Our John was my hero everything he done I wanted to do, he saved me from beatings from Jamie often, He was smart , he was tough , he was good at football and had loads of pals. I just wanted to be his Mini Me that's what he used to say I was,

I cuddled up to his back once more his warmth very comforting against my skin we always slept in only our boxers none of this pansy pyjamas or tee shirts for us toughies, Almost instantly my dick got hard again and I realised if I pushed against John's bum it felt good for some reason so there I was in the early hours of the morning pushing my hard dick against my brothers bum for a thrill it was exciting, I was thinking about wanks and even more so spunk, I wanted to know how to make it like John, My hand was on his belly it just all felt exciting and comfortable I suppose I was curious about his dick and when my hand came to rest on his boxers the thing under my hand was massive and very hard, I knew it was his cock but it was so big it took me by surprise, I moved it up and down through his loose boxers it felt so good just touching it like that just moving it back and forth, my own dick was harder that it had ever been in my life before and pushing it against his bum was like someone else touching it, I had the horn for the first time in my young life this was about dick the pleasure I was feeling was being provided by someone else, I wanted to see it, although it was the early hours of the morning there was some light that got through our blinds the room was never really dark except on winters nights, I got back out of the bed as quietly as possible I knelt at the side of the bed and lifted the blankets up just enough to see his boxer covered dick as softly as I could I lowered the waistband of his boxers over his cock letting it spring out, it was beautiful, it was big it was thick it even had hair at the bottom of it lots of hair it was both funny looking and amazing at the same time I was so fascinated that I touched the hair before I touched his dick, but when I touched that dick I was fascinated it was so big and so hard yet felt very soft and the skin glided back and forth over the purple head it was mind blowing, I was holding the waistband of his boxers down with one hand and playing with his cock with the other, when he let out a cough, I panicked let go of his cock and the elastic waistband with a twang and scuttled back in to my own bed beside Jamie, John woke up I watched him get up and go to the bathroom, when he came back he stood in front of our bed for a second just looking then went back to bed and I fell asleep.

The following morning I was scared that John would say something about me touching his dick, but he never he was just his normal self, every time I thought about John's dick I got hard I wanted to touch it again but more than anything I wanted to see it shoot spunk and even more importantly than that I wanted to grow hair on my own dick, I asked if I could sleep with John again that night but he said no I could only sleep in his bed now and again not all the time, That night as I lay there listening to my two brothers wanking and pulling and pushing at my own dick I was trying to think of a way to see them make spunk. I think that this might have been the first night that Jamie made spunk because when he started going faster his moan was different and he moved a lot weirder than normal then he whispered "fucking Hell" I whispered "Did you make spunk" he elbowed me in the ribs and said "shut it you little perv" turned on his belly and went to sleep John must have wiped up without me noticing. It must have been two hours later before I realised I was not getting to sleep until I had saw and touched John's dick, I crept out of bed went to the toilet and on the way back went straight to the side of John's bed.

As gently as I could I lifted the blanket up he was lying on his back and I could see that he was hard once again the shape of it pointing towards me and once again I felt it through the material but that was not enough I wanted to touch the skin, so once again I pulled back the waistband of his boxers and took hold of it as soon as it was free I moved the skin back and forth praying that I could make it spunk, I had worked out by listening to them that it must happen when you go faster I started moving it as fast as I could when John said "What the fuck are you doing" I let go of his cock and boxers trying to escape but he caught my arm and pulled me back "you better suck it or I am telling Dad what you done" What the hell did he mean suck it?, I pulled again trying to get free, "you better fucking suck my cock or I swear I am going to start shouting on Dad" he pulled me onto the bed my face pushed onto his boxers he took hold of his cock and was pushing it against my face "suck it Teddy or I swear you will regret it" I opened my mouth and he pushed it in almost choking me to death I gagged and coughed then thought I was going to be sick, the noise woke up Jamie, who thought I was being sick and he shouted at the top of his voice for Mum seconds later the room light is on and Mum and Dad are in our room, "Teddy is sick" said Jamie I was frozen to the spot expecting John to say something, Mum and Da took me through to their room and I slept beside Mum for the rest of the night.

The following morning all was well John never said anything Jamie was none the wiser and Mum assumed I must have wretched over something I had ate. I avoided John all day until bedtime when he said "You can sleep in my bed tonight wee man incase you get sick again" the way he said it I was in fear of my life, but I was scared to refuse incase he told Mum and Dad why I was sick the night before. Jamie did not bother one way or the other I was in the bed or not, I climbed in behind John almost as soon as I did he wrapped one of his legs around mine and pulled me towards him again my dick was pressed against his bum he pulled my hand and took it straight to his cock he had his boxers tucked under his balls so his cock was free he put my hand on his cock and with his hand guided mine showing me how he wanted wanked he let go of my hand and I stopped "Keep going till I cum" he whispered as Jamie lay on the other bed mid wank oblivious to what was going on only feet away, I took hold of his thick dick again and moved my hand the way he showed me as fast as I could for as long as I could before my hand began to cramp, John took over when I stopped pushing me under the covers he whispered "Kiss my cock, Kiss it" I could see his dick , I could smell it he wanked faster then he SHOT "FUCK" he moaned loud enough for Jamie to hear if not Mum and Dad who would still be watching TV in the room next door. I don't know if it was one shot or six but it was on my face running down my chin then neck it was warm it was weird.

John lay there heavy breathing still holding my head down there and his now softening cock still against my face, I was beginning to smell the spunk amongst the other smells down there I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his dick getting the last little blob sitting at the tip I tasted it then kissed his limp dick then took a hold of it and licked the head all over but it was too sensitive for John and he stopped me , Jamie must have finished his wank as I could hear his light snoring , I whispered to John "when can I make spunk" he whispered back "not until you can suck mine and swallow my spunk to plant spunk seeds inside you" with that he pulled me around and on top of him, he pushed my boxers down a little freeing my tiny but hard cock and balls he pulled me into him I could not only feel his cock against mine but also the gentle rubbing of his pubic hair against me. I must have drifted off and when I woke the next morning John was already up and my boxers where covering me as they should.



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