Here they were again. Brad was standing with his arms crossed, watching as Matt slunk across the road into the darkened park. As he neared

the tree, Brad smiled slightly noticing the knapsack slung across Matt's shoulder.

'Hello Sir.' Brad noted that Matt was wearing his jeans and sweatshirt as instructed, but now it was time to see if all of the orders had been followed.

'Put the knapsack down and undo the top button of your jeans.' Unquestioningly, Matt did as he was told. Brad couldn't see it, but he knew that the colour was rising on Matt's face. Brad stepped forward, pushing right up against the jock -- he could tell Matt wanted to step back, but held himself in place. Pushing his hand down the front of Matt's pants, Brad couldn't help but chuckle. Leaning in close to Matt's ear he whispered 'Hey Linnea, you little slut I can feel how hard your little clit is.'

He felt Matt's hot breath grow rapid and shallow as the humiliated jock struggled to compose himself. Reaching deeper, Brad felt the elastic strap of the women's exercise shorts and pushed his hand into the shorts. 'Hey slut, nice pussy strip. Tell me about it.'

He felt Matt start to shake, but as he held the back of his hand against the straining clit Brad heard the confession start. 'I locked myself in the bathroom, and stripped down. On the mirror I wrote Linnea in pink lipstick as you told me, and then got out my Lady Schick. I wetted my clit, and then rubbed some shaving cream in my bush. Then I slowly shaved away everything except the landing strip you told me to leave.'

'And, slut, how did that make you feel?'

'Angry, excited and very much like a dirty whore.'

Brad pushed his hand farther into the gray shorts with the pink waist band. Turning his hand over, he extended his finger under Matt's clit and rubbed it lightly over her cunt. 'Hmmm, nice shave job there as well you little skank. Show me how hot you are for this, moan like a bitch.'

Matt was starting to lose all of his inhibitions and Brad heard the little slut start to moan softly as he rubbed his finger back and forth over Matt's hot cunt. 'That's not a moan, that's a whimper. Show me how hot your pussy is Linnea.'

'But Sir, someone might hear.'

'Even if they can, nobody is going to care about a moaning whore. DO IT.'

Matt gave in to his humiliation, and started to moan loudly as he rubbed his pussy over the extended finger. Brad abruptly pulled his hand out, rubbed his finger over the jock slut's mouth and said 'Suck it like the cock you want in your mouth.'

Even in the dark, Brad could see Linnea's eyes widen but she obediently opened her mouth and took the finger into her mouth. Pulling the finger out, Brad said 'Take off your sweatshirt.' Brad wiped his finger across the gray sports bra that had been exposed as Matt took off his shirt.

'On your knees bitch and open my pants.' He felt Matt unbutton his jeans, and gently pull his hard cock from his pants. 'You like that don't you bitch?' 'Yes, yes Sir I do,' Matt whispered.

'Rub that cock across your tits bitch, show me how much you need it.'

Matt rose up on his knees, and pressed his chest against the hard cock. Slowly, he started to grind himself against Brad, holding onto his legs and pulling him close. 'Let go of me slut, put your hands behind your head and really grind like a skank.' Quickly Matt clasped his hands behind his head, threw his head back and rubbed erotically against Brad's crotch.

'What's in the knapsack Linnea?'

Matt stopped his grinding and said, 'My cum filled babydoll panties and the carrot as instructed Sir.' 'Did I fucking tell you to stop grinding bitch?' 'No Sir' and Brad again felt the pressure against his dick. 'Strip off everything except your shorts and bra, bitch.'

'Even my shoes Sir?'

'Why would I want to see a slut in men's sneakers? Just do as you're told.'

Matt quickly disrobed and stoold uncomfortably in front of Brad. 'Get the panties and the carrot out, and then kneel down again bitch.' Once Matt was back on the ground, Brad asked, 'How did your panties get full of cum, Linnea?'

'Every night, as instructed, I went to the bathroom, put them on and then slipped my jams back on. Then I would head out to the common room, say goodnight to the brothers, and head to my room. Once there, I would turn on my lamp, slip out of my jams, rub my clit until it was completely hard then lie face down on the bed. Slowly I would rub myself against the mattress, thinking about being repeatedly fucked in my cunt until I couldn't take it anymore. Then, as you said, I would run my finger down the back of my panties and gently fuck my cunt until I came. Once I was finished shooting off I would get on my knees, press my panties against my clit to soak up any leftover cum, then slowly lick the wet spot on the bed. Once everyhting was clean and dry, I put my jams back on over my panties, turn off the light and go to sleep.'

'How many times slut?'

'I've done it seven nights in a row Sir, just like you said.'

'Lay your panties out on the grass bitch ... crotch side up. Then pick up the carrot, and show me how much of a cocksucking slut you really are.'

Matt took the carrot, and slowly starting sliding it in and out of his mouth. 'You need to do better than that if you want to be my cocksucking bitch.' The carrot started to slide farther down Matt's throat, and he made a point of running his tongue all over it before taking more of it.

'Push your face into the crotch of your panties bitch. Now, stick that talented tongue out and start lapping at your dried cum, and while u do that start fucking your pussy with that wet carrot.'

Brad could tell that Matt had competely lost it. He could hear moaning and slurping as Matt wiggled his ass and filled his tight pussy with the carrot. Seeing the jock completely lost in his slut fantasy made Brad's cock even harder, and he rapidly started to stroke it as he watched the cum hungry jock debase himself for Brad's pleasure. Finally, unable to control himself he barked, 'Pull that carrot out of your cunt.' As soon as the carrot was out of Matt's pussy, Brad bent his knees and shot rope after rope of white cum onto the winking hole beneath him. In the moonlight he could see the white stream pool on Matt's closed pussy and start to drip down.

Almost out of breath, Brad said, 'OK bitch, take that carrot and run it through my cum.' Matt reached back between his spread legs, and slowly ran the carrot over his pussy. Once it was coated with Brad's cum, he said 'Get up on your knees.'

Matt raised his head from the damp panties. 'Now, start stroking your clit while you clean that carrot off with your mouth. Your mouth can't leave that dirty carrot until you've deposited another load into your panties and all of my cum is gone.'

Brad started to grin as he saw Matt furiously jerking his clit and sucking on the carrot. Within a minute he saw the little slutt arch his back and depost yet another load into his babydoll panties, then collapse down. He knew that now that Matt had cum, the shame would be overwhelming.

'Take off your shorts and put on your panties.' Matt bristled, but did as he was told. He stood when told, and gritted his teeth as Brad slowly rubbed the damp, cummy panties against his shrinking clit. Then Brad took his wet, sticky palm and rubbed it across Matt's cheeks, nose and lips. 'Keep those panties on all night bitch, no matter what ... and under no circumstances are you allowed to wash your face till tomorrow morning. I Want your frat brothers to see the bitch dew you're wearing.'

With that Brad turned and walked off, leaving the humiliated jock ashamed, angry but already craving the next degrading session.


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