It was a very dark night where two sides were fighting to each other. On the white area, the red dragon knight was making effort for the good, as the reverse the demon of spirited ram was fighting to break the heaven's rule. The red dragon; know as Dragontear-a young man who believes the path of virtue-granted mystic power to create natural weapon called as Mana energy. At the bad side, the demon; Enfellos-approved by the dark power to form the figure of giant monster that shattered the part of Mother Nature.

In this case, Enfellos was having the upper than the red dragon. He made the giant octopus who can absurd the spirit of the Dragontear; until the young knight lost his energy to build the power of mana.

Dragontear lose his grip to the wind and his gravity cannot stand much longer. He's going to fell now. While the Enfellos outthrust his body down harshly and Tear cannot hold it anymore. Now he's really fell from the deep black sky and hit some construction-made great damage and crashed into the ground. Of course it hurt him so much, Tear ran out of his energy and he cannot moved his muscle up to fight his dirty opponent.

Suddenly the police came to surround the site where Tear had been crashed on. They believed he's the reliable suspect from this incident, he's smashed up some building and made the wide break on the asphalt though he looked injured and bled hard on his arms. The police just knew he was behind this all. He will be arrested for the reason that he caused the great damage at this neighborhood. Since he's also messed up and pained, it would be problem for them to seize. Tear was underpowered to make another battle and he will not fight the police because he classified police as civilian. Meanwhile the real bad guy Enfellos was watching him over the sky-felt so satisfy that his enemy has been framed as the villain. After had a very good time seeing Dragontear captured by polices, he disappear from the silent dark night.

The Melvoy prison was strong, big and tough to be passed by the prisoners. It was built for high level villain and probably the psychotic. Tear was been handcuffed and lead by seven soldier around him. They're going to take Tear into principal's room to be asked. Asked about the truth within him and there wouldn't be no lie except he able to speak out smartly to hide them. But Tear is not so clever in talking about untruth and hides something if he's cornered and now the situation has put him on the edge. The steel door was opened and the principal has been waiting-waiting this chance to dig out the real identity of Dragontear-an unknown stranger who's been admired by people with bizarre look and fight the crimes on this city. Now he's making a mistake and ended up in the place he shouldn't belong.

His name is Andy-Andy Claybaker. An arrogance who loves negativity among the people. He was staring at Tear since he entered the room-narrowed his eyes to converge his look clearer. All he knew, Dragontear were bluenette and red-eyed but now he's just like normal teenager with brown hair and blue eyes. Andy sure cause he had same face structure and body. He just wondered how he dressed up every time he took an action. Every Superhero he heard used to be wore mask like Batman, Green Lantern, Spiderman, or iron suit like Ironman. Though some of them probably only wore fantastic costume like Wonder Woman or Superman. Yet they're not dyed their hair in unusual color like blue or made their eyes changed color. He never thought about that one.

The boy was sitting on the chair right in front of him. He's very young and typically silent. His skin was very pale and his eyes seemed so innocent and childlike. Andy felt like being deceived by his normal appearance. Behind it all, this boy must be more than Superman or mutants in X-Men, because he could control all elements and used magic crazier than Harry Potter. It's just like some character in videogames, but he's real.

"So what's your name?" He asked. "Your real name!" He then pressed the tone so the boy won't be misunderstood. Actually, it's just some silly-sally. Andy has read the information he got about this boy,

"Kyle." He replied quickly. His tone was perfect but sounded little shy.

"Do you have last name?" Andy asked for the second time. His first name wasn't enough to tell the truth.

"Aireesh." What a weird name, Andy thought.

As he listened to his last name, Andy sure this boy was not from the earth, he assumed that this boy was an alien or born from mythology. It's unbelievable, but he tried up to pull some consequences.

"How old are you?"

"18." He's so young to fight a crime-mysterious crime-more like supernatural thing that unclear and has not been unrevealed.

Andy needed more information than just name and age. Andy then moved to the next question. "Tell me about your background." He said. He wanted this boy answered his word clearly.

"I am student majoring in psychology at Boston University and I worked as freelance illustrator assistant in art studio." Kyle hasn't cleared it up and Andy already asked another thing.

"How about your parents or family?"

"My parents already divorced when I was 7 and my mother died when I was 13, I know nothing about my father. All I know he moved to San Francisco with my sister and he never contact me."

"What about other family? Your uncle or aunt perhaps?"

"I have an uncle and aunt, but they never find out about the Dragontear inside me, they just know I am their nephew and studied psychology."

"How do you pay your college then? It's a luxurious thing. Working as freelance wouldn't make it."

"I have my own scholarship."

It's all make sense and acceptable. Andy sure he's telling the truth. Though he's a little bit shy, but he didn't look afraid to answer the question and explained everything. From the examination he made, this boy was normal human with maybe some unexplained object inside his boy which called as magic.

"So how do you evolved into Dragontear? Is that any trigger or it's just a costume?"

"It was control by system named: TEAR besides it's my codename." It's kind of difficult to be clarified. Certainly it would make normal person out of mind, since they never found about such a thing. TEAR system or program; is that magical power or new invention of technology. Who knows about that? "It's gonna be tough for me to accept, but just give me details." Andy tried to stick out as Kyle kept moving on.

"TEAR is short for Tactical Elements Amplified Revolver. It's the power to control interaction with some elemental on the earth and utilized it for the weaponry. Only few who have this power and I am one of them. I can manipulate elements and turn them into force to fight the wrong people. When the elements gather as one, they created another force and formed as Dragontear." Kyle paused awhile. Andy over again cut him out. "What's the connection with Dragon?" "I am the descendant of Ease; the dragon Goddess. Dragontear is one of four legendary Dragon Knight. He held the power of nature and the rule of red Dragon. In addition Enfellos misused the wisdom power, I shall encounter him." From the first words, Andy just lose his mind, he didn't get what Kyle has said-well he got an idea, but still sealed by great hesitation.

"Who's Enfellos and why did he mess up with you?"

"Enfellos is my utmost enemy. The demon-half human, half ram. His most power is creating monster from the dark force and some natural elements on earth, but he cannot used such as white magic. It's just like Satanism here." Kyle took a breath for awhile. "At the other hand, I still have no idea what he's up for."

"Did Enfellos do that to your arm?" Andy taunted his eyebrows. Kyle jiggled his head without a word. Andy continued his interrogation. "If you can manipulate elements in this world, why cannot you read people's mind?" Some stupid statement was out from Andy's mouth. He's too common to absorb this craziness.

"It's not that I can read what's on people mind when I can control the elements, okay? It's different thing." Kyle struck his own testimony. Andy is such quasi-smartass who knows nothing for his ability.

Fine! Andy kind of boiled up; this boy is sarcastic on the other side. Whatever he is, he could be very dangerous and he will be placed at lowest level of Melvoy prison: he would get special treatment as he would be placed one cell with Matt Talon the highest level heretic in this city. Andy posted his last question for Kyle. "By the way, if you had such power, why don't just escape and kill us all? It will be good option and easy thing for you, eh?"

Kyle bowed down and shook off. "I don't kill civilian like you. I still have my own rule to protect the law." Andy was startled; he said civilian. Police is part of government law and military. How can he said, it's civilian? Andy didn't agree with Kyle's declaration.

"Hey kid, we're part of law here. We're the one who got you! How dare you say such a thing?" He protested.

Kyle didn't scare at all. He casted an icy eyes to Andy. "For me the police, soldier or other military or other law departments are just innocent people. They also need to be protected." Andy has done enough with Kyle, he wanted this boy immediately out from here and sent to his own cell in asylum with Matt Talon. This boy will have a life he never been had before.

"Whatever you do, kid; your life has changed now. You're no longer superhero, so stop dreaming and consider us as civilian. We're all taking charge for you here!" Andy braced his tone to frighten Kyle but the kid didn't make any scared movement. The only word he can say to Andy was only "understood."


The Lowest level of Melvoy was cruel and lunatic place for innocence like Kyle. He's very young, and he might be a genius, but he often got problem with his communication because he's so shy and he's very serene with new environment. It is hard for him to adapt with another place. Kyle was escorted with same soldiers as before. He saw many kind of lunatic behind the cell on the passage. One of the soldiers-holding gun was smirking to him and started the first mockery.

"Aren't you afraid, kid?" His eyes were striking sharply to Kyle with cynical smile insulted him.

"I am." Kyle said honestly. He's not afraid of punishment, he's actually afraid of darkness. As the one who can be friend with the elements, yet Kyle still considered dark as his foe. He cannot control the darkness; it's always making him weak and a coward.

"You'll be extremely afraid when you meet your own cellmate." The other soldier said that and the provocation was started to make Kyle irritated. "Yeah, he's going to make you his bitch and you're going to suck his cock." Kyle was wondering what kind of lunatic he would be-having guy to suck his manhood.

"Oh, is he a gay?" Kyle responded casually.

"Well, he's just loved to be served. Since there's no woman here, man is the only option. Besides, you have pretty face to lust him out. I bet he's going to like you."

So Matt Talon is just like Enfellos. No wonder, this is the lowest level; the place for mighty mad men. Probably this guy love to see someone suffering for his pleasure because he ever had Tear being tortured and even suck his most enemy's cock and Enfellos was enjoying that moment very much. Kyle felt like want to throw off when he remembered that dark time. He felt so sick and disgusting with himself. And he didn't know what Matt Talon is like for now.

"Yeah, especially when you're a virgin. He loves virgin-ass so bad. He will fuck virgin-ass like wild beast and you're going cry like silly whore."

Crap thing: Kyle is a virgin. As normal human, he never had sex with anybody else. He's just too straight. He rather spent his time reading books and playing games than partying and doing wild things as common teenager on his age used to. He's totally abnormal and real nerd who loves mythological history and unrealistic thing. He loves to write story about fantasy and magic not because of Dragontear, it's all because what he's desired for.

"Are you a virgin, boy?" Soldier asked him.

Kyle looked into their eyes and took a breath. "I am." And everyone directly laughed their ass off. "I can see that!" "Yeah, me too!" "He's just too honest!" "I am sure Talon will love him so much!" So many sentences out from their bitch mouth, it made Kyle frustrated while he's just wondering how is Matt Talon look like. He's going to be a little bitch for crook. Though he has well-built and tall body, he's gonna be a little girl who sucks man cock and being fucked by man's dick.

Some minutes had passed and they made their way to the Matt Talon's cell. The first place he didn't want to be ended up. It was large, already had two beds with blanket and pillow, and mirror. There's no cupboard, or other fancy thing. Kyle swallowing hard, it's the worst place he ever been. No books, no internet, no console, and everything he loves, however he should accept all the fact that he's being in this psychotic place together with insane people.

One of them unhanded Kyle while the other one opened the cell door swiftly and greeted Matt Talon who's hidden by the shadow. Kyle kept throwing his eyes to the cell to find out the profile of Matt Talon-his new cellmate that will turn him into a damn bitch. When he's coming out, Kyle didn't surprise, he's big, brown-skinned, tall, muscular and seriously formed like perfect crime. His eyes were piercing Kyle and his beam was showing unclear statement.

"So Talon, this boy will be your new bitch." They sounded like selling Kyle into this Talon guy.

"Ooh, he's the tallest bitch I ever met". Matt Talon was smiling to Kyle sarcastically while the white boy was being pushed inside the cell. Actually Kyle is so tall. He's 6 feet 4 inch though Matt Talon is bit taller. But he never had cellmate that tall as Kyle who has cute face.

"And Talon... I think you're gonna like him." Both of Matt Talon's eyebrows were rising, what's make this guy special to me? He wondered. "He's a virgin." He's grinned wider than before, this cute guy is a virgin and he never met virgin since 5 months here.

After soldier slid the door close; he's rightly stared at white boy who only stood against the wall. "Welcome to hell, cupcake. I am your boss here." Kyle didn't look at him but bowed down. He didn't afraid-he's regretting why he cannot be a totally bad guy that kills the law.

"Well, hello there..." Kyle reacted easily while his eyes started to take glance on Matt Talon. "So you're Matt Talon." His voice was low but relax.

"Yeah, and you better ain't fucking around with me, or you'll be dead corpse in my cell." He pulled Kyle's shirt as he drove the smaller body next to the wall. "I am your boss here and you're gonna be my bitch, understand?!" Kyle didn't move and kept on staring at Matt Talon's deep eyes. He then casted down his eyelids and said yes.


"Good boy." As he grinned-Matt truly admired Kyle's pretty face and his sexy pink lips and made it as great compliment. "You might be tall and brawny but you're so beautiful, young boy. What's your name?"

"It's Kyle."

"Nice name. So how did you end up here? And what's wrong with your arm?"

"I smashed some buildings outside and it ripped off."

"Oh did you?" Kyle nodded serenely. Matt didn't believe what Kyle said. He's just too beautiful to break a thing moreover a building. In fact he mentioned "buildings"; meant plural thing not only single thing. No doubt, Matt was startled by his words. Matt did so many law-breakings like killing people, raping more than 50 women by force, even blowing up malls, hotels, many government properties and china town. He's superior villain with numerous talents. It's been long time police were looking for him, and now he's tired and chose to enjoy his time here-being gladiator on the Melvoy arena and fucked people here. Nonetheless when the time is up for him to take an action-he will make move to plan a great escape from here.

While Kyle doesn't look tough to mess around the public. Well, he seems smart enough to make a bomb and blow up buildings, but he was saying "Smashed some building". What kind of power he had actually? Besides he doesn't had "bad guy" face-he's look like hot sexy bottom in gay romance. However Matt Talon was extremely curious with Kyle: How would he do that?

"Just how did you do that, pretty boy?" Matt asked.

"Don't ask. You're not going to believe it." Kyle replied swiftly. It's unpleased retort, but Matt was cool this time. The brown guy was chuckling a bit. Because this young boy seemed so funny to him; hearing about the mistake he made-it's so damn ridiculous. Matt was laughing by the time, now Kyle said such a thing; he's seriously fallen down laughing. Kyle didn't express anything out. He's only staring at the steel door-crossing his arm with eagle eyes. The fact that will matter if he told Matt the truth-he would do the same: laughing his ass off.

Matt finally stopped laughing. He threw intent look to the young brunette near the door. "Hey, kid." He called him up. Kyle turned his head on and questioned what he wants this time. No further silly-sally, he directly asked. "Are you really a virgin?" Kyle hated that question so much. He stared at Matt Talon very anxious and cold. The only point within him is he's not ready to suck another cock and lost his virginity. At the other side, Kyle could guess this guy would have bigger dick than Enfellos due to his body. He took four minute to steal the view of Matt Talon-then he immediately drove his face away.

"You said: you're not going to ask me more." Kyle was trying to avoid. Matt sighed and waved his hand awhile. He knew that Kyle was rejected him, but as he attempted to be cool-he will do anything to get this pretty boy as his bitch.

"Nah, I mean ain't asking you about what you've done to get here."

Kyle simply replied with "oh". He was thinking hard to distract Matt Talon to be out of this topic, however his mind was blanked. He cannot reach for an idea to change the dialogue. Kyle was so mad with himself by now. He thought he's such a dumbass and his studying-his scholarship felt so pointless. By the way, Matt still waited for his answer. He sounded so irritated. "You're not gonna stand there forever and ignore me like bloody shit, right? Or should I open your mouth by force?! Or maybe a bruise will work for you?" Kyle freed his hand and moved away from the door. He was not scared to get bruised, needless he scared to be raped by surprised.

"I sucked dick before." The boy finally opened up his mouth.

"Does that mean you're virgin or no?!" Matt didn't satisfied by Kyle's resolve. He wanted direct answer like "yes" or "no"-with further reason would be the best. Kyle was under control to face Matt Talon.

"What do you think?" Kyle did sound careless. He's just like starting another provocation within Matt. It's genuinely drove Matt's emotion up.

"Are you trying to fuck with me?! Stop playing around with me, you bitch!" That bastard was rushed into Kyle and cornered him against the wall harshly. Kyle felt dizzy a bit when his head crushed the wall.

Kyle felt his adrenaline was being pressed forward as Matt looked at him coldly and scary. This brawn guy seriously upset with his stupid evasion and now Kyle considered himself as the dumbest person in the world. He's hard to breath-he tried to pull the air in to his lung using his mouth because his nose was like dysfunction. He can felt the madness of this bastard-Matt Talon-from the way he took an air. In addition, Kyle struggled claiming that he's real virgin.

"Yes, I am a virgin! Are you happy now?!" His tone was braced out though it's hobbled. His emotion was mixed up and he cannot think for other elusion. Kyle felt he should accept the fate that he would had sex with this asshole-losing his virginity and sucking this heretic's manhood. He finally surrendered because he's totally out of idea to build another barrier. In the end, Matt slapped his face and finally put him down on the floor. Kyle touched his red cheek which marked by Matt's palm. He's so distressed and humiliated by his cellmate while he's so powerless and scared. Kyle was broken and losing hope-he's stuck in this madman place and there's no way out for now.

To be continued...




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