As I stood and waited, the ranch manager called the bunkhouse on the phone saying, 'Tell Rex his guest is waiting in the office.'

A minute or so later the door opened and in walked the most beautiful hunk of a man that I had ever seen. He was right at six-three and about a hundred ninety pounds of solid muscle. He was shirtless and his perfect pecs and abs were covered with a nice thick coating of dark brown hair. His large light brown nipples peeked through the forest of hair and were large and defined. His waist was slim and his jeans snug revealing a nice bulge down the ringht leg hat looked every bit of eight thick inches.

'Rex, this is Mark Miller. He'll be yur partner for the two weeks he's here. He has one advantage in that he worked for a feed and tack store during high school. See how much he remembers.'

'Will do, Bud,' he said, offering his hand to me adding 'Nice to meet you Mark. Here we're all on a first name basis.'

'The pleasure is all mine,' I replied.

'Come on. I'll how you where you can store your things then show you around. With you arriving so early, we'll have some time to sit and get to know each other.'

'Great,' I replied.

We walked out to the bunkhouse and I noticed that the bunks were spaced around the room in pairs with several feet between each pair. Rex led me to the pair in the far corner saying 'These are our bunks. Being senior hand, I get my choice of bunks. This corner is the quietest and the farthest fom the other bunks and more private.'

He showed me which locker I'd be using and even helped me unpack. Afterwards, he showed me the common showers. The toilets were along the right side wall with chest high plywood partitions between them and the sinks along the back wall and showers without partitions on the right wall. We then went out and he showed me where the chow hall was and then led me to the barn.

We entered the barn and he said, 'This is Roscoe. He'll be your horse while your here. You think you can saddle him up?'

'I feel sure I can,' I replied.

'Well, then, let's sadd;e up and we'll go for a ride and I'll show you around.'

He watched me out of the corner of his eye as I saddled my horse. When we were done, he stepped over and inspected my job.

'Very nice. I'm glad to know I won't be having to saddle two horses every morning.'

We mounted up and slowly rode out into the pasture. As we did, he said, 'Mark, I don't know how much Bud told you about the ranch but if your shy or bashful or easiy offended, you might not want to stay.'

'Rex, nothing offends me, and I'm in no way shy or bashful. To be honest, I'm very open minded. I believe in being yourself at all times and to hell with what others think.'

'If you really feel that way, then you'll fit in very nicely.'

'May I asked why you told me that?' I asked.

'Well, we are a free spirit bunch of guys. If we feel like going nude after we shower, we do it. If we feel like jerking in the showers or in our bunks, we do it. And I'll warn you that there might be more that just that going on.'

'Such as?'

'For that, you'll just have to wait and see. But I will say that when we're out over night, we all rinse off in the lake or creek and stay nude until morning.'

'Rex, let me say this. I love being nude and love nude beaches and resorts. At both, you'd be amazed at what I've seen going on in public and it didn't phase me in the least, so whatever goes on here won't bother me.'

'Mark, it sounds like you'll fit in just fine.'

'I'm sure I will, but have you ever had any get offended and leave?'

'Oh, yea. Some come here and are so narrow minded that even seeing a guy take a piss offends them. I wonder what they would have done back in the real west?'

'Very true,' I answered.

We changed or topic of conversation and I found out that Rex was thirty, and was raised on a ranch before joining the Marines. After his tour of duty, he heard of a job opening here and applied and had been here ever since, almost eight years.

After a while he pulled up his horse and got off, saying, 'I don't know about you but I need to piss.'

'Me too,' I replied climbing down and standing next to him. he opened his jeans and shoved them down below his hips. He was commando and as I dropped mine I got a good look at his beautiful uncut cock. It was a site to behold. Then I noticed him checking mine out. I made sure he got a good look.

As we rode back to the bunkhouse, I asked, 'Any problem sleeping nude?'

'Hell no. I always do. Shit, I don't even own a pair of underwear. All the hands sleep nude and most of the guest we get do the same.'

'Good, because I've slep nude since my early teens and can't sleep any other way.'

'Hey man, go for it,' he said, then added, 'Mark, if you really want to put the other guys at ease and set an example for the other guest, could I ask a favor?'


'Since you're into nudity also, when the guys start with their showers tonight come in with me and after you shower, stay nude in the rec room. I'll be nude also and when the other hands see it they will follow suit. Usually it doesn't get that relaxed until the third or fourth night.'

'Leave it to me,' I told him.

When we arrived back at the bunkhouse we saw the hands showing the other three guest around. We all then introduced ourselves and visited. I followed Rex's lead and went shirtless after we returned. I was getting looks from the other hands as well as the other three guest.

We heard the call for dinner and all headed for the chow hall. Since Sunday was the only day of rest, beer was only offered on Saturday evenings.

We all ate an excellent meal and enjoyed a few beers later sitting by a large camp fire. Near nine, Rex said he was going to head in and shower and watch some TV. I said I'd join him.

We headed for the bunkhouse and back in our corner we stripped and headed for the showers. Towels and wash clothes were stacked on a shelf and after we each grabbed a wash cloth we went to the showers. I chose one and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature. I noticed Rex came up to the one right next to me.

We began lathering up our clothes facing each other and talking. As we did, I got my first good look at Rex totally nude. He was awesome looking. As I noticed him looking me up and down, he said, 'Man, for working in an office you have one hell of a nice body in every way.'

'Thanks. I do get to the gym three times a week to work out.'

'That's obvious,' he replied. Then before I realized it, He was washing my back and ass. I definitely didn't object. When he was done, I did the same to him.

As we rinsed off he smailed and said, 'Me washing your back was a test to see if you really were open minded. It didn't bother you at all and you readily returned the favor.'

'I told you I was. Why should I lie?'

'I like your total honesty.'

'It always pays off in the long run,' I said, drying off. As we dried off some of the others came in and began showering. Rex and I took our time before going back to our bunks. We sat on our bunks nude and as he others came out of the showers we boh headed to the rec room nude. The others, both hands and guest, watched curiously.

Soon, other hands began coming in nude followed moments later by the three other guest. All were nude. Some began shooting pool, others were involved in video games and others watching TV. After about half an hour Rex leaned close to me and said, 'I need to talk to you privately.'

'Sure,' I replied.

We stepped outside and went over to a picnic table and sat down.

'What's up?' I asked.

'Please don't be offended by my question but I have to ask. Are you gay?'

'I'm not offended in the least, and yes, I am.'

I explained my desire to visit a dude ranch when I was younger to see the hot hands and how my parents had refused. I admitted that when I found that men only were accepted and then from what he and Bud had said, that I suspected that all the hands were gay also.

'We are. Usually it takes several days for anything to get started even the nudity. But with all the other guest joining in I have a feeling that they are gay also.'

'I have that feeling also.'

'Well, what I'm wondering is if you would have any objections to me making advances to you when we get back inside and see if we can get things started tonight?'

'Rex, I'd fucking love it. I've wanted to jump you ever since you walked into Bud's office.'

Laughing, he said, 'I've wanted to jump you also. Bud is good about matching the guest up with the right hand. Let's get back in and just follow my lead.'

'I'll try to control myself.'

'Good, but just not too much. I want it to get hot and heavy in front of the others.'

We went back in and sat together on the sofa watching TV. After a few minutes, Rex placed his hand on my thigh. When he did, my cock began to respond and get hard. His did the same.

We noticed not only the guest but the hands begin to whisper and look our way, their cocks slowly rising also.

After a moment, Rex leaned to me and we kissed passionately very visably trading tongues. After kissing a moment, he quickly dropped to the floor and swallowed my cock balls deep. I couldn't help but moan very audibly.

If you saw Rex on the street, you would ever dream that he was into men in any way.

When they saw Rex swallow my cock, everyone began to gather around, their own cocks pointing straight out in front of them. After a moment I stopped Rex and had him stand. Just as he did, I quicky swallowed his cock. After a few moments of sucking him, he pulled back and turned his back to me and sat on my cock, taking it all up his ass in one move.

As he began riding me he said, 'The rest of you fuckers gonna get in the action or just watch?'

Slowly, the others began to pair up and soon everyone as either sucking or fucking. Before I climaxed up Rex's ass he pulled off and took me by the hand, leading me outside to the barn.

After spreading a blanket on the hay in an empty stall, we lay down and kissed passionately for several minutes. Then he pivoted and we began a hot sixty-nine. We took our time, making it last longer. Eventually, e could hold back no longer and e began sucking hungrily. Soon, we both climaxed, filing each others mouth with our huge built up loads. Eagerly we both swallowed then kissed.

after the kiss, Rex held me close to his massive hairy chest and said, 'Out of all the guys I've been paired with over the years, you're the hotest I've ever been with. You're fucking fantsatic.'

'Thanks,' I said, 'and I feel the same way about you. I can't wait to feel you deep in my ass.'

We kissed again and went back into the bunkhouse to see a full blown orgy going on in the rec room.

We watched a second then Rex led me to our bunks and our secluded corner. After sliding the bunks together and tieing the legs together, we lay in our bed and cuddled and soon were hard again. This time I had him fuck me to completion and it was awesome. Aferward, I gladly and eagerly filled his ass.

For the next two weeks, Rex and I were a couple only joining in on the orgies once. We had sex two to three times a day.

All too soon the vacation came to an end. Rex and I traded numbers and e-mail addresses and kept in touch with daily e-mails and weekly telephone calls.

I returned to work and Mr. Davis gave me more and more responsibilities, as well as promotions.

Six more months passed and I got a call from Rex. He was taking a weeks vacation and wanted to know if he could stay with me.

'You know you can, anytime.'

He gave me the date and I gave him my address. I mailed him a key to my condo and when I got home that Friday, he was waiting for me, totally nude.

When Mr. Davis heard that I had company for the week, he insisted that I take the week off. I did and Rex and I stayed nude and in bed the majority of the time.

I found out more about Rex during that week. When he was in the Marines, he was assigned to payroll and records. He had a background in accounting and I began to consider asking Mr. Davis if he had a position for him. I talked it over with Rex and he said if any job was available, he'd take it just to be closer to me.

A week after Rex left and returned to the ranch, Mr. Davis called me to his office.

'Mark, I need to have a serious conversation with you. Please hear me out completely before you say anything.'

'Yes, sir,' I replied wondering about the seriousness in his voice.

'Mark, as you know, you are about the same age as my son would have been if he was alive. since you started here, I admit that because of that I have shown you favoritism. I look at you now as if you were my adopted son. I have no blood relatives that I am in any way close to. Just a couple of distance cousins.'

He paused and took a sip of water before continuting.

'Last week, I had some test done and when I visited my doctor yesterday morning I got the results. It seems that I have terminal cancer with only about four to eight weeks left. I visited my atorney this morning and had a new will drawn up. When I'm gone, everything I own will become yours, including the company. I plan on having a company meeting Wednesday, at which time I will step down and make you the president and CEO of the firm. It is my wish so please don't argue. I love you son.'

With tears in my eyes, I told him that I loved him also but wasn't sure I could live up to his expectations. He said he knew I could.

Then I knew what I had to do. I came out o him that I was gay and had found someone that I cared about.

'Son, if your happy so am I. Your life is your life. I wouldn't make it public with the employees but I wouldn't hide it either. Be honest with them if they should ask.'

On Wedesday he made the announcement and caught everyone by surprise. He asked them all to support me in my new position. I was congratulated by all and after the meeting we returned to his office, now my office.

'Sir, what do you think of me hiring an assistant?'

'I think it would be great. Is it your special someone'

'Yes, sir, it is.'

'If you thik he can handle it then do it. Besides I'd like to meet him.'

Even though we held our calls until the weekends, I had to call Rex.

'If your're calling during the week something must be up. What is it?'

'Babe, Mr. Davis has terminal cancer. He said the doctor's give him four to eight weeks to live. He has no family and he has stepped down and made me acting president and CEO. I told him I was gay and he's cool with it. I also told him about you and he wans to meet you. He knows I want to make you my assistant. You have a job here if you want it and you can live with me.'

'Oh shit! Are you serious?'

'Yes, I am. Do you want the job?'

'Hell yea. I'll give my notice that I'll be leaving at the end of next week. I don't have anything but clothes to bering so I'll be there late Friday night.'

'You still have your key so let yourself in.'

'I'll see you then.'

That Friday he arrived and we had hot passionate sex. Then Saturday morning as we had coffee I said I wanted to talk with him.

'Rex, we really haven't known each other that long bu for me it's been long enough. I've fallen in love with you and if you will accept, I'm asking you to be my life partner. When Mr.Davis passes the new owner may clean house and we might both be jobless.'

'I don't care just as long as I have you. I would love nothing more that to be your life partner.'

'Even if we both end up jobless?'

'Even if we both end up homeless. At least we'll have each other.'

'I love you,' I said.

'Not as much as I love you.'he replied.

We kissed and after a hot sixty-nine I told him of our plans to have dinner with Mr. Davis that night at his house. Litle did Rex know that it would be our house later.

The evening was grand and Mr. Davis and rex got along well. Later in the evening, I told Mr. Davis that I had asked Rex to be my life partner and he had accepted. He was thrilled and congratulated us.

'That deserves time together without interruptions. I want you two to spend the week at my place in the mountains outside Vail. It will be yours soon anyway.'

Rex looked at me questioningly and Mr. Davis saw it.

'You haven't told him have you?'

'No sir.'

'I'm sorry to have spilled the beans, as they say. May I fill him in?'

'Sure,' I said.

'Okay you two. What's going on?'

'Rex, I have no relatives to leave my estate to. I look at Mark as my adopted son so I've had my will rewritten leaving my entire estate to Mark. that includes the company, this house, the vacation house in Vail, and all my monetry assets.'

'Holy shit!' Rex exclaimed. 'Why didn't you tell me?'

'I don't know. I guess I wanted to make sure you loved me for me and not what I had.'

'I love you for what you've got. One is inside your chest and it's called your heart. The other I'll tell you about later.'

Mr.Davis broke out laughing ad said, 'I assume it's between his legs.'

Smiling, Rex answered, 'Exactly.'

We spent the week in Vail, then returned home. Rex began work as my assistant and five weeks later Mr. Davis passed away.

Afterthe reading of the will and I had signed all the papers fr the lawyer to file with the court, I finally found out the status of things. I was now a multi-millionaire, with two million in cash, and the rest in stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Rex and I eventually moved inth the house and settled in. We spend as much time in Vail as we can and on ocassion visit the ranch.

We've been together for over six years now and everyone we meet tells me how they wish that they had someone as hot and good looking as Rex. Rex just smiles and says, 'Nobody can come close to matching what Mark can do for me.' That usually shuts them up real quick.

I love going out with him and being seen with him. Our love is still as strong as ever.

You never know what you might find on vacation.

THE END.....



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