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It has been a long and tiring week for me and I was greatly annoyed and terribly disappointed. Annoyed, for the fact that I will be talking all about SEX for my god damned Research Paper. And disappointed, that I got Bruce to work it with. It was only days ago when I got out of bed and went on with my usual routine. And now, the days when I would just wake up, prepare for school, attend classes, go home, and sleep soundly are long gone. Now, I had to think of ways on how to accomplish this requirement. Now, I had to deal with Bruce. All of that suddenly changed when I punched him in front of a whole room of students; in front of our teacher.

If you were to ask me, the guy deserved it. He definitely deserved it! He had it coming. He was nothing more than a bully - a big, fat, worthless git - and bullies need to learn a few lessons every once in a while. I surely gave him that lesson. I just hope that he learned from it.

Our bus rolled along Walnut Avenue in a steady pace. The sun was shining along the horizon - getting ready to leave the world in darkness. And I was trying to flatten my face onto a window.

I sighed really deeply, when somebody nudged me.

"Huh? What?" I asked without looking up. I was still depressed about the kind of hell that I had to go through during the week. Out of all the high school kids in California, why did it have to happen to me?

There goes the nudge again.

"What!" I was really annoyed by now, but still, I did not look up. It was Mrs. Elmers', Mr. Hark's, and Bruce Adam's faces that lingered before my eyes - making me feel down. Making me feel like I was the ickle boy who was made fun by Nancy Summers and her gang during recess.


"OW!" I exclaimed. "What do you think you're -" as I looked up, I stopped and stared at a very handsome face, "Oh...It's you." then I turned to look outside the window again.

"Yeah, it's me!" he exclaimed, "What the fuck, Danny! I've been sitting here beside you for ten fucking minutes and you never even muttered a single 'Hi!'...HELLO," he waved ten, long, thick fingers on my face, "BEST FRIEND sitting here two inches from you! What the fuck is your problem? If there's something wrong, then I'm your guy! Or did you forget that? Dump everything on me!" he said both in a sarcastic and annoyed manner, which only made me crack up. Not to mention that, during the whole time, he was pouting and whining like a little child asking for candy.

"What the --- UNBELIEVABLE!" he said incredulously, "One minute you're a sulking piece of shit, and the next you're cracking up like the crazy madman from Harry Potter!"

"There wasn't a 'crazy madman' in Harry Potter!" I defended between fits of laughter.

"Of course there was - Sirius Black - Duh!" he countered.

"He WASN'T mad!" I remarked.

"Of course he was! Did you forget that one scene where he was laughing in front of a camera? For no fucking reason? He is mad!"

"Well...maybe a little."

"No! He's definitely mad. Sirius-ly mad!"

I continued laughing for a mile or two. He was just too fucking adorable! I'm talking about Keith here, not Sirius Black.

"Oh, Keith. What am I supposed to do without you?" I sighed and wrapped an arm over his massive shoulders, hugging him to me tight. "You don't know how lucky I am to be your friend." I held his deltoids. God! It was like squeezing a rock!

"No, you're not, Mister!" he snapped. I turned to him, giving him the what-the-fuck-does-that-mean look, "You're so lucky to be my BEST friend." he retorted smartly.

That made me smile, "Oh, yeah, that." I turned to him. He was staring at me - his face, inches from mine.



His breath was all over my face. It was warm and there was a hint of apples and something chocolatey in it.

"Keith, you're staring..."

God - those eyes! So green, and so seductive! You know, I could live like this forever - staring into the depths of my best friend's soul; holding him close to me tight.

"I know, Danny...So are you..."

My eyes travelled downward. Have I ever told you about the elegance of his nose? Mmmm-Hmmm...That's the word for it - ELEGANT. It makes him look like a young, Greek god - a very hot, young, Greek god. And those lips - so full, so red, and oh, so juicy it makes me think of cherries - and God help me - I wanted to just close the gap, lick those cherries, and devour him whole. By this time, my teenage cock was so hard I was afraid it would rip my jeans apart. I was wearing no underwear, so I know that Keith would soon notice it. I shifted in my seat and took my backpack to conceal the tent that I was making.

"Danny?" he asked - his warm breath sending shivers all over my neck.

"Hmmm?" It was getting harder to control myself now. These kinds of opportunities are just too rare to pass up. Should I? Should I not? A raging battle was happening inside my head. Oh, Keith...Why do you have to be so fucking HOT!

Should I? Should I not?

"What's wrong?" he asked seriously and lightly squeezed my shoulder.

I released my buddy, sat properly, and turned my head towards the window. My cock, disappointed, was now slowly going back to a flaccid state.

"Nothing's wrong, Keith. Really." I told him.

"Really?" he touched my thigh.


He sighed. "Come on, Danny. We've been friends, for what, six years? Seven? I know when there's something wrong with you. I can tell it just by looking at that cute, little face of yours. Come on! You can tell me."

I thought of it. definitely owe him the truth, Danny. He's your best friend. You trust him more than anyone, don't you?

Yes, I do. But...

No, Danny! There will be no buts! This isn't the right time to say it. This isn't the right place to say it. It's still too risky. Shut that mouth of yours and keep that to yourself. Think of the homophobes you've met in school! Hell, think of every fucking homophobe living in this town! You don't want to live in hell, do you?

I sighed.

I was right. Well, I was talking to myself, so I was right. Right?

"I can't, Keith. I don't know how to...I don't know if you would understand." I drooped my shoulders and bowed my head. I was now on the brink of breaking down in front of my best friend. "I don't want to lose you because of it, Keith." I blurted.

"It's okay, Danny. It's okay. I understand. You just need time." he said, "But I'll wait. Okay? Whenever you want to tell me, i'll be here. Okay?"

"Okay." I smiled at him, "Thank you, Keith...for understanding."

"Hey! What are best friends for?" he then did something that made me tear up - he hugged me. "I'm here, Danny. I'll always be here." he softly whispered.

I was moved. No. I was shocked! Why is he suddenly hugging me? Yes, we are best friends, but he never was the sentimental type. That would have to be me. When I was down and low, he would just usually pat me on the shoulder, or squeeze my thigh, then say words of comfort - or just simply sit with me. That was his way. That was who he is.

"Hey, Princeton!" someone called out, "Let go of Mockins so we can get a move on, will you?" I looked around. Every living soul in the bus was looking at us. There were catcalls and whistles. Because of our moment, we didn't even notice that the bus had stopped and we were now parked outside my house.

Keith then let go of me and laughed, "See you at school, buddy."

I smiled back at him, "Yeah, see you, Keith." then I got up and stepped off the bus.


The halls were full of students - chatting, heading to their respective classes, copying answers from the teacher's pet's assignment, or just standing there, passing the time - but I still fought my way through and looked for my locker.

As I was walking, there was a sudden uproar of 'Heys!', 'Watch Its!', and 'Look Outs!', and before I knew it, I was shoved hard onto the lockers.

"Uhmmph!" I grunted as my forehead made contact with an opened locker door. "WHAT is your PROBLEM?" I growled as I turned to get up.

The guy stopped in his tracks, turned around, and glared at me, then smiled cockily.

"Well, what do we have here?" he marched slowly towards me. Shit! Wrong move, Danny! I recognized him. He was a Junior. And he was a member of the Football team. A very big member of the Football team.

I just watched, open-mouthed, as he strolled towards me. "A nice, brave Freshman! You talking back to me?" he growled, "Huh, boy? You think you're tough enough for my Cannons?"

"Your Cannons?" I snapped.

"That's what I call my biceps." he then flexed them. Damn! I would've been impressed enough to cream my pants if only I wasn't too overwhelmed with my anger.

I scoffed, despite being scared. I would not give him the pleasure of bullying me. I already have a bully and I don't need to deal with another brainless jock throughout my entire high school years.

"You know, with that level of creativity, I just hope that you've got a brain that's as big as those 'cannons' of yours!" I made air-quotes as I said 'cannons'.

That hit a nerve.

"You fucking bastard!" he swung his mighty fist at me. But before it connected, someone grabbed his wrist and yanked him to the floor. Butt first. The crowd surrounding us gave an audible gasp.

"What the fuck, Adams!" the guy growled.

Adams? What does he...I looked up. Sure, enough. There was Bruce!

"You siding with him? You siding with a loser now?"

Bruce stepped forward and looked down on the guy, "I'm not siding with anyone." he remarked calmly, "And wouldn't it make you more of a loser if you hit kids twice as small as you? Find someone your own size, Murphy!" so that was Cannons' name. "And if you don't want the Coach to know that you've been making trouble in the halls, you better leave. Now."

He glared at Bruce, "Fine." then turned to me, "See you later, Smart Boy."

The people surrounding us dispersed now that our typical High School drama was over.

As Murphy turned a corner, I went to Bruce.

"Uhmm...Thanks, Bruce...I guess." I said. "Thank you."

"Yeah, whatever." he said, and then turned away.

What the fuck is his fucking problem?


Later that afternoon, Keith sent me a text message.

'Meet me at the cafet. Nid 2 talk bout sumthin.'

Oh My God! Does he know now? Are my secrets finally revealed? My paranoia started.

Don't be absurd, Danny! How could he possibly know? Only your mom and your sister knows about it. And if they didn't spill the beans, then there's no way on earth that Keith would know.

"Yeah! That's right. He couldn't possibly know. He couldn't. He shouldn't." I muttered.

So, I slowly made my way through the crowd and entered the cafeteria.

"Hey, Danny! Over here." Keith called me over. Have I ever told you that Keith was the most famous Freshman in our year? Yep, that's right! He is! So at that moment, I felt really, really proud of myself. Keith Princeton just called me over to his table and he was none other than my best friend!

Suck that, bitches!

He was sitting with some of our friends. Well...mostly HIS friends. They wouldn't even talk to me if Keith wasn't around.

"Push 'em off a boat and they'll float." I chuckled.

"Hey." I simply said and sat between Tony and Derek. "What's this all about?" I asked Keith.

"You tell him. It was not my idea, after all." he told no one in particular.

"So...Dan...December's coming and Keith here told me that Luke told him that he was throwing a party. You know, sort of his own Christmas Party." Tony said.

"Really? Luke said that? That's great! When? Where?"

"Weekend before Winter break. His place." Derek said while wrapping an arm over Andrea.

"And, Daniel, he says we'll be having an exchanging of gifts!" Andrea said. "I'm so excited!"

"And we'll be bringing some booze!" Jake said excitedly.

"WHAT! Aren't we too young to -"

"He's joking." Keith cut me off.

"And, of course, there'll be girls!" Arthur said while cupping imaginary boobs.

"And, of course, don't forget - the boys." Stacey, Arthur's current girlfriend, said while bravely cupping Arthur's crotch. But nobody seemed to notice but me.

"And we'll have an absolutely fuckintastic great time!" Keith finished, punching the air.

Oh, well. At least Keith'll have a great time. I never really liked parties. Every

time I went to one, I just find myself sitting alone in a corner, cursing myself on why I attended, while everyone was having the time of their lives.

What is that? You have a question? Shoot!

Ooooh, right! Sorry. Who the hell is Luke? Well, let me put it this way. He is one of the hottest guys that ever walked this entire planet. Actually, in my Hotness Meter right now, he ranks second - right after his brother, Keith.

Yep, that's right! Luke is Keith Princeton's big brother. And what a stud he was! I really think it runs in their family.

"Wow. I'm sure the entire school will be there." I enthused, "I mean...we can bring friends, right? It's not only exclusive for us, is it?" As if I had a lot of friends.

"Yeah, sure!" Keith said enthusiastically, "The more, the merrier, right?"

"Right!" the others said harmoniously.

"I'll tell Luke you'll be coming. And you're staying the night. No more discussions. Meeting adjourned. Bye." everyone immediately got up and left. He never even wanted to know if I was okay with it.


Luke's party was only a week away.

Classes were hectic. Assignments were overflowing. Teachers were growing more impatient. And the students were becoming more restless. It was as if everyone was rushing everything before the holidays come. And all that I can think of is my god damned English project!

My partner and I have never - not once - even talked about it.

I never catch Bruce after classes. I never see him alone. And every time I spot his fat ass, he's always surrounded by other jocks. I try catching his attention, but when he sees me, he just ignores my presence. I even hear him laugh with the other jocks whenever I pass their circle. Like I was the funniest thing in the world. What the fuck! We only have a month and a half before submission, and we haven't even picked a topic yet.

"Fuckin' jocks! All they think of are games, pussies, championships, workouts - and pussies!" I mumbled as I sat down.

"You said pussies twice."

"HOLY SHIT!" I freaked out, "Keith! You scared the shit out of me!" I was lucky Mr. Dawson didn't hear me - he was explaining something about the rules on multiplying polynomials. Whatever!

"What! I heard you mumbling about our jocks, and I thought I should ask." he said, "Well? You have a problem with our jocks?"

I sighed. "It's just Bruce. Never mind it."

"Bruce? Bruce Adams?"

I nodded.

"The Bruce Adams? The one who ruined your -"

"Science Essay? Yes, that's the one."

Mr. Dawson suddenly turned to face us. "Tell me, class. How does the FOIL method work?"

We stopped talking.

"That's when you wrap food in aluminum for heating, isn't it, Mr. Dawson?" Someone jeered.

The class laughed at the silly remark.

"Very funny, Ms. Harrison. Now the FOIL method is done by simply multiplying -" And he returned to his discussion.

"So? What's with him?" Keith asked as soon as Mr. Dawson turned.

"Huh? What? Mr. Dawson?"

"We were talking about Bruce..."

"Oh...I've told you that he's my partner for the research paper, haven't I?"

"Oh, yeah. You might have mentioned it. Hmmm...Let me guess - you haven't started with it yet, have you?"

I nodded. "The fucking bastard won't even talk to me."

He turned to face the board, and then said, "Hmmm...Why don't you confront him? Give him no escape?"

"How, do you suppose, would I do that?"

"You know, just talk to him. And don't let him walk away without discussing your project."

I thought about his suggestion.

"You know what? I might just do that." I smiled and calculated my plans. We'll see, Bruce Adams. We'll see.


Our Football team always have their after-school practice games. I sighed, "I should wait till they're done, I guess. 'Cause you're not escaping me this time, Bruce! Count on it."

I was sitting on the bleachers when I spotted Bruce. It was a piece of cake, really. He's easily the biggest guy on the field. He's even larger than the Seniors. I guess his size gave him the advantage to make it in the team.

I watched Number 63 as he tackled an opponent. Whew! I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that attack. Bruce was strong, I give him that. And he was fast, despite his humongous size. And he was cute when - Stop it, Danny! We're not here for that! Focus!

The practice game was finished fifteen minutes after five. I waited as the team headed for a well-deserved hot shower.

Ten minutes.

Most of the guys have now showered and left.

Another ten, long minutes of waiting but Bruce still hasn't come out. "What's taking him? The team's already left. Even their coach has already gone home." I mumbled.

I got up from the bleachers and headed inside. As I entered the locker room, the aura of pure maleness and masculinity enveloped me. I thought that the Football team's locker room would be sexy. How wrong was I. The smell was simply overwhelming - yet somehow, I loved it. Weird, right? Jockstraps were scattered everywhere; some were lying on the benches, others on the floor. Shirts, gym shorts, and Football gears were strewn everywhere. Fuck, I even saw a used condom!

Damn! How can they stand using this kind of room? Didn't they know the word 'cleanliness'? If I was their Momma, I'd line them all and whip their asses up - including their coach.

I laughed at the image.

I looked around. Bruce was nowhere to be seen. Where is he? I turned to leave the room when suddenly I heard the sound of the showers running. Hmmm...I guess he's still in the shower.

I finally noticed that one locker was opened ajar. I walked towards it and opened it. Hey, it's not like I'm stealing or anything, I'm just having a look. And most of all, I was just curious.

I knew it. It was Bruce's. A photo of him was attached in there. He was half-naked, bare-chested, with only his gym shorts on. He was sweating, as though he has just finished a workout session or something. HAHA! I chuckled. If he was working out, then the results are not that impressive.

I took the photo for a closer look.

"Hmmm...You'd be quite a stud, you know - IF you lose those fats!" I pointed at him in the photo and laughed silently.


A chill ran up my spine. I quickly turned around and hid the photo behind me.

"Bruce." I croaked nervously, my voice coming out an octave higher than normal.

He was standing there before me - his whole body was glistening from the shower that he recently took. AND he was drying himself off. I was mesmerized by the fairness of his skin. I haven't touched it, but I can tell that it was as soft and as smooth as a baby's. Well, he was actually as naked now as he was when he was born. And damn! EVERY thing was in proportion, if you know what I mean.

"Oh, my God." I nearly fainted.

"Are you okay?" he smirked.


His cock was totally soft. (Straight Guys!) But even though, it was already a good 4 or 5 inches of Prime A American Football Jock meat - and he was still growing. I wonder how long he gets when hard. A system of veins can be easily seen encircling the shaft. He has an uncut cock and it can be seen beneath the foreskin that his cockhead was wider in girth than his shaft. Fuck! Why does it look so good to me? I have instantly forgotten that I hated the guy's guts and unconsciously licked my lips.

"Anything I can do for you, Fockins?" he growled as he dried his blonde hair.

"Uhmm..." BULLY. The word suddenly flashed across my mind.

"Yeah?" he stopped toweling and wrapped the heavy cloth around his humongous waist. Shame.

"Uhmm..." He's a bully, Danny! Stop drooling! You hate bullies! You hate him!

"Come on, dipshit! What is it?" he growled impatiently.


"Say 'Uhmm' one more time, faggot, and I'll plug those luscious lips of yours with something long, warm, and juicy!"

I stared at him and processed what he has just said.

I didn't know which one of us was more shocked. He didn't just say that, did he? I really was not that good with riddles but I think I know perfectly well what he meant by it. I suddenly came to my senses and brought my guard back up.

"What the fuck does that mean, Adams?" I asked him furiously.

"I didn't mean anything by that!" he snapped and turned to his locker. He got a pair of shorts and donned it. He was blushing. I swear to God i've just seen him blush - for the second time!

After donning a pair of shorts, he sat down and looked at me. He took a deep breath.

"What do you want, Mockins?" he asked in a milder tone.

"Wow!" I said smiling.


"That was nice to hear."

"What's nice?"


"Me?" he chuckled.

"Yeah, you." That was the first time that he called me by my surname correctly.

"What's so nice about me?" he asked, confused.

"Never mind. By the way -"

"No. What's so nice about -"

"I said never mind, Bruce!" I snapped at him.

"What the fuck! If you don't want me to mind then what are you doing here, Fockins?!" he snapped angrily. Oh, joy! The bully is back.

"I'm here for our god damned project - Bruce!" I growled.

That got him.


"Yeah, oh! That's all that you can say? We only have a month or so and all you can say is 'Oh!'? I've been trying to make contact with you, but every time I see you, you wouldn't even look at me! I can't do all the work, Bruce...I mean...I can do it. But it's called a group project, for Christ's sake!"

"Fine! What do you want to do about it?" he took a shirt and put it on. The poor fabric, trying to accomodate his size, was stretched to its limits.

I sighed, deeply. "We need a time and a place."

"Okay - a time and a place. When? Where?" he asked.

"Meet me in the Library. Monday. Five o'clock. And don't be late!" I snapped and turned to go out.

"Fine!" he shouted and got his shoes on, "But, give me your number first!" he commanded.

"What?" I turned around.

"You heard me, Braniac! Give me your number."

"What do you want my number for?"

"I'm going to chew it, then shove it in your ears --- I'll use it to contact you, of course! What do you think numbers are used for?" he retorted.

So, I gave him my number and he gave me his, and then I turned to leave.

"Uhmm...Mockins?" he called as I was on the doorway.

"What now, Bruce?" I snapped.

"Can I have my picture back?" He was fighting the urge to smile. It was now my turn to blush.

I looked down to my hand. Sure, there it was.

"Oh...Sorry...I was just..." But I cut myself off before I embarrass myself more. I handed him his photo and scurried out of the locker room, out of the gym, and out of the campus; wondering what perverted thoughts are running around that Football jock's mind.

*End of Chapter 3*


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