My boss was such a prick. He wouldn't even give me an hour off work to take my car to a mechanic to get it fixed. For one thing, it desperately needed a lube job. Even worse, the car's air conditioner had stopped working on one of the hottest days of the year. It was so hot that it felt like Chicago had been dropped right inside the belly of a scorching volcano.

By mid-morning it was already an unbearably humid 98 degrees F (37 degrees C) and rising. But because I couldn't get any extra time off, I had to head all the way uptown on my lunch hour to a new place specializing in both kinds of repairs.

It was called 'Lombardi Mechanics,' and it was so far up in the outskirts of Chicago it was practically off the map of the City. Luckily, a friend had recommended the place. He said these particular mechanics knew cars and were excellent with their tools and I trusted my friend. After all, I didn't wish to have just any old hacks monkeying around on my car. If they knew how to use their tools, I knew I'd be in good hands.

Wiping my already damp brow, I headed off to Lombardi Mechanics. I wheeled in a few minutes after twelve. By that time, I was sweating like a pig and got even more pissed off when I saw a tall, brawny guy putting a 'closed' sign in the window. I waved and honked my horn to stop him.

He ignored me at first, but when I got out of the car he took a second look, then a third. His gaze went from my sneakers to the top of my head then back down again before he gave me a funny sort of smile.

'Yeah,' he had a deep voice that sent chills down my already heated spine. 'Whataya you want kid?'

'My car air conditioner's busted,' I explained. 'And I'm taking my lunch hour for you guys to have a look at it.'

'We were about to have lunch too,' he said, his gaze floating down to my crotch and back again. 'But maybe we could work something out.'

'That'd be great,' I said, noticing that despite the heat, the mechanic was dressed in dark blue, long-sleeved, grimy coveralls. 'I was also hoping you'd be able to give me a lube job.'

'A lube job huh?' he said in a voice that had suddenly gotten dark, with a dangerous, though intriguing edge. 'We may have to use some power tools for that,' he grinned mysteriously.

I looked around the place and saw all kinds of wrenches and screwdrivers and tire irons and crowbars lying on the floor. I didn't exactly know what a lube job entailed, but he certainly had a lot of tools that could get the job done, I noted. Strangely, none of them looked like power tools. As I was considering this, he stuck out his hand for me to shake.

'Name's Rick,' he rumbled.

'Jason.' I answered, nodding my head congenially, shaking his hand. He had a firm and powerful grip that nearly popped my arm out of it's socket.

Rick held the door open, and as I walked through, I noticed that he'd left the 'closed' sign up. The place was stuffy inside and smelled of stale motor oil, cigarettes, burnt rubber and rusty metal. If it seemed hot outside, it was Hades inside the place. The humidity was stifling and the combined odor of grease and the raunchy aroma coming from Rick's sweaty body was raw and the stench was erotically overwhelming.

As I was figuring all this out, I noticed that he was again giving me a long, hard stare. I felt heat rising in my cheeks and it wasn't from the humid air.

'Aren't you gonna look at the car?'

'Later,' he said, stepping closer as he looked down at me. 'How old are you?'

'Seventeen,' I told him. 'I'll be eighteen in three weeks ago.'

I figured him to be in his late thirties or perhaps forty, and man he was hot as a pistol! About nine inches taller then my five-foot-six height, the man easily clocked in at about 225 to 230 pounds of pure granite muscles. Compared to my nicely packed and taut 145 pounds, the dude was a towering giant.

He had a thick sheet of sweat covering his ruggedly handsome face that sat atop a thick, strong neck. He had a chiseled jaw line, which was covered with a week long stubble, and intense chocolate-colored eyes. His head was topped with short raven hair that curled. He looked to be of Italian decent. His lips were plump and moist, practically asking to be kissed. Already I could almost feel them pressing against mine.

Though partially concealed beneath his snug clothing, there was no question he possessed a rock-solid muscular physique. He was beautifully massive yet incredibly fit. He was nothing more than a Greek God in coveralls. He had the broadest shoulders I've ever seen on anyone. His rolled up sleeves revealed shredded, veiny biceps that looked to have been craved from stainless steel. They tapered down to thick forearms, which were covered in a fine dust of hair, to huge hands with long powerful fingers. Like any mechanic, there was grease and grime under his fingernails. I shivered wondering where they'd been and what they'd done. His awesomely muscled legs stretch the material of his pants to it's utmost extreme. The man was simply huge! He maybe an excellent mechanic, but there was no question, the man was also built to stud.

'Uh, why are you asking my age?' I asked after I finished taking inventory.

'Just wondering,' Rick said, moving closer still.

He was so near to me I began hyperventilating, becoming even more overwhelmed by the smell of grease on his coveralls and the intoxicating odor radiating from his sweaty masculine body. He looked down at me hard in the eyes and smiled again.

He stepped away and turned his back, giving me a great view of his wide, powerful V-shape back, long thick legs and tight buns. The guy was sporting a seriously fine, compact ass. The thing was just beautifully structured, like everything else about his body, and my dry, thirsty mouth immediately began to water.

'We got a customer,' he shouted into the other room, presumably at someone else I couldn't see. 'He's here for a lube job! Gonna have to use the power tools again.'

When Rick turned back around I couldn't help noticing the huge lump of meat suddenly growing down his left trouser leg. His buns weren't the only body part making a big bulge inside his clothes. From what I could see the guy was clearly humongous like a bull. With shocked delight, I realized the tools on the grimy floor certainly weren't the only tools around here, for sure. He chuckled when he saw where I was looking.

'Yeah,' he said, reaching between his thighs with both hands to give himself a long, healthy grope. 'I thought you might be interested in something besides lunch.'

'I didn't bring any lunch,' I said. My mouth watered suddenly hungry with anticipation. 'Though I wouldn't mind eatin' some meat right about now.' Boy, can you say corny!

Rick laughed at my silly come-on while stroking the length of his cock between two fingers, outlining the magnificent shaft. Then he cupped his balls showing me in outline just how huge they were. I was almost drooling.

'Luckily, we have some food to spare' He said. 'You want to share some of mine?'

'Fuck yeah.'

'Then come over here and get it boy!'

Rick stood with his feet planted wide apart, towering over me like a colossus as I slowly knelt before him on the dirty, motor-oil-stained concrete floor. My face was level with his crotch. I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with his macho muskiness. It made me light-headed and starving for cock, hungrier than I'd been in a long time. Looks like I was going to get some meat for lunch after all.

I was so excited, my hands were shaking a little, as I reached for Rick's coverall zipper and pulled it down. A moist, thick thatch of hair came into view over his bloated, ripped chest that led down to visible killer abs. The man was gorgeously hairy but thankfully not to the extreme in where he was overwhelmingly bushy. I'm seriously turned on by hairy men but not to the point of them being overly hirsute. This greasy stud was just right. Zipping further down I got to pubic hair and the reeking, sweaty odor coming from it slapped my nostrils hard. I shoved my face in it and inhaled the hypnotic scent.


Rick let me sniff his crotch a little before pushing my head away and reaching inside his coveralls, eagerly grabbing his half-hard, already humongous prick. He flopped that big thing out and dangled it tantalizingly in my face, thrusting his hips in a circular motion. It was easily ten inches in length with a girth that could match any man's forearm. I'd never seen anything so deliciously hung and thick and so needing to be eaten!

'This ain't some boy's cock you're probably use to sucking. You got yourself here a real man's cock.' He said, huskily. 'Think you can handle this in your mouth, kid?'

'Hell yeah,' I told him greedily licking my lips looking up at him trying my best to give off the most submissive, innocent facial expression I could muster up for him. With my large, puppy dog blue eyes, angelic face and small height it was very easy to do. He kept referring to me as 'boy' or 'kid' despite informing him I'd be eighteen in a few weeks.

But it told me instinctively this hot giant wanted to take on the dominated 'Daddy' role. I had no problem with that seeing how I was a natural born bottom. Besides technically the dude was old enough to be my father which only make the situation that much hotter.

'I think I can manage, Sir.'

I lunged forward as Rick grabbed the back of my head and pulled it against his crotch. My mouth opened hungrily just in time to push back the foreskin with my teeth and gobble the huge knob of that giant, bobbing dick. I sucked with expert skill, tonguing the piss slit, making Rick moan before I opened wide and swallowed about four or five inches of that FAT thing.

'Yeah!' he grunted. 'Swallow that bratwurst whole, boy!'

I didn't need any more encouragement. I sucked down on that slab of meat as if it was the last one in all of Chicago!

God I'm such a dick queen! There aren't many things I like better than being face-fucked by a sexy, nasty, horny older man like Rick. He held my head tight and rammed that tangy huge sausage down my throat until I was choking on it. He could see my struggle but he didn't stop. If anything he came after me even harder. That aggressiveness turned me on even more. I'm additive at being sexually manhandled. I seriously got off at being in the controlling and dominating hands of others.

I don't know why it is but I just love it. Having some big, tall brawny muscleman grab hold of my taut, compact body and use it for his own sexual gratification is a stimulation that is incredible to feel. That passive, submissive sensation at being totally helpless and defenseless in the powerful grip of a more aggressive man who had the ability to overwhelm me with his massive strength and sexual stamina enthralled me.

The psychological feel at just handing myself over and allowing them to do whatever the fuck they want with me was an aphrodisiac. The nastier and rougher the better. It was the rape syndrome or fantasy or whatever the hell you call it. Whatever it was I needed it bad.

And this greasy giant I was currently servicing clearly had it in droves.

He was pound-fucking the shit out of my mouth. His large palms held my head in an iron grip as he plunged his huge mammoth weapon in and out of my mouth in long, forceful strokes. The musky taste and feel of that plump cock sliding between my lips had me popping a huge boner in my jeans in which I began stroking passionately. My eyes had widened from the intense sawing my throat was experiencing as Rick continued banging his thick rod down my windpipes. By the time my chin was hitting up against his nut sac he had me deep-throating him with each powerful onslaught. I was coughing up globs of spit and salty pre-cum as he held my face tightly against the musky hairs of his crotch. He literally had me choking on his cock. My body was shivering struggling for air. He looked down at me laughing at my helplessness before releasing some of the pressure. I took a just a moment to catch my breath before diving back in.

'Yeah you like that shit, don'tcha boy?'

All I could do was nod my head happily as I continued woofing him down with lustful zeal, moaning and panting with each slurp. My head was bobbing left to right, up and down. I was using both hands licking the long length of his giant pipe with my hungry tongue, soaking it with spit, before deep-throating him again and again. If I could I would have bit into it and swallowed it whole. I've never had a cock so juicy. I was quickly becoming obsess with it. I was eating it up like a starving kitten licking up cream.

'Yeah that's it it shit up!!'

I was so involved in following Rick's command I didn't notice we now had company. I felt something big rub the back of my neck along with a third hand being entwined in my hair. It didn't take me long to realize another huge cock was aiming towards my mouth. This must have been the guy Rick yelled to in the other room.

While still sucking on Rick, I glanced up to take a look at the other dude and nearly bit Rick's penis off when I saw him.

I suddenly felt like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone! Standing before me with an equally huge, hard dick peeking out of his work pants, waiting his turn - was another man who was the spitting image of Rick himself. They had exactly the same chiseled features, the same sensuous lips, eyes, same raven hair and same magnificent muscular physique.

Everything about them was the same. Hell they looked as if they dripping in the same sweat. It was like looking into a mirror with the same reflection staring back. You couldn't tell them apart for anything.

Spitting out Rick's long dick, I shot looks back and forth, staring between them in complete disbelief. I felt my dick getting harder by the second. The thought of them both was almost too much to bear.

TWO OF THEM!! Twins...Identical twins!!

My facial expression must've resembled the classic look of a deer caught in headlights, as both men laughed hard at me kneeling between them.

'What's wrong kid?' the new stud asked jokingly, 'Seeing double?'

My wondrous, worshipful expression only made them laugh harder.

'Hey Jason,' Rick chuckled, pointing at the other man. 'I'd like for you to meet my twin brother Mick.'

'Wow!' I gasped, too marveled to know what else to say, 'Fucking incredible!'

'You don't know the half of it, babe,' Mick grunted. He pushed his brother's monster cock out of the way and fed me his own, inch by delicious inch.

'Suck it!' Mick ordered.

In addition to his dirt-smeared, crusty work pants, Mick was wearing a grimy once-white wife-beater T-shirt that was now torn and stained with filth thanks to sweat and grease. It clung to his hairy, hard torso as if painted on, giving outline to his firm, shredded abs.

It was then I noticed his arms were peppered with large tattoos. It was the only evidence I could find that told these twins apart. But, like his brother, Mick possessed a long, blunt, mean-looking fuck tool that was simply irresistible. Combined I had twenty inches of cock to play with. Shit could a slut bottom like me ask for anything better?

I gobbled it up immediately, noticing that like Rick, he stank deliciously of sweat. Mick was an even more aggressive face-fucker than his brother. He pounded my throat with that fat prick, making me choke and gag even harder on his cock. It was thrilling and I silently was begging for more. I couldn't get enough of that big thing, even when it was crammed so far down my throat I could barely breathe!

'Ah shee-it,' Mick shouted to his brother. 'He's a greedy little pig, ain't he?'

Rick slapped his brother on his shoulder as he stood beside him and began stroking his meat with one hand, smiling and looking down at me with dark, wicked, eyes.

'Yeah Mick, we got ourselves an eager boy here! We're gonna to have ourselves a real good time with this one!'

With that, Rick began nibbling at his brother's earlobe, making Mick sigh hoarsely and lean into the touch. What happened next made my eyes nearly fall out of their sockets! Mick turned his face, leaned in, and was given a full-throated passionate tongue-filled kiss from his brother!

They feasted on each other with relish as they wrapped their free hands around their necks, intensifying the contact. I thought my head was going to explode, but witnessing this erotic incestuous exchange, only made me suck down harder on Mick. The more I watched, the more I sucked, and it quickly dawned on me that I was about to get one of my greatest sex fantasies fulfilled. A threesome with two hot, older twin brothers!

Without hesitation, both of them stood in front of me and started taking turns feeding me their juicy identical tubesteaks. They both deep-throated me hard and continuously. I had both of them in a frenzy as they continued giving me large mouthfuls. They were both so incredibly well-hung as they bitch-slapped the hell out of my throat.

While one was stuffing themselves down my windpipes, I was feverishly stroking the other with my hand. They were both so chunky, so enormously thick and long. Goddamn I couldn't get enough, my heart was racing so fast. Before long, they both were demanding and ordering me to satisfy them faster and harder.

'C'mon little pussy! Open wide so I can shove my dick in that tight hot mouth of yours!' Rick grunted.

'Yeah that's it babe! Suck it all in - gobble this shit up!' Mick commanded.

I fed eagerly on both those prime steaks until I was almost blinded with desire. At some point, Rick pulled out and stepped behind me. Before I knew it, he had stripped off my clothes and sneakers and I was one naked motherfucker, with a mouthful of his brother's cock.

While I sucked on Mick, Rick started playing with my ass. The feel of his hard, gnarly, grimy-nailed hands stroking my soft-hard, smooth sweaty flesh combined with the blistering, stifling heat in the air, made my cock throb and twitch. It also did a fucking number on my asshole, which began to tingle hungrily in anticipation. Rick knew exactly what he was doing, just like he knew damned well what I wanted.

'Stand up, bitch' he growled.

I didn't want to take my face out of Mick's crotch, but when I heard Rick's deep, commanding voice I jumped to my feet like a soldier jumping to attention. As soon as I was up, Rick's hand was between the cheeks of my ass, probing for the little fuckhole. I shuddered with excitement when his finger found its target and pushed in. At the same time, Mick took my cock in his huge fist and began stroking the throbbing, growing length with fierce determination. He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled our faces together, eating the inside of my mouth with his long, skillful tongue. Like his brother he was so much taller and bigger then me I had to stand on my toes to reach his mouth despite his bent legs.

This full-on attack by both of these hugely muscular older studs at the same time was driving me crazy.

After a time, Rick stopped to take stock of his handiwork. He looked down at my ass, frowning slightly. 'The boy's dry.' he muttered over my head to his brother, while giving my ass several hard thunderous slaps with his other rough hand, the force of which had my entire body vibrating as I yelped in Mick's mouth before momentarily stopping the kiss in order to respond to his brother.

'Well shit Rick,' Mick answered him, annoyed. 'If there's anyone that knows how to lube an ass up, it's you. Get to it.'

With that, Mick quickly resumed kissing and stroking me as I continued moaning in his powerful embrace hungrily slobbered his tongue further down my throat.

'You're right!' Rick chuckled. 'Last customer said I gave the best lube jobs in the whole damn city.' Rick pulled his finger out of my ass and I felt a bit lost when I sensed him walking away from us.

As Mick continued ravishing my mouth and stroking hard on my dick, I opened my eyes and saw Rick grabbing the garage's large, automatic 10W40 grease gun, attached to a long hose that hung from the ceiling. The next thing I felt was the barrel of the gun slowly being inserted into my rectum. When Rick pulled the trigger, I felt a gush of the warm, oily amber fluid pumping and squirting up into my asshole and coating my insides.

'You wasn't kidding boy,' Rick leaned over and laughed in my ear. 'This sweet ass of yours is gonna need all the lube it can get by the time Micky and I are finished with ya,' he chuckled again. 'Gonna need a couple of quarts at least.'

He squirted some more of the grease up my ass, filling it, before pulling the gun out and haphazardly dropping it on the cracked cement floor. When he removed the instrument, the amber liquid began gushing out my sphincter. The whole situation had my loins racing. Rick probed again with his finger inside my ass, and this time he slid in to the second knuckle. 'Yeah that's better.'

I breathed deeply, reveling in the sensations that assaulted me all at once.

'Nice slippery ass boy...good enough to fuck!' He rumbled. I couldn't say anything as my mouth was currently filled with tongue, so I could only manage to wiggle my butt in eager invitation.

'Hell yeah,' Mick said, chewing on my bottom lip. 'We're both gonna fuck it good!'

My dick twitched crazily in Mick's hand and my ass lips tightened around Rick's finger when I heard those magic words. The idea of being taken by just one of these studs was wildly exciting. Being taken by both of these mammoth giants - identical twins no less - was almost too much for me to process. I felt dizzy and my tiny, strong compact body slowly weakened.

'You got that right brother,' Rick said sticking another finger up my ass. 'But I'm gonna need to cool him down some.'

'Wha...?' I asked, hardly able to wait for what he had planned.

Rick reached in back of the door and pulled out a large, silver tire iron. It glistened in the light from the single bare bulb hanging from a frayed cord on the ceiling. Slowly and carefully, he inserted one long end into my ass until I was writhing at the pleasure of the cold, unyielding metal sliding inside me.

'Ugh,' was all I could manage as he expertly moved the large instrument in and out, rotating it so the knob of the lug hit parts of me I scarcely knew I had. My eyes rolled back in my head, the feelings were so intense as it widened and loosen the walls of asshole. Mick grabbed me in a huge bear hug, burying my face in his T-shirt covered chest, keeping me completely stationary, as his brother worked my ass with the tire iron.

'That's the way bro,' Rick grunted, 'keep him still while I'll work him up!'

'Shove it in further,' Mick sneered, gripping me tighter as my moans muffled in his chest, 'yeah that's up his pussy!!'

When it got nearly too much to bear and I had tears springing from my eyes, I heard Mick's voice through the haze. 'He's ready. Let's take him into the office,' he said. 'Let's put his ass on the desk. Make it easier for us to have at the bitch.'

'Sure enough,' Rick said. He greedily rotated the tire iron one more time before pulling it out and telling me to follow them toward the back of the run-down building. Shit, at this point I would've followed them to Hell -- which is exactly what it felt like when we got inside the office.

The scorching heat of the stuffy, un-air conditioned room was smothering the oxygen in the confined space, making it nearly impossible to breathe. Of course this only heightened my eagerness to be fucked by these nasty twin studs.

Once we were in the cluttered office, Rick and Mick stripped off their clothes allowing me to see their naked bodies for the first time. Holy shit, I was right, their muscles were massive and yet well defined and magnificently chiseled. There was no fat to be found on their tall, sweat drenched, hairy masculine physiques. It was just pure, granite muscles. Their humongous cocks were hard as steel and had balls the size of apples.

'Get up on the desk and give my big nuts a tongue bath,' Rick grunted, as though reading my mind.

'Yes, Sir,' I said as my mouth started to water yet again. I was about to get my second course.

Sending car-repair receipts, spare keys, dirty coffee cups and half-filled ashtrays flying in all directions, I hopped onto the desk and lay on my back with my head hanging back, over the edge. I'd no sooner positioned myself on the desk before Rick straddled my face and plopped his big balls on top of my nose and mouth. My tongue automatically shot out and lapped at those fleshy sacs until they were slippery with my spit.

Rick moaned with every lash of my tongue, and when he'd had enough, Mick took his place. I'll never forget the taste and odor of his sweaty nuts. They were so salty they made my mouth dry, but I licked and licked until he grunted as loud as his brother. These twins really liked getting their balls worked!

While I spit-bathed Mick's balls, Rick got between my legs and swallowed my stiff, seven inch cock to the hilt. I wasn't expecting that, and the hot wetness of his mouth, even in such extreme temperatures, was a delicious shock. I was also surprised at what a great cocksucker he was. It didn't take him long to coax out loads of my pre-cum.

'Yeah Rick,' Mick grunted with encouragement. 'Eat that little boy's dick up!!'

Mick let me lick his balls a little longer before maneuvering to feed me his fat tubesteak again. I'd barely locked my jaw on the thing when Rick started playing with my asshole. I spread my legs wide, urging him to shove his fingers in long and deep. It was just a breathless prelude to what I knew was coming next. I was quivering with anticipation.

'Ah fuck! This ass is sweet and tight,' Rick said as he poked three large fingers further into my extremely greasy and well-lubed chute.

'It won't be by the time we're finished with him!' Mick replied making both twins laugh confidently.

I heard some strange, tinny rustling noises behind me as Rick grabbed a loose can of motor oil and shook some out on his massively swollen prick. Next thing I knew, the little office reeked of even more grease as he rubbed his slippery knob against my waiting puckerhole. I'd never been fucked with that kind of lube before, and the idea was so weird that it made my cock throb with an almost pain-like pleasure.

'That's it Rick!' Mick shouted, triumphantly, riveting his eyes on Rick's cock. 'Shove it in good and hard and fuck the shit outta his ass!!'

I braced myself for the welcome onslaught, gasping with ecstasy as Rick climbed on the desk, rested my legs on his sturdy shoulders and lunged forward, plowing his incredibly swollen meat up my waiting hole. The feeling was sensational, a little like squatting on a fire hydrant because his cock was so damned big. That was fine with me. I love big, thick donkey cocks, particularly when they're attached to men who know how to use them and Rick definitely knew how to use his tools. The man was a well-oiled fuck machine.

Pistol-whipping my ass like a man possessed, he fucked me like a giddy ten-dollar whore and his brother was doing the same with my throat. They're were pumping into me like perfectly timed pistons. No wonder they were such good mechanics. They were timed in perfect sync. There was no question in my mind that they'd done this before, and I was extremely grateful for it. Thank goodness for the internal combustion engine, I thought.

My whole body was rocking with excitement; struggling to hang on for dear life as Rick and Mick humped away at me grunting and growling like two savage animals devouring their helpless yet eager prey. My mumbled whimpering were bouncing off the walls.

'C'mon, Mick,' Rick said after twelve solid minutes of non-stop fucking. 'You gotta get some of this hot ass. This shit is somethin' else!'

'Let me at it,' Mick grinned. He let me slurp from his cock a couple more times before trading places with Rick. Mick's cock was equally as thick as his brother's as he stretched me to the max.

'Urrgh shit!' Were the only words I managed to get out of my mouth before Rick slapped his stallion meat clear down my throat. I was grateful that he wiped his dick clean before shoving it back in my mouth. He grabbed my ears and fucked my face hard. The guy closed his eyes and moaned in satisfying ecstasy, especially when I tongued his piss slit. I worked my tongue deep into it, like I was mining for gold. I might just have found it too!

I was eventually flipped over on the desk and Mick was now going after me doggie-style. He had my bent legs spread out resting his huge thighs and powerful torso on top of me pressing my body down on top the desk. His massive arms were wrapped tightly around me as his fingers pulled and pinched at my nibbles. His killer ten inches was lodged deep inside banging me hard as his stubble chin scratched and rubbed hard against my cheek. He was growling and huffing like an untamed stallion in heat as he had my nimble body vibrating with each powerful thrust he gave me from behind as I squeezed the walls of my chute tighter around his searing cock.

Rick had climbed onto the desk and shoved his thick cock back into my mouth. His incredible, muscular thighs had my face sandwiched tightly between them as his huge paws latched themselves on my head. He had my face buried completely in his musky crotch. The wet pubic hair was stinging my eyes. His sweaty, bodily stench seeped up in my nostrils. The foul, intoxicating odor was making me lightheaded as I hungrily gobbled up his mammoth meat sucking it hard in my mouth. He was choking the hell out of me while giving me quick, sharp jabs forcing me to deep-throat him constantly.

The two brothers were overwhelming me with their brute strength and sexual stamina. The stifling heat and raunchy sweat swimming around us has me hyperventilating. I was being smoldered and manhandled as each brother ripped and thrust themselves more feverishly inside my quivering, funky body. The loud sounds my gagging throat and Mack's monstrous flesh plowing and slapping hard against my backdoor filled the door. My hunger for them had me squeezing the muscles in both my mouth and ass tighter around those huge cocks buried deep inside my body. The effect had them howling and increasing their rampage on me.

God, I was loving this!! Here I was living a straight laced life with straight laced parents with lots of money and high position. I had just finish high school a month earlier, was working my summer job, waiting to start my college life at one of the major Ivy League universities on the east coast come fall. I was the All-American upper class kid with the good grades, and good looks to show for it.

I had the face of pure innocence and respectability. And here I was being used, fucked and basically treated like a slut by two lower class, seedy dirty-minded mechanics, both of whom are old enough to be my father. Hell, neither one of them probably never even finished high school. In the social society we live in these mechanics were beneath me in everything that truly mattered.

And yet to them I was nothing more then a dirty punk to be use to dump their nasty cum in my body. They were using their towering, mammoth strength against my meek and defenseless body for their own ferocious please. I was nothing but a slutty bitch to them.

I could feel their grit and filth; their soil masculinity and raw stench. I could feel them not having an ounce of respect for me. They didn't give a shit about my status nor the fact I was socially superior to them. I was trapped between them being used as some gutter whore. I was completely vulnerable to their aggressive savagery as they tore away at my supposed innocence as they used their manly, powerful bodies to dominate, control and humiliate me.

I was in paradise!

I didn't think things could get any hotter until Mick suggested something that made my dick turn to steel. 'C'mon Ricky, let's fuck this juicy ass together!'

'Fuck - YEAH!!!' Rick shouted. 'Let's do it!!!'

Holy shit!!

I'd never had two dicks inside me at the same time, but the very idea sent electric shocks to the bottom of my balls and through the very core of me. I wasn't sure how this was going to work out - they both were jackhammers - but there was no way in the world I was going to pass this up! I bobbled my head drunkenly, to let them know how much I wanted it.

Mick pulled out of my ass and stretched out on the office floor, lying on his back with that thick, engorged rocket launcher aimed straight at the ceiling. 'Sit on it!' he grunted.

I crawled off the desk and did as he commanded, trembling again as that chunky shaft slipped deep inside and stretched me wide. As soon as it was buried, Rick came at me and throttled me from behind, pushing my upper body down into his brother's greedy, waiting clutches. Rick squeezed even more motor oil on his crankshaft and inched it up my hole, right beside Mick throbbing gearshift. The feeling was beyond description!

If you've never had two dicks up your butt, you can't imagine the nearly indescribable sensation. First of all, they stretch your sphincter really wide and make you feel like a trussed turkey, stuffed with sausage. Second, they put just the right amount of pressure on your prostate, so the pleasure sends you right through the roof.

I was writhing with ecstasy, nearly jumping out of my own skin when they tightened their killer biceps around me, sandwiching me in a vise grip. Each of them was grabbing one side of my face with their mouths chewing on me hungrily. The double fucking started out slowly, but once they sensed I was getting into the groove, their thrusts took on a robust and intense rhythm that had me firing on all cylinders, howling like a coyote in death throes.

'Aahhh shiittt...urrgh fuucckk!! Holy shhiiitttt...yeeessss!! Ohhh Gawd...Uhh GAWD!!'

'Here that, bro,' Mick shouted underneath towards Rick, 'the little piglet here is lovin' it!'

'Yeah,' Rick snorted hotly in my ear above me, 'we got ourselves a tasty pig. Let's see how far we could go to make him squeal. Would you like that boy?'

As Rick asked me that question, he slapped me hard on my stuffed cheeks. He gave me another hard wham and then another. Each bang had me whaling and screaming louder.

'Answer my brother, bitch,' Mick growled joining his brother in slapping my ass while they continued impaling their heated rods in my ever expanding hole.

'Y-y-yeesss...aahh...unngh...fuuucck...m-e-ee...urrgh...yes-ye-ssss! Puhleeze...shiitt! Gi-give it to m-eeeee!! More...unngh...MORE!!!'

I was hyperventilating. I was seeing stars before my eyes. I was squashed in between their sweaty, heavy Greek-like bodies. I could feel the thick, wet hairs of their torsos rubbing all around me. Their stench was intoxicating. They started biting into my neck like blood-thirsting vampires. Their hungry attack was driving me over the edge. They were piston-whipping mightily with their mammoth weapons long and deep inside me.

I was so unimaginably stuffed. With each hearty thrust they pushed loud sounds of lustful cries out of my lungs into the humid air. They were plunging the holy hell out of me and all I could do was to hold on for dear life.

Ah it felt so fucking good. So fucking good!!! Ahhh!!!

My squealing sounds only encouraged them more as I felt and heard muffled peals of aroused laughter coming from their lungs. They were loving it! They munched down harder on my heated neck, sucking and pulling at the flesh. They were moving in perfect harmony with one ramming in while the other pulled out. Back and forth they went at me, digging in deeper and harder with each lubed lunge. They were beautifully merciless. was incredible. I was nothing but a hole to fuck and they were fucking it like out of control lunatics. The harder they thrust, the more I yelled, and the more hungry all three of us got.

On occasion, both of them stopped, still embedded inside me because one or the other was too close at releasing their seed. They were determined like hell to keep this fucking go on as long as possible, so they only resumed when both were able to continue without erupting too quickly.

For what seemed like hours, the office was engulfed with loud, erotic sex sounds as limbs slapped against musky sweaty flesh. Our bodies were slippery and dirty, drowning in perspiration and oil as the greasy mix dripped from our heated skin gluing us tightly together.

Those lusty twins pumped my hole until I was just about blind with delirium. The more they kept fucking me, the more I wanted it, and the more they gave it to me. They were skilled experts at getting the most outta an eager bottom such as myself.

They twisted and rotated their pelvis, burying their rock-hard dicks deeper in me, kissing continuously against my overly heated prostate. I was panting and whimpering, my helpless sighs feeding into their collective macho pride at knowing I was defenseless under their sexual free-for-all. They continued slurring me with slut-bitch names as they laughed and encouraged each other to 'rape' me harder and longer. My eyes were blurry, my body was weak...and I prayed and hoped like hell they would never stop!

By the time Rick grunted that he couldn't hold back - that he was going to cum hard -- my own meat was drooling a steady, slippery stream of clear slick.

'Shoot'em!' Mick hissed through clenched teeth. 'Let's fill this boy with some, fine prime-grade-A Lombardi cum!'

'Ya like the sound of that boy?' Rick asked as he bit into my earlobe and slapped his ex-large hand down hard on my left cheek once again.

'Uurrrgh...fuucck...ahhhhh gawk...FUUCCCKKK!!!!'

'I'm guessing that means yes!!' Rick exclaimed. Both of my captors roared with cocky laughter as Rick began exploding inside me. I could actually feel his hot spunk burning my hole as he unloaded jet after jet of creamy, steamy jizz.

I'd no sooner felt Rick's load bathe me when Mick blasted his in too. I suddenly I had two big wads of spooge overflowing up my butt. Seeing, feeling and smelling that was all I needed to start cumming too, and I erupted with a huge, uncontrollable stream of spunk that splattered everywhere like an out-of-control fire hose that wouldn't stop spraying.

'Shit would you look at that!' Mick exclaimed. 'This one cums like a fucking geyser!'

'Don't they always after we finish with them?' Rick answered, looking pleased with himself as he leaned over my shoulder and gave his brother a hot sloppy kiss before both of them started slurping and nipping at my face as they fucked my mouth, un-gently, with their steely tongue as intensely as they used their cocks to fuck my ass.

Unable to think coherently, I continued to cum, rocked by intense, almost excruciating spasms that milked every drop from me. I watched with complete disbelief as my body unloaded over and over again. I was helpless to stop cumming and just kept shooting and shooting until my nuts were drained dry. When the wrenching pulls finally stopped, I momentarily passed out with euphoria. I was so completely spent.

When I came to, those hot brothers had pulled out of me. I had been peeled off the office floor, placed onto the hydraulic lift, face down in one of the garage bays. I had been raised high into the air and my dick dangled downward as I looked at the floor from above.

When I tried to wipe the sweat off my face I found that I couldn't. My arms - as well as my feet - were bound to the supports on the lift with hose clamps and car-battery jumper cables. I looked over with blurry eyes toward the office door. The twins were just standing there, back in their work clothes, rubbing their crotches and grinning wickedly at me.

'Would you just look at him?' Mick asked with dark eyes piercing me to the core. 'All tied up, buck naked, dripping in sweat and oil and cum. You could cut the stench off of him with a knife.'

'Yeah the boy looks good alright,' Rick nodded his head and licked his lips as he looked over me. 'Let's fuck him here again after finish working on his car, before he take him home with us.'

'Sounds like a plan, bro.'

At that, they turned to leave me there and headed out toward my car.

'Hey fellas,' I said in a weak voice, my limbs helpless, barely able to pull at the wires and clamps holding me down. 'I got to get back to work.'

They burst out laughing as Mick left the garage ahead of his brother. Rick walked over to me and wrapped a large hand around my neck as he leaned my face down to met his. He kissed me long and rough. Damn he's such an incredible kisser!

'Boy, you ain't going anywhere!' Rick snickered at me as he released my face from his kiss. 'You got your lube job sure enough, but I think we're going to have to order some parts for your air conditioner and you'll have to wait here until they get here. It's Friday, and we got the weekend ahead of us.'

'What does that have to do with me being tied-up?'

'Auto parts suppliers don't deliver on weekends, boy,' he said to me smirking.

'Come to think of it, it might take quite a while for an air-conditioning compressor to be shipped all the way here. Our shop is kinda off the beaten path. It could be up to week before we get the parts and until then we're staying with us.'

He tone was firm, blunt and definite. It was pretty obvious I had no choice in the matter.

'But what about my job?'

'Fuck your job,' Rick huffed, 'and as for your Mommy and Daddy, we'll allow ya one phone call. You can tell them that you got tied-up with friends and you won't be back for about a week.' Rick couldn't but laugh at that last remark.

'Besides, it's been a long time since my brother and I had a good slice of juicy ass like yours and we ain't planning on giving up that shit anytime soon. We got plans for you, boy!'

The tone in his voice once again got dark and smoldering. 'So rest up, and get your strength back, you're gonna need it.'

Rick kissed me again and gave me a hearty slap across my face before heading back toward the door. He looked back once at my helpless form on the lift.

'What plans?' I asked dazed, nearly delirious with anticipation.

'Don't play stupid,' he smirked at me. 'You know damn well you're gonna be fucked for the next sevens or more days and you damn well know you're gonna love every second of it,' Rick added.

'We're gonna find some new ways at using the grease gun, the fuel pump, the gearshift, hubcaps and some rubber radiator hoses,' Rick smirked at me. 'Mick and I think you'll make the perfect guinea pig.'

He slammed the door shut behind him locking it for good measure.

I looked around the garage, the floor covered with grime and oil, scattered amidst tools and wires, nuts and bolts and several more tire irons. My cock flared to life immediately, hard as steel. Immediately, I acknowledged that the friend who'd recommended this place was right. Lombardi Mechanics were masters with power tools. I couldn't wait to see how they were going to use them next.




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