Soon the season would come to an end, and there would been no more locker room hook ups. By this time Elijah and I had become pretty close. We hung out more often, sleepovers, and of course sex. Although, we didn't talk during school, due to the social status of him and I. He would pick me up for school and take me home. The last day of practice came around, and Elijah was taking me home. As we pulled into my neighborhood he turned the radio do and didn't say anything. When he drove up to the curb he smiled and looked at me. It was then when I realized he had the most beautiful eyes, and I could kiss him for that, but I didn't. He grabbed my hand and said 'Jayden on a serious note, I fucking love you. The last month or so I've never felt better, although I'm not gay or anything I want a relationship with you.' At the time I couldn't help but smile, but who could the hottest thing at our school, could have any girl or guy, and he wanted me. As he continued he sighed and frowned. 'This is hard but, as much as I want it we can't be together. If anyone ever found out, my life would be ruined. We can still hang out, and maybe even talk during high school. But our relationship and sex would have to wai.. stop.' I felt like shit and couldn't speak. He noticed this and went in to kiss my cheek, but I moved back and opened the door to exit.

After a couple of days I was over it, he called but I didn't answer. At school I was normal, he didn't pay attention to me and I did the same. I wasn't until the following week at a party when I would really be close to Elijah. This was fine, I was over him and was thinking about being friends with him again. The guy I was with was very nice, nothing compared to Elijah but he was high up there. His name was Christian and he was seventeen. Tall Latino with sexy light brown skin, beautiful body to go along with the talented singing voice he had. We met in what would be unusual, an accident of which I had caused, he smiled and read right through me, seeing that I had a thing for him. Christian soon forgot about the accident and ask for my number and if he could take me to this party coming up. I agreed and gave him my number. As we arrived at the party I spotted Elijah and felt nervous. Immediately Christian and I sat down and started to talk. Minutes into the conversation I could tell Elijah was getting pissed by the way he was watching Christian and I. 'What the fuck is wrong with that guy.' Christian questioned. 'Oh that's Elijah Johnson, quarterback of the football team and leading point guard of the basketball team. Don't say anything but him and I had a thing and..' before I could finish Christian had reached in to kiss me. 'Let's give him something to get mad about.' I smiled and watched Elijah leave the room.

Being the slut I am, I lead Christian to a room in the back so we could continue our conversation.

Much wasn't said, he had me on the wall unbuttoning my shirt and touching me softly. He reached my pants and unzipped them with his teeth. He didn't waist time revealing my white Calvin klein underwear. Once pulling them down my nine inch cock stood at attention. He place his sexy lips around the tip of my dick, and grabbed my balls, soon taking my hole dick in his mouth. He gagged a couple of times soon he would adjust and deep throat with no problem. As my body tensed up preparing for a cum shot, he sped up. Moving his hand up and down my torso, rubbing on my nipples, there wasn't a second we lost eye contact. I could feel the shot coming and he could to, I could see in his eyes he was begging for it. Seconds way from pleasing him, the door opened and someone busted in. No surprise it was Elijah and he looked pissed off. 'What the fuck are you faggs doing?' He walk over and push Christian over, and I could see he was about to hit me when Christian got up and hit him first. By this time many people were in the room watching.

I pulled Christian off Elijah and told him we had to go. We made our way through the crowd and out the door. Once in the car Christian didn't speak, he pulled of and was taking me home. He had a cut on his head and I went to whip the blood off, but he move so I couldn't touch him. Still with out speaking we arrived at my house, I sighed and unbuckled my seat belt. Before reaching for the door, I turned to him and said sorry. He pulled me back and placed his lips on mine then stating, 'naw, its all good'. With that I almost melted, trying to compose my self, I exited the car watching him drive off. Not even seconds later my phone started to vibrate and on the caller id was Elijah. I didn't answer, with that I started to walk inside the house. Bright lights came over the hill and a car appeared. Elijah jumped out the car, 'what the fuck just happened'. He walked up beside me, and gave me a push. I turn around ready to punch him but I didn't. 'Don't start this bullshit E. You don't care about me and I feel the same about you.' I said trying not to get angry, or let it show. 'So that's what's up, you go fucking around with some other fag?' Elijah replied. 'Fag.. so what does that make you, cause from last I checked, you fucked with a dude.' He gave me a strange look, as if I was speaking a different language. 'Well thanks to your little scene, now your shit is gonna be all around the school, so what ever you didn't want to get around about you and I, well now it's gonna be even worse.' As he gathered his thoughts he replied with, 'Damn Jayden you don't realized I did it because' he paused 'because I fucking love you, and when I saw you with the punk bitch, well I lost it. If you were trying to make me jealous it fucking worked.' With out letting me respond he walked off to his car. I ran after him and pulled his arm, turned him around and grabbed his head giving him the most passionate kiss I could. I apologized and told him to come with me.

We made it to my room, luckily my parents weren't home and we had all night to make up. He picked me up and laid me on the bed and placed his hand in each spot I was begging for. Soon removing my shirt and biting my hard nipples, making me harder and harder with each move. At that point I knew I had fallen in love. Detaching my pants once again exposing my under wear, and the hard rock in side of it he would soon release a monster waiting to explode. Still packed with the cum I didn't get to blast back at the party, Elijah began to touch me causing my body to contract and shrivel over and over again until he place his warm juicy lips around my cock. That was it, he had struck oil I was about to cum. 'I'm gonna bust one' I whispered. 'No hold that shit' he spoke as he turned me around and began to rub my back. Having his way with my ass, he fingered me and gave his famous rimmings. No one was home so I knew I could moan and be as free as I wanted. Suddenly he hit the spot, I jumped and let out the loudest moan of the night. He laughed and did it once more. He stopped and reached for a rubber on my dresser. Wasting no time he quickly put it on and found my hole, and worked his magic. Finding his way deeper and deeper in my ass, I wanted to scream.

Rotating me once again I ended up on my back with my legs on his shoulders, allowing him to go deeper and deeper inside my ass. Baby was speeding up and stroking as hard as possible. I could tell it was time, as his body began to tense up and his sweat began to drip. He let out a moan three times loader than mine. Removing his dick jacking harder and harder until the eruption of a life time came. His white juice was all over my stomach, with no hesitation he licked every drop of cum off my body. He then collapses on me and we begin to kiss.

'So you can bust on but I can't' I asked. He laughed and continued to rub my chest. What he didn't realize that I was fucking pissed and serious about letting lose. The aroma in the room would soon sooth me and put both of us to sleep.



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