexy legs and drove my cock hard back into that ass through the hole in  the gym shorts. I plunged my body on top of sexy Caleb as I fucked the hell out of that wet ass until my cock released what had to be the largest load of cum I'd ever shot. I counted at least seven or eight huge blasts followed by several small spurts of my cum deep in that young man's ass. I think that the fact I had ripped a hole in those gym shorts and thrust my cock through that hole in the shorts into his ass added to my lust to fuck that pink tight ass. I was determined to ask Caleb if I could keep those cum  stained ripped gym shorts as my trophy.

When I pulled my still hard cock out of that young ass, I watched my thick cum dribble out of that ass onto the carpet. I had Caleb join me as we used out tongues to collect my sticky cum off the carpet. We exchanged that cum in our mouths as we kissed.

The night was still young. We drank some more wine and watched another of my hot adult xxx gay porn videos. Still in a stage of pure lust for each other we headed to my bed for a long night of cock sucking and ass fucking. Caleb agreed that he would fuck my ass due to my request to be fucked. It would be his first time to fuck a guy's ass as he had always been a bottom. The night was going to be the best one of our lives.

P. S. The next morning before exhausted Caleb left for home, he gave me those stained ripped gym shorts as a thank you for an incredible night of wild sex. I would smell those shorts and jack off to them many times.


Naughty Eric


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