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I was having a wonderful dream about my buddy, Keith, when a four-limbed creature suddenly jumped on top of me.

"Come on! Wake up! Wake up! Come on, Daniel! Wake up!"

I tried getting her hands off of my face and successfully pushed her off the bed.

"Alright! Alright! I'm up. What's with the emergency wake up call? Last time I checked, there was nothing wrong with my alarm clock..." I grumbled as I cleared my eyes.

"We're going shopping!" my sister exclaimed excitedly and sat beside me, "Christmas shopping, Daniel! Come on! Come on! Get out of bed already! We'll be waiting for you downstairs. Mom says you have ten minutes or we'll leave you!"


"Your love's a permanent distraction, a perfect interaction. I'm feeling so extreme. I lost my appetite to eat, I barely get to sleep, 'cause you're even in my dreams..." I was singing in the shower when my phone beeped.

3 New Messages

I checked the first. "Oh, joy!" It was from the president of an organization that I was in - saying that we were to meet and discuss about 'Waste Management in the School Cafeteria' in an hour. Fuck the cafeteria. That was the least of my priorities for now.

The next one was from an unregistered number. Hmmm...


BA? Bad-Ass motherfucker? HAHA. Oh, well. He must've heard from his mom. At least he texted, even though it's a little too late.

"Don't worry, Bruce. Your record has been cleaned - for now." I mumbled.

The last one was from Keith.

'Be hir at 5. Nid ur help. AND bring MY gift! :P'

I smiled.

"Yeah, right." I muttered.


That Saturday morning we went Christmas shopping. We bought a Christmas tree, a few lines of Christmas lights, some boxes of Christmas balls in assorted colors and sizes, and just about everything that has something Christmasy in it.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" I practically shouted. The couple walking before us turned their heads in alarm.

"What? What is it?" my mom asked.

"I need to buy a gift!"

"For your BOYfriend?" my sister teased.

"No! For the party. Luke's Christmas party, remember?"

"Okay! Okay! We get it. There's no need to be defensive!" my mom chimed.

"I'm SO not being defensive, Mom!"

"Oookaaay...if you say so...Mr. Defensive!"

She turned before I could react.

"So, you have no idea if it's for a girl or for a boy?"

"Yes, Mom. For the millionth time, YES."

"How about a bracelet?" Stephanie suggested.

"Too corny."

"An anklet?"

"Steph, they're basically the same thing...and they're both corny."

"A book?"


"I know! How about an alarm clock?" my mom suggested brilliantly.

"Absolutely NO, Mom! Everybody hates it when they receive an alarm clock for Christmas." I said.

"Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I sort of remember giving you an alarm clock for last Christmas." my Mom said hurtfully.

"Well...I admit...I hated it." And I laughed at her reaction. We all laughed.

"Well, if we choose something, it should be unisex. And it should -" But I never heard what my mom was saying. All of my attention was now focused on something that was on display.

"Perfect." I whispered to myself.

"What?" my mom asked.

"Oh, nothing. Let's go home. I can't find anything." I lied.

"But Luke's party is tonight, right?" Steph inquired.

"Yeah. Don't worry. I'll find something. Maybe later."

"Hmmm...Okay. Let's go, then."

"You wait by the car. I need to take a leak first."

So, my mom and my sister went out first, and I walked as if I was headed to the restroom. Once they were out of sight, I immediately retraced my steps and purchased the item on display.

"I'm sorry for asking, sir, but isn't this a bit...too big...for you?" the woman behind the counter asked.

"Oh. Those are not for me." I simply stated, though I was sure I was already a very deep scarlet.

"Oh, your dad's, perhaps?"

"Just give me the box, will you?" I snapped.

"Oh, sorry." she then handed me the package - already wrapped up, complete with a ribbon swathed graciously around it and a card that wishes him (or her) a Merry, Merry Christmas. She then smiled toothily, "Well...Happy Holidays!"

Yeah. Like you care.


We arrived from our shopping at half past twelve. After arranging and stocking the goods - and listening to my sister's newest single, 'Danny Has A Boyfriend' - I slipped into my room and closed the door. The item that I bought [Thank God it was small!] was safely kept in my pocket, hidden from the suspicious eyes of my mother. I took the small package out and put it on top of my bedside table beside my The Avengers action figures.

Fuckin' yeah! Hate me if you want, but I totally love The Avengers! I can stay up all night staring at Chris Evans' or Chris Hemsworth's photos - clothed or stripped. I'm a geek that way.

"Hmmm...Whoever gets this should know the meaning of the word 'creativity'." I said as I eyed the gift, "If he's a guy - he'll definitely know how to use it. If she's a gal - well, I'll let her use her imaginative skills."

I lied down on my bed. "Five hours till the party." I sighed. "What to do? What to do?"

I spotted my laptop and took it to my bed. I checked my social networking accounts.

"What. The. Fuck!" Jesse Porter, our Football Quarterback just updated his status. I've always admired Jesse's athletic skills, but what I admired the most from him was his entire physique. He was easily the most muscular guy in school. Scratch that. He was easily the most muscular guy in town.

'Wazzup mothafuckerz! Going 2 my buddies Luke n Keith Princetons' party tonite! Can't w8 to see 'em bitches get wasted! Whoohoo!'

Well, he IS a jock. That's how they act. There's gotta be a downside for everything. But, FUCK! How cool is that? If Jesse's attending, then it wouldn't be a shock if the entire body of High School jocks would be there. An entire house filled with hot, horny, High School jocks! FUCK!

My Twitter account was filled with tweets about the party, too.

'Hey, sweeties! Hope to see u at Princey's party...If u want me, I'll be the one under the mistletoe! Mwah! :*'

"That bitch! Can't pass up an opportunity." I grumbled. If the rumors were true, then I wonder how many gallons of cum she'll be taking home once the night ends. "Why does the Principal even let that kind of woman be the school's cheerleading captain? Fuckin' bitch! Slut!"

I continued browsing and suddenly realized that Luke's party would be a real blast.

The door closed with a bang and everything went dark. It was a weird kind of darkness. I held myself and stood up from a fetal position.

"Hello!" I called out. I've seen enough horror movies to know that shouting in dark, scary places was a B-A-D idea, but I still did it. Crazy, right?

"Anybody out there?" My voice was a bit raspy, as though I have just been crying. I felt my eyes and realized that I WAS actually crying. Tears were falling endlessly and each and every teardrop was creating loud, clanging noises on the nonexistent floor.


Why was I crying?

"Hello!" I called again. Then a sudden gust of wind opened a doorway. A bright kind of bluish-white light was emanating from it. It blinded me for a few seconds and as soon as my sight was restored, I saw two, big figures - I assumed they were men - enter the room and started to walk towards me.

As they got nearer, I made out dress shirts and ties and slacks and pointed shoes - they looked like bodybuilders dressed in business executive attires. One guy was wearing all white, while the other was wearing all black. The only things that were sort of out of place were their hoods. It looked like a witch's hat, only, it conceals the wearer's forehead up to the tip of his nose. Two holes were cut out for the eyes and their mouths were uncovered.

The guy in white walked past me and stayed at the back of the room. The guy in black just stood before me. I was surrounded.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" I asked nervously.

I heard the one behind me chuckle. "Stop acting like you're in drama series or something, will you. One thing's for sure - we're not gonna hurt you. YET." then they laughed.

Shit. What are they going to do to me? This reminded me of an action movie that I have watched years ago, where the protagonist was helplessly beaten and then left bleeding in the middle of the street.

"The both of you fuckers just leave me alone...or I will call the police!" I threatened. I should let them know that I wasn't afraid of them.

"We don't care about the police. All we care about is that you're finally here and that Daddy's not here anymore to protect little Danny." said the guy behind me.

"What the hell are you talking about? What's this got to do with my Dad? Who are you?" I asked again.

"Let's just say...that we are...your worst nightmare." The one before me spoke. He took a step forward.

"Stay back!" I warned. I looked behind me and saw that the other guy was doing the same. "Or else -"

"Or else what?" the guy behind me drawled, "You gonna cry for help? Look around, Daniel. Do you see anyone?" he chuckled.

I looked around. He was right. I was in the middle of nowhere - trapped by two, hulking strangers. Alone. Helpless.

"I thought so." he murmured.

"How do you even know me? I don't remember meeting any of you!" I snapped at them.

"Trust me, Daniel. We have met. A long, long time ago." the guy before me said. "Now...Enough talk. Time for more action."

With that, the guy behind me wrapped both of his massive arms around my chest. Encircling me with his thick, muscular arms.

"Let go of me! Let go of me!" I struggled to break free. But it was useless. Even with a single arm, I know he'd still have me trapped. He was strong. The muscles on his arms bulged as they held me.

"Just relax, Daniel. We'll take care of you." the other guy stood before me and, surprisingly, caressed my cheek. I whimpered. "Shhh...Shhh...Shhh...We'll take care of you." and with another beat of my heart, he kissed me. At first, it was a very soft kiss, with only his lips touching mine. I turned my head to the side and struggled aimlessly to break free.

"Fuck you!" I spat on his face.

He took a step back and removed his hood.


He was...He was...I can't find the perfect word to describe him. Oh, that's right. PERFECT. He was perfect beyond explanation. He was a Greek god. If the circumstances were different, I would've fallen in lust for him.

But he was a monster.

"Oooh...I like 'em feisty!" he grabbed my face and held it steady. "Come on, Daniel. I know you want it."

"I'm not going to let you -" he kissed me again. This time it was more forceful. More powerful. His lips were smashed against mine and they were warm - and so soft. He held my face firmly, but not too strongly it would hurt. He was kissing me, but I dare not make a move. This was not how I imagined my first kiss would be. This was rape. He was raping my mouth.

The tip of his tongue brushed the outline of my lips. I knew what he wanted.

No, Danny! Don't let that bastard!

His tongue was insistent, forceful - like a snake attacking its prey. I moaned. It was completely unintentional. He stopped his assault and pressed his forehead against mine.

"See? What did I tell you? You're liking it!" his warm breath was all over my face.

"I...that was...I did not mean to -"

"You were moaning like a bitch in heat. Don't tell me otherwise, boy. You're a bitch and you like it!" the guy behind me growled into my ears.

Fuck, he was right. And him calling me boy sounded really hot. I liked it. And as much as I hated them, I liked the kiss.

"You want more, baby?" the guy behind me asked seductively. I had a glimpse of his face. Damn! He was the equal but opposite of the man before me. Where the man before was white, the man behind was black. [] His lips were softly, slowly, enticingly showering my neck and jawline with tender, little kisses. "We can give you all the pleasure that you want." he gripped me harder, pressing his rock hard torso against my back. His pecs were so hard and so muscular, I can feel his nipples boring onto my shoulderblades. Something was poking on my bum. Fuck! He was having a boner. The pervert was liking this shit and was getting a hard-on.

"Please...Let me go..." I whimpered.

"Not yet, sweetheart." he said. The guy before me fumbled with my buckle and freed my raging hard-on. They did the same thing. They freed foot-long uncircumcised cocks. Fuck! They were big! Oh, God!

"Fuck, you've got a nice ass!" the guy remarked, and he grinded his rock hard cock onto my virgin ass. Precum was constantly flowing from the piss slit. As he ground his blunt cockhead against my puckered hole, he took hold of my nipples and pinched them mercilessly.

"Please...No...Oh, God. That hurts!...Ohhh...God..."

The guy before me took my face again and kissed me. This time, I didn't fight it. What was the point? They were bigger than me - stronger. The both of them were kissing me - the Black American was ravaging my neck and the white Greek God was devouring my lips. Both of their massive cocks were grinding against my teenage body, making my pelvis slick with precum. Their muscles were bulging everywhere. And their muscles were all over me.

They were grinding their pelvises onto mine. God! I had to admit - it was starting to feel really good. I grabbed the black guy's butt and pulled his manhood hard onto my ass. His cock was pulsing through the fabric of my pants. I did the same to the other guy. Fuck! I was acting like a slut! A shameful, useless, and filthy slut!

"Ohhhh, God. Yes!" I hissed, "Harder, sirs. Grind it to me harder. Fuck, you two are so hot. Ohhhh, God. So hot."

They chuckled devilishly - and then everything shifted.

Everything went dark again. A slight breeze swept around my sweating torso. I cannot see a thing. In fact, there seems to be nothing around me. Just utter darkness. Total emptiness.

The men were gone. They were nowhere to be seen. They just left me breathless and sporting a fucking hard-on. Fuck!

"Hello." I whispered. I was shivering. It was cold in this place, wherever this is, but the chill that I was feeling was not because of the surroundings, but because of the emptiness that I felt inside. It was as if everything suddenly became nothing. I had no more worries. I felt no pain. No sorrow. I felt invincible. It was as if, in this place, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. I can be whoever I want without worrying about what others might think. I can be myself. I was free.

"Whoohoo!" I screamed. I was overwhelmed with pure happiness, despite the total darkness. "WHOOHOO!"

And then there was light. I squinted from the sudden brightness. It was so bright I couldn't see anything.

"Hello?" I called out. "Is anybody there?"

And with that said, I saw a figure on the horizon. I couldn't tell if he (or she) was heading towards me or walking away from me and into the light.

"Hey!" I called again. "I need your help." I was jumping and waving my hands - trying to catch his (or her) attention.

The figure was getting bigger, taller, getting nearer.

"Yes! Thank God!" I was practically crying by now. Tears of utter joy. "Yes! I need your help!"

Twenty feet.


Thirteen feet.

Thank God!

Seven feet.

And then I saw. The figure was a 'he'. And not just any 'he'.

Two feet.

How can this be possible?

"Keith?" I asked the guy before me, unsure.

He smiled. Oh my God! It was Keith. But not really. Or is he really?


"Is that the only word you know?" He smiled that lopsided grin of his. It was definitely him. I'd bet my Grandma Mary's underwear on it.

"What happened to you?"

He has definitely gone taller, leaner, more muscular, more defined. I was standing before a boy - No! Scratch that! - a man! The face that I have memorized for so long was now more angular - matured. It was my bestfriend. The older version of my bestfriend.

"I don't understand. What happened to you?" I asked again.

"What happened to ME?" he retorted, "What happened to YOU?"

"Why? What -" and then a mirror suddenly appeared out of nowhere and I saw him. He looked just like me. But like Keith, he has gone taller, and looked more mature. The signs of his boyishness was all gone - replaced by the features of a handsome, young man. "Oh my God! What's happening, Keith? This is totally freaking me out." I heard the man in the mirror ask.

"This," Keith turned to face me, "is what's happening." And with that he took me in his arms and kissed me. I was passionately locked in his arms. I was so shocked I was not moving. Not a single muscle was moving. Not even my cock was responding.

Snap out of it, Danny! This is what you've been fantasizing about, isn't it? Now act on it! Now!


Keith moaned as I parted my lips and returned his kisses. "Oh, God." he murmured in between kisses, "Oh, Danny."

I wrapped my arms around his muscular shoulders and traced the muscles under his shirt. I pulled him into me - tighter, harder. I did not want this moment to end. We were now practically making out. With no cares in the world. We were now in our own world. With nothing but him and me.

His hands were cupping my ass and he ground his engorged manhood against mine. Fuck! He was big! And hard! And hot! The heat from his massive cock was emanating through the denim of his jeans. "Oh, God. Keith...You're so hot."

I reached for his cock. He was kissing my neck. I took hold of his fly and snapped it open. He wasn't wearing any underwear. "Ohhh..." he moaned as I gingerly held his manhood. "Ohhh, Danny. Your hand feels so fucking good. Pump me, Danny. Pump my cock." I encircled his shaft - my fingers couldn't even meet. God, he was thick! "I want to get inside you, Danny." he moaned, "Please, Danny. Let me fuck you." he pleaded as I pumped his cock.

"Yes, Keith. Fuck me." I hissed as I was nibbling on his ears. "Make me yours. I want this thick inches of yours inside my virgin pussy. Ride me like a stallion, Keith. Breed me!"

He took off his shirt and I marveled at my best friend's body. Fuck! Talk about perfection! His pecs were so thick and meaty, I could not hold them in my hands. His biceps rippled as he moved his arms around me, pulling me tight for another kiss.

"Oh, Keith. I love your body. You're so hot, man." I moaned as I kissed his six-pack - no wait - he has five rows of it, so that makes a ten! Fuck! He's got the whole set! "Ohhh, God."

"Fuck, man. Please don't tease me. Suck me, man! Let me fuck your juicy mouth!"

So I took his cock and lapped up the precum that glistened around his massive cockhead.

"Ooooohhhhhh..." he moaned as I took four inches of his cock into my mouth. And that was still far from being halfway. Oh God!

"God, Keith. How big is this?"

"You don't want to find out. Just suck it, Danny. It feels so fucking good. I've wanted this to happen for so long. Just suck it and...Oooohhhh..." he couldn't continue for I was already sucking him into my throat like there was no tomorrow.

Up and down. In and out. Up and down. I sucked him fast. Hard.

"Oh, God, Danny. Your mouth feels so good. Ohhh, yeah...Suck that fucker...Ohhh...Have you...done this before? Ohhh..."

I got off his fuck pole and replied. "Nope. This is my first." and I went back to sucking his juicy manhood. "God, you taste so good, Keith."

"Ohhh...Ohhh, yeah...Suck me...Ohhh...Suck that cock...Suck my hard cock...Oh, you look so hot down there...With your lips stretched out around my cock...Ohhhhh..."

I sucked him for a few more minutes. He was moaning and begging me to suck him more.

"Stand up." he suddenly ordered.


"Stand up."

I got off of his cock and stood before him.

"D'ya wanna ride me now?"

"Ohhh, God, Keith. I don't know if I could -"

"Come on. You'll love having my hard cock pounding your ass you'll never want me to get it off. Please, Danny. I've wanted you for so long."

I straddled him and he took hold of my thighs. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held his neck for leverage, and I slowly lowered myself onto his long, thick, veiny cock.

"Ooohhh..." I moaned as I felt his cockhead push against my outer ring. "Oh, fuck, Keith..."

"Yeah, we'll get to that later. I have to get in first. You have to relax your pussy and open it up for me. Come on, baby. Open it up for me."

He pushed me down - harder.

"AWWWWGGGGHHHH..." his head popped through. "OHHH, GODDAMIT! IT FUCKING HURTS! FUCK! FUCKING SHHHHHHHIT!" Fuck! I didn't imagine that something like this could hurt so much. His cock was stretching my asshole so wide I felt like I would die. It fucking hurt so much I wanted to die. Fuck! It's going to be a long and bumpy ride. "KEITH....OHHH...Slowly...Ohhh...GOD! SLOWLY...ARGHHH!"

He didn't wait for me to get used to it. He pushed all eleven thick inches into my already not-so-virgin butthole and pumped me good. He pounded my guts. He ravaged my virginity.

"Ohhh...Danny...God! Your pussy is so tight. Oh, God. It feels so good!...Ohhh..."

"OHHHH, KEITH! YEAH! FUCK ME, MAN! Pound my fucking pussy like you mean it! Harder, you pussy! HARDER...OHHHH GODDAMIT, HARDER YOU FUCKING STUD!..."

"YEAH, you like that, don't you? You like my long, hard cock up your man-pussy?" he said as he pushed his massive tool into my overstretched asshole.


"You like THIS?" he gave another assault.



"Danny!" a woman called.

"Danny! Wake up!" there she goes again. "Hey! You're going to be late for the party!"

My eyes snapped open. It was my mom. I looked around and instantly got nervous. Did she see us? Oh, my God! Did she see us?

I looked at her and at myself. I was still dressed. Fully clothed. Huh?

And I finally realized.

"It was just a dream..." I murmured.

"What?" Yeah, she tends to always ask me that question.

"Uhmm...Nothing. Thanks for waking me up, mom."

"Oh...alright. I'll leave you, then. Get ready."

She then left.

I got up from my bed and headed for the shower. As the water flowed over my body, I thought about my dream. The erotic nightmare that I have shared with the hot business executives. The fantasy that I had with my best friend, Keith. They were so vivid, I thought they were true.

"I wish it was true. God it felt so real. It felt so good.." my tears mixed with the falling jets of water.

It's okay, Danny. It was just a dream.

See, that's the problem! How can it be okay? It was just a dream.

Dreams do come true, Danny. No matter how impossible they may seem. You just have to believe in it.

Do they? This isn't a fairytale. And I hate to be given false hopes and wait for my happy ending to come when, truthfully, it wouldn't!

You need to have hope, Danny. Have faith. And keep on believing.

I sighed.

"Keep on believing..." I closed my eyes and muttered to myself, "Keep on believing."

*End of Chapter 5*


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