I was lying on the floor on top the blanket when I heard sounds come in the outside door. It was Jim and he walked over and opened my door. I was not sure what time it was as I was in the cell naked without any view of outside. As Jim lead me out of the small building I had been in I could see it was daylight. He asked if I had learned my lesson and I replied that I had. He reached down and held my cock for a moment and said he was proud to see I had not relieved myself. Pierre was already sitting poolside at a bar stool and said good morning. The two teased about my aroused state and I went into a poolside bathroom. I used the facility and washed my face and hands and then walked back outside into the sunlight. I could overhear Jim and Pierre talking about how I was still hard and had my butt plug inserted fully. Pierre asked if I had touched myself last night and I told him that I had not despite how bad I wanted to. He patted my ass and told me they had the room under video surveillance and were both very happy that I had obeyed their directions and would be rewarded properly. I was told to prepare both guys a bagel and coffee and when I served it I was told to get on my knees and to service them both while they ate.

Both men sat on their stools with their robes open, Pierre was rock hard and I took him into my mouth and worked his cock hearing him moan in satisfaction. I then turned to Jim, he was sitting with his robe open and was not hard yet. Jim had a fat small cock that was probably under an inch. His pubic area and balls were shaved smooth. I slowly started to lick his shaft and could feel him getting harder. He told me he wanted his balls licked and I started licking his large size nut sack  that hung low. This caused his cock to spring to life and he grew to about 5.5” of hard fat cock. His cock was slightly longer than my own but at least twice the size in circumference. I alternated between the two cocks while they made small talk and ate breakfast. I had been my knees sucking their cocks for about half an hour when they both got up and slipped their robes off. Jim said to Pierre “I don’t know about you but I need to get a little of this ass” and he took me by the arm and led me over to a sofa that sat under an awning. He pushed me over the back of it and then pulled the butt plug out of my ass. I looked up to see Pierre with his cock in my face and I took him into my mouth as Jim pushed his stubby fat cock fully into my ass replacing my butt plug. His cock was much larger around and it caused me to gasp from the feeling of him pushing inside me as I was stretched.

It took Jim only a few minutes before he was pounding his cock deep into my ass and pulling out before impaling me fully again. I could feel his large full balls slap my cock While Jim had his hands on my shoulders holding me still Pierre had his hands on my head and was face fucking me deeply from the front. I could feel my cock leaking precum and soon felt Jim explode as he grunted loudly saying I had the tightest ass he had ever fucked. As soon as Jim began to cum Pierre pulled my head tight to his pelvis burring my face in his full mound of pubic hair shooting cum down my throat. Once both guys had softened they pulled out of me and I could feel cum leaking down my inner thighs. I also had cum that had leaked from my mouth and was running down my chin. Jim touched my cock and asked if that was precum or if I had cum. The only reply I could utter was “No sir” and he and Pierre both remarked about what a good slut I was. They talked between themselves saying I deserved to be rewarded and told me I could lay around the pool but I was still not allowed to touch myself or give myself any relief. I lay on one of the lounges on my back and drifted off to sleep in the warm sunlight.

I awoke hearing voices and opened my eyes to see that Jim and Pierre had several friends over. They were all sitting around the pool deck and clad in shorts or bathing suite bottoms. The guys all looked to be in the same age range as Jim and all in decent shape. I moved and found my ass was stuck to the chair from cum that had leaked from inside my ass as I slept. As I adjusted to waking up one of the guys remarked about how the little slut was finally waking from his beauty rest and all the guys laughed. I heard one of the guys ask if I had been sporting a full erection since I arrived and when Pierre said yes I could hear the group all laugh. There were remarks about my size and one of the guys came over and as he pushed his cock toward my face asked “so, does he at least give a good blow job?” followed by laughter again. This guy was about 5’8” and probably 200 pounds with a beer belly and thinning gray hair. He had a hairy body and a large thin cock that I soon had in my mouth. This guy talked the while time I was sucking him telling me what he wanted as I tried my best to do what he was telling me to do. It did not take him long as I could hear the other guys all making comments of their own before he pulled his cock from my mouth and sprayed my face and body with his cum as he milked every drop from his cock.

As soon as he finished and backed away I was surprised to find Pierre helping me up from the chair and ushering me into a bathroom as the others all chanted away wanting to use me. Once inside Pierre asked me if I was sure I was ok. I replied yes, and he pressed me wanting to make sure that none of this was beyond my boundaries. I told him no and he asked me to repeat my safe word to ensure I had it memorized. I repeated it for him and he asked if I needed few minutes to clean up before going back out. I thanked him and washed my face and used the bathroom. As we got ready to open the door to exit Pierre told me that he and Jim had used my notes in chat and fantasies to try to create the perfect submissive journey for me but that they understood that sometimes reality does not meet fantasy. He told me that as the submissive I was in full control and could stop everything at any time. I thanked him and he then leaned in and gave me a very deep and very passionate kiss before he opened the door and said we are back on stage.

There were at least 15 guys out around the pool all waiting for me as they drank and made small talk. Jim came over and said they did not want me cumming and brought me over to the table and started to ice down my cock making me shrink up. My balls were on fire aching wanting release but the cold was shrining them down. Once I was totally soft Jim applied a locking cage that wrapped around my balls and had a sleeve that covered my soft cock and locked. Jim had the key around his neck. The sleeve was very small and Jim said I could pee and shower with it on but could not get an erection. It was a bright pink plastic color and really emphasized how small my cock was on my hairless body. The guys all had a good laugh at me wearing this and one of them asked that since I could not cum that I might want a bukkake. I had no idea what this was but it seemed like a popular choice and I was soon on my knees in the middle of a circle of guys with their hard cocks poking toward ne, The cocks being pushed at me were in all varying lengths and diameters from huge to small. Some were shaved and others were hairy but they were all hard and all wanted inside my mouth. The ones I could not get into my mouth at the moment were being jacked aimed toward me. As I did my best to take as many as I could the aroma of male sexual arousal became intoxicating and I was working the cocks as best I could using both my hands and my mouth. I could feel ropes of hot cum shoot and hit my face, my head and all over my exposed body while I continued to suck the others around me.

This continued for well over an hour and as I still struggled to take the hard cocks being pushed at me I was continually being covered with another load of cum , at this point not a square inch of my body was uncovered and my eyes were almost glued shut. Things had slowed down with only a random guy coming up and jacking off over me telling me what  a cum slut I was and teasing about my pink cock cage. The smell of cum on me was invigorating and had me so turned on I wanted to explode but my own cock was unable to get hard inside my little cage which further intensified my desire for release.

Jim would not let any of the guys fuck me saying I had been tested and was clean and so were he and Pierre so we planned to keep it that way. I sat around the party covered in cum from head to toe with it drying on my skin as the guys all teased. It was all very humiliating but it was turning me on wildly hearing them talk about my hairless body, my small cock that was compared to a clit on several occasions during the party. Being called a cock slut and slut even caused feelings of arousal and desire to flood over me. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to be their cock slut taking whatever they wanted from me.

The guys all began leaving as the sun started setting and I was once again left with Jim and Pierre. I used the outdoor shower to wash the cum from my body and spent almost 45 minutes getting completely cleaned up. Jim had prepared a very nice dinner and I was told I could sit with them and eat but was kept naked. I was given several drinks and was feeling pretty good when Jim told Pierre that he really needed to see how tight my ass was. Pierre said he might but needed to be convinced. I picked up on this and sat at the foot of Pierre’s chair and told him how bad I wanted to feel his huge man cock inside me. I could tell from the lump beneath his shorts that I was having an effect on him.

Jim took me into the out building once again and said he was going to put me into the “Latex Vac Bed” and I was placed naked inside a latex piece of bedding. Jim positioned me inside the bed so that there was a hole for my mouth and nose and another where my cock cage came out of the bed. I was on my knees with my ass raised up in the air as Jim zipped me up in the bed totally enclosing me. I heard a vacuum pump come on and almost instantly I was totally immobilized as if I had been wrapped by a large spider. I felt Pierre push his finger into my upturned exposed anus saying “damn, that’s a tight hole” as he grabbed lube and started working his finger into my ass again. The height my ass was at lined up perfect with his cock as he stood behind me. I could not turn my head to see anything as I was totally immobilized and amazing.

After several minutes of fingering my ass I felt the unmistakable head of Pierre’s cock against my totally vulnerable ass. He pushed and a shot of sharp pain raced through my entire body with a feeling my ass had just been split into two. He rubbed my latex covered cheeks and said it was ok, he had the head in. He stayed still for a moment and then started to push inside deeper. The pain was almost unbearable but I really wanted to feel Pierre inside me and knew the pain would subside if I adjusted to him. I tried to relax and Pierre kept pushing inside me until I felt his balls make contact with my latex covered ass finally. He stayed there for a few minutes telling Jim how incredibly tight his cock was being squeezed and milked and I was adjusting to his size and his being inside me. The feelings of pain were quickly turning to feelings of fullness and pleasure and I wanted to feel Pierre fuck me hard. I could hear myself telling him “fuck me hard” as he was starting to pump my ass slowly adjusting to my tightness.

It was not long before I was getting what I had been begging for and Pierre was pounding my ass with abandon making me scream out with each hard inward thrust. He was also groaning and screaming out about how fucking tight my ass was and he lasted for a good ten minutes of this before he told me he was going to fill my ass with his cum. I started to beg him for his cum and this drove him over the edge as he pushed inside me deeply and began to shoot load after load of cum deep into my bowel. I think he came for at least five minutes and my stomach felt like I had incredible gas pains from the volume of cum that had been shot into me.

That had to be the hardest, deepest, most intense fucking I had ever received. I could hear air and cum being released from my gaping anus and I immediately feel into a deep sleep in the warm tight confines of the latex bed still being totally wrapped up tightly. I did not hear Pierre or Jim leave the room.



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