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"Remember the rules, Danny: you are not to drink too much, you're definitely not taking any kind of drugs, and most of all, you are not getting involved in any type of sexual activity - especially with a boy."

"Come on, Mom! You've been repeating that for the last...ten minutes!" I whined, "And honestly, do you really think I'm a drunk? Or do drugs, for that matter? Seriously?" I demanded, she gave me a passive glance, "And why would I get 'involved' with another guy? I'm not even 'out' yet. You should know better than that, Mom!"

"Fine. I know I can trust you with that." and she turned her attention back on the wheel. "I'm just sayin'."

My mom was driving me to Luke and Keith's place for the party. Says she wants to make sure I get there safe and sound. What the hell! She acts as if I was a freaking three-year old! I tried telling her that I should just use my bike - or that I would just take a bus ride to the Princetons' - but no, she had to drive me there.

Oh, well. Whatever!

"You know, Dan..."

"What?" I snapped boringly.

"You know you can tell me, right?"

Uh-oh. I don't like where this is headed.

"Tell you what, exactly?" I inquired suspiciously. I turned to face my mother.

"About Bruce?" she glanced at me sideways.

"Urgh, Mom! Not this again, please? I told you. Bruce is NOT my boyfriend. That guy hates my guts! And you have no idea how vain..." I slammed the words, "and conceited...immature...boastful...irresponsible...and how big of a bully he is!"

"Hmmm...Sounds like a very adorable boy." My mom sarcastically remarked.

I took a deep breath, "I hate that guy, Mom. Never - and I mean it - never will he find himself in the position of being my boyfriend. Whatever happens, he'll never be my boyfriend."

"Fine. Fine. Fine." she muttered.



I watched my mom's car as it drove away. There were still a few flickers of sunlight here and there, but it was basically dark, what with the trees creating a canopy above. I turned right into a wide driveway that led off the road. The high hedges, grown on both sides, curved with the drive, running off into the distance beyond a pair of tall, impressive iron-wrought gates.

I took a deep breath of cool, fresh, oxygen-filled air. This really is a nice place. Far enough to have some privacy and relaxation, but not too far away from civilization. For over the years, I've learned to love the place.

I reached the gates. I rang and waited for a few moments before an electric voice answered me.

"Who is it?" the intercom queried.

"It's Danny, Guiseppi." I replied quite cheerfully. Guiseppi was the Princetons' butler. Yep! They have a butler. How fortunate, right? And I was envious.

"Oh! Master Daniel!" he chimed, "Welcome! Please..." and the gates mechanically swung open, "come in. The Princetons have been awaiting for your arrival."

I grunted a simple thank you and got in.

At the end of the drive, a handsome mansion grew out of the afternoon darkness, six tall columns lined the entire face of the house, with the lights already glinting through the diamond-paned downstairs windows. It looked like a classical Greecian building. I can hear the fountain playing somewhere in the dark garden beyond the hedge. Gravel crackled beneath my feet as I sped toward the front door; which swung inward at my arrival.

"Master Daniel!" Guissepi, a short, plump, old man greeted welcomingly. "Welcome back."

"Daniel!" another voice called as I got in.

A pair of large feet made its way down the grand staircase. My eyes moved upwards and I saw two hairy, muscular legs attached to tree-trunk-like thighs. The thighs bulged and flexed as the person made his way down.

"How's it been, Dan?" he asked enthusiastically, "I haven't seen you in ages."

"Um...It's been good. I guess." I replied, trying to control the shakiness that his presence brings in my voice.

I raked his muscular torso. Damn! How could someone look so good? His thick pectorals were outlined by the tight gray shirt he was wearing, and his biceps were stretching the fabric something awful. Even through his shirt, I can see the ridges of his eight-pack abs. Whew!

"So glad you could make it, mate!" he said as he approached and gave me a tight, warm bear hug. I always liked it when he does that. I feel safe...protected. He was the big brother that I never had.

"You know I wouldn't miss it for the world." I replied, "And thanks for the invite, Luke."

"No need for your thanks, dickhead. You're my younger brother's bestfriend. You're practically family."

I just smiled and surveyed my surroundings.

"Listen. Keith is still in his room. Probably jerking off." he joked, "He'll be here in a sec...And I'll be by the pool if you need me. Okay?"

Their entrance hall was large, brightly lit, and sumptuously decorated, with a magnificent silver-and-blue carpet covering most of the stone floor.

I went for the stairs and headed towards Keith's room. I've been to the Princetons' place for about a hundred times already, but I still walk in awe whenever I tread on their floors. They lived in a God damned mansion - probably five times larger than our house. And our house was not a small shack, either. That says a lot. I'd like to know what their parents do to afford such a living. I just might take a similar career path.

I reached the top of the stairs and I heard music - loud music - coming from one of the many rooms along the hallway. I sauntered towards the last one and arrived at the door from which the noise was loudest.


I got myself in and made my way to his couch. Yep! He's got his very own lounge. In his room. Says it's for entertaining guests or shit. As if their ginormous living room downstairs was not enough. Well, that's one of the bazillion things that I envy of him. They were just so God damned wealthy!

"Keeeeiiiith..." I called again.

I got comfortable on the couch and took a Sports magazine from the coffee table. Hmmm...Baseball...Baseball...Baseball...The guy really loved the sport. I don't blame him, really. I've told you that. It's just that I feel...I don't know...left out? What if Keith finds someone more fun to be with? Someone who's better than me. Someone who can relate to his love for the sport.

Sigh. I just hate to think that Keith would stop being my friend. I don't even know what I'll do if that happens.

Then suddenly, everything went dark. A pair of cold, large hands covered my eyes and held my head steady.

"Keith...come on, man. This is childish!" I remarked.

"This. Is. Not. Keith." he tried to pull a robot-voice, "This. Is. Sentinel. Papa. Alpha...And. I. Do. Not. Come. In. Peace...Do. Not. Make. Any. Sudden. Movements. Or. I.

Will. Cut. Your. Genitals. Off. And. Feed. Them. To. Prince."

I sighed, "Prince's sort of a vegetarian." I simply stated.


"And Papa Alpha?" I freed my head and turned to face him, "Seriously?"

"What! Papa Alpha sounds cool!" he said defensively as he sprawled on the couch beside me, "Isn't it?"

I didn't have to answer - we laughed.


By the time Keith and I got down by the pool, Luke was almost finished with the preparations for the party, with the help, of course, of Guiseppi and five other house helpers.

Tables were filled with different kinds of dishes. Finger foods. Christmas bulbs hovered above our heads. Speakers boomed from inside and outside the manor. They even had a Karaoke placed in the poolhouse. A bar was set by the pool, filled with different kinds of booze and goodies. They also hired two DJs to take care of the music. And there were bouncy-houses at either sides of the pool - both connected to slides. Overall, it was a BLAST!

"That's it!" Luke announced over the noise as we neared. "What do you think?"

I just gaped at the awesomness of what I was seeing, "Nice work, Luke!" I declared as I read a signage placed by the pool that read 'NAKED GIRLS ONLY'. Though I secretly wished that he also placed 'NAKED GUYS ONLY' beside it.

"Yeah, bro. This is fantastic! You really outdid yourself this time. Only..." Keith paused dramatically.

"What?" Luke asked instantly. He seemed perplexed by Keith's attitude.

"Chill, bro!" he chuckled at his brother's distress. "It's just...where are the guests?"

"Oh." Luke glanced at his wrist watch. "They should be arriving in a bit. I told them to come by six. Don't worry."

"Oh, I'm not worrying. We can still party with or without them, right?" Keith said encouragingly and glanced at me.

Yeah, what kind of party would that be, I wonder?


"Finally!" Keith joyously announced as he opened the front doors to reveal their first guests. "Hey guys!"

"See! I told you!" one guy remarked as he saw the host.

"Told him what?" Keith inquired.

"That this is where you live." he answered amusedly, "They saw the house - um, the mansion - and had second thoughts. They thought it belonged to a Billionaire or something and that we should just leave. But we heard the music booming and I was quite positive, I checked the address, you see." he paused and took in his surroundings. "Fuck! Fuckin' nice!" he then whistled. He seemed lightheaded. All of them, in fact. "I never thought I'd have the privilege to be in a place like this. Fuck."

"Yeah...well, thanks. Come in. And let's get this party started!"


"I got...Krystal Montgomery!" the guy, Scott or something, announced over the mic, "Krystal?"

Everyone applauded as Krystal stood up and shyly made her way to Luke and Scott who were waiting in the poolhouse.

The party was suspended for a bit to give way for the Exchanging of Gifts. It has been going for a while now, with my heart skipping a beat when a certain DArren or a certain DArwin, or a certain DANica was called.

Another applause was given as Scott handed over his gift to shy Krystal, to which she took quite excitedly.

"Okay, K, now it's your turn." Luke handed her the bowl with our names, "Shake it, mix it, and pick!"

Krystal got her pick and fumbled with the small piece of paper.

"Um...Dannil...Mookins." she said.

The crowd was silent, contemplating on who the fuck she was talking about, when,

"That's Daniel Mockins, you dumbass!"

And everyone got a laugh. Poor Krystal just stood there, and said "Oh." It was confirmed. She's a bit slow.

I made my way to the poolhouse, bringing the package that I purchased, and accepted my gift from dumbass Krystal.

"My mom picked it for me." Krystal said with a smile, "I hope you like it, Daniel."

I hugged her and muttered my thanks. Well, at least she's sweet.

"Oookaay! Daniel's turn!" Luke announced.

My hands were a bit shaky. Earthquake kind of shaky. But I got my pick and read out the scribbles written on the small parchment.

"I have...Jake...Jake Collins?" and I viewed the crowd.

The crowd again applauded as Alexander Ludwig, er, I mean Jake Collins made his way to us. Now that I see him - Fuck! He is as hot as I pictured him out to be. Well, not really. I've already seen him in school. He's part of Luke's inner circle, I think. With wide shoulders, bulging biceps, killer arms, a narrow waistline, tree-trunk thighs, and muscular legs, he was a gay guy's dream come true. I chuckled. Jake Collins would DEFINITELY know how to use my gift. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE!

I just smiled as I handed him my gift. He then hugged me, which made the crowd go catcalling and whistling and stuff. My cock gave a dangerous twitch, and I took deep, long breaths to control myself.

"Thanks, Dannil." he joked.

"Um, yeah." then I went back to my spot next to Keith, hoping that no one would notice my hardening prick.

"What was in the gift, enlighten me?" he asked.

I just smiled widely.


By 09:00 PM, the house - um, the mansion - was jam-packed. People were scattered everywhere: chatting, drinking, eating, swimming, or just dancing and having the time of their lives. Oh, I forgot. There were people who were making out, too. Sucking their partner's faces off in the open like it was the most natural thing to do.

"Whoohoo!" somebody yelled. I turned my attention from talking to Keith and the gang to find Jesse Porter, the Football Quarterback that I told you about, running around the pool wearing nothing but very brief yellow briefs. He maneuvered his glorious body around - carrying a jockstrap and twirling it up above his head like a Cowboy - and hugged a very amused Luke.

"Fucking party, man! Yeah! WHOOHOO!" clearly, he was already buzzed. "SUCK THIS, BITCHES!" he yelled as he groped his crotch.

We watched as Jesse made a spectacle of himself. GOD, he looked really hot!

Two other Seniors got hold of him and tossed him into the pool with a loud splash. As soon as he got in the water, about ten girls - who were all half-naked, by the way - swarmed around him...and...God knows what they were doing to him.

Shit! Those lucky bitches!

"You know, Danny." Keith poked me on the ribs, "That'll be us, too." he referred to Porter, who was now making out with two girls at a time - GROSS! "We'll grow into studs like that Jesse Porter someday."

I sipped from my third beer bottle and managed a simple "Yeah". I'm sure Keith will. He was the more athletic one. I, on the other hand, was the teacher's pet.

"Yeah." he slurred, "And they'll demand for our attention...Yeah..."


"And we'll be like...Gods. Gods, Danny!" undoubtedly, he was drunk.

I patted his back and looked up to the moonlit skies. "Dream on, buddy. Dream on."

"Fuck you." he grinned at me. "I'll prove to you, fucker! Sooner than you think, I'll be looking like that Porter dude. I'll even surpass him! I know I'm better than him. I'm much better!"

"You're drunk, that's what you are." I goaded.

"Fuck you!"

"Hey, guys!" Keith and I were slouched on the poolside chairs - nursing our beers - when Jake Collins, the one who got my gift, made his way to us. "Great party, right?" he exclaimed. Flashing those pearly whities at me. Damn! We were just talking about studs and - BAM! - one magically shows up.

I was practically shaking. I know that by this time he may have already opened his gift. He wasn't charging me, so, that's a good sign.

"What're you doing here?" Keith demanded, "I thought you got lucky, bro. I saw you walking off into the woods with that blondie you were sucking face with." he teased, "What happened, man?"

"Well...It's really...Um...It's quite embarassing, actually...better if I don't...speak of it." he chuckled nervously.

"Come on, man. Spill. We've got plenty of beers to drain it with." then he glanced at his beer bottle, "Shit...I'm out of beer." he then stood up. "Why don't you two get acquainted while I get us a few more beers. Sounds good?"

As Keith left, I shuffled in my chair and discreetly glanced at the muscle-god sitting beside me. God! Don't he look glorious! With his well-developed chest, vein-streaked biceps, and Surfer Dude looks - FUCK! I watched as his jaw muscles flexed.

"We haven't officially met. Daniel, right?" he asked.

He knows my name! "Yeah." I beamed.

"I'm Jake." he offered his hand, and I took it. I can't help but notice how my boyish hand disappeared into his manlier ones. It looked completely dominating.

I collected myself, pulled out my straight-boy act, and managed an innocent smile. "So...what happened to your date?" I didn't want to sound assuming, when we've just met and all, but I couldn't think of anything else to ask.

" know...we went for a walk in the woods...hoping that I could put your gifts to good use..." my head jerked towards him, I just chuckled nervously, "and...let's just say that I had trouble keeping it...up." he grinned, and I understood, I think.

"Oh. That's...well...Um...That's..."

"Embarrassing?" he supplied, then chuckled. It was hot looking at his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he did so.

"No!" I redeemed, "Not embarrassing."


"No! Definitely not." I answered, "It's just...maybe she's just not the one. Or...maybe your - you know - is still...waiting...for the right one. Or..." I glanced at him and the sexy grin plastered all over his handsome face made me giggle, "I'm not making much of a sense here, am I?"

He laughed. "I think you're cute."

"WHAT?!" I doubled back. Did I just hear him right? My grin suddenly vanished.

"I think you're cute." he repeated daringly. He scooted to my chair and leaned closer to me. Oh my God! Is he...? Is that why...?

"What are you doing?" I asked nervously. "What are you talking about?"

"You heard me. I think you're cute, Daniel" he leaned closer, I can smell the sexy scent of beer coming from him.

"Jake, you're just drunk." I tried to scoot away.

"And I am doing my best to hold back from kissing that luscious lips of yours." he continued.

Shit! The guy was coming onto me!

I remained motionless, speechless - immobilized that this...hunk of a man is...Shit!

He just chuckled, "I think I know your dirty, little secret, Daniel."

"W-what are you talking about?" I stuttered, my heart beating fast.

He leaned to whisper to my ear, "Let's go somewhere...private, shall we?"

He stood up and walked towards the workshop. Mr. Princeton owns one. I hesitantly followed; glancing all around, seeing to it that no one saw us. Well, of course someone would see us. The thing is - they just wouldn't care.

"Jake...are you...what I think you are?" I asked tentatively as I followed him through the bustling crowd.

"How would I know if what you're thinking is what I'm thinking?" he glanced back with a shit-eating grin, "And not here, Daniel. Too many people...Wait. Okay?"

As we entered the workshop, we caught a couple making out...quite intimately [okay, fine...they were having oral sex] and they greeted us with a dozen animated variety of curses and shit.

"Okay. Time's up. Show's over. Chop-Chop. If you would just please leave the premises. We have some business to attend to." Jake announced.

The pair scrambled to their feet and tried to cover their sweaty bodies. At least they managed to get their underwears on.

"Fuck you, man!" the guy growled. "I was so close to losing my virginity and you just fuckin' blew it away! Fuck!"

We broke into fits of laughter as we heard the door slam shut.

"That was priceless!" Jake laughed. "Oh my God, I can't believe I just did that!"

"You should've seen their faces!" I added. "Oh, God!"

After a few minutes of laughter, we settled. I sipped from my beer, sat down, and pulled off my serious tone.

"So...ahem...Jake...are you?" I asked the guy sitting before me.

He just grinned at me.

"Fuck, man, are you gay or not?" I snapped angrily.

"Now that's more like it! Straightforward. Direct to the point."

"Just answer the fucking question, man, and quit messing with my head."

"I'm bisexual...leaning more to gay." he confidently answered.

"Fuck!" I muttered, "I wouldn't have known."

"Of course you shouldn't. It wouldn't be good for my rep if everyone knew I was gay, would it?" He just chuckled. His whole body trembling. His muscles flexing. "It's good to know that someone you know is playing for your team, too, is it?" he asked enthusiastically.

I glanced at his beautiful face and tried to decide whether to spill my guts or not. He basically knows it already, Danny. Why should you deny it more? Urgh! I just really hope I wouldn't regret this. " did you know, Jake?" I started, "I I that obvious?" I asked nervously.


"What was that?" I turned towards the dark corner where the unnerving sound came.

"I don't know." Jake said.

"Who's there?" I called.

My heart was beating fast. What if someone heard us? OH MY GOD! It'll be the end of Daniel Mockins. OH MY GOD!



Was that...?

"Who's there?"

"MREOOW!" a pair of golden yellow eyes glinted in the darkness.

It is!

"Prince!" I practically jumped and scooped the black furball in my arms! "God, you don't know how happy I am to see you, you sneaky thing!"

"Thank God, it was just a cat." Jake sighed.

"Yeah, I don't know what I would've done if someone found out." I returned to the table and sat down, with Prince cradled in my arms. "So, about my question?"

"What was it again?"

"About me? Being obvious?"

"Oh...No, man! You're really straight acting. As straight as the next guy." he assured me, "It's just...the way you look at other guys...especially when you look at that hottie bestie of yours..." he teased.

"Shut up." I giggled.

"You need to be more careful with those looks, though. If another guy misinterprets that, you might end up in a very big trouble. With the wrong guy, you could end up in real deep shit. Do you get me?"

I just nodded.

I grasped what he was saying. He was making real sense. I just OFFICIALLY met the guy, but I was already trusting him - like a big brother or something.


"Hmmm?" he turned to face me.

"Thank you."

"Thank you? For what?" he seemed confused.

"For telling me these. I really needed someone like you in my life right now. You have no idea." I muttered.

"Actually, I have." he paused and took my hand into his, "I've been there, so I greatly understand. I know what you're going through; the pressure and the hormones and the shit. So, you don't have to thank me. Okay? I understand."

I smiled.

"And if you need some advice...don't hesitate to come ask, alright?"

"Yeah, that'd be a sight! A Senior talking to a Freshman." I droned.

"Hey, I don't care what people say. You're my friend, right? And friends help each other out. You want me to jerk you off now?" he joked.

I laughed and punched him on the shoulder, "Prick!"

"Ready to return to the party?" Jake asked.

"Yeah. Keith must be looking for us."

We stood up. Just as we were near the door, Jake stopped and faced me.

"Thank you again for the condoms, Daniel." he grinned.


Jake and I were heading towards Keith by the poolhouse, when a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the sidelines. He shoved me forward and directed me back into the workshop.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing? Let me go!" I yelled over the loud music. "Stop what you're doing! I'm no good for you. Jake! Help!" There was too much noise. And Jake was already ten heads away and couldn't hear. "HELP!" But it was a party. Nobody gives you second looks if you get kidnapped and raped and murdered. "Hey!"

"Stop being such a drama queen, Fockins. It's just me." the guy said as he slammed the door shut.

I turned to face my captor. Oh, joy!

"What the hell are you doing here, Bruce?" I demanded.

"I was invited. I came to party. Isn't that obvious?" he retorted.

", you came to party." I mocked, "In here? You want to party with the wrenches and the pliers, Bruce?" I growled.

"Stop being such a dick, Daniel!"

"Oh, now I'M being a dick!" I growled. I admit, I was now a bit drunk, despite my mother's admonition. [Sorry, Mom!] And I was pissed. Royally pissed. All the anger that I had suppressed suddenly burst out and I concentrated it to no one but the elephant standing right before me. "Let's see. You made me wait for nothing. You never called. You didn't even text me! You made me look like a God damned fool waiting in that God forsaken library! And now you're telling me that I'M being a dick?"

"Daniel, just shut up."

"Don't tell me to shut up, Bruce Adams! YOU SHUT UP!" My nostrils were flaring, my chest heaving, my heartbeat rising - I was already on Full-Attack Destroy-Bully-Elephant Mode by now. "I don't care what your Mama says to you! I don't care if you've been bullied back from where you came from! I don't care if you think you're the top-man! 'Cause this?" I slammed my fists on his chest. He seemed taken aback, "What you're doing to me, and to God knows how many others're no better than the guys back home. You are the most arrogant," I slammed my fists again, "pathethic, vain, conceited, irresponsible, jerk that I have ever had the misfortune to meet!"

I slammed my fists onto his barrel chest one more time.

"Are you done?" he asked plainly, looking down at me.

Urgh! Control yourself, Danny. He's not worth it. Deal with this like how a civilized young man would.

I deeply sighed, "Yes." and turned away.

"Can I speak now?"

Another sigh. "Yes, Bruce, you can speak now!" I paced the room back and forth. I was still reeling with rage.

"Will you please sit down?" he pleaded, "You're making me sick."

I glared at him and momentarily took a seat.

"Now...listen to what I have to say." he started, I looked at him squarely on the face, "I want to apologize. I'm really sorry for bailing on you, Daniel. I know that that wasn't cool."

"You think?" I snapped.

He raised a palm to silence me.

"Bruce, I'm tired of this." I spoke impatiently. "We have a project to work on."

"That project again? That project's bullshit!"

"That project's going to have a big impact to our grades, dickhead! Why can't you fucking understand that? How thick can your skull be to absorb a simple idea like that?"

"Thick enough to knock your faggot head down!" he snapped.

"Do we really have to go through this every single day, Bruce? You being the mean bully" I said, throwing my hands up mockingly, "and torturing a pathetic teacher's pet like me? Huh?" I growled, "Fuck you!"

"You know what?" he glared, "I better go party. This conversation's nonsense. See you, Fockins." then he walked for the door.

Alright, that's the last straw!

"I guess I'll just have to tell everybody about what really happened in Texas, now, would I?" I said. That got him. He turned around and faced me, a hint of confusion lurking on his face, "About why you transferred? About 'your' bullying activities back home? About your mom's condition? Just choose, Bruce. What should I spread first?" I goaded more. "The Internet is such a big crowd, you know. I can't wait to let everyone in on your precious secrets!"

"You fucking prick! How did you..." he growled and grabbed the front of my shirt. His eyes were filled with panic. He lifted me from the floor. "Don't you dare involve my mom in this!"

"Fine!" I spat and glared right into his eyes, "But, whether you like it or not, you need to do the project with me! And I don't want to hear you complain about anything or, I swear to God, I will reveal EVERY fucking secret that you have!"

I paused, took a deep breath, and smiled at his enraged face. His hold got tighter.

"Think about it, dickhead!" I gasped.

He glared at me some more and, "FUCK!" he slammed me to the table.

I got quite a landing, and I may have scraped an elbow or two, but thankfully, my butt got most of the pressure. I massaged my strangled neck and coughed a few times. I sat up. "So?" I rasped.

"I just do the project with you for you to keep your pussymouth shut?" he glared.

"That's about it." I replied.

He punched the table. "FUCK!" he paced the floor before me. A few minutes later, he calmed down and stopped in front of me, "You've got yourself a fucking deal." then walked away, "And you better keep your word, Fockins or I will fucking kill you!" and he was gone.


Look at who's pulling on the strings now!

Ta-Tada-Da! Danny the Bully!

Hmm...Sounds weird, right? But, whatever!

This should be an interesting Christmas break!

*End of Chapter 6*


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