I really hadn't been particularly hot to trot tonight and this kid was not really my type anyway so I had planned to make this a quickie. So as soon as I got him into the apartment I simply flipped him over my shoulder and carried him into my bedroom. Shit, he was as light as a feather so I just tossed him on the bed.

"Fuck man" he said, with this startled look on his face. "What the hell you doin?"

"You got that right" I answered with a chuckle. "I'm the fuck man alright. And you're the fuck boy and that's what I'm going to do. You got any objections?"

"I sure's hell do" he said as he sat up and glared at me. "You ain't gonna fuck me."

"We'll see about that" I said giving him a smile. Grabbing my t-shirt with both hands, I pulled it up and off and then gave him a double bicep pose showing off my astonishing nineteen inch biceps. "See these biceps babe? These biceps tell me I'm gonna fuck you."

"Hey man" he said with a slight shake in his voice. "That ain't what I came here for. I don't like getting fucked man."

"That's probably too bad kid, because I like to fuck" I said grinning at him. "That's my favorite sport."

"Ahhh... no way man. You ain't gonna fuck me" he said with a definite shake in his voice. I just laughed. He really was cute.

"Let's talk about this man" he said. "Come on man. I can see you got a nice dick and maybe I can suck on it for you. I'll do that."

"Sounds good to me" I said as I unfastened my pants and pulled them off leaving only my bulging jockstrap and my socks. "I was planning on that anyway."

I'd picked this kid up while strolling in the cruising area of the park. I was on my way home anyway and thought I'd check and see what was available. This kid was young and pretty, very young and very pretty, but probably of legal age or close to it anyway, and he looked to be fairly well put together. Definitely more husky than the average teenager. Obviously a horny little kid since he was out cruising at eleven o'clock at night. And I said little. He might have been 5'8" standing on his tiptoes. I usually go with someone more my size because I like to show my strength and power to subjugate and fuck big guys. Half the fun of fucking was in the takedown and domination, and the bigger they were the more of a challenge it was and the more satisfying it was for my ego. And for my dick. But this kid was a beauty and from the moment I saw him I knew I was going to plant my dick in that pretty face.

Now me, I'm twenty-two but look eighteen. A big eighteen. A really big eighteen. I'm a smidgen over six feet and weigh in at 234 pounds of solid packed muscle, so you know I'm big. I'm a senior at the U on a wrestling scholarship, so I had muscles that would make a football player jealous. In fact I'd won the University body building contest this year. They say those contests are all about your muscles and your body and not your face, but don't you believe it. Yeah, I've got the body, but I've got a face that is so far beyond handsome that people on the street stop and gape at me in amazement. I've got the face of Adonis and a body of Hercules so let me tell you, I'm one hot mass of gorgeous testosterone. And my favorite past time is taking down butch hotties and turning them into my personal bitches. The straighter acting and butcher they are the more I like it.

So this kid didn't fit my usual type at all, but he was very good looking. Kind of on the slim side, probably weighing 140/150 pounds, so that put him close to a hundred pounds less than me, but he was a real looker. A true blond with reddish highlights that hung down in bangs over his forehead and he had very plump red lips. I loved his long eyelashes which gave him a pretty, almost feminine face, but it was those lips that really turned me on. Oh yeah they were pretty. I couldn't wait to see them attached to my dick. And it goes without saying that he had a beautiful little ass as well, because that's the number one requirement for anybody I want to stick my dick into.

"You gonna get naked or you want me to do it for you?" I said.

"Hey man, listen" he said beginning to sound desperate. "Let's tone it down, okay? You're gorgeous man? I know it. I can see that. I ain't never seen a guy built like you before. I'll be glad to suck you. Okay? Just let me suck you. Huh man?"

"You are a cute mother fucker" I said with a laugh. I loved his nervousness and his show of fear. It was now sinking in to him that I was twice his size and he was in way over his head. He was certainly having second thoughts now about letting someone as big as me pick him up. He'd obviously been thrilled to get picked up by the most awesome looking muscle stud he'd ever seen, but what he hadn't realized was that this awesome muscle stud was going to give him a fast, down and dirty, lesson on how to denigrate himself and learn obedience and how to crawl for an arrogant Master. A pretty little thing like him probably got his dick sucked all the time so offering to do the sucking was presumably a big step for him and he hoped that offering to suck me might possibly save his ass.

"So what's your story? You like to suck dick?" I said giving him a big grin. "You beggin me to let you suck on my big pecker?"

"Oh man. Come on" he pleaded, his fear and trepidation clearly showing in his face now. "Please. I'll make it good for you. I promise."

"Okay. Get over here and let's see" I said pointing to the floor in front of me. I was standing there in all my muscular glory with my hands on my hips, totally arrogant, with my prick bulging out against my jockstrap. I had bulging pecs like you wouldn't believe, and the cuts from my traps to my deltoids to my biceps were nothing less than extraordinary. Unfortunately the kid was so scared that I don't think he appreciated how lucky he was to be with the most gorgeous hunk in the state. Hell, I had guys lining up every day wishing that I'd notice them and allow them to stroke my ego in hopes that I might want to give them some action. I only picked up this skinny kid for a quick fuck because he was handy and I was on my way home anyway.

He slowly got off the bed and got on his knees in front of me and looked up.

"I like my cocksuckers in the nude" I said. "Strip."

"Ah man. This ain't gonna work" he pleaded. "I gotta go, okay? Let's just forget it man. Please. I gotta go." He didn't try to move so I knew he realized he couldn't go without my permission. He knew he was totally under my power, and he could only hope I'd let him off the hook.

"I told you to strip" I growled at him.

"Please man. Don't" he said and I saw tears form in his eyes.

"You got me all hot babe and I ain't about to waste a good hard-on" I said giving him a grin and reaching down and groping my hardening prick through the jockstrap. "Now do what I told you" I snarled at him making it clear that he'd better obey or else. He stood up and sat on the bed and started removing his shoes. I could see tears dripping down his cheeks as he stared at the floor, refusing to meet my eyes. Standing back up he slipped out of his shirt and unbuckled his pants and pulled them off. Without saying anything he glanced at me and when I nodded, he pulled down his jockey shorts. And he really was a pretty thing, even cuter than I thought. Nice round muscular shoulders, shapely pecs and washboard abs. He definitely knew the inside of a gym.

He stood there looking at me for a moment as I kind of glared at him and then pointed at the floor. Knowing he had no choice, he came over and got back on his knees.

He was mine. I could do anything I wanted with him. But first I wanted to make him understand that I was totally in charge and that I was not about to put up with any bullshit from him. I've found that getting a guy in the right frame of mind at the very beginning made them much more malleable and compliant later on. I had no doubt he was a neophyte and had not had any experience being a slut for a real Dom like me before. It was better to make it crystal clear to him right up front that I was the power, and his sole purpose in being here was for me to make use of in any way I wanted. I reached down and gave him a very hard open handed slap to the face knocking him over onto the floor.

"Yeeeeeeaaoooh" he screamed. I didn't move as he looked up at me with this shocked look on his face and his cheek turning red. There was no anger there, just fear. He was now terrified.

I snapped my fingers in front of me and he got back up on his knees. He was now looking at me in total despair, and as I reached down again he flinched. "Please" he whispered softly. "Please."

Grabbing his head like a basketball I pushed him down to my feet. "Take my socks off" I said. He did what he was told but I could hear him whimpering now. I think he was so scared he was about to piss himself.

"Kiss" I said after he had removed my socks. I didn't say anything more as he started kissing my feet over and over again moving back and forth between them. "Now lick" I ordered and he started licking them. Having a guy worship my feet was always a turn-on because it made it so clear who was the Dom and who was the sub. Not that there was any question that I was anything but the superior one here, but forcing a guy to crouch down and suck my toes tended to really clarify the situation for him.

Bending over, I gave him a healthy slap on the ass, leaving a red handprint behind. He let out a yell and grabbed my calves for support. "Please man. Don't" he whimpered. "Please." He rose up slightly so he could look up at me. "Please."

I grabbed him by the hair and gave it a jerk. "I told you to lick my feet, now do it!" I growled at him as I pushed his head back down. He went back to licking. I leaned over again and squeezed and massaged and pinched the ass cheek I'd just slapped. He whimpered but continued licking. Then I gave him a good whack against the other cheek, every bit as hard as the first one. He screeched and banged his head against my legs.

"Please man. Don't. Please" he cried.

"Get your fuckin mouth back on my feet" I shouted. There was a momentary hesitation, and then the fear factor clicked in and he went back to kissing my feet.

I said I was going to make this a quickie since I wasn't particularly horny and there was no urgency about getting my rocks off, and besides, this kid really wasn't my type anyway. But, upon reflection, he did have a nice ass and I was getting pretty damn hot so I decided to take my time and enjoy it. Stepping away from him I walked over to the bedside table and got out a collar and leash. As I turned back he was looking at me with absolute terror showing in his face. I wanted to smile since I loved that look on a guy's face, but that would have ruined the moment, so I kept the stern, almost angry expression on my face. I snapped my fingers and pointed in front of me.

He crawled over to me on hands and knees and looked up.

"Bow your god damn head" I growled. He instantly crouched down and looked at my feet. Bending down I held the wide studded black leather collar under his nose. "Kiss it" I ordered. He gave it a kiss. "Louder. I want to hear it." He gave it a loud smacking kiss.

"What is this?" I asked him.

"It's a collar" he whispered.


"It's a collar sir."

"What kind of collar?"

"It's a dog collar sir" he answered.

"If it's a dog collar then you're my bitch, but if it's a slave collar you're my slave" I said. "Which will it be, my bitch or my slave?" Evidently he didn't know what to say since he didn't say anything. "Answer the fuckin question" I ordered.

"Ahhh... Y-y-you-your s-s-slave sir" he stuttered.

"A slave calls me Master" I growled.

"Y-y-yes sir, ahhh... m-m-master" he answered. I fit the collar around his neck making it snug, and attaching the leash. Then I headed into the living room. I actually dragged him for the first few feet until he got moving and started crawling to keep up with me. I sat on the sofa and pulled him in close.

"Get back on my feet" I said. "Lots of saliva and wash 'em good. I want to see it, hear it, and feel it. Get busy." He did what he was told and started licking and sucking on my feet. I just let him go at it for five or ten minutes ad he covered every inch over and over again. Then I reached over with both hands and grabbed his ass cheeks. He flinched and groaned as I started gently massaging them. He yelped as I gave each of them a sharp pinch, but he didn't stop sucking on my feet. I was impressed that he learned to be so slavish so quickly.

"Good boy" I said. "You just keep concentrating on my feet. I want you to start rubbing your nose and face into it. I want to see your face wet." He was obviously paying close attention to my voice because he immediately started rubbing his face up and down the instep of my foot. I gave each of his ass cheeks a healthy slap causing him to grunt each time but he didn't slow up his mouth action.

He was completely docile now, totally obedient and thoroughly under my control. Taking a handful of hair, I pulled his head up forcing him to look at me. His face and his bangs were dripping with his sweat and tears and he was a total mess. I loved it and couldn't help but give him a big grin and a chuckle.

"You catch on quick babe" I said with a laugh. "That saves you a whole lot of pain. You obey me and I won't hurt you. Okay?" He didn't say anything so I repeated. "Okay?"

"Yes sir" he said.


"Yes Master."

"Hands behind your back" I said. "Now get my jock off." It took him a few seconds to relay this through his brain, but then he put his hands behind his back and tried to lean forward. However, I still had a hold on his hair. He looked up with a questioning look on his face.

"Say please" I said. He thought for a minute before he answered.

"Please" he whispered.

I gave a jerk on his hair. "Please what?" I said.

"Please Master" he replied. I let go of his hair and stood up.

"Get it off" I said. Knowing exactly what I expected from him, he leaned in and took the band of my jockstrap in his teeth and tried to pull it down. It didn't move. However he figured it out after a bit, and went to each side pulling the strap down and inch or two at a time as he gradually began to ease it off. It took a while but I was patient and loved watching him struggle anyway. When he finally got it all the way down to the floor I raised one foot and then the other allowing him to pull it off my feet.

Then he rose up on his knees and looked up at me. I was standing there looking totally arrogant with my hands on my hips again looking down at him with a smirk on my face with my big pecker hanging down, making him nervous. In a way it was unfortunate he was so afraid, because he really couldn't appreciate the perfection of the spectacular physical specimen standing in front of him. Instead of worshiping me through fear, he should have been totally grateful and enthusiastic to be allowed to service a god like me. Since he wasn't even my type, if he hadn't been in the right place at the right time he would never even have had the opportunity to be able to serve me. He was one lucky little shit and he didn't even know it.

I could see him actually begin to shake in fear as I just stared down at him. The more I kept silent the more nervous he got. Finally he couldn't stand it any longer. "Ahhh... M-m-master? Ahhh... please?" he mumbled.

"You want to suck my cock slave boy" I asked softly.

"Yes sir. Errr... Master. Errr... yes Master" he answered.

"Beg for it" I said.

Ahh... Master" he stuttered. "P-p-please Master. Can I suck your cock."

"Start with my balls" I said and that's what he did. Leaning in he started licking my ball sack. "Suck on 'em" I ordered. "Just like my feet" I said. "Wash 'em and get your face in there." Then, with my hands still on my hips and looking as vain and disdainful as humanly possible, I just watched him go at it. I don't know what was more wonderful, watching him or feeling him. But looking down and observing him burying his pretty face in my crotch was pretty damn fabulous and the feeling of his tongue lapping away at my balls was frosting on the cake. As much as anything however, I was enjoying how docile and obedient he was. Turning a boy into a frightened and pliant sex slave in barely half an hour was really incredible. I'd done it to guys before but it usually took a day or so, not half an hour. But then again, I didn't ordinarily pick up young pipsqueaks like this kid either.

I finally sat back down on the sofa, pulled him in, and pushed my prick into his mouth. "You better know how to suck babe" I growled. "I don't want any half assed try." I didn't even touch him as I watched to see how he would react to my threat. I fully expected him to bust his ass trying to make it good for me without me forcing him. And he did try.

I know I'm awfully big in the dick department so it takes a pretty talented and experienced cocksucker to be able to handle me. I knew this kid was too young and couldn't possibly have the experience to deep throat me, but that wasn't going to stop me from getting whatever I wanted anyway. Didn't really make any difference to me one way or another whether he could handle my dick, because I'd make him handle it. In fact I kind of liked it when a guy was choking and squirming and trying to escape while I screwed my dick into his face. It's the power baby. Total power and domination. This kid was here for me to use, and I fully intended to use him.

He started well, kissing and licking up and down my pecker and then rubbing his nose and face against it. I liked a little preliminary action before getting down to the serious sucking and he was doing just fine so far. Taking just the tip in his mouth, he fluttered his tongue against it making me squirm with pleasure, and I admit he had pretty good cock sucking technique. In fact he was doing so well that I just let him go at it for a while.

He glanced up at me after a couple minutes, trying to see if I was enjoying what he was doing for me, and that kind of pissed me off. He still didn't realize that this was totally for my pleasure and he should be concentrating on nothing but that. Looking up at me and checking to see if I was appreciating his performance was definitely not where he should be focusing. I grabbed him by the hair and jerked his head back.

"My cock you little shit. My cock" I growled as I yanked his hair getting a squeal out of him. "You concentrate on nothing but my cock. Make it feel good for god's sake." That got his attention, and as I let go of his hair, he really went at it. Doing everything he had been doing, but now really slurping and kissing and sucking with a vengeance, and even trying to swallow it. Yeah, this was more like it. It's amazing what a little pain will do to get a guy to focus.

But all of this was just a build up to the main event. Having a guy bust his ass trying to give really great head was fun to watch, but there ain't nothing like fucking a hot ass. And this kid had an ass that wouldn't quit. So, instead of going to the trouble of teaching him to deep throat I decided to get right to the main event. Putting my hand on his forehead I pushed him back from my cock and stood up. Giving a tug on the leash I headed back to the bedroom. Again I dragged him for a couple feet before he got his hands and legs straightened out and started crawling to keep up.

Unhooking the leash and tossing it aside, I grabbed him under the arms, tossed him on the bed, pushed him onto his back and climbed on. Sitting on his chest with my legs holding his arms down, I dropped my balls in his face. I was hot and my cock was hard and I was ready to fuck, but since I have a true sadistic streak, I wanted to humiliate him just a little more and perhaps make him even more pliant. Hey, I like to fuck as much as anybody, but dominating and degrading a kid and turning him into a groveling wimp before I fuck him is absolutely sensational and I can never get enough of it.

"Suck my balls some more wimp" I ordered. He instantly opened his mouth and started sucking on them. I figured he still thought I was going to let him suck me off and not take his ass, so he wanted to make it as good for me as he could. Well, he'd soon find out. In the mean time I grabbed my very hard prick and started banging it against his pretty face.

"Look at me wimp" I ordered him. He opened his eyes and looked up at me as I continued whacking him with my prick. I could see in his eyes that he was still tearing up and the fear was still there, so I knew he was willing to do most anything to try to keep me happy. We'd see if that would last now that I was ready to take his ass.

Getting up on my knees and lifting one leg off of him, I flipped him over on his stomach. As I settled back on him I grabbed his arms, pulled them over his head and lay down on top of him fitting my cock into his ass crack. Then, very gently, I started to hump my prick against his crack.

"No" he cried. "No. God damn it, no." He tried to break my hold on his arms but of course couldn't even budge me. Just to show off, I grabbed both wrists with one big paw and let him struggle against me and I couldn't help but start laughing. He was so fuckin cute, thinking he could get away from me.

"Agh, agh, agh" he grunted, trying to fight me as I held on to his wrists, not allowing him to move, while I got a handful of hair with my other hand. Pulling his head up I whispered into his ear.

"You are so fuckin cute baby" I laughed and gave his ear a lick. "Squirming your hot little bod around under me is super-hot." I had to hold his wrists tightly because he was still trying to get away and using every bit of his strength to try to do it. Laughing at him seemed to make him even more determined to escape but he was like putty in my hands and couldn't move. Holding on to his hair I pulled it hard and twisted his head causing him to squeal. "Oh yeah cutie, keep it up, keep it up" I said, unable to stop laughing at his futile efforts to get away. "You're making me so fucking hot."

"Stop it man. Don't" he said, as he tried to jerk his hands loose. The harder he tried, the more I laughed. "Don't fuck me man. Don't" he cried.

God, I was loving this. I couldn't remember having so much fun controlling a kid and I was beginning to think that fucking little guys like this was every bit as good as fucking the big guys. Totally controlling a guy with almost no effort while he fought back with his entire strength was really hot.

"Please man. Please. Don't do this" he said as he kept struggling.

"Way to go kid" I laughed. "I love it when my boys say please. I love hearing you say please." I was really enjoying this with my cock humping him while he wiggled his little ass around against me, but in fact I wasn't planning to hurt him. I was only going to fuck him. Taking somebody as big as me up your ass may not be pleasant at first, but anybody got screwed by me ended up loving it. This little shit just didn't realize how lucky he was that I was even willing to fuck him. I don't just stick my cock into just any hole that comes along. A guy's gotta be pretty damn special for me to even look at him and you better believe I had guys waiting in line hoping that I'd stick it to them.

"Hey babe, listen" I said giving his head a shake. "I'm going to screw that tight little ass of yours whether you like it or not, and you're going to end up begging me for more. But listen up kid. If I take you dry it's going to hurt like a motherfucker, so it's better if you cooperate. I promise I'll go easy on you. So, how about it?"

I now saw that he had tears in his eyes. "Answer me babe" I said. "You want it easy or hard?"

"Please don't fuck me" he cried and I couldn't believe that he was still trying to get away.

"You're getting me pissed babe." Letting go of his hair, I rolled over slightly and slammed his ass hard. Now he really howled.


"I can beat the shit out of you first if you want, but you're going to get fucked. Now you gonna cooperate? Yes or no? You ain't got no other choice."

"You want it easy or hard?" I repeated as I got back on top. "If you don't answer me I'm going to ram it in there right now." Lifting up a little and letting my big rod slide down his ass crack, I pushed it against his hole letting him feel the hardness of it.

"No, no. Please no" he screamed. "I'll do it! I'll do it!"

I let go of his hands and rolled off of him, but kept a tight hold on his hair. Lifting his head so he could see the bedside table, I gave him a bit of a shake. "Open that drawer babe" I ordered. He was sobbing but he did what he was told. "Get that tube out" I said. He picked up a tube of my favorite fucking cream. Actually my favorite was spit, but that took longer to loosen a guy up, so cream would do for this kid. I was getting pretty hot and couldn't wait much longer. I grabbed the tube from him and squeezed a glob of cream onto his back and then scooped some up and rubbed it onto his crack.

I was really raring to go but because this kid was so terrified I figured he must have had a bad experience getting fucked by somebody, so I knew I had to prep him good. Being very gentle I eased one finger into the tight hole, and then just finger fucked him for a minute or so.

"Oh, oh, oh" he moaned softly and then a long "oooooh' as I got some more cream and slowly eased two fingers into him. No screaming, just soft moans. I finger fucked him a while longer and then gradually nudged a third finger in, giving his hole a good stretch.

After a bit I pulled the fingers out of his ass and pushed them into his mouth. "Lick" I said. I knew from experience that this stuff didn't taste very good, but it didn't seem to matter because he lapped it up without complant anyway. Finally I let go of his hair and got up on my knees next to him.

"Roll over" I said. Very slowly, he rolled over onto his back and looked up at me. The incredible fear showing in his eyes with tears flowing down his cheeks was like a shot of testosterone shooting through me and my cock throbbed like crazy. Jesus, what a turn on. The fear and submission and complete surrender showing in his face were almost too much for my libido. I sure's hell didn't want to cum before I even got my prick into him.

Pushing his legs apart I got between them and just looked down at him. "What do you see baby" I asked. He wasn't crying now but was still sniffling and the tears were still flowing. He gave me a questioning look. "Look at me babe" I said. "Look at me and tell me what you see."

"Wha...? Ahhh... what...?"

"You're looking at the butchest, hottest, most gorgeous stud on this planet baby. You're about to get fucked by a God. You should be so lucky." He just kept this kind of pleading look on his face as I smiled down at him. "You're going to get a reaming out like you could only dream about babe, and you're going to love it. And let me tell you, you're never going to forget it." Grabbing his legs, I pulled them up over my shoulders and aiming my prick, I nudged it against his hole. Then grabbing his shoulders I gently pushed.

"Ohhhhhhhh.... fuck" he groaned.

"Yeah baby" I chuckled. "I'm pretty big, but you're going to love it." I was impressed that he wasn't fighting me at all now. He was totally docile and submissive and had given in to the inevitable of letting me do whatever I wanted.

"Ohhhh.... please" he groaned. "Please. It hurts."

"That's okay baby. That's okay. A little pain is good" I said giving him a grin. "A slave boy's got to keep his Master happy, whatever it takes." Then with another push, the head of my boner popped into his ass.

"Ohhh... ohhh... ohhh" he cried. "Ohhh... please. No."

"Oh yeah baby. Feel the pain. Enjoy it baby cuz that's your Master's cock in there." Even as much as I stretched him with my fingers, he was still tight as a drum, and the feeling against my cock was awesome. "Oh man. Nice tight ass baby." Holding on to his shoulders I pushed maybe an inch more into him.

"Oh fuck yeah" I crooned as he howled again. The feeling was terrific and I wanted it to last so I wasn't in any hurry to get all the way in. I didn't really care if that made it better for him or not, because all I was interested in now was feeling the exquisite pressure against my cock. He kept yelling so I put one hand over his mouth and jammed another inch into his tight hole.

I had a good three or four inches in him now and should have been pressing against his prostate. Most of the pain should go away, and anyway, anybody gets fucked by a god like me with a cock like mine had better expect a little pain The little asshole still didn't realize that he should be thrilled to have a perfect physical specimen like me use him.

I told you it was mere chance that I had my cock up his ass. He wasn't my type at all and it was just on the whim of the moment and me being a sucker for a pretty face that I picked him up and brought him home in the first place.

Hell, it was probably preordained. His sole purpose of being on this planet might be so we'd meet up tonight and he'd get his first genuine experience on how to service a real man's prick. Okay, so that's probably an exaggeration, but who's to say? I'm a god and he's a skinny little wimp with a hole just waiting to get stuffed by my dick. Who says there wasn't some preordained plan?

"Look at me you little shit. Look at me. You're getting screwed by a God baby, so shut the fuck up." I gave him a healthy slap across the face, which startled him enough that he stopped screaming.

He now had his eyes open and was looking at me in shock. My cock was feeling fabulous but I wanted it to last, so I decided to give him a break. Pulling all the way back, I let my cock pop completely out of his hole.

"You got a hot ass baby" I chuckled.

"Please man. Please. It really hurts" he whimpered.

"Pain is good slave boy. You can take a little pain to serve your Master can't you?" I said giving him a grin. "Hell yes you can. Making your Master's cock feel good is what you're here for babe." Then I shoved back in hard, getting a good three or four inches into him all in one shot.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed.

"Oh shut the fuck up" I growled as I slapped his face again. He stopped screaming but was now sobbing loudly. "Jesus, you little wimp. You should be begging me to fuck you. You never had it so good. Shit, there's dozens of guys out there that'd love to have my prick up their ass right now. You're luckier than hell that I even picked you." We were just getting warmed up and I'd hardly started to fuck him, but he was getting me pissed off with all the noise.

"You yell one more time and I'm going to gag you. Got that?" He just looked at me, sobbing softly. "You got that?" I shouted giving him a angry look.

"Y-y-y-es" he gasped through his tears.

"Yes Master" I snarled at him.

"Yes Master" he whimpered.

Up till now I'd really been easy on him, prepping him up and going slow, but he wasn't appreciating it at all. So enough of the bullshit, I was ready to fuck. Pulling out an inch or two I pushed back in going a little deeper. He didn't yell but he gave a loud gasp, but I was like a bull getting ready to rut, and it didn't matter to me how he felt. But I was still gentle as I started an in and out fucking motion, gradually forcing my cock deeper and deeper into his tight little ass. With all the whimpering sounds he was making, he didn't realize that there were only four inches or so in so far, and it was a hell of a long way to go to get all nine inches crammed in there.

The cream I had used made him just slick enough so I was sliding in without too much trouble. Obviously there was a lot of stretching going on, but it was smooth going for my prick. I kept the slow fuck going, getting deeper and deeper and deeper with each thrust. The feeling of the tight ass squeezing my cock was really incredible. Maybe little guys asses were tighter than big guys. I don't know, but this ass felt tighter than anything I'd had all week. I kept pushing and he kept crying, but at least he wasn't yelling now, and I was almost there.

And then, finally, I had my crotch crammed in tight against his ass; all the way in. All nine inches. Jesus, what a feeling. It was incredibly tight and had me right on the edge already so I had to be really careful. So I just waited for a long minute allowing myself to cool down just a bit. Then I was ready. Since this was such a little kid I decided to have some fun with him, so with his legs still over my shoulders, I put my arms around him, slid off the bed, and stood up.

Shit, he was as light as a feather as I stood there with my nine inch prick stuck up his ass and with a big grin on my face. Holding him in tight against my chest with one hand, I grabbed his ass with the other and lifted him to the end of my prick and slowly lowered him back down. His eyes were tightly closed and he was groaning and sobbing softly as I jacked him up and down a couple times feeling the exquisite pressure against my rock hard shaft.

"Open your eyes slave boy" I said. "I want you to see your Master as he fucks you. Open 'em" I ordered. As he opened his eyes and looked at me from just inches away, I saw that the tears were still there and the fear was still there, but there was also something else, which I realized was a look of total resignation and submission. Total acceptance of me as his Master. But also I think the pain was gone. Maybe he wasn't enjoying it yet, but I don't think it was hurting him like it was at first.

"Keep looking slave boy" I said giving him a big grin. "See how much I'm enjoying your hot ass." Now I started walking around the room and then headed into the living room as I slowly lifted him up and down on my cock. I couldn't believe how light he was. But hell, I bench over three hundred pounds all the time in the gym so having a one hundred fifty pound kid as a plaything was like nothing.

"Oh yeah babe. My cock loves your tight little ass." And God, was I ever loving this. What a thrill it was to walk him around the room squeezed up against my chest as I bounced him up and down on my cock like he was some kind of sex toy. He was watching me from just inches away as I grinned at him and chuckled occasionally. I didn't know it could be so much fun fucking a little guy.

Then holding him against me, I bent my knees slightly and started jacking my prick in and out of him, really slamming my crotch against his ass. With both hands on his waist, I started slamming his whole body down at the same time as I rammed my crotch up against him giving my prick an incredible feeling as I cramming it in as far as it would go. I must have made one amazing picture. Standing there in all my Herculean glory, every bulging muscle on my awesome body glistening with sweat, my knees slightly bent, having this kid attached to my cock as I slammed him up and down, grinning for all I was worth in the pleasure of the moment.

And then I couldn't hold back any longer. Lifting him and slamming him down one more time I started to shoot and literally screamed in ecstasy. Almost crushing him against my chest I leaned down and bit him on the shoulder getting another yelp out of him as I fired over and over into his hot ass.

"Oooowww, please, please, please" I heard the kid groaning and gasping, and I realized I was hurting him as I crushed him against me. Lifting him up I jerked my cock out of his ass, tossed him onto the sofa and fired my last two shots onto his face.

"Oh fuck that was good" I bellowed flexing and straining all my muscles in extreme excitement. "Oh fuck yeah." As I slowly began to calm down and regain my senses I looked down at him and saw that he had this really shocked look on his face. Kind of a 'what the fuck is going on with this barbarian' look. Giving him a great big grin I just gave a big howl.

"Eeeaaaoooeee" I roared, half yell and half laughter. "That was fucking great." I decided right then and there that I was going to have to fuck little guys more often, because the pleasure of being able to toss them around like toys and use them as my personal playthings was just about as exciting as it could get.

The kid was lying there on the sofa looking up at me with this shocked look as I stood over him with my still hard dripping dick almost in his face and you won't fuckin believe what I saw. His little pecker was sticking up like a post. He had only about five inches but it was hard as a rock. I reached down and started jerking it. I wasn't gentle, in fact I was rough, yanking on it hard, almost painfully. But twenty seconds later he was gasping and shooting his wad into my hand. Hell, he loved getting fucked. At least he loved getting fucked by a demigod. I wiped the cum off in his hair and then pulled him into my crotch and started humping my still hard cock against his face

"So kid. What'daya think? You like having your Master fuck you? Hmmm?" He had my crotch in his face so he couldn't really answer me. "Oh yeah you liked it. Getting a little action from a stud like me is probably the best thing that ever happened to you." I pulled his head back away from my crotch so he could look up at me and see my big grin of satisfaction. "What'daya think slave boy?" I asked.

"Speak up kid. Tell me you loved taking your Master's cock. Say it?" There was no look of fear on his face now, and I think what I saw was a look of respect and maybe admiration. I think he was finally beginning to understand what an honor it was to be fucked by a demigod. "Tell me you loved it slave boy" I said giving his head a shake.

"I-I-I loved it Master" he whispered, so softly that I barely heard him. I don't know if he really meant it or if he was telling me what I wanted to hear, but I was pleased to hear him say it.

"Good boy" I chuckled ruffling his hair a little. "Good boy. You made your Master happy slave boy. That's what you're here for isn't it?"

"Yes Master" he whispered. With my grip on his hair, I pulled him off the sofa, dumping him onto the floor and then sat down, pulling him between my legs.

"Clean me off baby" I said as I pulled his face back into my crotch. He started licking up and down my prick doing a good job of lapping up every last bit of cum. As I just lay my head back and relaxed until he'd finished cleaning it. Then I had him lick my balls for a while as my prick finally got soft.

"How's your ass babe?" I asked him as I finally pushed his head back away from my crotch.

"It hurts Master."

"Yeah. I'll hurt for a few days" I said giving him a grin. "But that's a good hurt baby. It'll give you something to remember me by. It'll help you remember what it was like to get fucked by a real man."

"Yes Master."

"So tell me again you love being my slave and having me screw you. Go ahead. I like to hear it."

"Yes Master. I love being your slave" he mumbled.

"Good boy. Now go get dressed." I stayed on the sofa and waited while he went into the bedroom, got dressed and came back out.

"Give my prick a goodbye kiss babe" I said. Without any hesitation he came over, got on his knees and gave my cock a big wet kiss. "Good boy" I said as I gave him a couple friendly pats on the cheek. "Now say think you."

"Thank you Master" he said softly. That previous look of fear on his face had now been replaced by a look of awe and wonder. It looked like he was beginning to realize that he really was fortunate to be picked up by me. I think he was getting real close to realizing that even though he was going to have a sore ass, it was a good kind of soreness, and that being fucked by a god was something really special.

"I go through that park sometimes on Fridays" I said, looking him in the eye. "Next time I go through there and see you I want my slave collar around your neck." Up to that point I don't think he even realized he was still wearing it.

"Yes Master" he answered as he reached up and massaged it with his hand. Then, as I watched, he got a dreamy look on his face and I think he was coming to the realization that he liked being owned by me. Hell, there was no doubt about it; he loved wearing my collar.

After letting him out the door I turned around and headed into the bedroom to go to bed. I was kind of surprised that the kid didn't beg me for a repeat; my tricks almost always tried for a repeat before they left.

He was a good fuck and I knew I'd consider doing him again if he showed up at my door. Once that pain in his ass went away, I was pretty sure he was going to get an itch back there for some more of my cock. In fact I had no doubts I'd be seeing him again. The look in his eyes as he left told me that once he got home and looked in the mirror and saw himself wearing that slave collar, he was definitely going to realize that he'd had an encounter with a god.

It wouldn't be as exciting for me as this time since there wouldn't be any coercion; however I had a few toys in the bedroom that I could use to make it interesting.

After all, I now knew that little guys could make great playthings.



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