Lipp’s bitches - Chapter 6 – REHEARSING INCEST.

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-Derek, i am burning with desire to have some incest with you. But first I need to see how you find yourself tomorrow.

-I will be on fire tomorrow too, Steve. You can be sure of that. Once you have burnt me, I will always be on fire with my brother. You see, I can accept offers B and C. Now it only depends on you. But this will only make sense if we say first that incest must come necessarily and it can be next Monday. Bro, I will not hide to you the fact that 90000 euros for both offers is a real good amount of money to live comfortably the rest of my life, mainly if in addition, I also have a regular job for Lipp. But it is not money that moves me, bro, believe me. Never before have I felt desire as I feel for you right now. So first we will call each other lovers. If you want, right now, Steve, and think about this. If we are lovers and incest must come necessarily, next Monday we will have real incest. Imagine we have accepted this offer and we go to Lipp to have public incest with him and he suddenly repents and does not want to pay us. Well, bro, since next Monday incest must come necessarily, we would return home and finally have private incest for hours. We would sleep in the same bed, we would be naked, touching each other, kissing, stroking, smelling our dirty bodies and having sex in bed for hours. And if we have public incest for Lipp first, we can have our private incest later. And that can be only the first day. So first, you must answer: do you want to be my lover, Steve?

-I don’t know if it makes any sense, Derek. But I like you and desire you. I would be gladly naked with you in the same bed and having sex. But first, please, you must be sure that you want to touch me and more. But so far my answer is yes, Derek, I wanna be your lover.

-Thanks, Steve. We are lovers now. And be sure I am sure of everything, bro. In this moment of my life, I only want to touch you, smell you, have sex with you. And my brother is not a virgin anymore either with girls or with boys, but you are still a virgin in something, Steve. You have not lived incest so far. And you see, there is also a possibility neither Lipp nor you have thought about. What if either of us, or both, fall in love with the other? Well, bro, there are three possibilities. We can fall in love with each other and in that case I think we should be a couple. I think there may be more brothers who are a couple around the world, so we should also be. Why not? We are not harming anybody, we are adults and free. As in any couple, we must have our own rules. We consent and it would be heaven for me to live the rest of my life with you. Possibility two. You can fall in love with me and I don’t fall in love with you, imagine that, it could happen, couldn’t it?

-It is really something that could happen, Derek.

-Since you are the person I love most in this world, bro, I could not stand seeing you sad cause you love me and I don’t love you. And I know well enough I would love to be your boyfriend. So in that case we would be a couple too. Possibility three now: I can be the one who falls in love with you, and you don’t reciprocate me. If that happened, Steve, what would you do?

-You can be sure we would be a couple then. I don’t want you to suffer. It would be exactly the same. I would also love to live with you forever as a couple, bro. But can’t you see either of this could happen?

-Of course I can see it, bro. But we are lovers now. And next Monday, we can be just lovers or a real couple if love has come to either of us. We can even say we are a couple if love doesn’t come. I’d love to live with you. Can you see that Lipp may have solved both our economic life and our love life? But there is another possibility: Lipp might fall in love with you, with me or with both. If that happened, we would both always have free sex with him, but we needn’t be his receptionists or waiters. We can go on being his bitches. Sex with him will be for free, but he will have to pay for incest, bro.

-You are honest and have common sense, Derek; I like my brother and lover.

-So we could have our public incest next Monday. Then the following week I can be his private bitch and you can have your next session with him in three weeks. We would talk with Lipp about this. You can work on Mondays, for instance, and I could work on Tuesdays, and we could work both together every Wednesday. But anyhow, I won’t take 60000 euros but 54000 or 48000 since now everything costs twice as much. I know it is not you who pays me, bro, but I want no money on the table when we fuck each other. That must be for free.

-Then, also 48000 euros for me, bro. We will be 24000 euros cheaper for him.

-Good, so I have something to suggest you for now, Steve, because we are lovers now and something we have to do. But we will offer Lipp the show of our virginity. We will tell him that so far we have touched each other’s cocks and tasted each other’s snot. We won’t do that again till next Monday and this way when Monday finally comes, believe me, bro, we will be burning of desire for each other. It will not be possible for us till next week to enjoy the senses of touch and taste. I will eat your shit or else I won’t charge Lipp the money of shit. And I will also have your damn price for him or for you. But this week, the next time I have to shit, you can be sure I will taste my own shit. That I can do and I will. But we still have the senses of sight and smell. It will be inevitable to see each other and smell each other, and after next week, Lipp should decide our hygiene. But this week, and right now, Steve, we could enjoy some incest with those two senses. I will tell you now. We are lovers and I want you to be sure of that fact and lovers usually kiss. I want to kiss you, bro. And I want to kiss you many times this week. So with our cocks out, as we are now, I want first to have a long French kiss with you.

-I’d love to, Steve. I wanna taste your mouth. But first, in case you don’t feel comfortable kissing your brother after all, why don’t we have a child’s kiss? If you like it, we could have a long French kiss later.

-It will be difficult for me not to touch you as we are kissing, but I won’t till next Monday, I promise. Then after the kiss, I will pretend I am touching your ears, nose, and all your face. Let me tell you again you are so cute, Steve. And later I will pretend I am touching your lips but I will finally touch your lips with my lips. And then I want you to take off your clothes for your lover’s pleasure. I will keep on jacking off as I am lucky enough to see my brother’s nudity. I will pretend I touch your naked chest and your nipples. Then you can raise your arms and I wanna sniff those pits of yours that are driving me crazy. I won’t touch them with my nose. I will sniff from some distance, but closer than now. And next, you can take off your socks so I can go on enjoying the perfume of your feet. I will pretend I am touching them and kissing them and will sniff from a short distance as I keep on jacking off. Then I want you to take off your trousers. I can see your wonderful cock now but I want to see everything. I think I have never seen you naked, not even as kids since our parents used to wash us separately. I will sniff your boxers. And before I forget, one other thing I can do this week is sniff your dirty clothes, even with my nose on them. We can live all the week with the same dirty clothes on, so they are perfumed enough for Lipp and for each other’s pleasure and then Lipp must decide. I would have no problem in not changing my clothes for a month. Finally with your boxers off, I will smell then, even from behind. I am sure some of your broth is still there, and don’t worry. You can be sure I want to have my tongue in your ass next week. And finally I will see your balls. I will sniff your balls and your cock. I have been enjoying the vision of your dick for hours but now I will sniff it. I wanna know the smell to be more confident that I want to blow you. I will ask you to turn. I also want to see my brother’s ass. I will pretend I am touching it and I will sniff from afar till finally I ask you to spread your cheeks so I can smell properly your crack. And in that moment I will ask you to fart in my face. You know I have enjoyed that smell and you shouldn’t be worried. With that fart, I will cum. And then it will be your turn, Steve. Of course you also have the right to see your lover stark naked. You can pretend you touch me. You will see me gradually naked. You can sniff all you want. And you will finally enjoy your brother’s nudity as much as you want. You can ask me to fart too or you could cum with any other thing you like more. And finally, bro, we will be both sitting here comfortably naked and we will jack off again, watching each other’s nudity, enjoying the smell, and then we can say to each other whatever we like. We are brothers. We are lovers. The desire we feel for each other now is burning us, I am sure.

-You have scheduled heaven, Derek. I agree with everything.

-Then, Steve, let us first have a child’s kiss.

We did and I cannot describe what pleasure it was to have Derek’s lips in mine, but he talked.

-Steve, I got chills. All my hair is standing on end now. It is so hot to kiss my brother. I feel perfect. Don’t worry about me, but what do you feel, bro?

-It is heaven for me too, Derek. So as I can see you are not feeling bad so far, let us have a long French kiss, bro. I need to taste your mouth again.

We started at least five minutes of kissing each other. We both knew that it was a forbidden thing: you shouldn’t kiss your brother. I asked him if I had an aftertaste of shit or puke in my mouth. But he said.

-I know I am kissing the most courageous of mouths. You have been brave enough to swallow a lot of things today. I can’t find any taste in it now, but I would like to find it. Do not worry, Steve, and let us keep on kissing.

The dance of our hungry tongues was hectic. We seemed to have discovered our tongues in that moment. At least I could bite my brother’s lips and tongue and I did. I even licked his teeth in that endless kiss. We were burning and building the future we had decided we should live. The more we kissed, the surer we were that both of us desired to be all life kissing each other. We were two hungry wild animals discovering suddenly the tastiest prey and we were devouring each other savagely. The moisture in my brother’s lips was the water of my new sexual life; his saliva was the new fountain of desire. We would be all the week kissing, I knew, till it would finally be permitted to us to touch and taste. At least I could taste his mouth, the ocean of my arousal. Derek pretended he was touching me, my ears and forehead, even then, I could feel his fingers marking me as a burn. But finally he had to say.

-Oh, bro, you can be sure that after now I only want to kiss you, once and again, my whole life. But I need to see you naked, my hot lover. We have begun incest and now I cannot stop. My sexual life will make no sense after now if it is not with you. So I wanna start pretending I touch you. Can I start?

-Whenever you want, bro.

I had his fingers close to every feature of my face and he even pretended he was licking my ears with his tongue. He came slowly down my eyes and nose and repeated he would taste my snot again on Monday if I still had. He erotically pretended he was touching my lips and then of course kissed me again, a shorter time now; for he was burning with desire to see me naked. There was electricity in the air as he pretended he was touching everything of me, now stroking my chin and finally asked me please, for God’s sake, he said, take off some of your clothes. I wanted to be quick for I really wanted my brother to see me naked as he was of course jacking off. I took off my pullover and gave it to him. He was sniffing my sweat now as if it was the brand new and most arousing trademark of cologne. I was in a hurry to take off my shirt. As I was unbuttoning it, my brother’s hand was pretending to move slowly up my chest. I had to jack off too seeing him so aroused. When I definitely took it off, he told me he had been looking forward to see that sweat stain in the shape of a V that I had mentioned to him. I was horny as hell seeing my brother now smelling the perfume of my sweat and telling me as he wanked that he was sure he would love the smell more as time passed and I would be dirtier. But he said “I can’t hold it, bro. I’m cumming now.” And he did cum, for the umpteenth time, now with my sweat. Then he told me he had the need to taste cum and he would taste his own cum right now. I saw him kneeling, licking and swallowing his own cum and praising the taste, adding he would be savouring mine soon, his nephews. Then he returned to my chest and I finally took off my sweated vest. The vision of some of my nudity drove him crazy. He jerked off as a madman then and soon his hands started to go up and down my chest, not touching it then, but I could feel fire in his fingers so close to my skin. He was a long while near my nipples, almost virgin so far, for only Lipp had touched them and briefly. I wanted Derek to enjoy but he asked me to raise my arms and praised my pits smell at once, sniffing from very close and telling me he was sure he would need that perfume the rest of his life to be aroused and said he had been blind so far and had not discovered it earlier but now he would always be sniffing armpits and jacking off with them. Then he entreated me to take off my socks. I did and he got them and was sniffing my dirty wet socks for half a minute, never stopping his dick. He then pretended to be touching my feet and I was more and more on fire. He soon came to pretend to stroke my crotch and my dick, still out of course, went even harder and was throbbing for him to see what desire he caused me. I had to take off my trousers and I would almost be stark naked for him. Then he sniffed my boxers in front and said the smell of my manhood was all he needed for arousal after now. He sniffed my cock and repeated he wanted to have it inside his mouth. I took off my boxers then and he almost went mad in that moment, he said to me, enjoying his brother’s frontal nudity. He smelled my cock again and next my balls and he said they had a wonderful and arousing smell too, reminding me in a week his tongue would be there tasting them. He asked me to turn. First he sniffed my boxers again and was glad telling me the smell of my broth was there and licked and kissed my dirty boxers. Then I could feel how he pretended to touch my buttocks, telling me they were gorgeous. Now he asked me to spread my cheeks. I did and he was sniffing my crack with desire, saying now he was sure he liked all the smells of a man, especially from such a hot man as his brother Steve. I knew now I would be stark naked till tomorrow. And finally he asked me to fart. I did and I was lucky enough to hear him yelling then and cumming again. I turned and saw how he licked that cum too. Finally he said we should kiss again and we did and merged again in that ocean of bliss.

-Now it is your turn, bro, to enjoy your brother’s nudity for the first time.

But I also wanted to turn my hands into snakes which pretended they were touching everything in his cute face. I also loved his dimples. And I delighted in being a long while moving my hands in circles around his ears, with also my tongue very close to their interior, and then his eyes, his forehead, his nose full of snot, his cheeks, his dimples, and finally my hands were on fire when I pretended I was touching his lips. But I knew a new kiss would come and I ardently kissed my brother again and he moaned, just as aroused as I was. Then I also implored him to start taking his clothes off. Once his pullover was off, I approached it to my nose and was a while savouring his smell. Since with his clothes I could, I was also a while licking his sweat as a doggie would and jacking off. He quickly took off his shirt. I sniffed it briefly for I could see sweat stains on his vest which he took off now. The vision of Derek’s nude chest almost made me cum but first I needed to start a slow dance up and down his chest and surrounding his nipples, which I knew I could touch and taste in a week. Then I did not have to tell him anything: he raised his arms and I could see the beauty of his armpit hair. The smell was making me drunk. I had little time to sniff both his armpits because I knew I was cumming again. Fourteen times! Unbelievable! I knew the taste of cum and didn’t stop to taste my semen now. I wanted to taste his but I knew well that could not be possible till next Monday. I did not have to ask him. Smiling at me and also jacking off, he took off his socks. Of course I was a good while sniffing them. And then tenderly pretending I was touching them and kissing them. They were such beautiful feet my brother had. They didn’t look dirty but were wet and sweaty. Now I really resembled a mad dog, when I came close to his dick and sniffed it a long while before he finally took off his trousers. The more naked I could see my brother the more I liked him. His naked body was spectacular. I still could not assimilate I had become the lover of such a hot man. I was sniffing his boxers but he finally took them off and I could see him stark naked now. I saw those wonderful balls of his and smelled greedily. He turned and I saw the most beautiful arse I have seen so far. All my nerves were standing on end as I pretended I stroked those beautiful hills, Derek’s buttocks. I was sniffing and asked him also to spread his cheeks. I knew I loved that smell and soon could be taking my brother to g-spot. I entreated him to fart then in my face and the smell and sound made me rain a new big load of sperm. I was not exhausted. I could have more orgasms even though I had cummed fifteen times. My brother asked me to sit again and now both of us opposite each other we would have a new masturbation, looking at each other and saying a lot of things, cause everything was permitted to us: we were lovers and would continue enjoying each other.

Two hungry wild animals started to look at each other, enjoying their dirty naked bodies and talking. Derek began.

-Such a hot body I am looking at now, bro. How could I be so blind before? The most arousing person has always been here at home and I didn’t notice. I would show you how incestuously aroused I am so you can be calm and sure that next Monday I would do everything with you. I cannot help but looking at that hot dick of yours, those perfect balls you have that soon I will know the taste of. But always looking at your cock and balls, I will turn my fingers into a brush and I will pretend I touch everything of you, and my tongue will be out anticipating the pleasure it will have next week when it can taste you. See, you hot man, I start touching your ears again and licking them –and he made the gesture then of a wild dog licking my ears and I was getting more on fire, if that was possible. Then he was a long while pretending he was touching every single part of my face and of course he wanted to kiss me again and our mixed saliva became heaven. At least I could have the taste of my brother’s mouth. Now he started praising my naked chest.

-My cock has to burst, Steve, just looking at you and enjoying you. Those nipples you have will be sufficiently licked every day, I promise, and my tongue will be a bitch for your whole chest and your pits. Como on, bro, raise your arms.

I did and I could perceive how my brother’s tongue moved now as if it were indeed in my pits.

-Are you sure now that I want to touch and lick everything of you, Steve?

-I am sure you have the intention to touch and sniff everything, but I prefer to wait and see how you find yourself every day, Derek.

-Be sure that at least I will jack you off. You see, gay lovers usually jack each other off. Well, I continue with the vision of those feet you have and its wonderful perfume. I might like a greater smell or not, but at least you can be sure that with the scent you have now, I will taste them in no hurry. I have to drive my lover crazy and more when we are finally in bed and I can touch that whole hot skin of yours. Behold me now, bro, I will be an uncontrolled wild horse and my tongue will be the brush of your sex, painting fire on your manhood. I can see your crack, no need to turn –and he moved his tongue now in such a way that I could feel my arse was the new lollipop my brother was sucking. And now he turned into a lion devouring its prey, my balls-. Not a single pore of your balls will end up without my saliva. Look at me, Steve. See how I will taste you –indeed his tongue was a child’s swing, a toboggan, a dragon whose fire burnt every single spot of my balls. I could feel him burning me, licking me as no girl had ever done. He was not savouring me now, of course, but I felt the sensation of being thoroughly licked. Finally he started with my cock and I felt the flames from his tongue in my glans and next I could feel him tasting my manhood. His pretended blowjob was perfect and it aroused me more than real blowjobs by girls or by Lipp had. I thought that would be a perfect moment for me to tell him all I wanted.

-You hot man, my brother, my lover. It is my turn now to praise you. I don’t want to do any other thing the rest of my life but please you sexually. No other body could excite me so much, no other smell, no other personality. I must burn every time I see your dimples. I desire you, Derek. You have made a volcano and I must erupt. Watching the face of the cutest guy on Earth now must make me aware that I could not find beauty in any other face after now. I wanna spend my life looking at you. I also have a brush and I really dream with the minute I will finally touch you. You said we would be burning with desire because we cannot touch each other till next Monday and indeed you had a great idea and I am burning –and I slowly repeated my movements all around his cute face, pretending I was touching each feature and of course kissing him again. Thank God we were permitted this relief. I doubt I can ever find somebody whose lips I desire more and I told him. Then I was praising every single bit of his chest. He knew I would like to see his pits again and raised his arms. I approached him and was a doggie again sniffing his man scent. In that moment we were both talking at the same time, praising each other. I don’t think it is possible to find any other person the rest of my life who praised me so much and desired me so much as I praised and desired my brother Derek. I had the urge to look at his feet again and asked him to show me the soles. I pretended I was licking and kissing those beautiful feet and the smell asked me to be more savage in my expressions. Our hands on our cocks asked us to keep on having fun as I focused on his crack and told Derek the taste of his arse would be ambrosia and his dick the manna from heaven till I could taste the nectar of his cum. We had not pissed so far and I was really bursting by then. Derek said he wanted to see me pissing and we should cum now and go to the toilet and see each other having a pee. So he said “oh, bro, let us cum now”. And we did, staining the floor again. Sixteen times! He suggested our semen could be there all night and he would mop in the morning. Then he said we should go to the toilet now and see each other pissing.

-Ok, Derek, but don’t taste my pee, please.

-Sense of taste forbidden, bro, remember. But as I am pissing I will taste my stream. I need to have some pee in my mouth and find out how it tastes.

We entered the toilet and decided we should both pee at the same time. It was difficult with such boners as we had. I still could not believe Derek was hard when he was gonna see his brother pissing, but as for me, well, I knew well enough I would spend my life wanting to see a man pissing, wanting to see Derek pissing. He was first but I started soon after him and both our streams mixed. I really had the urge to pee. Soon my brother said he could notice the smell of my piss and he was enjoying it. And I could see how he approached his hand to his dick and stained it a lot, or rather he pissed on his hand and next he was moving it to his mouth, he erotically took his tongue out and tasted his own pee.

-I still can’t believe its taste is so wonderful, Steve. Now I want to drink yours but I am sure I will be able. Every time I have to pee this week, I will taste some. I wanna ask you if I can watch you peeing often.

-As often as you want. Every day I will tell you when I have to pee and you can come with me and see me. But I want to do the same. It is such a hot picture to see my brother’s piss falling into the toilet and I am here dreaming it will soon fall into my mouth.

-I also have to shit. I will come later and will also taste it. But first I have to go to the living room and wank over you again before going to bed where I will do the same. But are you not hungry, Steve? Remember your stomach was full but you emptied your guts in Lipp’s stomach.

-I will eat a banana and a yogurt since I still cannot devour my brother, something that would satiate me more.

-I will do the same. Let us enter the kitchen and eat a while as I am eating your naked body with my eyes.

We were for ten minutes eating but our hands could not be quite. We wanked constantly saying sweet things to each other. I wasn’t sure this week we could overcome the temptation. I thought we would have to touch each other any moment or our desire would scorch us. But so far we could resist. Being sure that neither of us would go to the shower, I left Derek, who went to the living room to wank over me again, he said and I headed to my bedroom, naked of course, to have at least my seventeenth cum or my eighteenth one. Lipp deserved a lot of masturbation but tonight I had to empty myself for Derek. I think I was an hour to achieve my seventeenth cum, imagining I was doing with Derek everything I had done this afternoon with Lipp, but soon after I had cummed I saw Derek at the door, saying he had shat and tasted his own shit. It was not easy to swallow, he said, but it was not impossible and now he would taste his shit every day to get used to the flavour. He said he didn’t want to enter, though I had invited him in, for he was not sure he would not touch me if he entered. We were both jacking off again as we talked. He assured me he had shot his load again and had added more semen to the dirty living room floor where so many of our unborn children were lying. And now he would go to his bedroom to cum at least a couple more times. So he finally left and I started a new masturbation. I knew my eighteenth one would have to be the last one today or my balls would make it impossible for me to cum tomorrow and I wanted to be all day cumming with Derek. I achieved it after a new hour of extreme incestuous thoughts and pleasure and I said I would leave my new record in eighteen. I wanted to sleep now, exhausted but with hopes that what we had already started would go on. Oh, how I desired my brother.


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