After retrieving snacks from the kitchen Blake, Ryan, Robert, and Nick returned to Ryan's Bedroom. Ryan grabbed Rose Red from his collection of DVDs and popped the disc into the DVD player and pressed started and muted the volume. Dylan waved his hand so that he could see some hot fucking between Blake and Robert. 'Before the movies starts I'm going to use the bathroom,' Blake said as he got up from the floor. 'I think I going to do the same thing,' Robert said a he got out of the chair. Blake and Robert headed up towards the bathroom on the second floor. Blake whispered into Robert's ear, 'I'm going to fuck you tight straight ass.' Once in the second floor bathroom Blake and Robert started to strip. Robert got on his knees and tried to suck Blake's cock, but Blake had another idea in mind. Blake forced Robert up and threw his against the bathroom wall.

'This is absolutely perfect,' Dylan thought as he watches Blake insert his harder cock into Roberts ass with lube or a condom.

'Ahhhhhhhhhhh!' Robert yelled as Blake shoved his cock deeper and deeper into Robert's ass. Once Blake has his cock all the way up Robert's ass Blake started slowly fucking Robert. Robert's painful screams turned to pleasure moans. With every moan Blake started fucking Robert faster and harder. Robert was not only get fuck by Blake, but he was starting to enjoy the feeling of the man's cock sliding in and out of him. Robert started having an electrifying feeling in his cock and his balls started to tighten. Robert knew was about to happen. 'Blake I'm going to cum.' Robert grabbed his cock and starting stroking it. With one final stroke his cock exploded with cum all over the bathroom wall.

'I'm loving this, this is perfect,' Dylan thought as he waved his hand, 'I never thought that two of the straightest guys would be having gay sex.'

Blake withdrew his cock from Robert's ass and Robert went to the bathroom counter and laid on his back with his legs up in the air. Blake inserted his cock into Robert's ass and slowly started to fuck him again. I was long before Blake felt an electrifying feeling in his cock and his balls started to tighten. Blake started to withdraw his cock from Robert's ass knowing that he was going to cum, but Dylan had other plans. Dylan waved his hand and Blake shoved his cock back in Robert's and started fucking Robert faster and harder. Robert felt Blake's body started to timbale. 'I'm going to cum any second now,' Blake yelled. 'Blake don't you cum into my hole,' Robert said, but it was too late. Blake's cock exploded ropes of cum in Robert's ass. 'Dude! What the HELL!' Robert yelled as he felt Blake hot cum pour into his ass. After Blake stopped cum his started to withdraw his cock once more, but with a wave of Dylan's hand Blake stopped and shoved his cock back up Robert's ass. 'Get out of my ass! You already painted it with cum,' Robert yelled again. Blake fucked his ass faster and harder then withdrew his cock. Robert farted out Blake's cum. Blake grabbed a towel and cleaned off his cock and Robert's ass and they both got dressed and headed back to Ryan's Room.


Jeph Lyons


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