My big gorgeous muscled teen daddy came over on Friday night with his rock hard, 9" black cock and pounded my white tight shaved pussy man hole balls deep like a REAL man and made me feel very happy like the pathetic Latino sissy faggot that I am. When he wants to cum he puts me in the sling, opens my legs, gags me so I can't move or scream, pounds my cunt and makes his boy cock very happy.

I had told him earlier in the week, that if I beg him to stop, to keep pounding my pussy. To just keep pounding, and that is what he did. He made my boi hole hurt, I like it to hurt because then I know what I am... A worthless sissy faggot whore that just loves to take cock and swallows cum with both my holes...

If you are a sissy faggot; if you shave your body for your daddy, if you dress pretty for your daddy, if you put on pretty makeup for your daddy, if you take cock balls deep for your daddy, nothing is better than to feel daddy fill your pussy hole full of his hot cum, even if it hurts... I just love it!

Especially if it hurts, because remember, we sissy faggots are only here to make REAL men's cocks happy. You are a faggot; faggots have holes that are to be used by REAL men... Daddy pumps all his hot cum in my hungry gut time after time, making me happy to know he loves me for being his worthless sissy faggot slave ... mwah, and I just love it.

In the morning my black teen boy master decided to use my other hole, my hungry-for-cum mouth. I was sleeping with him and he woke up first! I did not notice him get out of bed, but a bit later something was pushing against my mouth! It took me a moment to realize he was standing there with his huge, hard cock at full attention pressing against my lips!! I looked up and saw that huge black teen dick sprouting from his neatly trimmed pubes while the rest of his hot body towered over me.

I opened my mouth and his cock slipped right in! It was the greatest feeling!! I could feel it touching the back of my throat as he slid it in and out!! He grabbed the back of my head and just fucked my face as I slipped my hand between his legs and massaged his balls and squeezed his butt cheeks so hard!! I tried to pull him by his butt cheeks deeper and deeper down my throat! I felt him getting harder and harder the longer he went. My sissy faggot mouth was so hungry for his big black cock and his creamy boy cum.

Then all the sudden a flood of his awesome tasting cum filled my mouth as I shot all over my chest!! I as usual swallowed every drop making him intensely happy and proud to own such a sissy slave. After he finished he got up and ordered me to bathe him and prepare his breakfast. I did so happily donning my sissy maid's uniform, the one that shows off my cute butt he loves to fuck, hoping he would do that as well. He left to do some errands and I stayed home doing his laundry, tidying up the apartment, and cooking for him.

What a weekend! Whenever I feel my master wants to fuck my ass, I always make damn sure I'm ready so there are no surprises for him! So I made sure I was ready for him when he came back, dressed like the cute Latino sissy faggot I am. He kissed me, told me what a lovely sissy slut I was, fondled my boyish breasts and bubble butt, fingered my clean and well lubed man hole and said he wanted to slide his huge dick up my ass! I was so happy to let him.

My black boy master had me go into the bedroom bend over and wait till he wanted to fuck me! I was wearing my favorite panties, the lavender ones with a nice big slit in the middle so he can fuck me with them on. He loves to do it! While I was waiting to get fucked, he pulled up some master/sissy slave porn on the computer, got turned on and became rock hard. He had me waiting for about a 1/2 hour. I was also instructed to make sure I was lying bent over and told I was NOT to look back! I just dreamed about him, his big hard teen ebony dick and loaded balls getting off inside me.

So, after about a 1/2 hour I could hear his footsteps coming in the room followed by his shorts and underwear sliding off. Then I could hear him moving closer and finally I felt the head of his large hard cock pressing against my ass! He pressed harder and slid his black teen dick all the way in! It felt incredible! I gasped and moaned with intense pleasure! "You love my power fuck don't ya baby" he growled, "yes Daddy, I do" I said meekly and submissively with my sweet faggoty voice he loves to hear. "You are such a good sissy to fuck, I can't get enough of you babe" "Thank you Daddy, pump me full all you want," I cooed and he did.

He pushed me against the bed and pressed his hands against my back as he began pulling his cock almost all the way out of my cunt and slamming it back in! I could sense him watching how big and hard he was as he slid in and out of my pussy. He then began to ram it in deep and moving it in little circles to make sure I could feel how huge he is! Damn he is huge and feels great!

After some time of slowly fucking my ass deep, he decided my ass needed more. He pushed my back flat down against the bed and began power fucking my ass like he wanted to break me! It felt incredible! I could even feel his trimmed bush pressed up against my ass, he was fucking me so hard!

Then it began. I could tell my black teen daddy was getting close to shooting me up, as he was just getting harder! I could feel it! He didn't stop pounding my ass though! He just fucked me harder. I clamped my white ass pussy muscles as hard as I could to pleasure him more and more. Then it happened!! He rammed my ass as deep as possible and unloaded. I felt his cock throbbing and pumping into my ass and his cum flowed deep inside me! It was a big load to because the pumping seemed to last forever!

Once my master came, his cock was very sensitive so he just left it in my ass for awhile and gave me a nice little hip fuck every few seconds till finally he pulled out, put on his pants and walked away, leaving his sissy little Latino sex-toy laying there in ecstasy with my ass full of his cum! I got to carry his big hot teen creamy load deep in my ass all day till my man cunt absorbed it all!

When you get down to it, the job of a Sissy is to keep her man completely sexually satisfied. Men don't date gurls like us because we are prettier than genetic girls, or smarter or funnier. Guys don't take us home to their mothers or take us to family events. Guys date us because we are total and utter sluts in the bedroom.

The amount of time we get to spend with a guy is directly proportional to how good we can drain his fat, manly, sperm laden cock.

The formula looks like this:

Hours with Daddy is a simple mathematical equation:

(How slutty we are)+(how nasty we are)+

(how much cum we can extract) x

(how often we get Daddy erect) x

(how hard we get Daddy's cock) =Time with Daddy

While many genetic girls won't suck cock, we pride ourselves in being consummate cockdrainers and faggoty man stick lickers. We lick, suck, slurp, stroke and do whatever it takes to get a mouthful of "Daddy Candy".

The better we are at sucking cock the more dates we get to go on. Bending over for Daddy is a Sissy's favorite position. Keeping our boi-pussy ready is merely our job. The amount of time that goes into perfect hair, makeup, boob jobs and working out to control your figure is just part of the game. And remember, no matter how pretty you become, you will always still be a girly wannabe with a reminder of your days as a boy.

Real girls have 3 holes to fill. They don't have to try as hard as Sissy's do. Sissy faggots have to learn to be nastier and a better fuck. We have to learn to extract the maximum amount of cum out of our Daddy's cock, because that is what makes Daddy want to keep seeing us. We have to become "blowjob queens" who not only are skilled, but also get excited when taking care of our men.

Draining that hot load of cum gives us pleasure. The more we suck, the more excited we get and the more our Daddy loves us. So does becoming the perfect cock sheath. What makes us feel like more of a faggot than laying back and having Daddy force that lubed hard dick into us while we submissively take his cock all the way to the balls, love it and tell him so.

I love it when my boi-pussy puckers and gapes for Daddy. Being submissive is just part of the deal and my bottom craves being pumped full of cock and cum that will spurt out of it when Daddy is satisfied. And watching a guy pump and buck his large cock into my boi cunt makes me very hot! I love being a Sissy dick-draining faggot!!!

What an awesome weekend! I hope he wants to use my ass again very soon!



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