Lipp’s bitches - Chapter 3 – IN THE CAVE OF PLEASURE.

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Once we were inside the cave, big and warm enough, I asked him to lie on his back and I jumped on him and started to stroke his hot body.

-I haven’t yet jacked off in that cave –my brother said-, but I will have to soon. So far I have enough wanking over the image of my brother and Lipp in that cave of pleasure.

-I hope you have some fun then.

-I will.

I started to kiss him passionately as I started to stroke his crotch with one hand and stroke his chest with the other. I reminded him.

-Now imagine, Lipp, I am an old boyfriend you have recovered. You must feel I am your partner.

So slowly and gently I continued stroking his crotch and delicately touching his ears, also licking them inside. I went on with his forehead, his eyes, his nose, moving my fingers in slow motion but securely caressing all the features of his face. I really touched a bit of his nostrils and some of his snot, so he could see I was not disgusted and ate it, noticing my fingers were not stained. Then the moment came for a new endless kiss.

-No boyfriend could have kissed me as you are doing, Steve. You are wonderful.

-Let’s keep on kissing, Lipp. This is just the beginning. I intend to really give you the most wonderful afternoon of your life.

Saying these words I continued caressing his face in no hurry. I touched his cheeks and chin erotically as I kept on kissing his mouth. Next I was ready to start undressing him so he could live some hours naked beside me. I took off his coat and decided his clothes would be on the left while mine would be on the right. I affectionately removed his pullover, making my hand dance on his chest in the place his nipples were. Still stroking his crotch I unbuttoned his shirt slowly checking his vest would be very dirty and sweaty and starting to know that would not stop me but arouse me more. I undid two buttons and touched his vest and rubbed some of his flesh which could be seen somewhat dirty, with real affection. Finally I took his shirt off. Then I started to let my fingers in his chest, located his nipples and rubbed them. Lipp moaned. I was like this for a minute till I finally took off his vest and started to touch his whole naked chest tenderly. My hand slid all over that nude area and my mouth went straight to lick his nipples. I was there a long time, hearing his moans. I looked into his eyes and smiled. Then I kissed him again. I returned to his chest, moved his arms so I could sniff his armpits. The scent was hot. I liked it and I asked those pits of his to wait for my mouth to please them later. But I also kissed them. Then I started with his shoes. Needless to say, my hand on his crotch never stopped. I took off one of his shoes and sniffed it; next I took it to my mouth and bit it like a doggie. Seeing this, Lipp asked me to stop stroking his crotch or he would cum on his trousers. I took off his left sock and sniffed. The smell did not disgust me, so I touched his bare left foot and smelled, licked and kissed, again telling his feet they should expect some pleasure from my tongue later. Then I started again with his right shoe, his right sock and his right foot. So as not to tire you, I would only say I repeated everything and finally kissed both his feet. Now I would begin an orgy with his crotch. I increased my gentle stroke on it and was a long while till I saw he couldn’t be harder. He continuously moaned and thanked me. I now dared to pull down his pants and then I did not think twice and started to sniff his dirty boxers. The filthy smell and even the piss stains aroused me and I asked him to turn and I also sniffed his boxers from behind. Saying “well, Lipp, I will start seeing your ass and your back nudity” and pulled them down and left his boxers near the rest of his clothes. Now, he would comfortably be stark naked next to me for some hours. Next I stroked his ass for a while. I even dared let my fingers in his crack. He had no broth but it was dirty, but I licked my finger and thought it might not be so difficult to lick his arse later when we reached the moment of g-spot with farts. I asked him to turn and I saw his full frontal nudity now and praised it. I was licking his balls for a while. Lipp told me he could not stand so much pleasure and the fact that it was completely unexpected, for I was a heterosexual young man, aroused him more. Then I licked his dick slowly, licked his foreskin and glans and swallowed his entire cock and told him.

-Now, Lipp, you must piss.

He took courage and started his stream with some fears: he knew he had to do it if he wanted to give me at least 4000 more euros and seeing I would not puke and gestured him to go on and smiled at him, he continued and bathed me with a long stream. He finally managed to piss me his entire stream.

-Did you like piss? –Derek asked me.

-How can I tell you? I should get used to the flavour, as I would tell him later, but seeing myself drinking piss was such a hot experience.

-I’m cumming again –Derek told me.

-So I would cum for the eighth time today. Here I go, Derek.

-Oh, bro, I know it is not correct to ask you this, but would you mind…? -He began-. And finally he dared ask-: would you mind if I took out my cock and jacked off properly?

-Derek –I said to him then-, I have been almost all the afternoon naked so I would be the first to take his cock out.

I did and he looked at me and thanked me. Then he did take his cock out. It was the first time in my life I could see my brother’s dick. It was hot.

-Do you think that with this cock I can also be a bitch, Steve?

-Of course you can, even if you had an ugly cock, which is not the case. But it is big and beautiful.

I saw Derek started to blush.

-Maybe we should keep our dicks, Steve. I think what I am feeling right now is not correct.

-Don’t be uneasy with yourself, bro, what is the matter?

-I am starting to get aroused at your dick, that’s the matter.

-I am aroused at your dick, bro, it is a wonderful cock you have.

And then suddenly, when I was not expecting such a thing, he approached his hand to my dick and stroked it gently.

-You see now, bro, what could happen if you don’t stop me.

But my reaction was being unmoved and approaching my hand to his dick and also stroking it gently.

-Bro, you shouldn’t feel bad if you are feeling some incestuous desires. I only want you to take your time. You could feel bad at yourself tomorrow. But you can say of course whatever you want.

-You are so hot, Steve. I cannot help but desire you now.

-I also desire you bro, if truth must be said. At least you can say whatever you want.

-I thank you, Steve. So, after now, I think I will go on wanking, not only listening to your story, but aroused looking at your hot dick all the time.

-Feel whatever you want and say what you like, Derek. We are adult enough, we agree, believe me I don’t care you are aroused at my dick and I am aroused at you, and so far this is only pleasure for both.

-But can’t you see, bro, that I might really desire you sexually after now?

-I desire you sexually. Is that clear for you? Whatever you are feeling, you can tell me, for I feel the same.

-Ok, thanks again, Steve. I will keep on looking at your dick and feeling horny but I wanna listen to your whole story. You can continue.

So I told my brother that after Lipp’s piss and before I pissed him, I told Lipp something.

-Lipp, listen to me again. I promise I will piss you now. The taste is unusual and I have to get used to it, but it does not disgust me. So, I think neither of us should leave the cave whenever we feel like pissing and I don’t want us to stain the cave floor with piss; with cum it would be ok, but not with piss. So when I pee you now, and if you like it, you can tell me, and we both can be two human urinals the rest of the afternoon. Whenever you have to piss, you can use my mouth and I can use yours. And please be sincere and tell me. I want your dick to enjoy me and I don’t want your bladder to suffer.

-Ok, Steve, you hot man. Piss me now, please.

So I certainly pissed him now. I was not shy when I saw he could drink easily all the piss I had. So I was a long time pissing his stomach, watching his face of pleasure, increasingly happy. He was rock hard when I was pissing him.

-Did you like it? –I asked when I finished

-It was heaven, Steve, drinking the piss of the hottest guy I have ever met. And the taste was delicious.

-So now, Lipp, you know what to do the rest of the afternoon.

-Ok, Steve, I know you are stubborn and I will have to. Believe me I am feeling the erotic pleasure of my life. Oh, boy, you are worth a fortune. Nothing I could ever pay for after now can be so pleasant. But you might feel offended with the words pay for, I am sorry.

-I am not offended, Lipp. You can keep on paying for me. I want to be better than any other guy you have met before. I want to be your best investment.

And with no more words I started to lick Lipp’s balls. They were dirty but the sensation to be licking balls for the first time in my life was making me horny.

-Did you like the taste? –Derek broke in.

-Hard to tell you, bro. But it was easy and I enjoyed knowing I could now do anything.

So I went up his dick slowly, with no disgust. I wanted to give him a perfect blowjob and I had to learn and drive him crazy. I guessed he would rather be blown like this: slowly and affectionately.

-I ask you again, bro, did you like it?

-Hard to tell you, Derek. It was a dirty taste but I think after all I could also enjoy giving a blowjob and it was hot knowing I was pleasing that wonderful man. Money has not been the only thing I have cared about. Now I was working and I had to do a good job.

I swallowed his entire dick and soon learnt to move my tongue in an erotic dance that I could see was driving him crazy. He told me once and again I would be soon learning what good blowjobs a man can give, but I said: “do not think of my dick, now, Lipp. You will have the chance later. Now think only of your dick and tell me if you like my blowjob”. He told me it was perfect and I continued tasting him and giving pleasure to that sweet man. I wanted to be his best sucker ever. But suddenly, bro, I don’t know what came to me. I knew I was enjoying Lipp and I remembered that he had liked you and the thought crossed my mind of unexpectedly saying something. I shouldn’t have told him that because I should be thinking only of Lipp’s dick and should never have mentioned any other name, but I suddenly had to say

-Oh, Derek, you have a wonderful dick.

-Did you really mention my name?

-I did, bro. Suddenly I thought I was blowing my brother and it drove me crazy. I see you so incestuously aroused that I will hide nothing to you.

-Oh, Steve, I cannot help but saying now that I would gladly blow you. Now you know. Your dick is driving me so crazy that I would even do that or have your wonderful dick in my ass. Now I really have some gay feelings. I would please Lipp or any other man, but I would please you first.

-No need to hide any feeling, bro. But well, I am not an expert but I have given a blowjob this afternoon and I would gladly blow you, bro, so you know the pleasure of being blown by a man. Or I would have your dick fucking me, if you want.

-Damn price, bro. Now you will start to feel what Lipp must have felt this afternoon with you. You can blow me, bro, but only if I blow you first. I can fuck you if you fuck me first. Or else no incestuous blowjobs or fucking, Steve.

-Oh shit! –I had to say.

-But you know, Steve. We have gone one step further in incestuous desires. Now you know you brother wants to blow you or be fucked by you. Do you feel ok with this?

-Everything is ok since we agree, Derek. I must confess I have desired you since the very first moment I came home and noticed you have a hot body and a hot smell. I have been having gay sex this afternoon and I desired to have sex with you.

-Well, about smell. Earlier I said to you that my own smell was making me horny but I lied to you. It was the smell of your feet and pits that aroused me. Now I can tell you.

-You smell wonderfully, Derek. At least you know now that your brother also desires you and there is nothing you are feeling that you can’t say. Can I go on?

-You can, but I am afraid I will interrupt you every so often and praise you and even feel more desire.

-You can feel whatever you please and hide nothing. I will go on then.

So Lipp finally shot his load in my mouth and this time I liked the taste. But I had to apologize.

-I am sorry, Lipp. I should have focused only on your dick and never mention any other name.

-Your blowjob has been perfect, Steve and you needn’t apologize. But were you really thinking it was your brother’s cock that you were sucking?

-If my blowjob has been good, now you know I can give you at least a blowjob every Monday. I won’t be your regular bitch unless I really work your pleasure. And yes, I was thinking I had my brother’s cock in my mouth, Lipp. Suddenly I thought you like him and unexpectedly I found myself thinking it was his cock that I was sucking. You might be shocked if I tell you now that I would really blow him.

-I have seen incest often in porn movies and I like it. You should only think about your feelings, whether or not you might ever feel shocked for those thoughts.

-I would certainly blow him, Lipp. Now I know it, I would only feel bad if I found myself capable of raping him, but I know I could never do any harm to my brother. He’s the one I like most. And as I know I won’t rape him, I can incestuously think of him, for I would really please his dick now but that will never happen unless he asks me, which is unlikely.

-I know you would never rape me, Steve. But if it is not clear enough for you, I will say it out loud: I want to blow you, Steve; I want you to fuck me, Steve. You make me feel comfortable to tell you all this.

-I thought this afternoon was the best moment of my life, but the evening with my brother is better. Ok, bro, say what you want but I will not allow you to be the only one, so I repeat: you are hot and cute, you have a sexy body and your cock that I am watching is absolutely wonderful; your smell is taking me to heaven; I would even like to see you naked and there is nothing I have done with Lipp that I won’t desire doing with you. I hope it is enough. My brother might be feeling bad for desiring me and he has to know first how I desire him.

-I hope today or one day we certainly have some incest, Steve. But thank you so much, bro. You are the hottest person I have ever seen and the one I would most like to have sex with. Now go on with your story, please. I want to know what you felt when Lipp gave you a blowjob.

-Your blowjob has been so good, Steve, that I have to piss again, now. So, ok, I won’t let you think that my bladder is suffering. I will piss you again.

-Thanks, Lipp.

-Ok, open your mouth.

He pissed me again and asked me if I had to piss. I told him I would surely need to piss after his blowjob. He told me now it was my turn to be pleased by my bitch and he was glad we were finally here when he could show me how he sucked. He also started licking my balls and I started to moan and telling him the truth: never had I felt that pleasure before. He went very slowly up my dick, just as I had done and he told me he was expecting to surprise me but he could not do now anything I had not done before. I liked to know he had enjoyed the previous blowjob. His tongue was now deep in my cock and he swallowed it and sucked. Now I don’t believe that maybe I would be blown again by girls but it is better to feel a man blowing you. And oh how good to be blown by Lipp. My god, I was feeling pleasure with all my body; Lipp knew it and said once and again: “you deserve it, Steve, and I have to work for you. This is a perfect moment to give a heterosexual guy one of the best pleasures I am able to give. But if you think I can do it better, please tell me: I am your bitch now, remember.” I moaned and stroked his hair tenderly all the time his perfect blowjob lasted. Incredibly I could hold it for ten minutes, even though I knew well that it was the best blowjob I have been given in my life, but I finally had to fill Lipp’s mouth with my semen. I asked him to continue in my dick for I knew well I had to piss again. And soon I was pissing him for the second time. As before, he gladly drank and said nothing. Then he wanted to pay me for both piss and both blowjobs but I told him.

-I don’t have a place to leave the money now, Lipp. I know so far I have earned 7000 euros but these 4000 you will give me later. Have the price in your mind of all my earnings and I will take them at the end. But let us not talk about money now.

Now I had to be ready for his coat of saliva so I placed myself in a position where it would be easy for me to lick his feet. Lipp looked at his watch so it was not longer than five minutes and I started licking his left foot.

-You can be calm, Lipp. I like this smell. Maybe two minutes and a half is not enough, but I can please you feet for longer every Monday. And keep your hygiene habits, please. I am not going to work for you and make you change them when you like so much being dirty. And believe me, it is a surprise to know I like this smell, Lipp, but it makes me horny –all the time I was speaking I was licking his entire foot, desiring to lick every pore of it until finally I licked his toes one by one affectionately and with lust. He told me then he also intended to do that to me and repeated he could not surprise me: there was nothing he could do that I wasn’t doing previously. But finally he told me minutes had passed and I could move to his right foot. I was doing the same and also kissing his feet with affection and repeating every movement of my tongue and remembering each toe to please him and it was so good noticing his continuous moans.

-Now I know how a foot must be licked, Steve. Remember, bro, that I desire, oh how I desire, to lick your feet too.

-Thanks, Derek.

Finally Lipp told me it was time to go to his armpits.

I started at his left pit, touching his wet hair, which was also a pleasure for my fingers: I like touching sweat, now I know, and soon I started sniffing it and had to say.

-Oh, Lipp, this is such an unexpected surprise. It is heaven and I cannot help it. I have to jack off with it. But you might think that I am a real bitch and pretend things so you think this is pleasant for me and I can earn more money –I was licking it now.

-Steve, listen to me. Nobody could lick my pits with such an obstacle as my ripe smell and have a boner. So since you are really erect, it can only mean that you enjoy which I enjoy and you certainly like my armpits. So have fun, you hot boy.

-Thanks, Lipp.

As I was licking his left pit, I had something more to say.

-Lipp, I want to start every Monday licking your pits, but for free. I could not accept any money for really being in paradise. So every Monday we can start like this: you lick my pits and I lick yours, ok?

-Ok, Steve, but please do not offer me more things for free or you might end up without a job. Time to go to the right pit.

I started with his right pit and asked him to give me now all the time I needed to cum with it. It could be longer than two minutes and a half. I was for five minutes, I think, till I couldn’t hold it and cummed, saying that had been my best orgasm ever. Once I finished I had to say.

-It has been so much pleasure, Lipp, that after now I can no longer consider myself heterosexual. I think I am gay.

-Listen to me, Steve. Of course it wouldn’t be wrong to think you are gay. But I don’t think that’s true. You told me before you had been in love with a girl called Mary. I think your sexual experiences with girls have been pleasant, but you fell in love with a girl, can’t you see? I don’t think you can be gay and fall in love with a girl. You can be bisexual. But take your time. You needn’t discover your sexual orientation today.

-I don’t wanna spend years thinking about it, Lipp. I am bisexual but I have discovered that today and thanks to you.

-Then I think I am bisexual too, bro. it is so hot listening to you telling your pleasure with gay sex, and I can assure you the smell of your pits is making me really desire them. I wanna know what it would feel like to lick my brother’s armpits. At least you have to allow me that, Steve, and preferably this very night.

-Ok, Derek, we could lick each other’s pits later.

-So please, Lipp –I told him now- let’s do everything. Now I know I like men and I wanna try everything, especially because that man is you. Now turn, please, I will lick your arse and take you to g-spot, with farts remember.

-Oh, you stubborn boy, wait. I wanna talk to you and see if I can pay your damn price. Would you have enough with just a little fart?

-Lipp, I don’t want it little. I must be a big explosion in my mouth if you want me to fart in yours later.

-Ok, Steve. And could this be enough for the rest of things? I mean just a turd, puking in your mouth just once and so on.

-It could be enough, Lipp. But I insist: I must have my mouth full of shit so I shit you later and you can have the piggiest moment of your life and enjoy. And the same with puke. I am almost sure I can swallow all your gob and snot. But it will be at least one fart, Lipp, but it can be more. First I need to know what I will feel. You like it, so why could I not enjoy it as well? You will fart once and then I will tell you. Maybe I ask you for more farts. At least you can be sure that you will be giving me mental sheets to wank all my life over. Now, turn please. I wanna see and stroke your hot ass.

He turned. Believe, Derek, I was aroused knowing what I would have to do now. I stroked his buttocks gently for a minute.

-I will stick my tongue in your ass now. Don’t fart yet. I wanna start knowing the smell and taste of your hot ass.

-Ok, Steve –he told me frightened, thinking it would disgust me-. You have had fun so far but now I hope you will not be disgusted. At least I can tell you I wash my ass every three days or so.

-Good –and I started smelling his crack and noticing the smell was making me horny too, I started licking, telling him I liked the smell and taste. It was true and I wanted him calm.

-Do you also like the smell of an ass, Steve? –Derek asked.

-Lipp’s ass was quite clean, bro. I shall say my favourite smell is armpits, then a cock, then feet and last the smell of the ass, but I also like it when it is as clean as Lipp’s ass. I can tell you, Derek, I won’t have showers now more often than once a month, but I will wash my ass daily.

-Good, go on.

So there I was licking Lipp’s ass and noticing that as minutes were passing, his moans were louder and he told me once and again he was enjoying and thank you. But he said something more.

-I know you will say now I should focus on my ass, and not in yours, but since you have never reached g-spot before I must tell you something. You will see that in g-spot you cum a double amount and it is as if you had had two orgasms. But you must also touch your dick when you are cumming, and you will find that sensation is like discovering today a second cock.

-Hot, Lipp. Thanks for telling me. Now I will go on. Now fart, please.

He was scared but did fart at last. I suppose the smell of farts is very different every day and different from an ass to another. But I really liked it and asked him please to continue, for I would always have that hot mental sheet to wank over, and I’d rather he went on farting.

-Can you fart now, Steve? –Derek asked.

-It can stop your arousal, bro –I said.

-If that happens, we can go on in the kitchen. Fart, Steve, please.

I farted and I could see with surprise that Derek was cumming. It was the first time I saw him cumming. It was incredibly hot.

-Now you must fart, Derek.

He did and I cummed too.

-Ten times, Derek. One more time and I will equal my record. I think today I could cum more than eleven times. Lipp deserves more masturbation when I am finally alone in bed. And I am sorry to say your image deserves masturbation too.

-I will also do it, Steve. And I have the image of no Lipp, since I don’t know him. But I promise tonight in bed I will be having my first private gay masturbations and it will be with you. You can go on, bro.

I was for little more than half an hour. Lipp could hardly talk now, in the edge of orgasm and finally he told me he was cumming and I should look at his face to know what my face will be like later. He said “I’m cumming” and I looked. He wanted to say something but I stopped him and said “now enjoy your cum, Lipp, don’t talk”. It is wonderful to watch a man’s face, Derek, when he is reaching g-spot and cumming. He was doubly beautiful in that moment. Never talking, he made a gesture so I could see he was taking his hand to his dick and I could see how he was enjoying a new pleasure member on his body. Finally he stopped cumming and I spoke, before he mentioned that now he would be my bitch and please my whole body.

-Lipp, I have to ask you something. Remember you are transparent and I haven’t seen it so far, but if I finally see, I will know. Are you falling in love with me?

-Not yet, Steve, but it could happen.

-If you finally fall in love with me, I will know, and in that moment I will stop being your bitch. Listen to me well, Lipp –he wanted to say many things, but I didn’t let him-. We will go on having sex and not only on Mondays, but it will be for free. Sex with you is wonderful and I want to repeat with you once and again. And remember I am your friend and I won’t let you feel sad.

-But I want to go on giving you money, Steve.

-And you can, but not for sex. In that case you can employ me as a receptionist or a waiter. So if one day you fall in love with me, tell me or I will notice. We will always have sex and I will always get some money, either as a bitch or as a receptionist or waiter.

-I hope I don’t fall in love with you then.

-No problem whether you do or don’t, Lipp. And something else. I like sex with you so much that at least one day I want sex with you for free. Think of any day you want, after next Monday, I wanna start my bitch job then, and we will have 24 hours of free sex when I can also go to bed with you. And we can do everything I might have done today, so at least piss, blowjobs, coat of saliva, g-spot and farts, remember.

-I know I will have to answer yes, Steve. So I will think of a day after next Monday to tell you today 24 hours sex for free. I must tell you or I know I will be offending you, but please do not ask me for more free things. I am not in love with you so far.

-Good, Lipp. Now you can start my coat of saliva.

He went to my left foot with no hesitation and said.

-You have not called me bitch so far –he said when he was licking my foot-, but now it is your turn to know what having a private bitch means.


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