Lipp’s bitches - Chapter 11 – 24 HOURS SEX FOR FREE.

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Lipp had already prepared breakfast for me. It was new to be sitting next to him and neither of us had some smell. Of course we had breakfast naked and touching each other. I told Lipp that today we could start with stomach transfer. He said I had already eaten the shit of March, but I answered.

-Today it is an exception, Lipp. I promised you that we would do everything when we had 24 hours sex for free. You can have anything from both of us today, my brother’s excrements and yours tomorrow, and the excrements from both brothers together on Saturday, together with yours. Derek will have his stomach dirty with everything in April and me in May. But if we are going to a gay bar tonight we should start with the dirty things, so we can brush our teeth a lot of times today and finally have a shower prior to going to that bar.

-It is in St Andrew’s park, very close, and it is called Kochab. I do not know what the name means.

-Kochab is beta Ursae Minoris, a star in the Lesser Bear, in the north. It was a former pole star.

-I think we should find some time then tonight so you can show me that star.

-Since we will be close to St Andrew’s park, I can show you tonight the constellations from the north, which are year-round stars. Not so the stars from east, south and west, but I will show them to you one other day.

-So, ok, Steve, where shall we start?

-Drinking each other’s piss?

-Wonderful way to start this free day that you have gifted me.

It was the best possible way to start the day, indeed, and we drank each other’s piss for the first time that day. We had agreed we would drink piss till six o’clock. Then we would brush our teeth and go to the shower to be ready to go to Kochab. After we had begun to get dirty, we wanted to get dirtier but neither of us had snot by now, but we licked each other’s nostrils for a good while and we enjoyed savouring what little we got and the taste of our noses. We kissed passionately then and it was the time to spit. Five minutes of mutual spitting, enjoying also the taste of gobs and phlegm without shit and finally we reached the moment of shit.

I was also first this time and Lipp already knew I wanted many farts. He shat me three delicious turds, not shy anymore for he was sure that the McKenzie brothers were now as pig as him. It was really easy to eat shit now and I wanked in order to achieve my first cum that Thursday. After I shot my load, it was again Lipp’s turn. I knew my stomach was full and shat eight turds in his pig’s mouth. He said every possible thing he could think about toilets or sewers and fulfilled his dirty self again. He also managed to cum with my shit, always delicious, he said.

Now he got ready to puke me all he had in his stomach and I was anxious to eat all the dirt of his guts again. I was happier now since I knew I was quite emetophilic and I was really aroused with the sounds, the smell, the taste, everything. And I still had to vomit. But of course I blasted my load again and next I got ready to leave everything in Lipp’s stomach. He showed his face of pleasure that I knew so well by now, as aroused as I had been before. And I loaded his stomach again of Steve’s products and he was madly jacking off till he finally came too.

Now we spent a short time in the toilet wiping our asses and brushing our teeth, prior to returning to the living room. We had all day and we made a pause in our sex. We were naked talking a long while about stars and it was twelve o’clock when Lipp started to give me a new coat of saliva.

This time he started at my ass with no intention to make me reach g-spot now. Only once every two months or so. As usual I farted a lot in his mouth for he knew very well he would fart a lot in mine later. Thus we were for five minutes and then he licked my pits. He was always illusioned when he was there and even though my armpits had no smell now, he celebrated them just the same and it was a long licking till he busted his load with my left pit. Now he would be a long while at my feet. Lipp was getting used to cumming a lot more times and he told me he should also cum with my feet, adding that even when clean they had a wonderful aroma. He shot his load, and now it was the time to blow me again. Having Lipp’s tongue in my cock was always something new and enjoyable. He repeated once and again that he was also my bitch and I should never forget that fact. We were a society of three friends and bitches for one another and I quite agreed. It was one of the moments in which I was more aroused and all the nerves of my dick were having a second life every time they were massaged by Lipp’s mouth. My meat hardly could resist a long time with his blowjobs and it was heaven to finally cum in my friend and employer’s mouth again.

Now we should eat before I gave him a new coat of saliva. He had prepared partridge and asked me my opinion about his capacities as a cook. I really praised his way of cooking and he told me that tomorrow my brother would eat partridge too. I jacked him off as we were having lunch but he did not want to cum. Of course he jacked me off too and I did cum again. I suggested fucking before his coat of saliva. He agreed and there in the kitchen, I shoved my cock again in his beautiful arse and he screamed with pleasure as we were kissing all the time. My dick only resisted now for ten minutes cause he had told me not to take him to g-spot now. And I filled his ass with my umpteenth cum. And always in the kitchen and always kissing it was his turn to fuck me that Thursday. Fucking was always for free but that day everything was for free. I was proud that my friend Lipp would never have to pay me for that pleasure. And it was always a perfect moment to scream my excitement. I was shouting all the time and didn’t shout louder for fear that his neighbours could hear me. It was one of the best moments that I would always have with him. As I didn’t want to be taken again to g-spot, I asked him please to cum soon and he did. We kissed and finally left the kitchen to go to the living room to give him his coat of saliva. I intended to cum four times, with every part of his body. I hoped I could. The order would be the same.

I started having my tongue inside his crack again and asked for many farts. It was easier and more pleasant for me to rim him with that perfume. I was also in his hole for a long time scratching him with my fingers from time to time so it had a shitted flavour for my pig mouth to enjoy him more. And it was the first time also that I came with Lipp’s ass. But finally I moved to his pits and jacked off again. Even his clean smell aroused me. His armpits would always be, dirty or clean, the water of my best orgasms. I was in no hurry and I think I was there for half an hour. We had now all the time in the world and I wanted to enjoy Lipp’s pits for longer as I had enjoyed my brother’s pits. Even when newly clean they preserved a spicy flavour that drove me crazy and it was the best cum I had that day, longer and more aroused. Now with no pause I would have a new party at his feet. Fortunately, they were wet and my tongue always moved easily with that moisture. Ten minutes in each of them and a third cum with his sexy body. Now we had both to cum at the same time and this blowjob had the purpose to show him how much I liked him. I increased the rhythm of my tongue, accelerating the affection I felt for him and stopping many times in his glans, and moving to his balls and returning. This way it drove him crazier. I was wanking hectically and finally asked him to feed me his cum again and I filled the floor with my unborn children. I had managed. Four times. With every part of his body, just as I had done with my brother a couple of times.

I suggested we could fuck again before going to the shower and leave to Kochab. It was half an hour more of huge pleasure for both. I did not cum now when he fucked me for I wanted to give some rest to my dick knowing it would work again that day, hopefully, in the gay bar we would go to. I fucked him next and it was again a concert of two lustful friends who never got tired of having sex with each other. Lipp told me that with his two bitches, he had learnt to cum more times a day and he had to still put his balls to test to achieve at least ten cums a day. I finally blasted my load. He did not want to cum now, and kissing and touching each other we went to the shower, where our tenderness could be seen just as Derek and I had shown our tenderness yesterday. He even admitted that now it was a pleasure to have some showers. We put our clothes back on and left his house at last to go to Kochab and have more fun. I didn’t mind cheating Derek for I knew he wanted me to also and had told me to enjoy my time in that bar too and then tell him. He would do the same tomorrow. I also wanted my brother to cheat me and know cheating each other would never be a problem for our couple.

I was really lucky that night. I will always remember that the first man different from Lipp I cheated my brother with was a sexy man of about thirty, bald and with a red beard who smelled a bit of sweat. We did a lot of things together for he never seemed to get tired either. Lipp had been with a man too and told me the details. He suggested we could have dinner now in a bar very close and we left Kochab for a while. As this bar faced north, I taught Lipp the circumpolar constellations. He not only recognized Kochab, but the Pole Star, the Lesser Bear and the Greater Bear and constellations such as Cassiopeia. I told him my brother also knew the stars and I would tell him to show him tomorrow some of the constellations of the south, mostly Leo, Virgo and Libra now. Then Lipp spoke to me and moved me.

-I hope you are sure now of my opinion about your integrity, your brother’s and yours, Steve. I wanna get old with these two wonderful friends I want to keep as long as I live.

I thanked him and could not help but cry. He was crying too. We have really become the best of friends and that was more important than sex and money. He was crying too. But finally we returned to Kochab to try our luck again. We were there for two more hours. I hooked up two more guys; Lipp one more dude. At about one in the morning, we returned to Lipp’s house where we would sleep together for the first time now.

He asked me please to only fuck each other again and blow each other for he needed a young cock tomorrow for Derek and the next two days for him and me together. It was a new sensation to be in bed with a man different from my brother but it was real bliss too to hug and kiss Lipp many times in his sheets. We started fucking each other and only cumming when we fucked, not when we were fucked. I knew I would have some rest tomorrow when I would not have sex, and I even thanked that I could have a day without sex in that horny March. Then a last blowjob, 69 now and this time I wanted to cum first so Lipp could also know the pleasure of being second to cum. It was a short but arousing battle too. And groping each other for a long while and kissing we managed to finally sleep.

We had breakfast on Friday just in time, for soon Derek was there. We kissed one another good morning and Lipp suggested both of us could go to a bar and have a coffee first and tell each other how things had been and would be that day too. We agreed with Lipp and went for a coffee. I told my love how I had missed him but also told him the order in which I had done everything with Lipp, told him the three guys I had cheated him with and asked him to show Lipp some of the constellations of the south. My brother congratulated me and was sorry, he said, he could not kiss me there and assured me he had missed me too, but today he intended to cheat me. We both laughed and it was heaven to know that infidelities would never have any importance for us. Finally I said goodbye to him and went home. Now Derek would spend 24 hours of free sex with Lipp.

When I saw him next morning we also had breakfast alone and he was telling me his day with Lipp. He said they had pissed each other fifteen times. And then they had continued with the pig menu. It was a pity neither of them had any snot now, but I told him snot was a delicious but not frequent delicacy and it would be wonderful when our noses were loaded again. They had spat each other simultaneously and then he told me that fortunately he had been allowed to taste again that wonderful brown cake from Lipp’s stomach. Of course he had busted his load. Lipp had not desired to cum next but he was luminous as every time he was allowed to savour our shit. He repeated he enjoyed different tastes of shit, and he had enjoyed again my shit, which was softer, and Derek’s, which was harder, but both were that delicious. The transfers were again a perfect moment to fulfill their emetophilic selves. As we were talking in a bar, we couldn’t jack off but both Derek and I were stroking our crotch under the table and remembering the new transfer he could not help but cumming on his trousers, he told me. I also creamed my pants just imagining Lipp’s vomit in my brother’s stomach. Of course he made a transfer to Lipp later, and then our employer had made Derek his coat of saliva, and had managed to cum three times, with Derek’s pits, Derek’s feet and Derek’s cock. They had eaten partridge again and next they had fucked each other in the kitchen, as randy as usual, only cumming when fucking and next Lipp had to say he envied our ability to cum so often when Derek managed to cum four times. “One day I will cum with your farts, Lipp, but today I wanna begin to cum with the aroma of your ass”. He was there for only ten minutes and when he finally shot his load he moved to his favourite spot in Lipp’s body, his pits. He agreed with me that even when they were clean, they aroused him. He wanted to show Lipp how that part excited him and it took him only four minutes to throw a new load of aroused sperm to the floor. He was longer at his feet and devoted ten minutes to each, till he came again. Now he was sure he would enjoy Lipp’s dick for a long while with real lust. The third dick in our relation, bro, I said to Derek, and he was as horny as I was, knowing that cheating each other was so good for our love. I started to stroke Derek’s crotch under the table. Nobody could see us and he did the same to me. We were like this all the time he took to tell me his new blowjob in which both have cum, of course. Lipp had said he wanted to hook up many more guys that evening and they did not fuck again but got into the shower, where they spent a long and arousing half an hour washing each other tenderly and affectionately. And finally they left Lipp’s flat to go to Kochab.

-And now, bro, I have to tell you something that will probably surprise you. But I think I was with the same sexy bald man you were with yesterday. His beard is red and he also smelled a bit of sweat. But I asked him his name to be more certain. He said his name is Jeff. Is the man you were with yesterday night also called Jeff?

-Indeed his name was Jeff, bro. Does he also have a mole in the shape of a mouse in his pubis?

-He really does, Steve. He told me when we were having a drink later that the former night he had been with a man very similar to me. So, bro –and he laughed-, we’ve hooked up the same guy, no doubt.

Then he had gone to dinner with Lipp again and they were in time to see the wonderful Orion, now about not to be seen till October. He showed him also Taurus and Gemini, the almost unrecognizable Cancer and the beautiful Leo, one of the constellations he likes more. And still with shaken eyes due to the star map in his mind, they returned to Kochab, and my brother had been with two more guys and Lipp too. I was so glad Derek was so attractive and he could be enjoyed by so many boys. And the final night with Lipp in his sheets was a perfect ending for that night. Little sex but a lot of affection and Derek told me.

-It is great, Steve, that Lipp really believes we are his friends now. And we are, bro. I am so glad you have shown me a way to be as decent as you are. We have a work but as in any other job, we can be friends of our employer.

-And Lipp would always be our friend.

-We should give him more free days or even free weeks.

-We will, Derek. Come on, let’s return now to his flat and make our job again of incestuous brother bitches, this weekend for free.

It was a mad weekend that the three of us had then. Both on Saturday and Sunday we were with the pig things in the morning and standard sex in the afternoons. We were all day playing with gobs, piss and farts but shit and puke were simultaneous. I was first to shit on Saturday. I shat a turd in Derek’s mouth, then in Lipp’s, then again in Derek’s and so I was till I finished shitting. Next was Derek, who shat in my mouth, then in Lipp’s and so on. And last was Lipp who also shat in the two pig brothers’ mouths simultaneously. And the same we did with puke, always remembering to finally leave all this dirt in Lipp’s stomach. He told us our dirt did not damage his health and it is true he seemed to have been born again with his bitches, the McKenzie brothers. For Derek and me it was also a new opportunity to swallow shit and puke, two substances that our pig selves needed to eat from time to time.

Lipp had prepared for us a delicious vichyssoise and we were talking about many things and not jacking off now. Then the coats of saliva were from everybody to everybody. Lipp told us it was the first time in his life both his pits and both his feet were licked at the same time, for I licked his right pit, Derek his left pit, etc. We asked him whether he would like a new g-spot. He said no, please but both of us were rimming him for a long while, and next he did the same with both our brothers’ asses. And of course everyone then blew everyone and only cummed when being blown, but he jacked off madly again when he saw how horny Derek and I were.

Sometimes we made a pause and now it was the time for fucking. He prepared his dick to cum two consecutive times in my brother’s ass and in mine. Derek fucked both next, and I yelled again with that dick I had missed so much inside me. And finally I had a new opportunity of fucking my brother boyfriend first and then Lipp.

Time for a shower. We could have blown Lipp under the water, but he did not want to cum now. All of us bathed all of us and we were happy to have two arms to rest them in the other two naked bodies. That first shower the three of us together was a symphony of groping, kissing and showing our affection to one another. We were so happy that we even had our time to weep a bit in the shower.

Now he would show us a new gay bar, also near St Andrew’s park, called The Dungeon. It was a bar, he told us, for sadomasochism. He did not like it but he often entered and had standard sex because in that bar men were more masculine, or at least pretended they were, and it was easier not to find so much hygiene there. There were many hidden corners resembling a jungle, even though the place was so small. And as we did not have uniforms, we decided to enter the three of us stark naked. You were also allowed to enter with no clothes. All the night anyone could see our erections. I had the luckiest night of my life and was with as many as five boys. Derek was with three men; Lipp only with two, but he said he was grateful they were only two for his dick was exhausted. Some other nights we had gone to The Dungeon Derek and I have made a threesome with somebody, of course never having sex with each other in public, for many boys knew very well that we were brothers.

And finally that night we slept for the first time the three of us in the same bed, Lipp in the middle. As he said he could maybe cum two more times, he said we could both blow him, but no fucking now unless Derek and I wanted to fuck each other, which we did at the end. So I gave him a blowjob; next both of us licked his pits; next his feet; next it was Derek’s turn to blow him and finally we had incestuous fucking again. And kissing the three of us for a long time we reached sleep. Both Saturday and Sunday were like this. Both days we attended The Dungeon at night, and on Sunday Lipp was more fortunate than us, of which we were glad.

Now we would have a free week again and the following week we had our routine of me attending on Monday, Derek on Tuesday, and both brothers together on Wednesday. We resumed now our hygienic routines of going to the shower only once a month. Derek could have finally his stomach full of everything dirty from me and Lipp in April; I did the same in May.

We started to live then a life of careless millionaires. None of our neighbours ever knew we were bitches or even thought we were a couple but some of them looked at us disdainfully because both my brother and I stank. But they did not say anything, and neither did we. In June I finally ended astronomy. I did not need to work, for I had a job, and very well paid. I was a bitch and so was Derek. Nevertheless I was soon hired in an astronomical observatory, where I only had to go in the mornings. This was good, for on Monday afternoons I was Lipp’s bitch alone and together with my brother I was also Lipp’s bitch on Wednesdays.

In order to celebrate that I had ended my studies Lipp suggested we could have a month’s holiday in the Dominican Republic. Derek and I agreed but told Lipp we would pay the flight and the hotel. Lipp cried and answered.

-It is such a great fortune that I have met precisely the McKenzie brothers. You cannot be more decent, boys.

-And so it always has to be, Lipp. I think you have no doubts about us now. But you will never have any doubts and we should always be your friends.

Of course the month in Santo Domingo was for free. We asked for a room with three beds for nobody should know that we went to bed together, but one of the beds was big enough for us three to sleep together. We had a wonderful holiday and the next year Derek also finished his studies and now works in oil prospecting, also in the mornings. We soon bought a car. Derek drives in January, March and so on. I drive in February, April, June, etc. We go often down the country with Lipp, for he really likes travelling, sometimes in one of his seven cars. He finally bought a new Mercedes; sometimes in our car, Derek or me driving. We were soon introduced to Lipp’s friends but previously he asked us what he should say.

-Did you tell your friends you are gay, Lipp?

-Certainly all my friends know.

-Then it is very easy, Lipp. We are two gay brothers. Of course nobody must know we have sex with each other. But you met us one night in Kochab and had sex with both of us separately. You liked us so much that we were having a drink with you later and getting to know one another better. Then we became friends. That simple. None of your friends need to know we are your bitches.

A flat was for sale very close to Lipp’s house and Derek and I bought it. More luxurious than our former house. We are always near our employer’s house. It took Lipp four years to fall in love with Derek in September and with me in October. We have changed our relationships and now we always have sex with him for free. We are still his bitches but now he only pays us for incest. And we have decided to sleep the three of us together every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Derek and I have our private life from Monday to Thursday. We will always be Lipp’s bitches as long as he lives and Derek and I will always be a couple, always horny and in love at each other, having sex as soon as we get home.


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