The parties over.  The crowd has left.  The music plays faintly in the background as we stand on the porch watching the sun rise.  Your back is pressed to my chest as my hands run along your arms to your shoulders giving them a few long deep squeezes, releasing the tension.  Sliding my hands to your biceps I bring my lips to your neck, planting a slow long kiss.  You shiver and moan.  I place another and another as I pull your body closer to mine.  Bringing my hands down I slide them under your shirt rubbing your furry tummy – I think it’s so cute on you.  Your head tilts back and lays on my shoulder as my kisses turn to gently nips along your neck and my hands slide up to tweak your hard nipples. 

          Your scent and your moans turn me on and you feel my hard cock pressed against your ass.  You still feel me throbbing through both layers of denim.  I look down and see the hard bulge in your jeans and I moan.  You turn around in my arms and look into my eyes.  I can’t help but to moan and lay my forhead against yours.  I want you to touch me as much as I want you to take me, but right now as your bulges grind together the take me wins out. 

         Reaching down to massage my bulge you push me back into the wall.  My belt and buttons are undone before I can get the moan out of my mouth as your teeth meet my neck.  “Fuck” I moan softly as my cock throbs again.  You suck viciously at neck while slowly stroking my cock driving me insane.   My fingers dig into the wall as my hips pump, trying desperately to get you to go faster.  But you won’t.  You continue to mark me and make me moan for you.

         Pulling back you inspect my neck and smirk with satisfaction.  Not complete, but it will do.  Moving to my lips you kiss me softly, deeply, sweetly making me whimper.  You kiss along my jaw, my adams apple and my shoulders until you reach my chest where you expertly work my nipples over with your soft tongue.  My nipples are supper sensitive and my hips find a mind of their own as they fuck your hand with my throbbing cock.  I bite down on my arm so as to now make any noise while my body starts to lose all control and your torture me with a masterful display of licks and sucks across my chest. 

         I croak out “I’m gonna….” And all contact stops.  I gasp for air and at the sudden coolness on my skin with you moving away.  Opening my eyes I see you standing in the early morning light.  Pants and briefs around your thighs and stroking your hard cock.  I close the gap between us swiftly and kiss you hard, catching you by surprise.  You whimper as my arms circle around your back, squeezing you tight.  We grind together both cocks spasming and quivering desperate for more contact. 

         Moving one hand from your back I wrap it around both our throbbing cocks and start to pump my hips.  You dig your nails into my back and I growl, loving the sensation.  I work us faster and faster.  The anticipation has us both on the edge.  I whisper in your ear how sexy you are and how much I want you, how much I need you.  You whisper in my ear how much you’ve waited for this. 

         You whimper your gonna cum and I feel your cock thicken in my hand.  I sink my teeth into you neck and you scream as you rocket a load up to my chest.  Gasping for breath your cock throbs 3, 4, 5 more times as you unload your pent up load. 

         Your legs grow weak and I gently place you on the floor on your knees.  Once you respond that your ok I stand up to get you some water, but before I can move your mouth is around my still hard cock sucking you’re cum off of it.  I didn’t realize how close I was until you took my cock into your throat and I explode.  Gripping onto your shoulders for support as 4 days is shot down your throat.  Sinking to the floor myself I pull you between my legs your head on my chest and we stare out the front door at the full morning sun. 



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