I had 3 brothers and two sisters two brothers. We lived in a 3 bedroomed house , Mum and Dad in one room, the two girls in another and us 3 boys shared a room, with my oldest brother in one bed and me and Jamie sharing another. We never had a lot Dad was a truck driver and Mum had two part time cleaning jobs, between them just earning enough to get by. Money or the lack of was a constant problem in our house Dad liked a drink and Mum was a bingo player so once those two necessities where taken care of whatever was left was used to pay bills but never on time almost every time there was a knock at our front door it would be someone looking for money that was over due, but we got through by robbing Peter to pay Paul as my Mum would say, I think we could be described as your average working class family living on a council estate in Glasgow Scotland in the UK.

Sex was a new word me and my mates had only recently started using we all had our own Idea of what sex was and of course being boys we could all tell lies, and at that age we were all lying about having sex with some fantasy girl, something would get said about sex and I grew images in my head on what I thought was getting talked about, it was how you made babies it was what men and woman do to create life.

Then one day my best friend at the time Davie told me he had a right good wank the night before and had shot his spunk onto his bedroom ceiling, I did not have a clue what a wank was but I wanted one I knew it was something to do with sex by the way Davie talked about it and I wanted to do it but never had a clue what I had to do to get one. I had heard the word wank loads of times I had even called loads of people a wank, but to be honest I probably thought it was just another swear word we were not supposed to use. But it stuck in my head and every time I heard the word I tried to picture it in my head.

Then one day during the school holidays out with some mates on some adventure we ended up in the woods not far from our home, we were playing about on an old rope swing when Davie suddenly announced he was so horny he needed a wank, he had my attention, there was 4 of us there Brian another mate said he did too not to be left out I declared my need for one and Sean the youngest of us all said I don't know how to play that. Davie always the joker and the loudest laughed at him and said

"Just get your cock hard and do this"

Davie pulled his cock out and started stretching and pulling at it I just followed his lead and the other two did the same four young boys standing facing each other watching each other as we messed about with our dicks, After we had been playing with our dicks for a few minutes, Davie let out a moan and as soon as he did I did too the other two followed suit and when Davie put his dick away we did the same.

That was my first wank and to be honest I was not impressed there was no flying spunk or even a girl to make babies with I was confused but still very interested. I suppose around that time my Brother Jamie who I shared a bed with had been learning about wanking, I had noticed he moved about a lot and breathed heavy just before going to sleep at night it was annoying but if I had complained he would have hit me so I never mentioned it. But that night when he started moving and breathing heavily I realised he must be wanking my own pecker got hard so I started pulling at it like I had earlier that day, Jamie started moving faster his breathing got heavier then he let out a groan about 2 seconds later the same groan came from the other side of the room from my oldest brothers bed and I remember thinking "fuck they are all at it" I must have fell asleep because I don't remember having a groan of my own.

But this wanking lark was interesting it had captured my imagination, My dick was up and down all day, I was fascinated by the thing so much so that I had even burst the pocket of my school trousers so I could put my hand in my pocket and feel my dick when it was hard or soft, so every night I would lay there in bed listening to John and Jamie wanking Jamie would let out a moan then John would do the same but after he moaned John would lean out of bed grab his socks then throw them back on the floor this was a new mystery that I had to investigate, the following morning when we were all up and out of bed I went back to our room to find John's socks although there was nothing to be seen there was a hardness about his socks and they looked stuck, I just knew this hardness was something to do with wanking.

That night once again I lay listening and touching myself and again Jamie let out his groan and went to sleep and John leaned out and got his socks done something with them then went to sleep, I lay for ages wondering, Both my brothers fast asleep I crept out of my bed grabbed John's socks from beside hid bed and took them to the bathroom to investigate this time there was looked like snot on his sock, snot with a funny smell is my best description, I remember thinking that must be spunk that had shot out of John. I crept back to my room put the socks back and must have fell asleep while trying to make my own spunk.

That night as I sometimes did I asked John if I could sleep in his bed with him he said I could but not until Jamie was asleep so he said "come in beside me when Jamie is sleeping" I now know that was so he could have his bedtime wank but at the time I thought that Jamie needed me there before he could go to sleep. The same routine as every other night recently Jamie moved, moaned, then John moaned I listened for Jamie's light snoring then I crept out of bed and in beside John.

Sleeping in John's bed made me feel special somehow, I was the only one he would ever let sleep in beside him never Jamie, I don't know I would just cuddle into him he would put his arm around me and I would go to sleep lying on his bare chest, But not that night, John pushed me to the back of the bed this time and lay with his back to me I think I must have just cuddled into his back and fell instantly to sleep, it was the middle of the night when I woke up desperate for a pee as I came too I realised I was cuddled up to john with my hand on his belly, My dick was hard but it always was when I woke up needing a pee, I got out the bed went to the toilet and came back to bed, I once again cuddled up beside my brother and a new chapter in my life begun.






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