I sat at the little stool, turned on the piano and flexed my fingers over the keys. At this point in my life, I only knew about three or four songs. River flows, by Yiruma, Make you feel my love, by Adele, Now sleeps the crimson petal (The Vanity Fair version) were the songs that I could play off by heart. I started playing River flows in you (as I knew one soon would be) and let my fingers flourish up and down the keys, the music flowed around the room, Jake was sitting on the lounge watching me when I looked. For a couple of minutes nothing unusual happened, I played, and I sensed his eyes on me. I felt myself relaxing as I lulled myself into the song. But then, I felt him right behind me, I knew he was there before his hand even touched me. His left hand went to my neck, his right went to my chin, tilting my head around, until I was looking into his brown eyes. They reminded me of a horses eyes, gentle, soft, warm, big and brown eyes. Finally, our lips met, my eyes closed and, as the kiss grew more passionate, the music grew slurred until I took my hands off the keys to hold his face to mine. His hand gripped my waist as he pulled me upto him and with my lips still against his, lead me over to the couch. Softly in the background, I could hear Agnes Odell singing Down by the Riverside. My hand bunching up the fabric of his shirt around the back he slipped his other hand underneath my underwear and began grinding his palm into my hardening member. His moaning was driving me insane and I'm pretty sure I wasn't being all too quiet either. Sweat was beginning to form in a thin film all over my body even though the air conditioner was blaring and to be honest I was beginning to forget where my limbs ended and where his began, we were writhing around so much. In seconds my chest was pressed against his, my dick was grinding up and down the shaft of his monster. He pulled off me for a second and whispered, "That enough foreplay?" I growled grabbing him by the back of the neck and yanking him down to my mouth again.

"Fuck foreplay", I growled, "Bring it on."

"Romantic", he said, squeezing a packet of lube all over his cock. I rolled my eyes. My legs went up onto the tops of his shoulders while he positioned himself. It was almost as if that was where they were meant to be my whole life.

"Brace for impact" he said nervously. I smiled tightly, took a deep breath, gripped the side of the couch, and nodded.

"Just remember" I said, "It'll probably cane like hell at first, but don't stop." He planted a small kiss on my lips.

"I promise" he said. I could feel his cock head at the entrance of my hole, and did the best I could to relax it. Now we all know that when something tries to push its way out of the particular orifice, it's perfectly fine. However, when something tries to push its way in that's a different story. Try as I might to keep it relaxed, it tensed up like a tick's ass. He looked my right in the eye and pushed harder. When his head finally burst through to the other side of my...threshold, well lets just say, my eyes watered, they bulged out of their sockets, I lost my breath and apparently I went purple. We stayed that way for about five minutes and when my fingers stopped digging into his bicep, he moved in further. Each inch was painful, I won't deny that, but when he got to the shaft and pulled back until he was almost all the way out, he slowly pushed back in and my god, it was like fireworks in the back of my eyes lids.

"Did you feel that?" he said. All I could do was nod fiercely.

"Again?" he asked.

"Forever?" I breathed, pulling his lips towards me. As his shaft once again retreated and advanced, his lips moulded against mine causing an audible moan to escape from our mouths. Again and again, he thrust himself inside me, colours burst in my eyes, and when we weren't kissing, we were on each others necks, earlobes and pecs. It felt like an eternity but a quick look at the bottom right of the screen on the projector and we'd been going for a mere two hours. Sweat was now pouring from his forhead, his chest, his arms and chin onto my body, running down my skin in droplets and was forming a cool moist film on the leather of the couch. Together our breathing was getting louder, the moaing, the groaning and grunting, more guttural, until we didn't recognise the noises, they were almost animal. Finally the pressure became too much.

"Oh fuck", yelled Jake, "Oh yeah, Oh I love you Brendan, fuck yeah." I could feel his whole body tesning, his abs contracted as his cock swelled inside me. And as I felt a warmth begin to fill me on the inside, I myself cried out and let loose.

"Oh Fuck yeah Jake, pound me, fuck me you fucking King," my head rolled back, my dick flared and finally my long awaited cum squirted between us, spraying it up over our stomachs, our chests, it even sprayed up onto the cushion of the couch as I shattered around his throbbing member. Panting, not breaking eye contact with me and smiling like a cat that just swallowed the cream, Jaked slowly pulled out, collapsed on the couch behind me, slid his arm beneath my head and wrapped his other around my waist. We lay on the couch panting as he pulled the throw rug from the back of the couch over us. Then chuckling he kissed me lightly on the neck.

"What are you laughing at?" I said, my eyes partially closed.

"I do believe you called me a king", he breathed in my ear.

"I do believe the king said he loves me", I retorted. His whole body stiffened.

"I'm sorry", he started stammering, "I shouldn't have..I didn't-"

"Oi no take backs", I cut him off and kissed the inside of the arm my head was resting on, "I love you to your majesty." He laughed.

"I like that name", he said, I could tell he was smirking, I lightly elbowed him.

"Dont get used to it Jake" I warned. We both chuckled and finally, the euphoria wore off, and fatigue set in. We fell asleep in each others arms, dreaming (together I'm sure) of what we had just done. And I was pretty pleased about it.




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