My name is Mark Miller. I'm twenty-six years old and in great shape. I was raised in a mid-sized town in southern Wyoming, surrounded by many horse and cattle ranchs. My dad was president od Cattleman's Bank and Trust. Therefore we lived in town.

At the age of fifteen, I knew that I was gay. I loved seeing the young hot cowboys come into town for supplies. I loved looking at their hot butts and big bulges in their tight jeans. I wanted desperately to see them naked and see what their cocks tasted like.

When dad would take vacation, I begged he and mom to take me to a dude ranch where I might be able to see some of the hands partially undressed. Mom always vetoed it, saying that she couldn't take the dirt and that it bothered her allergies.

I graduated high school and left for college where I had my first real experience with my dorm roommate. He was hot and sexy, and within three weeks of school starting, he had introduced me to all phases of gay life. I was loving it.

I graduated college in accounting and finance and dadbegged me to return home and go to work for the bank. I adamantly refused and took a job with a large accounting firm in Denver.

The owner and president had lost his wife and son in an auto accident several years before and during the interview he said that I so reminded him of his son. I was hired and began work, even getting my own private office.

I began by doing simple auditing of small accounts. Then after about three months, Mr. Davis came to me with a new client.

'Mark, see what you can find with this account. the cient seems to think that his in house accountant is skimming funds into a seperate account. I worked on the account for over a month, checking everything in detail, including all receipts, making sure the businesses were legal and real.

Once I was finished, I went to Mr. Davis' office telling him that we needed to have a sit down meeting with the client.

We did and I presented numerous receipts from companies that were nonexistant. They totaled over ninety thousand dollars. The client thanked us and took the results to the district attorney. The accountant was prosecuted and convicted and returned seventy thousand dollars that he still had.

Mr. Davis gave me a promotion and I had me start doing more investigations. Within my first year, I was head of the fraude division and had dinner with Mr. Davis at least once a week. He began to jokingly call me his 'adopted son.'

I had two weeks vacation coming and began doing internet searches for dude ranches. One in particular caught my eye.

It was for a real working ranch about five hours drive away. The ad stated that due to the danger involved and the severity of he work, only males over twenty-one would be considered. There were only openings for six persons at a time. I immediately e-mailed my reservation. Three days later I got my conformation. I couldn't wait to leave.

A few days later my mother called and asked when I was taking vacation. She wanted mt to come home. I informed her that I was taking my vacation and going to a dude ranch like I'd always wanted to do and she went ballistic.

She immediately began telling me that SHE wouldn't hear of it and that I was to cancel my plans and that I was going to spend my vacation at home with her and dad.

As I began to reply I heard dad yell out for her to give him the phone. They began to argue and I heard the phone drop to the floor. I could hear their argument with dad telling her to stop trying to control my life like she did his. She came back saying that if she didn' control his life he wouldn't be able to dress himself. He told her that he was fed up with her bossing him and from then own she had better keep her mouth shut and if she couldn't she could pack up and get out.

Dad henpicked up the phone ssying, 'You still there son?'

'Yea dad, I'm here.'

'I'msrry you had to hear all that but it's been buildig up for years. You do what you want for your vacation.'

'Thanks Dad, and I'm proud of you finally standing up for yourself.'

Thanks, son. Have fun on your vacation.'

Time arrived and just before I left the office that Friday, Mr. Davis called me to his office.

'Yes, sir,'I said as I entered.

'First, take three weeks off. You've earned it. And secondly, here is a little spending money fr your trip.' He handed me an envelope ith cash inside.

'Sir, thanks but this isn't necessary.'

'iknow it's not but I just want to show my appreciation for all you do here. Yu're a great asset to this company.'

'Thank you very much,' I said slipping the envelope in my inside coat pocket.

'My pleasure,' he replied. 'When are you leaving?'

'Tomrrow morning. I'm driving.'

'Well, be careful and have fun.'

I smiled and nodded and left his office. Once in my car, I checked the envelope and found five hundred dollars all in twenties.

I arrived home and began to pack. Once that was done, I went out to dinner and then stopped by a small neighborhood bar that catered to gays. The bartender and i had become close friends. After I finished my first beer, he tld his co-worker that he was taking a break and led me to the stock room. I knew why and was excited.

Once there we kissed passionatey and gave each other a hot blow job. When we returned to the front of the bar, his co-worker came up to him smiling and whispered, 'Zip your pants.'

Saturday morning I headed out to the Circle Star Ranch. It was a large working horse ranch. I arrived just after two and went to the main house to check in.

I entered the reception area to find the ranch owner there. 'Yes?' he asked.

'I'm Mark Miller. I have a reservation for two weeks.'

'Yes, Mr. Miller. I just wasn't expecting you this early. Most of our guest don't arrive until later in the day.'

As I checked in he began teling me of their work and what would be expected of me, asking if I had any experience.

'None other than working in the feed store back home when I was in high school. Beside feed we sold tack, saddles and bridels and blankets.'

'That's great. You're way ahead already.' Then after a pause,he said, Mr. Miller, these guys are pretty rough. By that, I mean, even with guest here, they are themselves. When out overnight, it's not uncommon for them to strip down and bath in a lake or stream and stay nude until they dry if not longer. I just want you to know what to expect. And you might observe rather unorthodoxed behavior between some of them.'

'No problem here,' I replied. 'I'm very open minded.'

He smiled and said, 'You will be partnered up with Rex Watts. If you'll just wait here, I'll call him to show you your bunk and arund the ranch.'




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