With my cock rock hard and sticking straight out in front of me, I slipped into the office and said, "May I join the fun?"

They jumped, shocked that someone else was around.

"Mark, what the fuck are you doing here?" Coach Davis managed to get out.

"I locked the doors," Coach Reid added.

As I walked up to them I said casually, "I've been watching you two have sex for several weeks and want in on the action." I reached out and grasped both their cocks, and after I did, they looked at each other then at me.

I quickly knelt down and as I began sucking Coach Davis' cock, I stroked Coach Reid's cock. As I sucked on Coach Davis, I heard him say to Coach Reid, "Fuck, it's obvious this isn't his first time sucking cock."

After a few moments, I switched and started sucking Coach Reid. Coach Reid moaned softly and said, "Luke, you're right. He's done this before."

I paused and looked up at them and asked, "Who wants to fuck my ass?"

"I get it first," Coach Davis said.

I stood and smiled and said, "Go for it," as I bent at the waist and returned to sucking Coach Reid. Coach Davis ate my ass for a moment or two before sliding his hard large cock balls deep into me. I moaned in pleasure as he began fucking my hungry ass and before long as he filled my ass with his thick hot huge load, Coach Reid did the same with my mouth.

After swallowing Coach Reid's delicious load, I stood and both men knelt and began sharing my cock. It was such a turn on to see both my coach's sucking on my cock and balls. Soon, I climaxed and watched as they kissed and shared my hot load.

After a few moments, I sucked off Coach Davis as Coach Reid fucked my ass. After both men climaxed into my body, I looked at them and said, "I hope we can make this a regular thing."

"Mark, having sex with you could get us fired ad ruin our future if anyone found out."

"Just you two having sex could get you fired. So what does it matter if I'm involved. I'll never tell anyone." Then after a pause, I said, "Well, maybe just one person. You would both love him and he'd love sex with you."

"Let's not rush anything," Coach Davis said. "And since we know each other so personally when we're alone call us Luke and Rick."

"Will do," I replied.

On our next meeting I got to fuck both of them and they both fucked me.

Our meeting went from just once a week to twice a week and for security reasons we started meeting at Rick's house after school.

In between sex with Luke and Rick, I continued having sex with Josh. I wanted Josh to join us and wondered how he would feel about having sex with the father of the girl he was dating.

Without mentioning any names, I began talking about my friend and how they would enjoy a four way with him. They began considering it but never said okay.

When the three of us got together it was 'no holds barred' sex. Anything was allowed. And it was even hotter when it was just me and Luke together in his office or just me and Rick at his house. Each did things that the other didn't know about.

Finally, after a month, the consented to letting me bring my friend to Rick's house to join us in sex.

I had told Josh about having sex with two older men but never mentioned their names. I finally got the chance to tell him that they wanted him to join in on the fun. He was excited since he had never been with an older man.

We set a date and I set up some rules. I confessed to Luke and Rick that they knew the person I was bringing and that I wanted them nude and wearing blindfolds when we arrived. They agreed, reluctantly.

Then I told Josh that he knew the men and that he would have wear a blindfold until the right time. He also agreed.

The night arrived and once it was dark I picked up Josh and put the blindfold on him and drove to Rick's place. I called Ricks number and told them to get ready. He agreed and knew that getting ready meant to get nude in the bedroom and put on their blindfolds.

After a moment, I led Josh to the porch and into the house. I undressed him in the living room and undressed myself. With both our cocks rock hard, I led him to Rick's bedroom. Peeking in, I saw both of them nude and hard and wearing their blindfolds, standing shoulder to shoulder. I placed Josh right in front of them facing them and said, "Guys, you may now remove your blindfolds."

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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