After telling the guys to remove their blindfolds, I realized that they were all nervous.

"Wait! I have a better idea," I said.

I moved Josh forward and when he was inches from Coach Luke, I made him kneel. I directed his mouth to Luke's cock and when the head touched his lips, he opened his mouth and sucked it in. As he began sucking, I directed his right hand to Coach Rick's hard cock. He grasped it and began stroking it then soon moved over and began sucking Rick.

After a few minutes of him alternating back and forth, I stopped him and had him stand. Then, I had Luke and Rick kneel and let them take turns sucking Josh's hard cock.

Soon, I had them stand and said, "Well, now that you have sucked each other, now it's time to remove your blindfolds."

Slowly and cautiously they each removed their coverings and looked into each others eyes.

"Holy shit!" Luke exclaimed. "Josh, you like cock?"

"Yes Coach, I do."

"You like ass also?" Rick asked.

"Oh yea."

"I'm glad, because since we now know about each other, I'd love to have you up my ass," Rick replied.

"Well then," I began, "why don't we get this party started?"

With that, I began tongue kissing Luke and Rick. Josh quickly joined in and soon had his cock buried in Rick's ass as he sucked on Luke's cock. Rick devoured my cock as Josh pounded his ass.

Before the evening ended, Josh had fucked both Luke and Rick and sucked and eaten loads from each. Both coaches had sucked and fucked Josh.

As we sat and made plans to all meet again, Luke looked at Josh and said, "I assume my daughter doesn't know your into cock also?"

"Hell no! Josh replied.

"Well, I have seen her birth control pills so I assume your fucking her, right?"

"Yes, I am,but mainly to keep my desire for men secret."

"I can understand that," Luke replied, "but I have a question. Which is better, my ass or her pussy?"

"Fuck, that's easy to answer. Your ass is much better. It's so much tighter, and just so you know, I'm not the only one fucking her."

"Hummm. Thanks for letting me know."

We agreed to meet midweek and left. As we drove home, Josh asked how I found out about them and joined in. I filled him in on everything and he admitted that he had dreamed of having sex with both of them.

On our next meeting, Luke had Josh and I double fuck his ass, as we took turns sucking on Rick's cock. When we were together, there was no limits sex. Josh soon began having one on one sex with each of them as did I.

Our past time continued throughout the school year. Graduation night, Josh and I told everyone that we were going camping for a week up in the mountains. We did, but Luke and Rick joined us and things got wild and raunchy.

We ended up pissing on whoever was taking a dump in the woods. It was such a turn on and we all totally enjoyed giving as well as receiving.

Summer ended all to soon and Josh left for the state university on a football scholarship. I however attended the local college and continued my relationship with Luke and Rick. Josh happily joined in when he was home for a weekend or the holidays.

Josh received an offer to play pro football after college and I got a job as an assistant coach at my old high school where it all started.

Our sexual play continued but not on campus. I loved to cruise the showers when the guys were there and see how they were hung, but I never took it any further.

Luke's daughter soon married a guy she met at college. He was from a wealthy family up state and after their marriage, he transferred to a college closer to home and she moved out.

It was then that Luke and Rick became lovers. I spent a lot of time at their place often staying over night. Josh visited in the off season and we rekindled our sex parties.

josh suggested that I return to college and get a degree in accounting. When I asked him why, he told me he wanted me to be his business manager so we could be together every day.

Three years later, I resigned my position as an assistant coach and went to work for Josh as his business manager, moving into his home with him.

After another year, without my knowledge, Josh invited Luke and Rick to join us on a cruise. I found out about it when Josh came in and showed me four tickets. I asked who the other two were for and he told me saying we had connecting staterooms.

We left on the cruise and on the second night at sea as the four of us drank wine of the balcony of our room, Josh proposed to me,asking me to be his partner for life. I immediately accepted.

We celebrated with a wild four way in our stateroom.

The next morning, our room steward came to clean the room finding the four of us all naked and asleep together on the floor. Josh and I woke up as he opened the door and as he looked us over it was obvious that his was getting an erection.

As he apologized and began to exit the room, Josh jumped up and told him to wait. As he stepped up to the steward, he smiled and cupped his hand around the young man's hard cock and said, "Why don't you stop by after you get off duty?"

"I'll see what I can do," he replied.

He did and when he arrived Josh and I together stripped him and started a hot three way. We found that he enjoyed the same things that we did and soon we had all fucked and sucked each other. he joined us whenever he could and we invited Luke and Rick over to form a five way.

It's been five years now and we are all still together. The love Josh and I have for each other is stronger than ever.





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