I had been raised as one of those Military kids. Here a while, and then there a while, constantly Moving to different Military bases.

My father was a Colonel in the Army and when I was eleven, We Moved to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, near Lawton, Oklahoma.

It was there that I mainly grew up, my father was to become one of the major Military heads more or less governing the base.

We attended the public schools in Lawton, My brother and I, and it was at this school, I got my initiation to the outside world.

I had met this young man, his name was Justin Morningstar, a native American, he became my best friend, and I Learned a lot from him about the American Indians. I fell in love with all things pertaining to Indian, or as is properly termed, "Native American.'

It was also during this time when I had grown to be in Jr. High School that I received my introduction into a bigger world of sexual activity.

I had just turned 16 when my older brother who was now 17 came home one evening and decided we should find try some things that particular night.

Well my brother and I were very close, we did everything together, sports, fishing, hunting, chores, and we also scuffled and played around with each other, you know, brotherly things.

It was the night before Christmas eve that year, we had had our supper,a Delivery Pizza and soda, and my brother and I were to stay at home and Mom and Dad were going somewhere for a big bash on base, with the rest of the Brass.

It was just my brother and me at home that night.

I would also like to say that my father has always been a pusher for me and my brother we had more or less forced into building our bodies into a machine, you know? and truthfully we were both nicely built, but the usual military bullshit theory, your bodies are your temple, keep that temple clean and well taken care of," Whooptie fucking doo!!!!

Well They, (Mom and Dad,) had left and Doug, that's my brother, named after my fathers Historical Military idol, General Douglas MacArthur, and I were sitting there on the Sofa, when my Brother came in and sat beside me and ask me if I wanted to try something different, to which I said yeas, which I was always up for.

"Follow me bro," he said.

Now you must remember we were close and shared a bedroom in the house together and yes I had learned by observing my Brother in his bed at night, the usual thing, he would beat his dick almost every night and I would hear his moaning

and as he shot his wad, grunting soon I found out why, it felt so fucking fantastic I was soon staining my briefs with loads of cum, I'm sure Mom could tell when she did laundry too. those stains are rather hard to miss, but she never said a word.

Well we went to our bedroom and shut the door, Doug drug out this little booklet kind of magazine, he had found in a dumpster on base.

We sat down and began paging through it.

Holy shit man, I got a shot of a dude with the biggest cock I had ever seen, up to this time I had thought Doug's was big, he sported almost eight inches and it was really thick, but this dude must have stolen his cock from an elephant, it said at the bottom of the page, 'Watch Jeremy as he devours eleven inches of Thick cock to the balls" and I was amazed at the next picture, this young man had taken this cock to the balls and the big cocked dude was standing there with his hands on his hips and the young dudes lips were pushed into his pubic hair, and the cock was all the way down his throat.

"Holy Shit" Doug said.

I was looking at the different sights that were in front of us and I noticed Doug's cock was straining his trousers and mine was like a rock too, from looking at these pics.

There was this one picture of two dudes in a 69 sucking each others cocks.

Doug looked over at me and just smiled "Hey Ken, lets try that, you know, suck each others cocks, you want to?" he said.

I smiled and was just as willing to try it as he was, "Yeah lets do it."

We both got naked, something that we both had done in front of each other a lot, dressing and all.

and we crawled up on the bed and lay in a sixty nine position.

I felt Doug's thick cock for the first time and it felt so awesome, then I noticed a clear liquid forming in a bead on the very tip at the eyelet of his thick cock and I licked it off, it was sweetly salty, then I took his cock into my mouth and felt that soft yet hard velvety feeling as it touched my tongue, Doug's cock sorta swelled in my mouth, and Then, "Oh shit man, watch the teeth," Doug said.

It was then that I felt the feeling of first time being sucked, I thought I would yell as Doug slipped my six and a half inches of cock into his mouth and the sensation of his tongue mixed with his hot wet saliva as he tightly wrapped his lips around my dick was absolutely amazing, and unforgettable, I thought my nuts would empty right then.

We settled into a slow sucking sliding motion with each other moaning and groaning, and shoving our hips forward to each others mouth and engulfing our cocks together.

We were both doing our best for the other, wanting ourselves to feel what we were enjoying when I felt Doug's body begin to jerk and he stopped sucking my dick and I felt his cock start pumping out the cum into my mouth.

I didn't know what to do at first but I sorta liked it, it was different, sweet, musty, sorta salty and mildly bleachy tasting, but I enjoyed i, so I just swallowed it all.

I got so excited about it that my body began to respond, my ass tightened up, my legs went ridged, I was breathing like I would have an asthma attach, and my own nuts began to empty into Doug's mouth and he sucked the last little drip,

We both lay back, our cock's still throbbing as the little final jerks took place.

"Wow, that was fucking awesome," Doug Said.

"Yeah I know I feel the same way," I said.

That first time was just the beginning to what was happening with me and my brother, I got introduced to almost everything that we observed guy's doing in that magazine, and getting Doug's cock slid up my ass was painfully awesome. I was in love with man to man sex from that day forward.

I went to college and studied Journalism and still had this drawing to Native Americans, their history and their way of life.

It was the summer between my third and fourth years in college that I got wind of a Native American Pow-Wow taking place not too far from our home in Lawton, it was up not far from Big Cabin, Oklahoma, in the Cherokee nation reservation.

I was working on my final Thesis material on the subject of my choice and since my favorite subject was Native American Indian Lore and doings, I decided to do my Thesis on just that.

I packed up my things and headed for the reservation there, I was amazed at how many people were there.

The first day I just walked around and observed so many interesting things. they were doing leather working, I even got to watch a Cherokee Warrior make a bow and his arrows, it had a festival feeling to it.

The Indian People were a very proud and kind people, enjoying the interest I was showing them, I loved what I was seeing.

It was at one of the evening Dances that I realized I hadn't gotten a motel room in the town close by, so I just figured I would sleep in my car that night and go to a motel the next morning.

I was so taken by the Native Dancing and drumming and the excitement of what was happening, that I was almost taken back in time.

That's when I saw this young Indian Brave, he was absolutely stunning, I was not only amazed with his dancing, I was observing everything about him, he was really gorgeous.

His absolutely stunning, Bronzed body, smooth shiny skin, his black hair was flailing around in the wind as he turned and stepped and swirled, doing his dance, his attire was that of a native war brave, just some bands around his arms, and a loin cloth, of course there were those little leather colored briefs under that loin cloth but I couldn't take my eyes off him.

I had forgotten forgotten about the writing, his arms were muscular and thick, with a leather bands with little spangles around his Biceps, his chest muscles were covered with beaded perspiration, inhancing their jewel like sparkle in the fire light, his abs were defined and ripped, and his legs looked like logs with thick tight divisions of muscles running down his sexy thighs, there was a band of leather with feathers hanging from both his calves and his face glowed in the firelight as he swirled and danced.

My loins were on fire, and my cock was swollen, hard and almost hurting from this scene, and I knew I had to chat with this young Indian. This young man was so awesome looking I almost felt and ache in my stomach.

As I watched I would catch a glimpse of his face and he noticed me looking at him intently, it seemed that he began to pour on the intensity while dancing, as I was looking straight at him, then he smiled at me, and winked...as he danced on.

Finally that particular dance was over and I felt a little sad as he just disappeared.

I looked around and didn't see him.

I was just sitting on this stump,writing something down on my pad, when I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up and it was him, I almost fell over from shock.

"What you writing? Hi! my name is Grey Eagle, well that's my Choctaw name, but my friends back home call me Tim." he said with a smile.

I was so shocked I almost couldn't speak, "Ah AAhh, I'm Ken, Ken Wohlman." I said "Glad to meet you.

We shook hands, "Wow Grey Eagle, your and amazing Dancer, how long have you been doing that?" I ask.

"Most of my life I guess, my parents started me dancing the native dances when I was five, so every year I drive down and join in the pow-wow. Its kind of a Family tradition." he said.

"You mean you don't live here," I said.

"Heck no! I live outside Kansas City Missouri."

I'm a full blooded Choctaw Indian but I'm a full blooded American, even done two years in the Army.

Would you like to go get a bite to eat, I'm Starving, they have some fantastic Native foods over here a ways and it's cheap too." he said.

I was surprised to see they had chips and fish, something they called grilled buffalo bites, it tasted like bar-b-que beef, and cold Pepsi, I guess for the patrons of the Pow-wow they had to have somethings American. I also got a bag of what they called Pemican (Jerky) to us.

We got a bite to eat and then we sat on the outskirts of the camp and ate and chatted on some straw bales, as I sat there I began to get sexually aroused at Tims body and then the wind blew his loincloth to the side and I observed his quite cock laying over to the side inside those leather colored briefs, and damn, I had read about the Native American Indian having some of the biggest cocks in America but I thought that was like the myth of the black man.

I was staring at his crotch, and I looked up at Tim and he was smiling at me and observing where my eyes were looking.

I noticed his cock begin to swelling as I stared.

Tim smiled and stood up and it was almost totally engorged, pushing outward very noticeable.

"Well Ken, where are you staying while your here?" he ask.

I sorta laughed "Well I was gonna sleep in my car for tonight and tomorrow go find a motel room."

Tim reached over and lay his hand inside my thigh and gave it a nice squeeze and said, "Well if you would like I would enjoy you staying in my camper trailer with me, but that's just an Idea. but I would love to have you as a guest."

"that would be fantastic,' I said.

"the only problem is, I only have one large bed in the trailer."

"Hey no problem, I shared a bedroom with an older brother so there's nothing I haven't seen or done, we use to sleep together sometimes too." I said.

"Sounds awesome." Tim said.

We walked to the outskirts of the encampment, there were about fifty or sixty Travel trailers set up in and encampment array.

we got to this one really nice "Airstream" travel trailer, "Damn dude this is nice." I said.

"Well I got to so many of these native American doings that i need a good Home away from Home, he said.

We went into the trailer, and Tim showed me so many pieces of Native american Memorabilia, and I was astounded at the history I received as he expounded on his family's past.

I was nervous about going to bed that night with Tim, aware that I might do something stupid and make a mistake and ruin our friendship.

I watched Tim as he undressed from his dance outfit and then he slid off those leather looking briefs he wore under his loincloth, I thought I would choke from holding back the gasp as he bent over and slipped on a pair of white briefs.

I noticed his gorgeous ass, and that little manhole shining out like a spotlight to my eyes.

slightly hairy I caught myself licking my lips.

Then Tim looked around as he stood up and smiled and winked. I was sure he knew.

We went to the back of the trailer and slipped in the bed, it was really too warm to cover up.

We were laying there chatting when Tim rolled over and began to spoon with me, his body was tight, muscular and I felt arousal like mad taking over my body.

Tim got up close and I felt his breath in my ear, "I hope you don't mind, but I must tell you something, I love messing around with other good looking men, I hope that don't offend you but I love the looks of your body and I got a hard-on that won't quit and it's looking for a place to go," I leaned my face around and noticed his briefs were already off, I slid my own off and felt his thick hard cock pushing against my ass.

Tim was pulling me tight against his body and I felt his hard cock thrusting gently against my ass, I wanted it bad, and I think he knew it.

I felt sorta faint, as he began to kiss my ear and lick my neck, and without a word being said, Tim

raised my right leg up while laying on our side together and I felt his wet tipped uncut cock begin to push through my anal opening, up into my body, I felt so fucking awesome that night, I began to squeeze his cock with my anal muscles.

"Aw Fuck man your ass is awesome," he said, as he slid almost nine and a half inches of the thickest cock I had ever felt, his cock was no myth, Tim was living proof, that legend was not a myth.

I reached down and felt the balls of a young bull, and began massaging them as Tim's cock slid full length into my body, he was touching my heart with his cock, we fucked like that for almost an hour as Tim sucked a hickey on the back of my neck and I felt his hand stroking my cock in time with each thrust of his awesome cock.

I finally began to notice that special spot up inside my body as Tim slammed that thick cock to the depths of my body and I felt my cum beginning to boil down deep in my groin.

I was breathing like I was having a fit as Tim just kept hammering away and I felt my cock begin to convulse rapidly as he shoved his cock to the balls and he grunted with a loud "Aw Fuck" and his cum filled my intestines.

We lay there connected like that for almost an hour, and we fell asleep as we hugged and just loved on each other.

Tim began to lightly snoring in my ear and for some reason I felt love for this gorgeous young man.

The next morning I got up before Tim and went to the bathroom and went back in to the room, he was still asleep.

Tim was laying there on his back with his leg splayed open and I reached over to feel that awesome meat, Damn he was big and thick.

I had not ever messed with an uncut man, and I leaned over and I could smell the smell of his cock and the sex we had shared the night before.

I leaned down and took his half hard cock into my mouth, savoring the flavor of uncut meat, slipping that foreskin back and forth.

I sucked him totally rock hard and then I felt his hand on my head, "Damn dude, what a way to wake a friend," I felt his cock slide deep into my throat and I felt his body jerking and his cock was filling my mouth, I took it all and then leaned up and kissed Tim on the mouth letting some of his own cum slip into his mouth, He looked into my eyes and licked his lips and swallowed, God he was beautiful.

Well needless to say I never got a motel room, and Kansas City and all the native american Pow-Wow's are major stops on my journalism travels.

That meeting of Tim was a highlight of my life, we are still close and there is nothing he wouldn't do for me, and nothing I wouldn't do for Tim.

And I'm always still there for him when he dances everywhere he is and I still think there in nothing hotter than seeing Tim's in his Native American Dance costume and seeing that bulging pair of those leather colored briefs he wears when he dances, and knowing that I have enjoyed that thick bulge on many occasions. Life is good and I am enjoying my life with Tim Immensely, Funny isn't it how fate seems to just deal you a hand.

I was surely a winner with the hand Fate dealt me.



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