Imperial Beach, California. Imperial Beach is different, it's different, that's all I'll say. Tell me if it's as good for you as it was for me. Her sweet butt only just covered by a short very light cotton dress leaning forward across the counter of I.B. Market down at the ocean-front fiddling with her change to pay for the 12-pack. I was horny the second I walked in and focussed on that fanny and skirt up to her crotch and then when she turned and looked me full in the face and smiled and I saw her face, pert n pretty with exotic mouth, full kiss-me lips, 18-yearold tits, nice cute firm handfuls, I wanted her bad. Hell, was I horny. Hadn't been with a woman since, well, night before -- oh, man! my cock was still sore from working my tight-pussy 20-yearold Mexican cutie.

Yup, I.B. is different. Not just 'cus you see guys with surfboards under one arm being pulled to the beach on skateboards by dogs nor that it's America's most southwesterly city, Tijuana, Mexico visible a 20-minute walk along the beach beside the estuary marshlands patrolled by border guards and crossed by bad-ass drug smugglers and occasional lucky-break illegal immigrants.

When I turned around and came back from the far end of the market with my spam and stuff several minutes later, darn if that sweet butt wasn't still thrust out at me, slim shapely legs and short-short skirt putting my cock up on its hind legs begging, dog that it is. I came alongside and smiled, she smiled, hefted the pack of beer and went out.

When I came out she was putting stuff in the truck with another, also a cute teen, not so much my type. I followed them up the street just one block and they pulled into a house 100ft before mine and just across the street so I lowered the window and smiled real light and said 'Just moving into the neighborhood girls?'

'Mind your own business, dickhead' said the one I really liked.

I could see she was totally charmed by me. 'Well fuck you too, sweetheart.'

'Wouldn't you just love to.'

'Got that right darlin', when shall we get started?'

'In your dreams.'

'Dreams often come true, sweet-tits. What's your name?'

The other pulled the very cute one's arm and off they went noses in the air climbing the steps lugging the beer. It was evident the cute one liked me especially when I turned back to look as I turned into my drive and saw her standing at their door, hand raised high giving me the finger bigtime. She shouted. I thought it was probably more obscenity then realized she said 'Soo-oosan', either her name or an insult in a language I didn't understand. Well I didn't think much more of it, just went indoors and worked...Hell, I cannot lie. With her cute butt and full lips on my mind the whole time I couldn't concentrate on much other than trying force my erection down by pushing it against the underside of my desk. Anyways, had a bite of lunch, tried work some more then it was just after 2pm so I donned surfshorts and carried my surfboard down to the shining sea.

Waves were okay, nothing special but water always makes me hornier which in this case meant I felt like a bull ready to get to work on a herd, so when I was passing the girls' house and looked up and saw Soo-oosan peer from the window I didn't hesitate, left-turn, headed straight up their stairs.

The door was open and I paused in the threshold, surfboard under my arm, really cool. Soo-oosan came and stood right in front of me. Damn! she looked good and my shorts began to bulge. For a few moments she just stared then I smiled and she smiled back. 'Come have a beer. Meet Vanya, she's feeling really horny.' Susan handed me a beer and I took a deep swig and wondered how I was going to handle this and sat down trying to keep cool then Vanya who was lying on her side on the couch looking sulky said abruptly 'I can see your dick hanging down your shorts leg, it's disgusting, I hate men.'

I apologized and she said 'Whyn't you take them off and come here.' Looking at the row of empty bottles beside the couch I realized she was drunk. Didn't remove my shorts but went and sat next to her and she didn't miss a beat, just sat up straight and dived her hand down the front of my shorts, my cock leaping to meet her. We both decided to kiss at the same moment and our noses bumped, we bounced apart, she squeaked then we bounced back together and she had her hand right around my erection, squeezing, pumping, pulling and pushing, hand hot, cock cool inside sea-damp shorts.

'Stand up' she said and I did and she yanked my shorts down and totally dived at my cock and took it in her mouth and a few moments later I felt the hands of the girl I really really wanted to shag fit to bust, Susan, both palms clasping my ass cheeks, totally radical sensation.

'You've a really cute butt, especially for an older guy.'

'Careful with the older guy bit' I moaned as she squeezed then kinda eased my cheeks apart as she kneaded. Holy shit! My bumhole tingled like an exploding icecube and seeing the effect upon me she kept doing it at different angles, prying my anus open each time, my cock throbbing into the other girls mouth, hips thrusting. Then suddenly I realized that though I'd intended keep myself for Susan I was passed the point of no return, sensations all round my groin and between my legs extreme. The cum seemed to pause a few moments just behind my balls then just powered out. I stuck my cock so far down the girl's throat she gagged and that set me off even deeper and I fucked her mouth in and out about 20 thrusts. Felt great, nearly killed the bitch.

'Damn jerk, you came. Now what's left for me?' my sweet sensitive Susan snapped sharply so though still gasping and wheezing like a tank engine I swung round intending show her my credentials and she stepped back and being drunk tripped and fell backwards and I jumped on her and stuck my cock right in her pussy without delay. She'd gotten it real wrong for I was just getting warmed up. These two added up to my kind of girl. My cock came rock hard inside her and she began to recover from the fall and for a few moments stared at me with anger in her eyes and maybe it was her anger made her cunt contract around my shaft. The extra sensation revved me up and I pushed in making growling sounds, feeling like a lion or bear or something and in a minute she was moaning and writhing, anger in her eyes replaced with dewy desire, silly twat. I don't like girls moving when I'm working up my rhythm to cum and I intended to cum quick without waiting for her or hell to freeze over or anything so I held her hips stationary with both hands and pumped into her like a jack hammer.

'Ow!' she cried, 'You're hurting me, stop, stop,' then let out a high-pitched shriek rolling her eyes back and shaking her head so it was impossible to know if this was orgasm or objection. The other bitch began to pummel my backside, to make me stop I suppose, I don't know because hitting me on the head with a fryingpan would've been more effective. My butt is obscenely sensitive and her fists beating set me off for a really satisfying vigorous thigh-pumping series of squirts, a long multi-part mega-ejaculation that went on for probably another minute before, having shed my load and lightened my balls deliciously I twisted my torso round to tell her damn well quit it when just at that moment alcohol and whatever got the better of her and she folded to a stupor on the floor like an abandoned condom.

For all her complaining Susan seemed to have had such an orgasm she lay on her back comatose, eyes closed, head on one side. As I stood over them tightening the draw cord on my shorts I saw on the kitchen countertop what I ought've noticed before, several plastic bags of white powder, paper, fine tubes. That explained a lot. Love is the drug I was thinking of but these two were thinking another kind of white stuff. I refuse get into any drug shit whatsoever but that's Imperial Beach for you. I also saw a big pile of $100 bills, took two -- one for servicing each slut -- and left, surfboard under my arm. Cool. Hoped for good waves come evening when the wind changed.



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